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  1. Hello! I bought VIP, twice, just now, and looking glass isn't showing up. Just says new client and new client advanced. How do i get it on there? Or is it just called premium now? Haven't been on in a year. either way...
  2. Hello, I purchased the VIP package for 10$/month. I never did receive the package. When I check my account it says fulfilled.. Is there like a 24 hour delay once you buy it for you to be able to use it? I cannot open any tabs or perform functions after rebooting multiple times.
  3. I've tried to verify my PayPal email address but this happened, is there anything I could do?
  4. I have started getting this error when i try and start a script. I have searched the forums and people say to wait, try instance manager etc.Tried all those with no joy... Please can somebody help me?
  5. Purchased Standard VIP when I meant to purchase the VIP Extended...... Havent used any scripts. Noticed immediately after I submitted... Can anything be done? Can I pay the difference to get VIP Extended or Refund the standard VIP so I can repurchase the correct one? Help greatly appreciated. Edit: Found the Upgrade Option at the Bottom of the Repository This can be closed.
  6. Im stucked with that screen, here's the bot debug
  7. manusza


    Hey guys hhow vip e works, I just need get vip or vip e is something different? new here btw, and when i bought it, how can i setup up the looking glass, thanks!!
  8. Hello, ***NEVERMIND -- Looks like need VIP-E. Thanks **** Just purchased VIP ($6.50). Bought 10 credits then used 6.5 for VIP. However, my client is still showing this: https://gyazo.com/20a465cafdcf4672d13c913a5fa25ba5 Any idea's on how to get it working properly? I DID purchase VIP, which SHOULD include LG right? If not, please refund so i can buy VIP-E. Thanks
  9. is there a way to pay an upgrade fee and go from vip to vip-e?
  10. Guest

    When Does a Script Activate

    New To TriBot! Quick, possibly stupid, question for y'all. Say I bought the Auto Tithe Farm and Auto Wintertodt scrips; do those scripts activate the second I purchase them and add them to my client, or do they activate the first time I run them in the client? Thanks all!!! edit; only reason I ask is because I'm trying to purchase credits and it continues to say something in the lines of "Your card is not made for purchases like this." So was going to attempt to purchase the scripts I want ahead of time.. unless someone can help me out with my situation. Attempting to purch
  11. Guest

    *FIXED* Cant run bot? bought vip

    Hi, can anyone please help me? I bought VIP to use bots after my trial ended, but its saying I need to buy vip still?
  12. Title says it, just wondering if i'm going to receive VIP? I purchased it about 30 minutes ago.
  13. Guest

    Human Mouse Data

    Hi just a quick question if anyone is in knowledge, i have not even searched for the answer for sorry for the noobiness. If you purchase 'Extended VIP' does it automatically load 'Human Mouse Data' when you load you're client, or is it a proxy that you have to add? Because currently now i am just a standard vip and when my client loads it it gives me a message reading ''Could not load human mouse data, human mouse data encryption key not found'' Thanks!!
  14. Nomnomnom


    Hi, I have a problem. I bought the 2 day trail vip but I can't bot because it says that my 2 hours went and now I have to wait 3 days like in the free version. What can I do ?
  15. Guest

    Buying VIP for 12M OSRS

    Buying VIP for 12M OSRS
  16. Guest

    payment approval

    Hello, I tried to purchase some credits trough Paypal, but somehow the payment is not completed yet. On my paypal interface it says that the payment is being processed. Does someone know how to resolve this? Yours, 2s
  17. Just wanted to know a little bit more, what features VIP has. 1. It says it comes with access to VIP and Premium scripts. Does that mean all scripts? Because when i filter it to only premium scripts, even scripts with 1-10$ signs pop up. all info would be nice, ty!
  18. Hello, After testing TriBot I've decided to buy VIP, however I cannot do anything! It says that my payment may be fradulent. I am using my verified PP account that I've used for over 5-6 years now. Any idea what's wrong? PS. I would rather not pay with my CC directly, I can also pay with BTC, otherwise I'll be forced to use DreamBot instead.
  19. leit3

    VIP and VIP-E

    Hey i have two questions, VIP users can use proxy and human mouse or only VIP Extended?
  20. ramonjacobs1996


    Can I buy VIP ( so i can use proxy ) with PayPal? Thanks
  21. figers

    Vip reoccurance

    Hello, so i noticed i got +30 days of vip, when i had 8 left, now i have 38. Does the payment reoccur? I haven't linked my credit card or anything, and i had 0 credits. Is this some kind of event, a gift, or what?
  22. Guest

    Complicated to buy VIP

    Hey, i would to know why does it have to be so complicated to buy VIP? You need to buy credits, which you can't buy with normal paypal account, you must have verified email and paypal, which i have and i still can't buy them... Why is it so complicated?
  23. Just started scripting on my own. I have a script I wrote up, but I can't get tribot to recognize it. I have searched everywhere for an answer, but I can't find any way to get tribot to see the script. It's in the proper folder and it is the compiled .class file of my script. Do I have to submit the script to the tribot repo? Do I need vip to run my own personally-written scripts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Hello. Today i bought 8 credits for the vip with my mobile phone, it shows that 7.67€ have taken from my bank account. I received the 8 credits and then i bought the extreme vip package 8$. I cant see that i have even bought the vip package in my purchase history. Help me please.
  25. krisped

    refund vip

    Hi, i bought the wrong VIP, was going to buy the 8$ vip and bought the 6,50$ instead... Possible to get points back so i can buy the extended? Thanks..
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