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Found 9 results

  1. woodchopper666


    Looking for script for Enter The Abyss Quest. Please PM me. Thanks
  2. OUT OF DATE: Replace by Auto RuneCrafter Elite Version: 0.60 Alpha Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Pouches/Repair [✓] All Obstacles [✓] Emergency Teleport [✓] All Food Supported [✓] All Runes Supported [✓] Mounted Glory (POH) Support [✓] Glory Support [✓] Super Energy Support --------------------------------------------- [✓] Supported [✓] Coming Soon Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have Obstacle Items( ) equipped [x] Start at Edgeville Bank [x] Have Pure Essence and Teleport To House Tablets [x] Have Food (of your choosing) [x] Start The Script and Fill out the GUI accordingly --------------------------------------------- Download: --------------------------------------------- Repository --------------------------------------------- REQUESTING TEST ACCOUNTS, to streamline this script. Contact me via skype to arrange something! Client Must be in Lite Mode Like My Scripts? Want to See More Features?
  3. iAbyss Runerafter by iant06 Activate iAbyss Runecrafter by iant06 My abyss runecrafting script that I have been working on lately and have decided to release to the public to help hammer out the rest of the bugs. The script currently supports ALL craftable runes, however at the moment only two obstacles are passable with the script and they are Squeeze-through passage and Mine rocks(No need for tinderbox or axe). To Use This Script You Need: Quests: Rune Mysteries Quest Abyss Miniquest Levels: 47 Construction(Mounted Glory) 40+ Defence(Recommended) 40+ Agility(Recommended) 40+ Mining(Recommended) Items: House Tabs Pure Essence Food Bronze Pickaxe Decent Armor Runecrafting Pouches(Recommended) (DON'T RISK ANYTHING YOU AREN'T WILLING TO LOSE) Features: Teleports from PKers! Pouch Repairing! Mounted Glory Only(Amulet of Glory coming soon!) Obstacle Passing(Passage and Rocks only!) All Rifts/Runes Available Gets Small Pouch If You Don't Have It! Starting The Script: Locations to START SCRIPT: House, Edgeville, Inside Abyss, Inside Altar Area Upon starting the script the GUI will load up giving a selection of all the different rune types you can craft, as well as a selection of which way the camera will face when clicking your Mounted Glory inside your house(North, East, South, West). Example, if your Mounted Glory is on the southern wall of the room then you would choose South. East wall, east etc.. You can then set the prices of all the different items you will be using(House tab, food, ess) or leave them set to the G.E. prices. The last thing to enter before starting the script is the ID and Heal Amount of the food you will be using(Set to lobster). After you have entered the last piece of information you can click the Start button and let the script do its magic! Update List: Update 1.3Rewrote banking a bit to be a lot smoother when withdrawing and depositing items.Rewrote ditch crossing to be more efficient.Rewrote Mage of Zamorak teleport to be more efficient(Will teleport as soon as it sees him).Rewrote Mounted Glory teleporting to be cleaner more human looking.No more mass clicking(Home Tab, etc.)Update 1.4Made ditch crossing a lot smoother/faster.Withdraws more house tabs randomly if you are below a certain amount(Instead of just at 0 everytime).Fixed food eating bug.Mage of Zamorak tile fixing.Update 1.5Reworked crafting runes at the altar a bit as well as teleporting home.Now repairs pouches with the 'repair' option instead of talking.Reworked obstacle finding.Fixed GUI Bug If you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  4. Greetings, I am taking pre-orders for my hand-made Abyss Runecrafting accounts. I am currently working on 2 accounts set to be ready in the next few days. These accounts are 100% safe. No pins, no authentication, no bs. The accounts will have: - All required Quests completed & Abyss mini-quest completed - 40+ base combat stats - 44 Runecrafting - 50+ agility - 50+ mining - 47 Construction (with mounted glory) - Graceful armor - Small and medium pouch They will be set up at Edge bank with 5k pure essence so all you have to do is click "start". The Price is 30m ours gp per account. I will go first for trusted users. Add me on Skype if you wish to place an order. My Skype: Austin.r321
  5. I am looking for one or more people to do some leveling on a new account for me. To adhere to the Tribot Rules I will create the account and give you the Username and Password after we have come to an agreement. Under no circumstance will Payment be made before the account is completely leveled. We will discuss price over Skype or pm. What I need: ◙ 50 HitPoints ◙ 50 Defense ◙ 44 Runecrafting ◙ 30 Agility ◙ 30 Mining Botting on these accounts ARE allowed. If you do, when you're finished. I will log on to the account to verify the account has reached the required levels. After I confirms the account is correct we will wait 48 hours to make sure we are free of any bans caused by your botting. The account will not be used in anyway during this time. If done by hand payment will be paid out Immediately. PM ME OFFER OR SKYPE
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ iPouchRetriever ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- . Features: -------------------------- - Mounted Glory -Mine's Rock or Squeeze's Through Gap to get to the Dark Mage -Talks to Dark Mage for the Small Pouch - Fights Low Level Abyss Creatures on a Specific 'Fight Tile' - Teleports When Out of Food - Script Runs Until All Pouches Are Retrieved To Run Script: -------------------------------------- - 1 Room House with Mounted Glory - Bronze Pickaxe in your Inventory or Bank - House Teleport Tabs in your Inventory or Bank - Cooked Lobster in your Inventory or Bank - Decent Stats - Good Armor + Weapon - Start at House or Edgeville Bank Recommended Stats: ---------------------------------------------------------- - 40+ Defence - 40+ Strength/Ranged - 30+ Agility - 30+ Mining Download: ----------------------------- Download from the Repository!
  7. I'm handing in my notice, I am going to stop updating this script due to me having real life issues, I don't have time for it anymore. If you have purchased in the past two weeks, contact me for a refund. Other than that, I will not be giving refunds. Requirements 40+ Defence 40+ Range // Ideal for Dragonhides 30+ Thieving 30+ Mining 30+ Agility **Obviously the higher the better Terms of service: - https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/14960-premium-script-tos-that-all-premium-scripts-must-use/ Purchase One Auth Code - $14 Purchase Five Auth Codes - $60 Buying via RSGP - 8m: Please pm us! Please purchase by sending the following to either myself or JoshBeaver via private message. His profile link is: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/15740-joshbeaver/ Purchasing Form: Paypal Email: Paypal Transaction ID: ** Please don't send more than 1 PM, we will contact you within 24 hours Note - If you wish to pay in paypal, please message ITryNotToTroll. If you wish to pay in rsgp, please message JoshBeaver. This will make things easier for us. FAQS Q) How many Accounts per Auth Code? A) Each Auth Code is limited to one account at a time. Q) I have sent a PM what happens now? A) You will recieve a detailed explanation on how to get the script along with your AuthCode Q) What loader/authentication system do you use? A) We use Exloader which can be found here: Q) Does this use mounted glory? A) Yes! Please place the room directly next to your entry portal! ** More to follow
  8. Hi everyone. About a week ago I purchased five auth codes for a script by ITryNotToTroll. It was an abyss nature runner script. Throughout the ENTIRE time I've owned this script I've had issues. Every day. Needless to say that I was not able to actually use the script ever. Ever. I asked the owner for a refund, and he said sure. This was two days ago. Now he refused to. I've attached a video showing proof of how every day I have reported problems, how others have found problems and have been unable to run, and how the owner said HE WOULD REFUND. I paid with PayPal, and it's in my full ability to dispute the payment. As you all know PayPal heavily favors the buyer so I doubt I would lose. However, I won't do this until we work something out here on the forums. If we can't, I wont hesitate to file a dispute. Additionally, if a moderator or someone who could do something about this doesn't respond to this thread I'll proceed with the PayPal dispute. Recently the script was updated, and apparently it works fine now. I've ran the updated script and it still has a few problems, mainly being that its extremely slow in this abyss which kills my accounts. I didn't pay for a script that kills me. That doesn't change the fact that I asked for a refund before it was updated. NOTE: I don't believe the person I spoke to was actually ITryNotToTroll, I think it was just the person who accepted the PayPal payments and provided the auths. NOTE: The amount of money paid was $48. Evidence of purchase can be shown if need be. NOTE: I show the auths in the video, I've asked him to cancel them. Whether he does or doesn't I don't really care, obviously I won't be using them. I won't be editing this thread so you know that I didn't just put that there. The (unlisted) Video is below. It will become public if no agreement is made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6CGm--YLPE&feature=youtu.be
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