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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all I'm Raheem and looking forward to being apart of this cool community. So I made a VIP extended account. Can you guys clarify what I can do? Do I have to pay for scripts or is that included with my sub?
  2. Hey guys so I've been reading about gold farming for a while now and i would like to get my toes wet and get started, ill be buying a VPS and proxies soon and i would like to ask some questions to experienced botters, I'm not asking for your secret methods, i would just like to interview you guys so i can answer some questions I've been having. let me know if you're down id really appreciate it, i would like to pm some people if possible and chat. again, I'm not asking for your methods i just want a clear picture of how the full process generally goes! Thanks Everybody!
  3. Hey guys, I'm offering free help to those who would like to get into goldfarming If you are wondering where to start, or how to put your plans into action, or just need help or information about goldfarming/botfarms, feel free to add my skype: "live:rekkke" I will most likely take a long time to reply to you on this thread, however I reply normally within 10 minutes on Skype. The only thing I won't help/tell you is my own methods. I have my own methods, please don't ask for them I can give you some ideas for some methods or how help on how to start a farm on the method you have in mind. I'm not claiming to be an expert botter/goldfarmer, however, I have run farms/bot teams before with success some of these have been: - Spam Team - F2P Suicide Farms - P2P Goldfarming my skype is: live:rekkke
  4. Hello my friends, I just recently, stupidly, bought VIP-E and was botting on my main (07Scape, newly created 07Scape but account is from 2005) This was probably stupid because I was two day banned. I babysat basically the entire time, never ran any script for longer than 90 minutes and didn't AFK for more than like 15 mins at a time. Never had a missed random or anyone around to report me that I know of. No major flaws in any scripts either. So I'm not sure how I was banned but I imagine it was my playing style being different than the scripts, I saw so many people who have botted their skills into the 90s on main accounts with no ban so I'm not sure what I did wrong, but this leads me to making this post. I bought VIP-E and credits here and now they're practically useless to me for what I wanted them (mostly to mine/smith and do agility on my main) So... any suggestions on a small farm? I hear F2P is ridiculously high ban rates, I don't need tons of GP so I don't need anything super profitable, but then if it's not profitable, it makes paying for P2P worthless ... I'm not asking for your secrets on how to make 500k/hr or whatever, but is there anything simple enough to farm me some GP for my main? How do I safely mule it? I searched these forums for mule but there is a lot of conflicting information. It's starting to look like I basically wasted my money lol, but I figure if I can get some GP out of it ... without getting my main banned, that would be awesome? I was thinking of mining iron but I assume that has a high ban rate and even if I used a mule with proxy to transfer it to my main, would it even be worth it, would that be safe for my main?
  5. As of now, if the script stops while for example you're at work or school and have access to a phone or a computer you can check it and press re-run script. But what I suggest to add, is an option in bot panel. So you would have an option when the script stops, for bot panel to automatically re-run it. Don't make it so everyone's scripts would re-run if they fail, but add an option to tick for the bot panel to re-run the script automatically.
  6. Hey guys im jim im 20 years old and a farm worker by trade, my stats: 5"10in (177.8cm) and 15stone (95.2kg) im not overly fat but have started to put a little belly on i was wanderingwhat would u guys advise to.burn and bulk the abs and.chest many thanks jim
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