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Found 3 results

  1. Pricing - $4.99 per month 1 account Screenshots & Proggies GUI Paint Known issues - The Host retrieval functionality is highly experimental currently and does not have a guarantee that it will find a host. It searches for certain lines people say to determine who is the host. Bug Report format
  2. Like this script? Like this post! Last update: 03/11/2014 Version: 1.001 Purchase via the repository by clicking here! Features Multiple bone type support ​Bones Big bones Babydragon bones Dragon bonesCan add more bones if asked easily! ​Personal altar support To Bank Options: - Note: Portal & Glory must be visible in the minimap from either the altar room, or the centre room of the house containing your entrance portal, Ring of Dueling Falador portal Mounted glory To House Options: House tabs Teleport to house spell Requirements House tabs in inventory if using those to house Runes in inventory if using those to house (you can use a staff to substitute a rune type) Tinderbox in inventory for lighting burners Marrentill in bank to light burners Start in house or at appropriate bank locations for to bank option Bones Other Player altar support To Bank/House Options: - Note:You can find a house in the POH section of the minigames clan chat!Walking via yanille only. Requirements Start in players house, or in yanille Bones Setup​Fill out User Interface Select bone type & optionally set amount of bones in bank to calculate when to shutdown​ Personal Altar - Use this tab if you're using your own altar in your house ​ ​Choose options for getting to house Choose option for banking Other Player Altar - Use this if you're using another players altar in their house [Yanille only]​ Progress Reports ​99 Achieved by chad0ck : Options: To House -> Tabs || To bank -> Mounted Glory || Altar -> Personal ​ ​Options: To house -> Tabs || To bank -> Mounted glory || Altar -> Personal​ Options: To house -> Tabs || To bank -> Dueling ring || Altar -> Personal​ Options: To house -> Walking || To bank -> Walking || Altar -> Other players​ Update log v1.001 - 03/11/2014 (-) Auto-detection for mounted glory camera settings (thanks erick:) (-) Will deselect if you have anything selected when trying to light burners or use the mounted glory.v1.000 - 03/09/2014 (-) Initial release
  3. Disclaimer: I made this script for myself to train my own prayer. Below you can see proggys of me reaching 93 to 95 and that only took some 5 or so hours, so works well enough. I didn't bother calculating any xp/hr or anything. The script may or may not be good enough to leave unattended. You should babysit it. I only tested it with my own house, where the chapel is right close to the entrance portal. I would say you should move your chapel either adjacent or diagonal to your entrance portal for this to work. This also only works with gilded chapels/burners. I'm not sure what happens if your chapel doesn't have any burners. It should work with only 1 burner, but it will probably fail if you don't have any burners at all. It almost certainly will if your chapel isn't directly adjacent/diagonal to your entrance portal. If you get banned using this, that's your fault, not mine. Features: Fast banking with Tokkul-Zo ring teleporting Ridiculous amounts of xp/hr Little setup required. (Only need to setup bank preset) ABCL 10 Break handling (configurable in GUI) Supports wide assortment of bones: Regular Bones Big Bones Baby Dragon Bones Wyvern Bones Dragon Bones Dagannoth Bones Airut Bones Ourg Bones Frost Dragon Bones Auto Login (optional) Paint progress Detects when one of the 3 required resources runs out, and logs you out. Should detect when you're not in a supported area, and automatically teleport you back to the bank. XP Tracking. This requires your XP tracker to be turned on. Requirements: A player owned house. Level 75 Construction to build a gilded altar and marble burners. Charged Tokkul-Zo (must have completed The Elder Kiln quest). PoH doors always OPEN. Runescape setup properly for botting as discussed in this thread. Marrentill, Teleport to house tabs and bones. All resources must be at the top of the 1st bank tab, and clearly visible without scrolling. Instructions: Setup your 1st bank preset (bound to the 1 key, the script will fail if the 1 key does not withdraw all your items for you) to look like this: If you only want to light 1 incense burner, you may replace 1 marrentill with an extra bone. The order of the items does not matter. Equip your Tokkul-Zo, and bind it to the first slot in your action bar, as so: Set your doors to always open in your gameplay settings. The script WILL fail without this. If you want the script to keep track of xp and xp/hr, set your "Show XP Tracker" setting to on. One of your skills must be set to all skills. You should move the xp tracker area to somewhere that's nice and unabstructed. Mine is set at the top right, next to the minimap. Here's an example of what it should look like: Start the script at the Tzhaar Fight Caves bank. The script will take a moment to setup. Fill the gui setup. Everything is all optional. The script will work without your pin or login, however if you don't set your pin or your login, then you must start the script logged in and with your pin already solved. If you have a pin, and you do not activate pin solving in the gui, and you do activate break handling, then the script will log out and terminate after returning from your break. If you do not activate auto login, the break handler will logout to lobby instead of logging out of the game. The script is not malicious, and the source is included if you'd like to see for yourself. All the same, you're free not to enter sensitive information if you don't wish to. If anything goes wrong, or you run out of resources, the script *should* log you out. But, again, baby sit just in case. Progress: Known Bugs: None at the moment. If you find any, please report. Download: Source: Attached Repo: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1238-hades-altar-prayer/ hades_altar_prayer.zip
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