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  1. I believe Jagex relies purely on the amount of the time played, my evidence for this: 1) People report being banned for using a script, yet another person will not, this should be seen as evidence that they cannot detect the script pattern or odd behavior, or the bot client. (For example, I ran a ranging guild script which others had warned got them banned, I ran it for at least 12 hours total, with breaks, and was never banned) 2) The only time you hear someone say they was banned, is followed by them saying that they botted for a DAY (24 hours), which suggests they ran the scr
  2. So I recently let my brother use my tribot account, I had to hand hold him through everything. he bots for what he says is like 5 hours based on levels closer I would say more like 10 hours over 2 days. Banned. I've botted for a fair bit on self made scripts. recently using the same one he was using a (premium), I suicide botted a fresh account 12 hours day one nothing.
  3. Howdy All Currently attempting to bot for the first time and using a premium hunter script, striving for that 99 and right now sitting on 84 =-) I feel i am careful when i come to botting my character, i mainly watch my botting screen because i play my other two accounts as normal|<< nerdy i know. so i am able to reply to all who speak to me within moments, along with having break handler set up and every now and again mouse clicking around the screen to change my mouse data patterns around. I ask this because of course 99 Hunter is great money, id much more envy the fashionsca
  4. Quick one here. Botted 99 str 88 att 75 def 99 range and 94 mage + all skilling stats for barrows gloves and i got a 2 day ban a few months ago. I just found out now about Auto clicking rapid heal at nmz and i was wanting to get 95 att and 90 def. I know slightly randomized auto clicking is not that detectable but i was wondering how detectable it would be with my account being flagged. The fact that its randomized and i wouldnt be suiciding nmz makes me think its not that risky if im doing it for 2 hours considering i nmz legit for 2 hours anyways, just getting annoying clicki
  5. Guest

    Auto clicker

    I am using an autoclicker with a random delay of 1 second and 500 milliseconds what are my chances or getting banned ?
  6. UPDATE: If anyone is curious .. I decided to maximize my value on the account and botted for a full day with breaks about 2 days after this post. I picked up a permanent ban the next day. -- Hello! Has anyone had experience with botting after a temporary 48 hour ban? Just curious if you went straight back to botting? - If so, did you end up getting a permanent ban? Did you give your account time to cool down? - If so, how long, and have you had success botting on the account since? Did you change up your methods? - ex, Play
  7. Hello! I have a flagged bot ( fresh off a 2 day ban ) that I wish to offload to a mule to protect much of my gp and items before I start botting again. Does anyone know if trading between a flagged bot account / accounts to a common mule account will also flag the mule account? - If the mule account has never been botted on, does the mule account face any risk of ban due to association? ** Edit: Each account is running on its own IP address / proxy and has no outside association. Thanks! -- Tristan
  8. Sup guys, Soooooooooooo, over the past month made five different accounts. I did the exact same tasks for pretty similar duration but three of them got in under a week. Two got 2-day ban. Of the two, I got one of them to 70+mining and 98 hunter almost hitting 99 (less than one mil exp). No matter what i'm doing, I can't replicate the success I had with this account. It's like... a lucky account? O_O what do you guys think?
  9. Hey y'all! I was wondering if you guys could share your experience on getting a delay ban. Has anyone suicide botted for a day or two and let the account sit for couple days to see if you'd get banned or not? Just curious because I tried it on a throw-away account as an experiment and suicided for 16 hours straight and it's been doing fine the past two days
  10. Hello guys, i always do suice boting with farm, but recently i trained my main, i did use bot for 1 whole day i just need only one skill to be botted , then i quit, 2 days passed still no ban , so just curious when i can play on that account again without worrying about delay ban? whats the longest that a (macroing) ban can be delayed by?? i heard 2 days to one week- Thanks guys for all info!
  11. I've noticed something my scripts do over and over again. And if a Jagex staff or any other person saw this, it would be an easy insta-ban. It's really recognizable, and you don't even need a computer to do stat crunching, mouse-click analysis blah-blah-blah. (this is assuming Jagex can track your mouse movements over their client screen, not just the clicks themselves, both of which they can, I believe) The anti ban system that Tribot employs is good. Makes mouse movements random, clicks on different stuff, etc. However, I notice that the mouse moves "off screen" - meaning
  12. EDIT - I'd also like to mention I've only used the regular tribot client and never LG as I am clueless about da fuck LG is. I have OSRS installed on my comp but mainly use the tribot client even when legit playing. Just got a 2 day ban on my main. I've been botting on this account for about 5 or 6 days now. Listed below is the general order of scripts I've used. The point of this post is not to point fingers, but to provide information. I've thoroughly enjoyed the week I've botted with this client even though it came along with many hours of research and navigating the forums for upd
  13. I have been able to get 99 magic and 80 strength no problem before this, running 2-3 accounts on the same ip. Feb 13 i set up 3 auto fighter usa scripts and a woodcutting one, all on the same ip(maybe my mistake) two laters later , even giving the accounts breaks, i log in to find many of my accounts banned, i try botting woodcutting on another and it was instantly banned. what could jagex be watching? is my ip no longer good or do u guys think any account ever used through my ip is flagged for macro? Also if someone could explain how to change ip's with tribot that would be awsome. obviously
  14. As the title says - Is there any way for f2p accounts thats played between 2-6 hours a day to survive? I´ve now had around 10+ bots, using all the tricks and guides ive been able to find, using LG, proxies and the best scripts i could find (free and some trials of premiums to see if they were better) Tried to level some combat, quests all that to make it look "legit" But as of yet no matter what its a ban with in 24 hours. I´ve mainly done combat and mining, and it doesnt work for me. Am I mising something that could help out? And a question i got is i.e with mining, i noticed eve
  15. Guest

    Banned for Botting

    Hello Fellow Botters, I just wanted to put out an announcement to all of you kind people that I was recently banned using this botting client and scripts. I botted for probably a total of 15-20 hours in a 2 day time frame. Just came back to the game after a three year break and wanted to play with friends again. I am not angry, not looking for a refund, just wanted to let everyone to be careful while botting, as always. Take care everyone and enjoy the game we all love to hate! -Keindae
  16. Hey! So 2 of my accounts got banned today, I botted on them from 2 days in a row and their names we're not bot like, they had clothing on and not the regular bot outfit. They were also higher than combat 10 and had other skills trained than just hunter. I got banned and had: * Good unbot like name * Levels trained other than hunter * Botted 14-16 hours a day * Wore cloths and did not have default character. * Had a combat level higher than 10 * Botted chins for 14 hours before I got banned. (Then 9am London time, I get banned) Ban reason: " Account banned for macroing in
  17. I was multi running 2 bots back in 2012. One was a air orb runner and the other a simple agility bot on my main (Which both got banned due to them suspecting me of being a gold farmer) Pretty sure it was the Orb Runner that got my into trouble. Was wondering if anybody knows if thats still heavily monitored on OSRS still? Also if anyone knows of which skills are most watched currently?
  18. Hello everyone, I'm looking for feedback and tips for a future reference. I used to play OSRS a few years ago and I have had previous exp botting before. I had a variety of accounts that mostly used rsbots.net scrips until they got shut down. I used scripts to get 99 fishing, agility, and strength once on a few accounts that I had. I'm now starting to get back into the game and of coarse I'm going to bot. However, I'm new to the botting once again. Anyways, I had a f2p account that i wanted to test this sites bots on. Before i made a commitment to getting p2p and the commitment to paying for a
  19. Guest


    Hey, I'm not here to rage on Bot developers or script writers but I'm here to inform that its not safe to use bot right now. And if it is then i don't know how to use it then. I fallowed all the guidelines on the forums to reduce ban risk but non of them seem to be working for me sadly. 6th of Jule created new account - Botted for 4 hours with 1.5h break and got me banned. ( Full member ) Wildy looter script 7th of Jule created new account - Botted for 2 hours. Took 4 hour break then started to bot again but got me banned in first 15mins. ( Full member ) Monks training sc
  20. So as the title suggests, I've never used this before. I had a main before that was perm banned after 11 years (had the 10 year cape and everything) I went to check why it was banned, said macroing goldfarmer (which I did buy some gold from player auctions but from like a thousands of positive repped person so that is odd...) Anyway. I wanted to k now more about this site and is this a program and are there still instances of players getting banned, and if they do get banned, is it basically their own fault, or can you do everything right and still get the hammer?
  21. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar... I went VIP on Tribot yesterday morning, and used USA Fighter bot for about 2 hours. Today I logged in & automatically got kicked out, & my account was disabled & banned for 48 hours for botting. Really >_>
  22. ahhhhhhhhhh just shows how this world is just a big game of roulette hey; anyways Ive been botting for about 20 days so far on my account, got over 5m xp and its been going so well. Always been using premium scripts and outside the times of 9-5 GMT to avoid manual bans. Never more than 9 hours at a time. Last script i was running was the Master fletching AIO. Honestly its antiban did not seem like ABCL10, compared to the other scripts i was using (the camera rarely turned). Anyway, this aint gonna throw me off. My bot farm progress series will still continue! time to change IP and
  23. So I'm looking into the possibilities with setting up a proxy for my accounts. I only bot on 2 accounts, 1 main + 1 pure. Light botting, Nmz/experiments/agility/magix etc, nothing crazy no bot farms or obvious botting methods... I've heard people say before, when you buy these proxies from people that since so many botters use them, Jagex has many of them blacklisted and actually by using the proxy enables them to determine whether or not your botting easier as so many botters are purchasing the same ones from the same people... Anyone have any input on this? Or some expertise
  24. So I've done some reading through the forums and need some clarification.. I am in the process of setting up a personal bot farm using premium scripts. I purchased two accounts, never logged in on my IP address but I did login on the RS homepage to change the pass. I also recently purchased a SOCKS5 server in hope to use it when botting these accounts. Some threads that I've read encourages you to create the account of the SOCKS5 proxy to reduce chain bans on your personal IP address. How protected is my IP address in this scenario?
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