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Found 17 results

  1. Fluffee's Rune Mysteries Update (February 28th, 2016): Updated Door Handling, shouldn't fail there anymore - Completes the Rune Mysteries Quest - Supports Client Starter/Script Queue - Can be started from any point in the quest (Items must be in inventory, homeport usable) - Open Source Click to add script Source
  2. Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. You can buy credits with RSGP here Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. Last MAJOR update: Version 2.0 There are TWO versions of the script. ELITE VERSION (Gold Farmers) - CAN BE FOUND HERE All modes enabled. Will be no different than the version that is currently active. 1 Month 1 Instance (7.99 Credits) 1 Month Unlimited (39.99 Credits) PREMIUM VERSION - CAN BE FOUND HERE Leecher mode disabled. If you want leeching mode enabled, purchase the Elite version. 1 Month 1 Instance (4.99 Credits) 1 Month Unlimited (24.99 Credits) Both versions are capable of bringing in the same profits, however, it's simply the skill requirements that separate the two versions. ELITE version will only require a smithing level while PREMIUM will require one of the following stats since it's not capable of leeching: 30 Strength or 30 Crafting or 30 Firemaking or 30 Agility Blast Furnace Instructions: PUT ALL SUPPLIES ON TOP OF BANK. START WITH A BUCKET IN INVENTORY. IF YOU CAN FILL UP A ROLE, PLEASE DO SO. LEECHING DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR PROFITS, NOR DOES IT HELP THE TEAM. Start at Blast FurnaceMinigames - > teleport to Blast Furnace Below 60 SmithingStart Bot with cash-pile in inventory. Stove Operator (Coke Filler) or AIO mode:Start bot with spade in inventory Using Energy PotionsSimply tick "Use Energy Potions" in GUI. Bot will use both Energy and Super Energy potions. Using Coal BagSimply start bot with coal bag in inventory. Bot will detect and run accordingly. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED ANY QUEST COMPLETED FOR BLAST FURNACE. PLEASE REFER TO THE GUIDE HERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MINIGAME: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_Furnace Thank you syf54017 for providing me with such an incredible proggy. 109 hours and 32m profit!! EDIT: updated to 121 hours and 35m! BUG REPORTS Submit bug reports here
  3. - Completes Witch's potion quest - No GUI so can be used with script queue/client starter - Start at any point in the quest - Uses WebWalker so you can start from anywhere it supports - Let me know if there is any bugs/improvements - Gathers all the required items (see more in the spoiler) Change log: TO DO: Get it here
  4. - Completes Romeo&Juliet quest - Start at any point in the quest - No GUI so can be used with client starter/script queue - Uses WebWalker so you can start from anywhere it supports - Let me know if there is any bugs/improvements Change log: Get it here
  5. Hey all, this is my first forum post so apologies if it's in the wrong section or whatever. I recently attempted to set up my first gold farm, purchased 3 private proxies from virmach, created the RS accounts using maxthon and the proxies, logged into the accounts using the aforementioned proxies and used a tutorial island script. However on return to the RS login screen I get the error "Account locked as we suspect it has been stolen". Did I do something wrong in the account creation, will this flag my proxy IP's? Thank you
  6. I want to make multiple bots, but dont want to do tutorial island on each one by myself. Is anyone willing to do this for me as a service? Am i even allowed to request this service on the tribot forums? If so, please send me a quote. I am willing to go first. (Nice guys finish last?) Edit: typos, grammar.
  7. Click HERE to Order Or Visit www.VPSFish.com View Our Virtual Private Server Plans USA Virtual Private Servers: Click Here To View Plans And Order! Europe Virtual Private Servers: Click Here To View Plans And Order! Dedicated Servers Now Available (NEW) USA Dedicated Servers: Click Here To View Plans And Order! Features Our USA and Europe VPS & Dedicated Servers are guaranteed to work for TriBot! We are an official advertiser and our server solutions are perfect for botting in RuneScape. If you're looking for low latency, high speed, choose us! Here's some highlights of our Virtual Private Servers for RuneScape Botting: 1. Windows-like GUI on Linux OS. 2. We can pre-install Botting Software and VNC Remote Viewing for FREE, just select the option when you order! 3. Our virtual private servers are FAST and have LOW PING. 3. You can view your bots from any web browser! 4. Easy to use, even with no server experience! 5. Perfect for streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu, Twitch, YouTube. 6. Perfect for playing online games such as RuneScape, Counter-Strike, League of Legends. 7. Perfect for Craigslist and web browsing! 8. Multiple high-speed locations available throughout the world, including USA and Europe! 9. 99.9% Uptime! 10. You agree to our ToS for all orders: http://www.vpsfish.com/terms-of-service/ for all orders. Due to the natural of our business, all sales are final. Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Private Servers for RuneScape Botting What is a VPS? A Virtual private server is a remote computer (server) that is online 24/7. You are able to view it like a normal computer and see the desktop screen. You are able to run your Runescape bots from it because we setup the Runescape bots for you and you are able to begin botting immediately after we finish setting it up. You will be able to save money on electricity and worrying about having to keep your computer heating up your room! We can handle any kind of size of bot farm on our VPS servers, come check us out at VPSFish. Why do I need a VPS? A virtual private server basically means you don't have to go and keep buying computers to run your bots! Instead, you use our hardware and you run and scale your bot farm from our hardware. You can run entire bot farms and make lots of money using VPSFish and ProxyFish combined! Do I still need proxies with a VPS? Yes! Because the Virtual Private Server itself is on its own dedicated IP, but that's only 1! You can run 1 bot directly off that IP if you wanted to, and then use every other bot on one of ProxyFish's premium and private socks proxies. If you're looking for a discount code off our ProxyFish website, use 10OFF. I don't know anything about servers! Is it easy to use? Yes! If you pick the option where we install the bot software for you, you will have everything you need sent to you and all you do is login and you can see your desktop screen of your server and be able to use it like a normal comptuer. We support every major bot software. We make botting easy! Our Server's installed GUI Our servers are ran off Linux made to look like Windows to inspire some familiarity. Linux uses much lesser resources than Windows and is the operating system of choice for botters looking to maximize efficiency. Customers Love VPSFish.com - Our Reviews CHECK OUT OUR 100% POSITIVE REVIEWS ABOUT OUR VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVERS! Why VPSFish? VPSFish is the superior VPS & Dedicated provider for many reasons! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1) We are not a small company, we offer many premium services for botters and non-botters. You get what you pay for in this business - We are NOT a RuneScape business - we are a full premium service known in the proxy space. 2) We sell low-ping, fast virtual private servers! 3) We are not some random member on this forum reselling proxies that are all being used by others. 4) Uptime is 99%+ for our servers! 5) We have other services provided to TriBot members, such as ProxyFish, which we are well known for! Notes: * All services are self-managed (unmanaged) but we do our best effort to install all the necessities to get you botting immediately - including bot software, web browser, VNC, all at no extra charge! We do not provide any technical support for any of our servers - you have root access to do and install what you need / want. * Orders are manually setup so it may take up to 10 hours (but could be instantly delivered if you add me on Skype first) to get your server setup and installed. However, we are usually able to deliver most servers in under an hour during normal 9AM - 5PM business hours. Dedicated servers may take up to 24-48 hours depending on availability, but could also be done sooner. Please contact on Skype to check delivery times if you can't wait! Any questions before you order? Contact us on Skype: MatthewVitale866 or PM me! But wait, if you're reading this, you can save 10% off the first month using the coupon code: tribot Click HERE to Order Your Botting VPS or Dedicated Server On www.VPSFish.com
  8. Hello Tribot! I'm releasing this script and a very basic guide on how to use it. First of all DO NOT use this on an account you don't want banned because it will get banned. This script is only for starting up a f2p gold farm. With that being said the way you get accounts is up too you but I recommend using ExTut in combination with FC quester because you will want to get 7qp so you can trade your mules the lobsters you have fished before they get banned. You can also just find a script that creates accounts only and use FC quester for tut island and the quests. Here are links to all the scripts ExTut https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/47-extutorial/ FC Quester https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1642-fc-quester/ NebFisher https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2204-nebfisher/ NebMuler https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2206-nebmuler/ So once your acc is done getting 7 Qp you are going to want to do a couple things before you start your your fishing script. 1. Make your mule acc/Set up a clan chat on it and make sure anyone can join and talk in it. 2. Trade over a Lobster pot and 10k-20k gp (enough to cover the cost of the boat ride to the lobby fishing spot for about 14-15 hours. 3. On your fishing bot accs join the mules clan chat and you are good to go! Once that has been finished you are ready to set your farm on auto pilot. Just start up as many fishing bots as you want using the NebFisher script. I found that normally each account normally lasts about 17 hours before getting banned and is able to fish 2-3k lobsters. It's really only worth it if you can run alot of bots. Next all you do is leave your mule in draynor bank running the NebMuler script.[Make sure it's in the same clanchat as your bots] Normally what I do is use Tribots SCRIPT QUEUE feature to delay my mule from logging in for around 6 hours. Right now the script mules everytime it catches 1000 lobsters. even if you don't know how to write scripts you can very easily change this in the source code below by searching CTRL + F for lobsterCount and everywhere you find somewhere that says lobsterCount == X00X(Ex. 2001,2000,2002) change it too the desired amount you want to mule at. (If you have any questions about this just ask and I'll try to explain better) With this I am also posting the source code for NebFisher and NebMuler so you can customise it too your needs. [If you want to send me a updated version afterwards as a thanks go for it haha] NebFisher Source http://pastebin.com/SEpir3Sy NebMuler Source http://pastebin.com/zi1Ly40p Enjoy everyone this should be one of the best free money making scripts on Tribot. P.S. if you try this on a VPS and encounter Java heap errors(OOM) send your complaints to @TRiLeZ It's a client issue that need's to be fixed.
  9. I would really like to start a Bot farm and I hear people talk about how they make 20+ accounts in like 5-10 minutes and have them all running. How do people do it? Do I have to manually create each account and then manually log each account into tribot? Any tips/tricks are welcomed and appreciated as well.
  10. Experience Premium Service on a budget. Here at Virtual Buddy, we are dedicated to improving you virtual server experience. With our premium quality servers, you can expect nothing less than 99.9% uptime without any lag or hassle. We understand the importance of high quality support when shopping online, so rest assured that with our active online chat, we'll always answer your questions in a timely manner. With VirtualBuddy, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. https://virtualbuddy.org We have added an additional VPS server "Intermediate Farm VPS" at $18.99, host up to 7 bots at once. We have added BitCoin and are working on adding OSGP Payments (through live chat)! Best Regards, Pwningcows & @Netami Graphics Done By: @ohParadox
  11. Hello, Short description, short question. Changed everything short of reinstalling windows and hard-resetting router. AM I TRACKED/FLAGGED, OR ARE THE SCRIPS I WERE USING NOW GETTING ME INSTABANNED? Is it normal to see 3 different scripts instantly getting me banned like this? I used to run accounts for 2 weeks at a time and they're fine.. now I get banned the next day after tutorial island. Is October an abnormal Month, or am I the problem? I love you all, jk I will love you after my problem is solved also, I understand creating my own script will give me the best results, but I believe uncovering THIS issue is what sets apart the serious botters from the part-time botters. Is Jagex tracking much harder than I/we first thought or did multiple scripts just become invalid simultaneously. (Going to edit this comment after question is answered to keep this on the DL, but I'm dying for an answer)
  12. Hello, I would like to ask for advice for starting a small- large scale bot farm. Questions: What are proxies, and what are they used for? Is it true that Jagex has the ability to ban several accounts with the same IP? Is the ban rate different from F2P and P2P? On average, how many desktops are needed to be able to handle multiple accounts? Is it worth doing quests to make bots more human like for gather type bots? What type of bots are there? (for example- gathers and artistians) Tips on selling GP from bots? (Safe precautions when dealing with websites or users) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you the Tribot community, and good luck botting!
  13. pkedyuh

    GDK Bot Farm

    Since people are weary of using popular gold farming methods, I figured I could give everyone a glimpse of how farming a popular method works out. I am currently in the process of retraining my farm up, so this will be stagnant for another day or so, but I will attempt to make daily updates of profits/bans and get back with you guys on questions, concerns etc. If this interests you, just vote on the poll above so I know to keep posting, if not, then err.. Well this is awkward.. I will establish a thread design later which will look better than my current wall of text, also the updates will lag a little behind. This means when I post day 1's profits/bans, it will be from the day before I actually updated the script. This is so that you guys get a clear view of the daily output/results. Any mass bans on my farm will delay me, so stick with me during those times. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goals: Maximize gold/hourIncrease amount of stable bots (keep reserve trained bots on hand)Avoid mass bans because time is moneyMaintain a 24/7 suicide botting method. (All of my bots will run non-stop except for glitches or re-supplying.)Current State: Training bots Current Debt: 20.1M Current Output: 34.32M
  14. I'M CURRENTLY PUTTING THIS ON HOLD, DUE TO PERSONAL REASONS. WILL UPDATE THE THREAD IN A WEEK OR SO. Short introduction: So after lurking the forums for a month now, I've been seeing all these gold farming progress threads, and honestly I felt the like I needed to create one too! I'm going to keep introductions short, and supply you with details of how I'm going to do this. So what's your setup going to be like? I have around 10 computers laying waste at my household, and I don't think I'll be using any vps's anytime soon. However, I found that using proxies have kept me away from chain bans. What exactly is your goal? Honestly, I don't really know. I'm naming this thread 'experimental' because I kind of want to see where I could take this. I'm already aware of various methods that could make me bank in a day, but honestly I'm quite bored of training the accounts to it's required stats in order to make me the gp's. How ironic right? A gold farmer is bored of making the big moneys but wants to use lower tier methods. What are you going to do with the profits? I like to hoard items. I'm planning on just storing all of the raw materials that my bots supply me, and maybe one day sell it all when I need to. However, in certain events, I might sell some supplies to expand the farm. (via: scripts, bonds, extra proxies, etc) You said that you know a good method, care to share? It took me a month to find mines, as long as you add time to your research, one day you'll hit that gold mine. Some things to note: I'm not rich in terms of gp, I've cashed out most of my income At the current making of this thread, I have already created a bot days prehand and it's currently doing unexpectedly well. There is no need to ask me what methods I will be using for this thread, as I will post screenshots of the materials collected, some parts may be blocked to protect my mule. I will be suicide botting (24/7), which means I don't really care whether my bots get banned or not.
  15. All accounts banned, doing some tests before I re-open a more progressive thread. All of my member accounts got banned one at a time, and were all on the same IP. So my conclusion for this thread is, members are less likely to get mass-banned. lol
  16. I wanna run like 40+ bots, what's the best VPS service out there that can handle this many bots ? Anyone have any recommendations ?
  17. Just a little teaser. Expanded a little (uses a modified version of DJC thumbnail VNC viewer):
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