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Found 41 results

  1. Fluffee's TRiBot Account Adder v1.00 (Coded in AutoHotKey) I was getting sick of adding accounts manually, so I coded this in AutoHotKey. It reads account usernames, passwords, bank pins and rewards from a text file. As well as reading the world you want the account to use from a separate file (so you can loop the f2p worlds). To run the program, create a text file for your account formatted as follows: AccountUsername:Password:BankPin:Reward (e.g. Zezima:hacked:0000:Agility) You can leave out the Bank Pin and reward by just not including them, however rewards will not work without a bank pin. To format the worlds list, make a list as follows: 383 393 394 etc. I'm aware this will probably be buggy as I coded it in like 20 minutes at 1AM, but hopefully it works for some! To start the bot: Load up Fluffee's TRiBot Account Adder.exe, or .ahk whichever, insert the full path to your files (i.e. C:\Users\John\Desktop\Accounts.txt) Hit Start to save the paths Then Open TRiBot, go to the Account Manager, hit Add then hit F1 on your keyboard (F1 is the hotkey) Message me with any problems you have, it does work! Well it should anyways! NOTE: If you do not have AutoHotKey installed, download the .exe Hope it helps Virus Scan of both files: .exe https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2267c37e5e2c19ab08f4bc545e3d6b8eed663d0894f2f9ecf61562f325695c54/analysis/1433995283/ .ahk https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/6fccaa5fe5f1a7eb70396c4b65e7de1e20fd144af90fccf686fe2587be550476/analysis/1433995293/ AHK - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8etMDADCUvKdFBnQnFjaXFnc1E EXE - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8etMDADCUvKdVozUE9JVjFCbzg Code - http://pastebin.com/H2U4cRC5
  2. How can all flax spinning scripts be broken? like most of them can go to the bank, go to the wheel but then nothing. can someone make one that works?
  3. Having a problem with Dax hunter premium script. When hunting if the hop settings are set to hop when another player is seen the bot will register itself as a person and get caught in an endless loop of logging in and out hoping worlds. When hunting black chins the bot will not Bank, once out of traps, the bot will stand there (level 32-33 wildy) and just come to a stop. Not sure how to fix this problem, I've looked into it with no luck with how to solve. I appreciate all the input.
  4. Hey Everyone! I have been trying out many different methods for gold farming on OSRS with various degrees of success. I have some successful long term / higher level "safe" bots, and I have begun to experiment with "Suicide botting". Just curious to know, with regards to gold farming, which option the community thinks is better / has had the best experience with? - High volume of suicide bots / low gp per hour tasks / low investment - High volume suicide bots / med - high gp per hour tasks / p2p with high initial gp investment to get started or high skill req - Long term focused bots following safe botting practices / med - high gp per hour targets / varying req / private or custom scripts - Long term focused bots following safe botting practices / low - high gp per hour targets / varying req / public scripts - EDIT: Combination of the above methods for a balanced overall gold farming system Let me know your thoughts! - No specifics related to your private botting tasks / methods required
  5. Hello! I have a flagged bot ( fresh off a 2 day ban ) that I wish to offload to a mule to protect much of my gp and items before I start botting again. Does anyone know if trading between a flagged bot account / accounts to a common mule account will also flag the mule account? - If the mule account has never been botted on, does the mule account face any risk of ban due to association? ** Edit: Each account is running on its own IP address / proxy and has no outside association. Thanks! -- Tristan
  6. Is there an update or something going on that I am unaware of? When i click 'start script' the box pulls up but all my scripts are missing?? I even tried to deactivate then reactivate them. Still nothing is showing up. Someone please help
  7. Hello. I have two major questions. How do I trade items from 20 bots to mule the fastest way? Is there any script for it? I do have 7 quest points on all accounts. If so how can I reduce chance of getting banned on my mule account? I have suicide bots which I would like to trade stuff from mule to them and after finishing botting I would like to trade items back to mule. I have 4 proxies for 20 bots and one proxy just for mule. Should I create the second mule and trade stuff from the first mule after botting? Thanks for replies
  8. Hello everyone, I'm reaching out to the community for help, i've just started the osrs botting adventure and as expected we're running into some issues. i currently have the VPS Gamers runescape vps(The highest one available) with 8 proxies(Highest Available through that site). At the moment im not entirely sure how to use the proxies, but here's the problem: Every account i make, after 1 login, it gets locked. Even those made on the VPS. If we can solve the account locking problem then i can see this working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? All help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Fluffee's VPS Setup Services Have you just bought your brand new Linux VPS, only to find out that botting on this new server, is not as easy as you had once been told? Need a hand in getting this server up and running? Want to start a goldfarm but not run the bots on your computer? I am offering to setup any and all Virtual Private Servers, to help eliminate that problem! A VPS setup includes: - Changing the SSH and VNC port as to avoid port scans - Disabling root access to avoid potential hacking - Installing all major bots (OSBot, TopBot, TRiBot, RSBot, EpicBot) for Oldschool Use - Installing OSBuddy and RuneLoader - Installing a Desktop Environment and a Web Browser - Installing the latest JDK - Setting up Looking Glass - Troubleshooting any and all issues you have with my setup Price: 1M/VPS (SALE!) 1.50USD (BTC) per VPS If you are interested in my services, or have any questions add my Skype, or post here on the thread! I am also beta testing a script that sends an email alert should one of your bots close while you are away! -- Notes -- I will require SSH access to the server (PuTTy Access) I will require root (administrative) access to the server The server MUST be a fresh install I may ask you to reinstall the Operating System I do not support RS3, I only do setups for Oldschool Bots I promise to provide friendly, and polite service all the time
  10. So i am pretty much a long term botter especially when it comes to Tribot or botting in general. But there are multiple features of tribot that i have no found a use for or by its name kind of peaks my interest. One of them is Script Queue. I was told by a very good scripter @daxmagex about script queing. It was very brief and he hasnt used it himself but the idea behind it is to start a separate script when one ends. Kind of portraying multi-tasking/skilling in OSRS. As you all may know from playing legit way back in 2007 or even of recently. You really dont stay to one skill for very long and could jump back and forth between multiple skills. All in all, in helping the community be a bit more lazy and afk. Please someone with a higher IQ than myself make a tutorial on how to use the script queue to its highest potential. And if there is a way to save a preset so you can "randomize" the scripts and order of skills you train would be awesome! P.S Tags so OP
  11. As I'm still relatively new to this, I'm having some issues when it comes to suicide botting. Any new accounts I make, whether botted tutorial island or done by hand, gets locked within a few minutes after I get to Lumbridge. Even with private proxies and vpn, all my accounts are getting locked. I read through all the other posts about similar issues but none had been resolved. Does anyone have any experience with this? Greatly appreciated.
  12. Guest

    Cannot get a single bot to work

    Hi all, New to botting. Trying to use free woodcutting scripts and combat leveling scripts (USA Fighter, Auto Woodcutter, a bunch of others). None of them seem to be working. I was hoping that someone could help me work out WHY this is occurring. I have some coding experience and debugging experience and I just do not know how the system works well enough to do so myself. I am able to... -Log in to my account and play like a normal client I am not able to... -Scripts run but do not do anything. It appears that they fail because they are unable to recognize data (e.g chicken coop "You are not in the chicken coop! Script end" or "WALKING TO COOP x infinity" or not recognizing NPC's in my area to add to list.) Hoping someone can help! thanks
  13. I want to start a gold farm from scratch. I have no experience whatsoever. I want to learn how to use different proxies for each account and how to manage them all.
  14. Hello, I want tips and tricks on what to spend my well earned money on and gerneral tips. I have a computer that can handle 20 bots with 3 monitors. I have 4 another laptops that can handle a couple bots each. I have VIP-E and can buy premium scripts. I have a 50$ budget to start with. My goal is to earn back my 50$. I don't care if I only use 3 accounts or 30 accounts, what ever is best for my goal. I haven't botted since back in 2006-2010 or something. I used to run 20 bots farms without any proxy or anything back when that was possible. I remember that I had oracle virtual machine installed back then, but don't remember if I used it anything for runescape, is that good now? How should I spend my money and on what? Proxies? VPN? Virtual machine? Scripts? Membership? etc.. How many bots should I use on each ip? etc. Best Regards Bettersvensk
  15. I was multi running 2 bots back in 2012. One was a air orb runner and the other a simple agility bot on my main (Which both got banned due to them suspecting me of being a gold farmer) Pretty sure it was the Orb Runner that got my into trouble. Was wondering if anybody knows if thats still heavily monitored on OSRS still? Also if anyone knows of which skills are most watched currently?
  16. So the title says it all. Pretty much I want to set up my AlOcombat bot as human like as possible. I read that you have to set the human mouse movements to 700 circles under "mouse data collector." Also, should i enable tribot's autoresponder? (default: off)? Or should i keep that off? Should I disable reaction times? Or is that the same as autoresponder? Anything else I'm forgetting would be greatly appreciated. This is just some of the stuff that I read reading forums! If anyone has any other suggestions on setting up the bot as human like as possible that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much all!
  17. I got a greendot card and i put 10$ in it and its completely activated right now i tried paying thruu the regular method using stripe ? or whatever the name is , and the payment didn't go through can i get help on how to pay for vip ? i need the extended VIP
  18. Is it safe to transfer items/gold from one bot to another if they are both running on separate proxies? I would most likely be careful and try to keep it to like 3-5 trades between each at most. Thanks P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I'm new.
  19. Guest

    FOR experienced botters only***

    Hey there tribotters i got my self into some trouble, as ive been making botfarming accounts to make me some gp but im having a struggle. in 7 days i got 4 accounts banned even one of the good ones not my main. i just need to know better money making method other then PLANKing. i make 250k per 1k oak planks. ALSO please note that i never bot overnight its usually during the day about 10 hours or 8 hours spaced out .IF someone can please fill me in on a better MONEY MAKING METHOD i will appreciate it and be your bitch on rs thanks!!!!!!!! ALSO LOOKING FOR A LOW BAN RATE. PLANK MAKING IS NOT A GOOD METHOD
  20. Hello Everyone, Thought I'd update everyone on how my progress is going, how many banned, how many are up and off tut island. Things Automated: Email Account Creation(Over 500 emails daily created) Back to back tut Isle botting Leveling to 20 right off tut isle. IP changing every 2 minutes for account creation process Email Confirmation Mule Trading hourly. Things needed to be automated: Account Creation Swap from script to script. Current Amount of bots of Tutorial Island: 1200 Current Amount of banned bots: 67 Profit: 550M Amount of computers in use: 12 Amount of bots running at all times: 310 Proxies: 45 Emails Created: 9500 Domains owned: 165 Average life of bots that have been banned: 1.5 day(s) I do not currently use looking glass, but that's because I'd get instantly banned from my IP easily. EDIT: Using LG now and less ban rate, since the proxy additions to LG> THINGS I FOUND HELPFUL FOR REDUCING BANS: Verifying Emails. Hand training each to lvl 10. Getting Memberships on them. NOT botting RIGHT off tut island. Letting them sit for at least 2 days without botting. Not using emails like: [email protected](lol don't ask)
  21. Hello! I just wanted to get some opinions on an idea I had. If i have two auths for a script and I have four accounts with the required stats and what not. Would it help reduce the risk of them getting banned if I switched them out every day, or would it just put all four accounts at risk? Thanks for any input!
  22. If you had experience with this scrips (good,or bad) tell me please. i am about to purchase this script for 10 accounts. - *Anti-pk measures - *Dynamic clicking and walking - *Randomized paths - *Shortcut support - *ABCL 10 - *Any orb type supported - *Amulet of glory support - *House glory support - *Glory recharging support - *Energy/Stamina potion support - *Tablet and runes support the user count is 43, pretty low so i am wondering if the scipt is safe.
  23. Welcome to Sadel's Gold Farm! ~Progress at a glance~ Progress is slow due to working hours and a broken private script with unresponsive scripter. New accounts will be trained, albeit slowly, progress for June will be small GP Made: 213M Bonds Purchased: 8 Accounts Created: 25 Accounts Banned: 21 Peak Bots: 15 Bot Low: 1 Fastest Ban: 30 bot hours Longest ban: ~1300 bot hours Farm Status: Training Accounts Farm Duration: 1 month who likes my new logo About Me: Hi Tribot, I'm Sadel and I'm sure you have seen me around at some point in the last month. I like to read new threads and reply often, as I like to help people who need it. I am a returning botter, I never botted prior to osrs and have only ever used Tribot, for obvious reasons. My first botting experience ended badly in 2013 but I couldn't stay away. 2 Years later, I'm here to do shit right! Botting Style: I have core bots who are p2p and bot with relatively high requirements for high income per hour. The majority of my income is contributed by a large farm of f2p bots with little to no requirements for lower but substantial income per hour. My focus is to make money as creatively as possible, for a number of reasons. First reason is profit - unusual methods of making money often have high profits as relatively few people compete with me compared to known methods. The second reason is bans - jagex knows what methods make a good gold farm and the more people that bot an activity, the higher the ban rate will be. My logic is that if I can find a money making method that slipped by the majority of players, chances are it slipped by jagex as well, and they will not be watching all too intently. Naturally, methods like this require premium scripts, high requirements, or private scripts. I never use free scripts for gold farming. I do not use breaks. I rarely ever use LG. I do use proxies, and I will discard a proxy if it has more than 2 bans on it. I also try to avoid botting during cambridge office hours, but I am not worried to overlap with them for a couple hours. I am the type of botter who would rather bot 12 hours in one day than 4 hours over 3 days. My reasoning behind these choices is this; I believe breaks may be important to stand out from a crowd of other bots to seem closer to the human group in popular gold making activities. I do not believe they are important if I am the only one or one of few botting a method. I avoid cambridge work hours because anyone who stumbled across my bots would recognize they are bots, but from a system perspective they are off the grid of popular money making methods. I bot each account 12-15 hours per day, as I believe that is around the maximum amount of time a human player could be capable of on a regular basis. The average amount of bot hours I get before a ban is around 170, and as the majority of my bots are free with low requirements, being banned is not an issue. Bot Highscores: Highest Botted Hours (still alive) 1) Knight ~ 402 hours 2) Knight ~ 16 hours 3) Knight ~ 12 hours Key: King: p2p private script Queen: p2p premium script Rook: p2p free script Bishop: f2p private script Knight: f2p premium script Pawn: f2p free script Monthly Wrap-Up: Suiciding all my f2p bots that are left before my proxies expire (19/06/2015) Monthly Start-up: New proxies are set up, creating new accounts to begin botting Training Accounts: Training up stats on new accounts for p2p botting. F2p method is crashing and bans are rising, and my private script is not being updated and scripter doesn't reply to my requests anymore. If you have any suggestions for me I can add stuff. I plan to keep this thread alive as long as I'm active botting and I'll probably update it weekly.
  24. Guest

    cant run scripts

    I purchased the VIP subscription, and i bought the "autofisherpro" script, and it doesnt show up in the tribot client... what do i do?
  25. Guest

    can't use premium bots with VIP?

    I just bought VIP yesterday and it said I should have access to free, VIP, and premium bots, but the premium bots all still have the price next to them and I can't use them. Anyone know what to do?
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