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Found 10 results

  1. Have you been banned yet? I'm not a newbie, I really want to purchase the extended for the looking glass feature. My plan is to run it for about 2-3hrs with a few hours in between as breaks. Never exceeding 3 hours of continuous boting. I want to use it on my main account so I'm wondering if using looking glass with these boting habits will keep me being detected extremely low. I'm also not just going to leave it running and turn off the screen, I'll be watching it for errors and such as I play other games. Also with the added looking glass feature and the human like mouse movements and the breaks, how could they even detect the boting?
  2. Hello, I don't know if this is the right section to post this, however I am looking to buy a very in-depth break file for Tribot. Meaning I am looking to buy someones break file who took the time to really go through the trial and error of the break system and make a great break handler. PM Me if you are interested, I can pay via PP or OSRS GP. Thanks, Robert
  3. Hey guys, so i'm pretty to new to botting and have just started using this client today. Could someone explain to me how the breaks work? Everytime I run a script and hover over the drop down "break" option, it says "no breaks". I have a VIP trail currently activated... so i'm not sure what I have to do to enable breaks. Thanks a lot for the help!
  4. So I've been using aMiner on 2 nooby accounts for a couple days now which I absolutely love. I plan on doing some on my main as well but I'd want to play it more safe, I've tried to set up breaks but I've had no success. Can someone tell me/guide me on how to set up breaks when botting with aMiner? Much thanks to anyone that can help!
  5. I am looking to schedule a reletively advanced breaking system to mimic high school students sleep and work patterns. Ideally the bot would "wake up" in the morning and play for a relatively short time before school hours begin and return around dusk for play for a longer period of time. To my knowledge, I can only schedule breaks and run time as a number of hours instead of a start time. If I could set a time that Tribot would work around everyday, e.g. ±15 minutes of 7:00AM, then that would reset the randomness of the breaking system as if someone had to wake up around the same time every morning. If anyone has a system already in place that I do not know about as a new member, then please let me know. I fully intend to customize any input people give me as to not steal other people's ideas, and if you do not want to post your personal attempts at creating this, then I would greatly appreciate a pm. I cannot imagine that I am the first one to try this. Thank you all in advance.
  6. So my first two rows on break handler are: 00:45:00, 00:08:00, 00:05:00,00:03:30 00:35:00, 00:05:00, 00:10:00, 00:02:00 and I've had two different scripts take 3 breaks in less than 30 minutes. Anyone know why?
  7. Hello, I've just purchased this bot and im wondering how do i set breaks to avoid bans? Thank you,
  8. TRiLez stated that the bot indeed has a fatigue system built in. Many people have been complaining that while using the Human Mouse the bot gets severely slowed down within hours (I've noticed this too.) but, to get to the point - Will (or does) using breaks change how much fatigue the bot instance has? If so, by how much? Just some information I would like to know so I can modify my breaks for the better.
  9. Months ago when I began using the break handler, I've noticed that one can use x amounts of breaks/durations in EACH different break setting that he/she saves. I've began using numerous and such diverse breaks and times throughout each different setting. Is it possible to add a setting to 'terminate' or command the script to stop and logout from the session in the duration/occurance column, thus making the duration -1 and then identifying the occurrence as a command to logout? Sorry if it's worded weirdly- too much- I tend to do that.. Lol. Thanks for reading and taking into consideration -Drew.
  10. So I've been wondering about this for quite awhile: Does Jagex really look at how much you play, and then make a judgement out of it? Will they flag you if you are just 24/7'ing this game? Personally I really don't know, but I believe that they actually don't look at that at all. I just believe that you have a higher chance of getting banned because you are playing more = more people are seeing you. Have you guys tried running some 24/7 suicide bots, then compared them to bots with breaks? I really have no idea what is better for goldfarming. Thanks
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