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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am posting this to let anyone who wants to join know that I am now hosting a Discord chat for TRiBot users. You can use this chat to talk to other users, ask questions, or simply hang out in the chat. We are the most active botting chat so far with over 40 users online at all times of day. You can use Discord on the web, or download the application for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux if you prefer. You can find the Discord site here. To join the chat, simply follow this link and you will automatically join the chat once you accept the invite. All members are welcome, and even if you don't have anything to say you are welcome to afk in the Discord chat. It is required that you make your Discord chat username the same as your TRiBot username so it is easier for other members to identify you. You also must register an e-mail with discord; this is to prevent spam accounts from joining (sorry). I reserve the right to permanently ban anyone from this unofficial chat for any reason. TRiBot Discord Chat Roles: @administrator - All tribot admins get this role Your username separated from other members in a nice and shiny red color Ability to do any action in the discord chat except manage the server @moderator - All tribot mods get this role Your username separated from other members in a beautiful green color Kick and ban members Remove messages Move members between channels Create an instant invite to the discord chat Mute members Deafen members Ability to use the @everyone mention to notify all users in the chat of a message @user_moderator Kick members Remove messages Create an instant invite to the discord chat Move members between channels @scripter - All tribot scripters get this role This role is given to people who have the scripter role on TRiBot. You can ask these members questions about programming and script writing. @verified - This role is given out to people who have confirmed their identity on TRiBot. @market_banned - These members are banned from the black market on the TRiBot forums. @trade_with_caution - These members have the TWC pip on the TRiBot forums. @everyone - The default role for anyone in the chat. If you would like to become @verified, simply private message @Starfox or @TacoManStan on TRiBot and discord stating that you would like to be verified. Moderators and User Moderators, you have the ability to create instant invites to the TRiBot Chat. To create one, click the symbol next to the cog on the #tribotchat text channel. You can replace my global invite link with your own in your signature. I can use this as a metric to see how many people are using your link to join. Who knows, maybe I will reward the users who are getting more people to join =^). Moderator Application Format: Link to your tribot profile List past experiences moderating other forums (with sources) A brief description of your character as a person Send your application to Starfox on discord through a private message. TRiBot Discord Chat Channels: #tribotchat1 The main chat channel for general discussion #tribotchat2 The second chat channel for general discussion overflow #tribotscripting The chat channel to talk about scripting, ask questions, or get help with scripting #oldschoolchat Talk about anything old school runescape related here TRiBot Discord Chat Rules: You must make your Discord chat username the same as your TRiBot forum username. Do not impersonate any TRiBot member. Do not spam the text channel with tons of the same message or similar messages. If you are purposefully annoying or otherwise unnecessarily argumentative, expect a ban. Do not flame other members of the chat. Arguing is allowed. General in-good-taste banter and harmless comments are also allowed. No Black Market transactions are allowed to take place on Discord. You must conduct them on the forums or elsewhere. Do not purposefully start arguments for the sake of trolling and/or provoke people in the chat. No doxing/hacking/phishing. Do not brag or talk about hacking/doxing other users. You cannot advertise anything of your own such as a website or service. If you break any of the above rules, you will be immediately un-verified and removed from the discord chat. If you'd like to support the TRiBot Discord Chat, copy this text into your signature (credits to @Encoded for the image): [url][img=http://i.imgur.com/YDz8pP0.png][/img]https://discord.gg/2bYcdjB[/url] I hope to see you in the chat soon!
  2. I've been a member of a small community known as Darkscience for ages. The small community of just over 100 are primarily are sysadmins, developers, and security experts. The community offers decades of experience in sysadmin, programming, and security. There's plenty of random knowledge out there, such investing/financial experts and even amateur radio hobbyist. Anyway, the community is looking for more members, intelligent people to join be a part of it. I've created #tribot and will hand the chan over to any admin. Mods will get OP after verification. Feel free to stop by and visit #darkscience if you just wanna talk with a few random internet people. Git service: https://git.drk.sc/ Mibbit IRC Link: https://client02.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=%23tribot&server=irc.darchoods.net%3A%2B6697 IRC connection info: http://www.darkscience.net/servers/ https://www.darchoods.net/ And finally other communities: https://libsecure.so/
  3. Hi, i wonder how I can make a script which notices public chat strings. For example if(getChatMessage().equals("Hi")) - do stuff; Does anyone know how to do this? Would be pleased with a good example
  4. Alpha Version Available on the Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=Auto%20Mercher&sort=default&category=money_making&price=any Currently Outdated! Version: 0.00 Alpha Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Selling Items [✓] Anti-Scam Second Screen Check [✓] Advertising in Game Chat [✓] Easy to configure Setup Interface [✓] First Screen Trade Adjustments [✓] Buying Items [✓] Advertisement Message Anti-ban [✓] Paint [✓] Trade Timeout(Close Trade After X amount of Seconds) [✓] Trade BlackList (Don't trade X character after so many failed attempts) [✓] Buying Multiple Items [✓] Post Sell/Buy offers to Zybez automatically --------------------------------------------- [✓] Completed [✓] Coming Soon [✓] Future Expansions Bug Report Format: --------------------------------------------- 1) Item you were attempting to Buy/Sell (Exact Name) 2) Item you were attempting to Buy/Sell ID 3) Item cost 4) What Trade screen it failed at (First/Second/Accepting trade) 5) Bot AND client debug (right click copy and paste) 6) A screenshot of the trade (not necessary, but would help tremendously) ---------------------------------------------
  5. I'm back! Woo! So I'm putting together something that I thought would be really really useful in my scripts, and I wanted to share it with all of tribot Basically, I'm writing a java class that handles a bunch of different chat issues while botting. - It automagically talks to people! Features (So far AND to be implemented): - Checks to see if there are players close enough to talk to - From those players, checks to see if we have already talked to them - If we have, we don't say hello AGAIN because that is weird - If we haven't we greet them, and engage in friendly conversation - Holds a full conversation with multiple players (Talks about what skill they are leveling, what their levels are, etc.) I'm going to make this more robust, and also finish it and work out all the kinks, but this is my bare-bones, probably insanely buggy first draft (Keep in mind I sat down and wrote this all in one shot, so it is probably pretty terrible until I clean it up over time. Also its 4:15 am so ) I am making this public, but please don't steal my idea or my code (if it's even worth stealing ;P) I know people have made scripts like this before, but I'm looking to make one that will be widely implemented as an anti-ban technique. So without further adeu, here's that GitHub link!: https://github.com/tyler53/Tribot-Scripts/blob/master/src/scripts/AntiBanChatter.java Like I said, it's new, its a first draft, but I'm proud of it so I wanted to show it to all of my tribot friends I also wanted to get feedback on anything you liked, didn't like, think should be implemented, think should be removed, or any other comments, questions, or angry remarks you might have Thanks guys, and happy scripting
  6. ditto

    Checking chat

    I'm trying to use Chat class from the API but even though there are a lot of lines of chat, it gives me none. Is there any other way to get what other users have said?
  7. I'm giving an AJAX chatbox code out for free, it took some time to develop this and create the sleek design. I hope you enjoy it and maybe even use it in some of your websites. I'll be releasing plenty more stuff what I have created! Download link: www.mediafire.com/download/97cybfaiftizc7h/AJAX_Chat!_~Isolate.zip - TRX.
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