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Found 2 results

  1. Script Not Starting/Freezing on startup? You need to add these to your Tribot firewall! TIP: Easiest thing is to DISABLE the Tribot firewall in settings! Best and fastest solution Rune Scape Leaderboards (Rank 4 and 6 in hiscores) Longest Proggy: From @dimidejong10 FREE TRIAL AVAILABLE IN REPOSITORY! Simply click the thread. The trial should be right next to the purchase options. _________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO USE BOT (READ THIS!!!) Picture of GUI HOW TO POST A BUG REPORT Click Here
  2. UPDATED 10/15/2013 NOTE: If you are noticing that your player is misplacing traps or loosing traps change your mouse speed setting from the default (170) to a lower mouse speed or choose the "Anti trap misplacement" option on GUI. Only tested in Lite Mode PF Hunter is now super fast at hunting - Please read the updates! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Automatic & Manual Progress/In-game Screenshots ~~ This script has a screenshot feature that allows you to set the time between automatic screenshots. And sure you may choose to enable or disable automatic screeshots. You are not limited, in-game you may also take manual screenshots whenever you like. All screenshots will be saved in this directory: bin/scripts/PFHunter/screenshots When the script auto saves a screenshot, it deletes previous auto save screenshots for the current script instance, then it will generate another one. Therefore, you will only have one auto save screenshot for the current script instance so your image folder won't have like 1000 images in it. The auto save screenshot will be your most recent screenshot for the current script instance. Auto save screenshots will not affect manual screenshots taken by the player. ~~ Red Salamanders ~~ A couple of things to note: Never hunt Red Salamanders without monitoring your player. Random events in this area will teleport out of the area. Some randoms in this area, are not compatible with TRiBot's random solvers, so watch out The random events that TRiBot might fail to complete here are: Frog Prince/Princess, Molly, Swarm, Miles, Niles, Giles, ScapeRune, Strange Plant (Very slow solver), Pin Ball and maybe some others. If you get a random and you do not complete it in time you might lose some of your traps. If this hunting area becomes too frustrating because of this, switch to hunting chins or something else instead. http://youtu.be/DQN9xzWgeL4 ~~ New & Improved + Paint ~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7M8lDU-lN0 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Purchasing the PFHunter Package ~~ Primary Package - 1 Computer & 3 Accounts max Pricing: OSRS GP 3M Each additional Computer (after you buy primary): Pricing: OSRS GP 1.5M Each additional account instance (after you buy primary): Pricing: OSRS GP 1M Contact: Skype @druss016 Each package comes with the PFHunter script and 1 authentication key. The first 1st computer to use the script will have access to the key from that point on. Other computers that try will be denied access. Free updates for life I can terminate or temporarily suspend your authorization key at any time. I can disable your authorization key at any time (doing this will end your script if you are using it). I will not change your authentication key's status unless I have a good reason. All of your information is safe, none of your important information will be used. After paying with OSRS GP message me on Skype with your TRiBot username, and the email I send the package to. ~~ Newest Additions ~~ 7/11/2013 - Extra Increase in speed for setting and looting traps Your xp/hr will increase 7/8/2013 - Increase in speed for setting and looting traps 6/26/2013 - Automatic/Manual Screenshots Set the script to take automatic screenshots every 3,5,10,15, ... , 40, 50, 60 minutes Take manual screenshot when running the script, whenever you want ~~ Features & Updates ~~ Features: 13 Locations - Many more to come Dynamically supports any number of traps Super fast trap setting, looting and dismantling EOC-like floating XP numbers Animated NPC that chats to you when you begin Awesome progress/statistics layout interface (The paint does not stop you from typing in the chat Dialog window) Toggle button to show/hide progress interface (Let's you view the chat dialog at any time) I literally review my code everyday and search for bugs and errors daily, even though I'm unlikely to find one Completed Updates: V1.0.0 - Supported Tropical wagtails in Feldip V2.0.0 - Supported banking at Castle Wars V3.0.0 - 05/08/2013 - Added support for Crimson Swifts in Feldip V3.1.0 - 05/08/2013 - Added support for Red Chinchompas in Feldip V3.2.0 - 05/09/2013 - Added support for Copper Longtails near Eagles Peak V3.3.0 - 05/09/2013 - Added support for Ferrets near Eagles Peak V3.4.0 - 05/09/2013 - Added support for Grey Chinchompas near Eagles Peak V3.5.0 - 05/10/2013 - Script revised, added multiple bug/error handling methods V3.6.0 - 05/11/2013 - Added anti-ban controls, including camera rotations and angle changes V3.7.0 - 05/13/2013 - Added NPC chat animation and guidance V3.8.0 - 05/14/2013 - Major bug fixes V3.8.1 - 05/24/2013 - Faster Inventory item drops (unnecessary items) + no highlighting inventory items when dropping V3.8.2 - 05/24/2013 - IMPORTANT: Detects if someone has placed a trap under you, just before you try to set a trap. It will choose a different spot, therefore other players cannot interfere with the script or mess up the script when it handles trap placement. V3.8.3 - 05/24/2013 - Better trap positioning V4.0.0 - 05/27/2013 - Supports Red Salamanders V4.0.0 - 05/27/2013 - Super increase in speed while hunting V4.0.0 - 05/27/2013 - No lost traps, regains all fallen traps V4.1.1 - 05/29/2013 - More anti-ban methods implemented + detect for mods in area V4.1.1 - 05/29/2013 - Mouse speed GUI addition V4.1.2 - 05/29/2013 - Auto updater implemented (Download the updated files whenever you want) V4.1.3 - 05/29/2013 - Custom start spot - Walk to a preferred spot/area where you would like to start setting your traps V4.1.12 - 06/07/2013 - Updated ID's changed by RuneScape update V4.1.13 - 06/08/2013 - Extra Security updates V4.1.23 - 06/23/2013 - Updated Runtime pausing (when pausing the script). This will save your XP/Hr V4.2.0 - 06/26/2013 - Added automatic/manual screenshot feature. Take a screenshot manually, or let the script do it for you. V4.3.0 - 06/30/2013 - Anti trap misplacement option added V4.3.10 - 07/08/2013 - Increased speed between dismantling a trap and setting another trap V4.3.22 - 07/11/2013 - Updated ids changed by RuneScape's update V4.3.22 - 07/11/2013 - Extra increase in speed while setting and dismantling traps, increases hunts/hr and xp/hr V4.3.25 - 07/20/2013 - Updated ID's changed by RuneScape update V4.3.26 - 07/30/2013 - Minor changes V4.3.27 - 08/09/2013 - Updated ID's changed by RuneScape update V4.3.31- 10/15/2013 - Updated ID's and other minor changes ~~ Authorization Key Checking/Verifying ~~ When you start the script you will be prompted to allow the authorization checker. Click "Always Allow" for both prompts. Sure you can click deny, but then you will be denied access to the script also. ~~ Supported Animals & Locations ~~ Chaos Alter Hunting: Animal: Red Salamanders Location: Chaos Alter, NE - (3 supported traps) Animal: Red Salamanders Location: Chaos Alter, SW - (4 supported traps) Chaos Alter Hunting: Where to start the script: Chaos alter NE or SW Feldip Hunting Locations: Animal: Crimson Swifts Location: Feldip Animal: Red Chinchompas Location: Feldip, NE | Feldip, SW, #1 | Feldip, SW, #2 Animal: Tropical Wagtails Location: Feldip, NE | Feldip, SW Feldip Hunting: Where to start the script: Castle Wars bank Anywhere in Feldip The exact hunting location Falconer/Eagles Peak Locations: Animal: Copper Longtails Location: Eagles Peak, W Animal: Ferrets Location: Near Eagles Peak, SW (Eagles Peak quest required) Animal: Grey Chinchompas Location: Near Eagles Peak, NW | Near Eagles Peak, SE Falconer/Eagles Peak Hunting: Where to start the script: Anywhere in the open plains near the Falconer The exact hunting location ~~ Runtime Test ~~ Chef ramsey's 12hr Proggy: ~~ Videos ~~ The 4 hour test: Click here to watch on YouTube http://youtu.be/Zev2IftcBdE ~~ Screenshots ~~
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