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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, I have been out of the botting community for years now, but was very active back in the day. I have created many scripts when I was active (back in the day of iBot/neXus). I have started getting back into the botting scene, and as a result has created a new script. This script is a gold jewellery, it will simply make gold rings/necklaces/bracelets/amulets at the Edgeville furnace, and once it runs out of gold bars the script will terminate. Starting: To start the script move your character to the area around the bank and furnace at Edgeville with the required m
  2. About This script is aimed to bank-standing skills such as Fletching, Crafting, Herblore or Cooking. It comes with a task-based system that you can set up to train with different items and even multiple skills in one go. Tasks You can create or load from a previously saved file multiple tasks to be executed by order. A task is complete once you reach the desired amount or level. A task can also be unfinished if you don't supply enough items for its completion or if you don't meet the required level to execute it. Script Argument The rules for script argument are the followi
  3. Script Status The script is currently Free/Open Access to all Non-VIP and VIP users. If you'd like to support me, you can go ahead give me a :thonking: emoji. Features - Supports both Molten glass and Soft Leather( Leather) - Will automatically switch to the next best glass/leather item upon level-up - Will automatically withdraw the required items and end upon completion - Clicks on the closest item to the needle/blowpipe instead of the same item every single time. -Supports Arguments Download : Get the Latest Version: Here
  4. By Warfront1 Version: 1.00 Features: --------------------------------------------- [✓] Weaving [Empty Sack, Basket] [✓] Spinning [Wool, Bow String,Cloth,Crossbow,Magic String, Rope] [✓] Pottery [Pie dish, Bowl, Plant pot, Pot lid, Pot] [✓] Armour [Leather, Green/Blue/Red/Black Dragon hide, Hard Leather, Snakeskin] [✓] Glass [beer Glass, Candle Lantern, Oil lamp, Vial, Fishbowl, Unpowered orb, Lantern Lens, Dorgeshuun Light orb] [✓] Gem Cutting - Use Auto Fletcher Elite V2 [Free] Contains Flawless Gem Cutter [✓] Jewellery - All Items (Regular, Gems, etc.) [✓] Ba
  5. I would like a script that Starts a Seer's Village Bank - Get buckets from bank- teleports outside of house- fills buckets at sand pit- teleports back to Seer's Village Bank and repeats. Time for script: As Soon As possible. Payment: Paypal or Rsgp Either is fine. looking to be less thank 25m or 20Usd Please let me know if you can help.
  6. Tri Leather Crafter This is one of my many free scripts I'm about to release. I've made myself quite a few private scripts to train my main with, but I now have the stats I need so I'll be releasing them this week. You get about 55k crafting xp/hour crafting coifs. I see there are already some crafters out, but I personally know this one is very safe and efficient. Proggies: 56-66 Crafting in one go. No bans. (I was using breaks) Features: Crafts all leather items. Logs out and stops the script when you run out of supplies. ABCL10 antiban and very human like playing style. Us
  7. Wool Shear & Spin Background: --------------------------------------------- Wool Shear & Spin, is a Runescape Old School Bot that levels fresh/low level crafting accounts painlessly. --------------------------------------------- Features: --------------------------------------------- [x] Shears Sheep in Lumbridge [x] Spins the Wool on the Spinning Wheel in Lumbridge Castle [x] Banks Spun Wool [x] Ability to obtain shears itself [x] ABCL 10 - Compliant with Tribot's latest Anti-Ban Standards 100% --------------------------------------------- Setup: ------------------
  8. kSpinner KiwiRun I have written this script as I have found spinning flax at Seers Village to have a lower ban rate than when spinning in Lumbridge, which makes up for it being slightly less bow strings per hour. Features Spins flax in Seers Village.Logs out when out of flax.Deposits all items when banking.Will logout and end script is bot is lost.Can be started anywhere (Theoretically). Uses webWalking to get to Seers Village.Usage To use this script, simple start it while near Seers Village. If have flax on you it will run straight to the Spinner otherwise bank for flax. If your charact
  9. Hey! Thanks for having a look at my second Tribot script! This script will spin flax at lumbridge. NOTE: Source code is at bottom, critiques on code are appreciated. Features - ABC2 7/10 - Everything except the Reaction Times - Spins flax at lumbridge - Log's out if no materials are detected - Spins ~1150 Bowstring's per hour Source https://github.com/jroy8/TribotScripting/tree/master/src/scripts/MontsFlax Repository Link To-do List - Craft more Bowstrings per hour - Add ABC2 reaction times
  10. Hey. Just trying to right click make all on the gold bracelet interface. Most recent thing i've trid is getting the RSInterfaceChild braceInterface = Interfaces.get(446,47); then calling it as braceInterface.click("Make-All"); I've tried a few other things from the forum that I can't thing of atm, so any help would be appreciated.
  11. Evening all, I'm looking for a crafting/magic script that can: 1. Purchase Buckets of Sand & Soda Ash at various dock locations. 2. Use the lunar spell SuperGlass Make to melt the glass. 3. Use a blowpipe to craft the glass into various items which are sold afterwards. 4. Hop worlds and repeat the process. This is an effective ironman method to get crafting to a higher level. I am willing to discuss payment options if a script like this were to surface. I look forward to hearing back from the community on this. Very curious to see how many people would be interest
  12. any crafting script i use will work except for the glass blowing. bot will use the glassblowing pipe on the molten glass continuously "wont select *make all*" if anyone could give some information or help it would be much appreciated!
  13. Hi can someone make an AIO/one-trip Edgeville Silver ore to Silver bar to Unstrung symbol smelter-crafter? Here is the set up: Item name / Item ID / quantity per inventory Holy mould / 1599 / 1 Silver ore / 442 / 27 Silver bar / 2355 / 27 (after being smelted from silver ores) Unstrung symbol / 1714 / 27 (after being crafted from silver bars) The script should do the following: Withdraw: 1) ONE (1) Holy mould from the Edgeville bank and 2) TWENTY-SEVEN (27) Silver ore from the Edgeville bank 3) Then, the script would have to walk to the Edgeville furnace and smelt 27 Silver ore. Then,
  14. iMoltenGlass by iant06 Makes molten glass from buckets of sand and soda ash. Activate iMoltenGlass by iant06 4 Locations! -Edgeville(Furnace) -Falador(Furnace) -Al-Kharid(Furnace) -Lumbridge(Furnace) Features! -Smart Interaction -Smart Withdraw/Smart Interface Interaction -1100 Molten Glass Per Hour! -GUI -ABCL10 Requirements! -Level 1 Crafting -Buckets of Sand -Soda Ash To START SCRIPT: -Stock bank with Buckets of sand and Soda ash. Pick your location in the GUI and start at the Bank. The script will run to the furnace and
  15. Wentmos

    flax spinner

    can any of the lovely scripters make a premium script that will spin flax at lummy/seers with good antiban etc etc..willing to pay for one because there dont seem to be any decent ones as far as i can see
  16. Hey guys I need a custom bot which can do a couple of things. I need a bot which has anti ban. The bot needs to be able to auto create an account store account info in a spreadsheet, auto trade with a differant supplier account for supplies, level up to 20 and at 20 auto craft ring of recoils, and auto sell them every 1000 rings. also it needs to auto trade the cash to a central account each time its cash reaches a certain ammount. it also needs to be able to auto input a proxy for tri bot which is auto bought from a sight which i tell you, and it needs to automatticly detect when an account
  17. Okay this should be simple enough to implement and I believe (almost positive, please, please correct me if I am wrong and I greatly apologise if I am) that absolutely no crafting scripts support battlestaff crafting, which is actually quite a common thing these days as it is great exp with minimal loss (not for much longer)! If anyone can link me to a script that does it would be very appreciated. I have tried searching for one before this. I will be embarrassed if I have made a mistake and take full responsibility. Basically it would only need to do… What all bow stringing scripts do. Take
  18. Rune Crafter 6000! Looking for that script that will craft multiple Runes for you for hours on end? Look no further! What does it do? This script will effortlessly craft all of the Runes of your choice your heart desires!! Supports multiple Rune Crafting: Air, Mind, Body, Earth. Supports multiple Banks: Varrock West, Varrock East, Falador West, Falador East, and Edgeville. Will keep track of how many runes you have crafted. Where do I start it? ​You must start the script at whichever bank you'd like to bank at. What levels/items do I need? The required RC level for the rune y
  19. Body Crafter 6000! Looking for that script that will craft Body Runes for you for hours on end? Look no further! What does it do? This script will effortlessly craft all the Body Runes your heart desires!! Supports Small Pouch (only have small pouch - if you guys supply me with ID's of other pouches I'll gladly add them). Where do I start it? Wherever (Preferably Edge Bank). What levels/items do I need? Level 20 RC Body Tiara(equipped) - will add talisman support if someone gets me ID. To Do: Add Paint Add Multiple pouch support Add talisman support *Warning! I haven't i
  20. Earth Crafter 6000! Looking for that script that will craft Earth Runes for you for hours on end? Look no further! What does it do?This script will effortlessly craft all the Earth Runes your heart desires!! Supports Small Pouch (only have small pouch - if you guys supply me with ID's of other pouches I'll gladly add them). Where do I start it?Varrock East BankWhat levels/items do I need?Level 9 RCEarth Tiara(equipped) - will add talisman support if someone gets me ID. To Do: Add PaintAdd Multiple pouch supportAdd talisman support *Warning! I haven't implemented measures to stop script/
  21. Mind Crafter 6000! Looking for that script that will craft Mind Runes for you for hours on end? Look no further! What does it do? This script will effortlessly craft all the Mind Runes your heart desires!! Supports Small Pouch (only have small pouch - if you guys supply me with ID's of other pouches I'll gladly add them). Where do I start it? Wherever (Preferably Falador West Bank). What levels/items do I need? Level 2 RC Mind Tiara(equipped) - will add talisman support if someone gets me ID. To Do: Add Paint Add Multiple pouch support Add talisman support *Warning! I ha
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