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Found 6 results

  1. Introduction: My third script. Saw some requests for a curser script. I plan to eventually expand this to a AIO magic script. Status: WORKING 05/03/17 GUI: Paint: Features: Antiban ABCL10 What is ABCL? These ABC (anti-ban compliance) methods aren't your standard anti-ban. TRiBot generates unique characteristics for every different botter. These characteristics will hold data such as if the botter should hover the next object/npc, if the botter should go to the next anticipated object/npc location if waiting for an object/npc to spawn, wait times for switching objects/npcs, how often to check XP, and more! By assigning unique characteristics for every different botter, TRiBot will be able to make your character seem different from all of the other botters, thus making it more human-like. Alching Alches any item Cursing - all spells! Confuse Weaken Curse Vulnerability Enfeeble Stun Stun alching Stun and alch for maximum exp! Teleporting Varrock Lumbridge Falador Camelot GUI Clean and simple All NPCs and items supported Just enter its name Paint Keep track of the gains Logs out when out of supplies Instructions: Choose mode. Then enter in the NPC and/or item name (NOT ID) exactly as it is. Press start. Post any bugs to this thread. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1082-auto-magic/ To Do: - Gem and bolt enchanting. Already done, but I need accounts to test on. Changelog: Version 1.8 (5/03/2017) - Fixed bug after clicking wrong spell Version 1.7 (4/14/2015) - Fixed out of runes bug Version 1.68 (3/25/2015) - Fixed a bug with alching too fast Version 1.66 (2/22/2015) - Script walks back to starting position Version 1.6 (1/14/2015) - Added ABCL10 Version 1.5 (1/13/2015) - Added teleporting Version 1.4 (1/12/2015) - Fixed logging out issue Version 1.3 (1/11/2015) - Added stun alching Version 1.2 (1/11/2015) - Added alching Version 1.1 (1/10/2015) - Cleaned up code Version 1.00 (1/10/2015) - Initial release
  2. IntFightCaveCurser I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept, this script will cast the curse spells (Curse, Weaken, Confuse) on Tz-Kek (Level 45) in the fight caves, needing no random solving for hours, a safe and cheap way to train your magic. How it works The script will enter the fight caves, auto retaliate until it gets to Wave 3, when the Tz-Kek appears, the script will lure it behind a rock and keep that safespot for hours. How to use - Prepare your account with all the runes necessary and magic reducing armour. - Add the script in the repository - Start the script either inside or outside the fight caves minigame.
  3. iMonkCurser Wondering why there are no cursers out there that do all the low level curses so I made one for myself and am deciding to release to the public. - Start next to the jailed Monk of Zamorak under the staircase inside the Varrock Castle. - Requirements: - Level 3 Magic - Body Runes - Water Runes/Staff - Earth Runes/Staff - Available Curses - Confuse(Level 3 Magic) - Weaken(Level 11 Magic) - Curse(Level 19 Magic) Dowload: [removed]
  4. Spiker Monk Curser Click here to add it. Statistics 30k+ xp/hr Features Flawless Human-like Clean progress report Amazing antiban (ABCL 10+) Switches world when needed Supports ALL rune and staff combinations Requirements 19+ Magic Required runes for curse Recommended Start in front of or near the monk of zamorak in the varrock castle Use the best magic reducing armor that you can (full iron + d'hide vambs, etc.) Progress Reports (Post yours!) Potential Future Updates Cursing + Alching
  5. Need help finding a house? IRC: https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=_Dark_&uio=d4 POST BUGS HERE:: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17495-dev-darks-poh-curser/ START TIME: 7/25/13 12:35AM CDT CURRENT VERSION:: VERSION 1.1 GREEN - Complete ORANGE - In Progress RED - Not Started FEATURES:: - Smart combat ring detection - Can open doors - Can join other peoples houses - Curses only people in the combat ring.. - Fail safes - Support for multiple locations. - GUI PLANNED FEATURES:: - Combat Support(Range Included) - Full Magic Support(Curse/Stun/Stun&&Alch) REQUIREMENTS: - At least Level 19 Magic for Curse If your the Host: - A POH with a Combat Ring. If someone else is the Host: - A POH at the same location as Host - A Mud staff,body runes, and Teleport To House Tabs. SETUP: How to get Portal IDs: You can start anywhere so long as you have Teleport to House tabs, the fail safe will take you to your house. Otherwise outside your home portal or the host's home portal. The Combat Ring has to surround the entrance portal so it can be in any of the six rooms surrounding your entrance portal. All older versions not listed have been archived to bug thread. Complied Script: NEWEST VERSION 1.1 : Dark's POH Curser V1.1.zip Old Version 1.0 Dark's POH Curser V1.0.zip Old Version 0.9 : Dark's POH Curser V0.9.zip Source Version 1.1 : http://pastebin.com/FhqAaJQ6 GUI :http://pastebin.com/SnFSxA3J Old Version 1.0 :http://pastebin.com/HjwW7q0T GUI:http://pastebin.com/t17as2eY Dependencies: RSArea (Updated):http://pastebin.com/ZFVasNyp Magic Class: http://pastebin.com/sztcpZYi Spell Class: http://pastebin.com/SR3ujHx4 Random Class: http://pastebin.com/Bzhp1BfT PROGRESS REPORTS:: Version 0.85 :: TNL Counter is broken Change Log:Version 1.1 : Added more safety checks.Everytime it is inside a house it will check to make sure it is in the host's house. If it isn't it will leave the house and join the host.Fixed a bug where if the camera was set to a certain angle,the script would click on the portal instead of the door.I also added in a optional Portal Id field just incase the Ids change or you want to use this at a different location other than Rimmington and the Ids are different.Version 1.0 : Added a GUI. Attempt to resolve most bugs related to having clicked on a curse before a random.Version 0.9: Script now handles failsafe better when your not the host.Added a version place on the Paint. Fixed TNL Counter. Fixed issue where if you recieved a random when you were in the middle of cursing, it would try to continiously click the random.Version 0.85 : Script now prioritizes fail safe before handling anything else. Updated some miscellaneous things. Oh and a new paint! Version 0.8 : Fixed Fail safes.It will now properly use a tele tab to get back.If it is not your house, it will leave and join the Host's House.Version 0.7 : Fixed all the temporary static sleeps. It's now fully dynamic sleeping.Version 0.6 : Fixed the Door finding algorithm.Version 0.5 : Initial Release!
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