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Found 4 results

  1. Even if this says offline, I am most likely online! If am offering my dynamic services for a relatively low price just for tribot users! Some of you might know me elsewhere, but to introduce myself I'm OneLuckyDuck -- call me Jacob as you wish. Current Services Dynamic Signature Dynamic Tracker Updater Dynamic Signature - $25 lifetime This is an old-but-gold service, everyone loves having dynamic signatures for their scripts -- premium or free. With purchase of a Dynamic Signature from 1LD's Dynamic Services you will receive the following. 1 on 1 complete customization All needed Java code 99.99% uptime (never had downtime in last year BUT 100% is improbable) Control Panel to alter the database Lifetime support and changes Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind! My Dynamic Signatures are coded with Tribot in mind, so no more struggling with file extension issues! Dynamic Tracker - $12 lifetime This service is similar to that of a Dynamic Signature, however an image will not be returned. Information will be sent to your database via script, but will be displayable through a web page in table format. This allows you offer a tracking feature that little-to-no one has in their script! With purchase of a Dynamic Track from 1LD's Dynamic Services you will receive the following. 1 on 1 complete customization All needed Java code 99.99% uptime Lite Control Panel for database manipulation Lifetime support Unlimited changes for first 45 days Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind! Updater - $10 lifetime This service is a bit different from the others. With an Updater you will be able to track your RuneScape accounts botting by way of log. Visible through the page for your updater you will be able to see with accounts are logged in and botting, or which ones have failed and been logged out...at the exact time down to the second! This service is IDEAL for bot farms! With purchase of an Updater from 1LD's Dynamic Services you will receive the following. 1 on 1 complete customization All needed Java code 99.99% uptime 100% control over which accounts are listed A notepad to leave notes for yourself or partner -- Can be updated remotely! Lifetime support Unlimited changes for first 45 days Guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind! Current Customers Dynamic Signature Dynamic Tracker ExFarm - AIO Farming Web Tracking Updater Erickho123 Integer ToS Service may be delayed for reasons such as school, personal, family, or emergency I may deny anyone service for any reason I will only change your passwords 3 times Only payment type is PayPal Unlimited changes do not apply to images. After initial image, if you would like another you MUST provide it You should only submit onStart & onEnd, or up to every 15 minutes. Any faster and your service will be terminated. There will be a deposit of 50% before I begin work and 50% after the work is complete -- proof of progress will be shown periodically Since I am not a graphic designer if you cannot supply the images then delivery may take up to 3 days longer. However, if you can supply the images delivery will likely be same day or next morning -- based on my current time and situation.
  2. iPlankFarmer FREE by iant06 This is the free version of my premium script iPlankFarmer, click here for premium version. On the free version you are only able to use the Plank Task which runs logs from Varrock East Bank to the Sawmill and turns them in to Planks. Requirements: Money! Logs! Proggies: Repository Download: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=iplankfarmer&sort=default&category=all&price=any
  3. Finding Objects/NPCs Dynamically What this tutorial is going to do is teach YOU how to find Objects and NPCs without using their ids, so you will no longer have to worry about updating your script every time RuneScape updates it's ids. A way that I have found to be very reliable and has yet to fail on me, is instead of checking for the id of the Object/NPC, check for the amount of model points of the Object/NPC. Model Point Count: The amount of points on a specific model. Tribot API RSModel: https://tribot.org/doc/org/tribot/api2007/types/RSModel.html object.getModel().getPoints().lengthnpc.getModel().getPoints().lengthHow to find the amount of Model Points on an Object/NPC: I wrote a simple script to check the area your in and print out the amount of model points of anything with the entered ids. After entering the Ids in to the script arrays(example we are using aubury) and running the script near the desired Object/NPC it will print out in the console something along the lines of ----- NPC Id: 1775----- NPC Position: 3253, 3401 ----- NPC Model Point Count: 4026Now you are probably wondering how do you find an Object/NPC without the id? There's no method in the api to find npcs by model points? Add these methods in to your script: What these methods do: Gets all Objects/NPCs in the area and checks to see if their model point amount equals the parameter model point amount. If it does check to see if the actions are correct and if they are return the Object/NPC. How you would call upon these methods once they have been added: In our example we used aubury and found his model point count to be 4026. Using the above methods and the model point amount, here is an example of finding aubury and talking to him. Speed: If you are wondering if this will take a substantial amount of time to loop through all the objects in the region it actually doesn't, it does take longer than the normal Objects.findNearest(64, XXXX); but only by about 100 ms [19:16:18] iEssenceMiner: WALKING_TO_ESSENCE: It took 195 ms to complete the method findObjectByModel...
  4. Are you tired of updating your script every couple days just because a couple ID's have changed? This Script Updater allows you to host the new values on a static location and will automatically update the values during runtime. Example JSON values { "herbID": 1045, "herbName": "Harralander", "herbIDs": [1045, 8739, 4821], "herbNames": ["Harralander", "Guam", "Tarromin"], "grinding": true, "xp": 25.75, "multiplier": 666}Example script package org.obduro.updater;public class Script implements Runnable { private int herbID = 123; private String herbName = "Abc"; private int[] herbIDs = {123, 456, 789}; private String[] herbNames = {"Abc", "Def", "Ghi"}; boolean grinding = false; double xp = 15.55; float multiplier = 333; public Script() { Updater updater = new Updater(); try { updater.update("http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ct1sVSKa", this); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } @Override public void run() { System.out.println("\n\nField overview:\n"); System.out.println("Herb ID: " + herbID); System.out.println("Herb name: " + herbName); System.out.println("\nHerb IDs:"); for(int herbID : herbIDs){ System.out.println(herbID); } System.out.println("\nHerb names:"); for(String herbName : herbNames){ System.out.println(herbName); } System.out.println("\nGrinding: " + grinding); System.out.println("XP: " + xp); System.out.println("Multiplier: " + multiplier); } }Example output JSON String: { "herbID": 1045, "herbName": "Harralander", "herbIDs": [1045, 8739, 4821], "herbNames": ["Harralander", "Guam", "Tarromin"], "grinding": true, "xp": 25.75, "multiplier": 666}JSON Object: {"herbID":1045,"herbName":"Harralander","herbIDs":[1045,8739,4821],"herbNames":["Harralander","Guam","Tarromin"],"grinding":true,"xp":25.75,"multiplier":666}Class field "herbID" matched with JSON member "herbID"Field type: intField value has been updated to 1045Class field "herbName" matched with JSON member "herbName"Field type: StringField value has been updated to "Harralander"Class field "herbIDs" matched with JSON member "herbIDs"Field type: int[]Field value has been updated to [1045,8739,4821]Class field "herbNames" matched with JSON member "herbNames"Field type: String[]Field value has been updated to ["Harralander","Guam","Tarromin"]Class field "grinding" matched with JSON member "grinding"Field type: booleanField value has been updated to trueClass field "xp" matched with JSON member "xp"Field type: doubleField value has been updated to 25.75Class field "multiplier" matched with JSON member "multiplier"Field type: floatField value has been updated to 666Field overview:Herb ID: 1045Herb name: HarralanderHerb IDs:104587394821Herb names:HarralanderGuamTarrominGrinding: trueXP: 25.75Multiplier: 666.0How to use it? You might need to make your variables public because TRiLeZ has disabled setAccesible with the Firewall I believe.Add the source code attached below to your TRiBot scripting folderHost your variables in JSON format somewhere. The variable names must be exactly the same. Make sure the data type is the same aswell. Use update(String link, Object object) to update your variables during runtime
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