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Found 4 results

  1. TRiBot's #1 Script For Training Pures & Mains Description: Tri Experiment Fighter is a flawless script designed to kill Experiments in the Canafis Dungeon. The script was designed not just to be fast, but also to be very stable and human like. With many many people often using the script for days at a time without stopping it. Tri Experiment Fighter is one of the fastest & safest script available to train any type of account with. Experiments are one of the best monster in the game to train on for all account types because: They have 100 hitpoints - Which means you don't have to attack another one often. They have a max hit of 2 - Which means they are ideal to train on for pures. There are ALOT of them to train on, and the script is capable of fighting in all areas of the dungeon They are close to a bank - They are about a 30 second walk away from the Canafis Bank. Features: Pictures: Contact Info / Support: If you ever need help with the script, feel free to send me a pm on the forums, or add me on skype and I usually reply within a few hours. My skype is: tri.tribot Purchase Information / Pricing: Simply click the button below or search for the script on the repository Thanks for reading
  2. XPeriments by xCode I needed to train some combat levels for one of my accounts, so I decided to make this and share it with you guys Features Kills experiments ABCL10 All food supported Walks to the experiments (no ectofuntus tele supported) Uses Varrock teletabs to tele to bank when out of food. Supports 2 different areas. Will move to the other area if one is too crowded. Uses special attacks (when possible) Requirements Uses Varrock teletabs You need to have acces to the experiments Screenshots & Proggies Download Changelog If there's anything that needs to be fixed, please let me know. I'll try to fix it asap
  3. Hey! Welcome to my road to 75m (110$), this is a daily log of my first Runescape 2007 bot farm. Currently i consider myself to be running a small scale farm (1-10 bots) however i'll be expanding this farm on a daily basis to increase my profits. I have invested a total of 75 usd (Gp, Scripts, Proxy, ect..). I'm fortunate enough to have 24/7 access to two high end rigs (will add specs on 7/26/15) which lets me avoid a vps until i max out the bots on both computers. Please leave a comment on your ideas, advice, opinion's, ect..) Computers #1- 8 Bots @ 40-50% Cpu usage, 60-70% Physical Ram (Sits at 10%/25% without bots). Nvidia Geforce GTX 670 Corsair CX600 Windows 7 Intel i7 quad core Vengeance 8 gigs #2- 0 Bots Methods -Method 1 60-90k/hr -Method 2 75-150k/hr -Method 3 200-300k/hr Daily log Day 1: 7/22 Accounts created: 7 Accounts training: 5 Accounts Yielding: 1 Account banned: 1 Total banned: 1 Profit: 300k Total Profit: 300k Day 2: 7/23 Accounts created: 0 Accounts training: 1 Accounts Yielding: 1 Account banned: 5 Total banned: 6 Profit 1.2m Total Profit: 1.5m Day 3: 7/24 Accounts created: 0 Accounts training: 1 Accounts Yielding: 2 Account banned: 0 Total banned: 6 Profit 600k Total Profit: 0 Investment: 2.1m Day 4: 7/25 Accounts created: 4 Accounts training: 2 Accounts Yielding: 5 Account banned: 0 Total banned: 6 Profit 3.5m Invested Total Profit: -1.1m Investment: 4.6m Day 5: 7/26 Accounts created: 1 Accounts training: 0 Accounts Yielding: 8 Account banned: 0 Total banned: 6 Profit: 5m Total Profit: -.7m Investment: 4.6m (two new yielding acc's) Day 6 7/27 Accounts created: 0 Accounts training: 0 Accounts Yielding: 6 Account banned: 2 Total banned: 8 Profit: 6.3m Total Profit: 7m Investment: 0m Total Gold sold: 7m = 8$ Day 7 7/28 Accounts created: 0 Accounts training: 0 Accounts Yielding: 2 Account banned: 4 Total banned: 12 Profit: -14m (Pretty much all my mules and acc's with 2m each got banned) Total Profit: 1m Investment: 0m Total gold sold: 0 Day 8 7/29 Accounts created: 0 Accounts training: 0 Accounts Yielding: 0 Account banned: 2 Total banned: 14 Profit: -6m Total Profit: 11m Investment: 0m Total gold sold: 12m Day 12 8/2 Accounts created: 1 Accounts training: 1 Accounts Yielding: 0 Account banned: 0 Total banned: 14 Profit: 200k Total Profit: 200k Investment: 0m Total gold sold: 12m Day 13 8/3 Accounts created: 0 Accounts training: 0 Accounts Yielding: 0 Account banned: 1 Total banned: 15 Profit: 0k Total Profit: 0k Investment: 0m Total gold sold: 12m Pictures Questions 1) F2P Epicbot Script broken or Bad Training Method causing bans 2) Why are my proxies arn't working!?! 3) Im currently figuring out why i took so many bans, i will update the answer tonight once i'm 100% sure. Answers 1)I was training in a bad spot with a bad method that resulted in a high banrate (5 Banned). Thanks @ iNicki 2)Well i idiotically didn't think of checking my mail for setup instructions which wasted 6 hours of my day haha. 3) I thought i could sneak by jagex's detection with simply trading my gold over each bot which made like 3 of my bots mules at the end of a day and thats when i took a shit load of bans. RWT'ing on all my bots look like a straight up gold farm haha Goals: Total Yield (07 Gp) Day 3 4m Day 4 6m Day 5 6m Day 6 7m Day 7 8m Day 8 9m Day 9 10m Day 10 15m Day 11 15m Day 12 15m Day 13 20m Day 14 20m Day 15 25m Day 2 2 seperate farming methods to distribute investment Day 2 create 5 new method #1 bots Day 3 3 seperate farming methods to distribute investment Day 3 create 20 accounts as reserves Day 3 create 5 new method #1 bots Day 5 create combat bots (1-5) Day 15 Atleast make 50m to repay 75$ investment. Achieved Day 3 2 seperate farming methods Day 4 3 seperate farming methods Day 4 Create more accounts, currently training 2 atm along with 2 others that are using a method that can be farmed without requirements. Day 4 all accounts are now running on proxies to prevent chain bans (big deal to me) Day 5 Stable income 6m+ Day 5 Distributed accounts into three methods to reduce risk of banhammer. Advice Level up all bots combat to 20+ (40 preferably) to reduce risk of player reports. Never use the default player skin. Research every aspect of your setup before you begin purchasing scripts and so fourth. (I made this mistake which cost me a few dollars). USE MULES DON'T BE AN IDIOT LIKE ME As this series progresses i'll post more tips from the viewers/myself.
  4. THIS SCRIPT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Any support for this script will be given at my convenience, if at all. If there is a bug, post it here, and I will fix it when/if I have the time. Script Features: -> Dynamic mouse speed -> Bone burying support -> Ammo support -> Special attack and weapon support -> Ammo stack customization -> Potion support (super or regular) (attack and strength) -> Bot world detection -> Automatically saves/loads last session GUI properties -> Hops worlds if too many players are in the same area -> ABC Level 10 You can purchase this script here for only 8 credits FREE. Please post any bugs, suggestions, progress reports, or comments on this thread. Instructions: -> If you are using a special attack weapon, have it in your inventory and have your main weapon equipped (if your special attack weapon is your main weapon, have it equipped when you start the script) -> If you are using ammo, have your ammo equipped -> If you are using potions, make sure to have potions in your bank -> Start in the canafis bank, the experiment cave, or anywhere inbetween Progress reports: Change log:
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