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Found 16 results

  1. Tri Edgeville Man Fighter V2 The perfect way to train up low level accounts and make a lot of money looting herbs! Features: Kills edgeville men in the house above edgeville bank Makes you a lot of money looting herbs in p2p ( up to 150k+ an hour! ) Start the script from anywhere Supports all food and can been used without food Supports all weapons and special attacks Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank Supports nearly all potions Customisable banking Customisable looting ABC2 antiban with a 10/
  2. Tri Al-Kharid Warrior Fighter V2 The perfect way to train up medium level accounts and make a lot of money looting herbs! Features: Kills level 18 Al-Kharid warriors in Al-Kharid Earns a lot of xp! Makes you a lot of money looting herbs in p2p ( up to 150k+ an hour! ) Start the script from anywhere Supports all food and can been used without food Supports all weapons and special attacks Re-equips ammo and can withdraw more from the bank Supports nearly all potions Customisable banking Customisable looting
  3. Tri Monestary Monk Fighter V2 The perfect way to train up low level accounts for free, no food is required and it can loot arrows. Features: Kills level 5 Monks in the Edgeville Monestary Earns a lot of xp! Start the script from anywhere The script will heal by talking to the monks so no food is required! Supports all weapons Customisable mouse speed Can loot and re-equip ammo Can bury bones ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating Load & save GUI settings Xp tracking To activate the script from the repo
  4. Jugornot I thought I'd touch this up and release it for free. I made this when building my own API and getting familiar with Tribots API. Enjoy! Features (+) Fills Jug at Fally West Bank (+) 1.8-2k/hour (~50K+/hour No Reqs) (+) ABC2 (+) F2P (+) No Requirments Get it HERE on the Repository! Progress Reports - Guki
  5. B94WildyLooter Hey guys, this is my first script and it works quite good, please tell me if you find any bugs or have feedback. Warning Please only bot with accounts that dont have trade limits, it will be banned quickly and you wont be able to transfer your hard earned money to your main account. Description Collects all items in Edgeville Wilderness and banks them. You can set the minimal value in coins for items to be picked up. Also you can choose to only pickup specific items or to ignore specific items. Features Banking Surviving from fights by eating and running Deathwal
  6. As some of you might know, i made a questing script a couple of years ago. I added a few quests but it never really took off from there. Last week i found the project and decided it was time for redemption! So i rewrote it entirely and started doing a few quests. Which brings me here since its time people can use it and give feedback. My current goal is to add most, if not all F2P quests. Currently available are: Cook's Assistant The Restless Ghost Romeo & Juliet Rune Mysteries Ernest the Chicken You should be able to start from any part of a quest,
  7. This script will pick bananas out from Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim. Makes approximately 35-40K GP/hr depending on prices. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Completed Pirate's Treasure up to the point where you have smuggled the Karamja brew via the banana crate, and talked to the shop keeper with an apron to be employed at the store. CURRENT VERSION: 1.0 CURRENT GOAL (Note that aside from making the script more reliable, I don't think I'll bother adding any features unless people actually start using this script). 1. Make the script flawless. 2. Obtain progress pics from other
  8. Hello everyone, I'm looking for feedback and tips for a future reference. I used to play OSRS a few years ago and I have had previous exp botting before. I had a variety of accounts that mostly used rsbots.net scrips until they got shut down. I used scripts to get 99 fishing, agility, and strength once on a few accounts that I had. I'm now starting to get back into the game and of coarse I'm going to bot. However, I'm new to the botting once again. Anyways, I had a f2p account that i wanted to test this sites bots on. Before i made a commitment to getting p2p and the commitment to paying for a
  9. ACUITY'S FREE TO PLAY PURE ATTEMPT Day 3/30 Main Goals - Achieve Desired Combat Statistics [40/60/1/55/16/1] - Horde A Loot Tab Worth 2.75m (Bond) - Successfully Slay 10/10 Players Without Death Statistics Hitpoints [45/40] Attack [40/30] Strength [45/40] Defence [1/1] Range [55/45] Prayer [16/16] Magic [1/1] Progress
  10. Looking for Private Hill giants script for F2P, Will give more details just inbox me
  11. I just started recently botting. My highest skills is level 53 fishing and 34 ranging. Anybody have F2P method that will help get me around 1-2m so I can purchase a bond. As of right now I'm fishing lobster with roughly around 40k per hour. Is that as good as it going get for F2P or anyone wanna recommend other methods. (All cross out skills are under 20) Not really good stats wise but botted for a few day.
  12. Hey guys, thought I'd share a money making method that I have not seen around these parts before. I use to do this, however I have moved on. There is not a public script available for this, but a private one would be easy to create. Method: You willing be getting jugs of water from Hassan in the Al-Kharid palace. You talk to him, ask him how he can stand the heat, and he gives you a jug of water. You can repeat this until your inventory is full, then bank a few steps away. With a script, I was able to get roughly 450 jugs / hour. At the current instant sell price (175 Gp) you are making 80
  13. Guest

    Huge F2P Money Bot

    Hello TriBot Community I Found A Huge New Method For F2P Botting Which Is Really No Big Deal and Around 100k+ An Hour Noone Knows This Method And Im Searching For A Scripter Who Would Help Me To Make A Nicely Done Script Im Going To Pay/Share This Method With The One Who Is Willing To Help Me You Can Contact Me On Skype Or Here On This Post I Should Be Around
  14. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone could help become a little more informed on different forms of bypassing the trade limit. How do you normally have it removed from an account? Is there a certain combat level you must reach or is becoming a member the only option? If there are any illegitimate ways feel free to PM me. Frosty EDIT: My bad guys. I was drunk last night. Idk why the hell I made this post. lol
  15. Hey guys, all answers means alot. Recently, I've tried to massbot in f2p. There is a problem tho, when I create a account, it gets auto-locked on tutorial island, if I create it a account on the RuneScape 3 client it also gets locked in the lobby. I've tried to with diffrent computers and diffrent IP's from diffrent contries. So it's not my IP or computer. Does anyone know how you can fix it? This doesn't always happend on the TRiBot client, this happends on the regular Orion Client too. Please let me know if this happend to you before or if you guys know any way to bypass this. Kind regards
  16. So F2P has been announced that it is likely coming this Friday. How have you guys been doing lately? Have you guys been getting banned much more frequently lately? Do you guys think Jagex has a temporary ace up their sleeve in terms of bot detection in this coming update? What are your thoughts on free to play? -Frosty
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