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Found 1 result

  1. Hello people of the interwebs. I come in search of wisdom and guidance in relations to botting/farming. I do not have much experience botting and have never gold farmed before although I have been doing my research these last couple of days and I am starting to understand how the whole system generally works. But my concern is that it seems Jagex has really cracked down on botters as of recent and has made the whole process much more difficult than it ought to be. My original plan prior to the recent research I've done was to get a few accounts to 60+ woodcutting and then equip them with membership and bots to farm yew logs for me, my hesitation with doing this though is that it seems there are no good up-to-date woodcutting scripts available that do not have recent complaints of malfunction and or bans. So with that plan pretty much out of the window now I am wondering exactly what methods/scripts for farming are being used currently that are met with the least resistance from Jagex? Obviously there is still a market for gold and so gold farming must still be going on and people are still profiting from it, I would just like some insight into what I can do to really get into the whole process myself given what resources I have. I am completely open to suggestions, ideas and opinions and would love to hear it all! I understand that ultimately I'm just going to have to go through the good ol' trial and error process until I find a decent method that works well for me but it would be nice to get some more input before I really start investing my time and money into this. One last thing I feel I should mention is that I have mainly been looking into doing all of this on Old School Runescape (2007) and have not paid very much attention to the scripts and methods for modern rs, the reason being is just that I am much more familiar and comfortable with old school version but if modern rs offers more of a profit margin I am open to hearing it all. Thanks all in advance! -First post on this site btw
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