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Found 22 results

  1. AIO Constructor By Worthy Features Construct Any Item Including: Planks Bagged plants - FARMING XP! Refills watering cans in house sink Or fetches pre-filled watering cans from the bank Nails Marble Mythical cape Multiple Banking Methods Manual banking - Rimmington/Falador, Yanille Ring of Dueling and House Teleports Phials unnoting planks Servant fetch from bank Servant un-note items from inventory
  2. Auto Tithe Farm Pro plays the Tithe Farm minigame on Zeah for free farming experience. Requirements: - 34+ Farming - 100% Hosidius House Favour Recommended: - Full graceful and/or high agility level Usage Guidelines: - Spade and seed dibber in inventory. - Start in Gricoller's house or Tithe Farm. - Have at least 6 watering cans if not using Gricoller's can. Recommend 23 if not using humidify. - Have roofs disabled and camera at max zoom. Lag and disconnections are extremely detrimental to the performance of the script. If you lag or disconnect a lot, the script
  3. (Click Activate to add script) Builds Smalls Plant space 1 in your player owned house using Bagged plants 1 to achieve quick Farming & Construction levels. [Click here]Video of bagged planting training method[Click here] Script features: Quick Farming & Construction levels Automatically refills Watering cans at the Waterpump in Falador Stopping level support Uses Asynchronous Camera Arguments support ABCL10 Script Instructions: Start the script in Falador or near you house. Must have House teleports, Falador teleports, B
  4. Sigma Planker Script Features Makes all types of planks (normal, oak, teak, and mahogany) Supports all types of energy potions (regular, super, and stamina) Supports both regular walking travel method and the varrock tab travel method Option to customize the amount of coins used for planks Automatically saves your last used script settings for easy setup GUI Preview Plank type: The type of plank you want the script to make Travel method: The travel method you want the script to use to get to and from the sawmill and the bank Energy potion type: The type of e
  5. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Please note that the script is not complete and may contain bugs. If you have any issues with the script, please post below with details explaining the issue. The script does not currently support all locations or plants, most should be added in the next few days. Extra functionality for curing and watering crops will also be added. Setup: The setup is pretty easy, most of the items required will be automatically added to the Inventory list. If you would like to use teleports, you need to ensure you have them in your inventory and/or on the inventory list. Support for g
  6. Guest

    Gold farming

    Hello! I was wondering how much you gold farmers out there is getting each month, and how many bots you have? As I'm going to start gold mining myself, but wondered if there is any point in doing that in 2019. And what is the ban rate of your bots?
  7. Gold Farming - Part 1 - Account Safety So here is the long awaited gold farming guide that everyone has been waiting for. In this series we will be talking about various account safety measures to keep your account working for you, long term. I cannot stress this enough that even with every safety precaution you use, it is STILL possible to get banned, so only bot on accounts you do not care about. Lets get started. ============================================================================================================== Account Creation: Arguably the most important as
  8. iPlankFarmer by iant06 iPlankFarmer is a highly advanced script that will cover all your plank needs from gold farming to construction supplies. Entailing multiple script tasks and features, months of stress testing done on it, it allows the user to fully go in depth with the plank farming method. Level Requirements: - NONE! Tasks: - Chop: This task will simply just chop logs for you. - Teak: - What it does? Using Duel Rings, run to the Teak tree, chop Logs, and teleport back to Castle Wars. - Requirements: Duel Ri
  9. Elite Chopper Pro - AIO Woodcutter UPDATE 12/30/2017: This script has been completely rewritten and is actively being supported. Thank you everyone! Description: Elite Chopper Pro is a woodcutting script designed to be greater than any other woodcutter. Made with the best antiban yet seen, this script has been completely rewritten and runs flawlessly. With a Task System, Auto-Axe Upgrading, and ABCv3 Antiban, Elite Chopper Pro is the best Woodcutting Bot you can find! Repository Link: Features: Best Antiban possible. ABCL 10 plus new antiban n
  10. Hey veterans and experts, I was wondering if anyone here knows how come there always are so many bots at the crawlers in the p2p area? I´ve seen them for years - I know they don´t pick the harralander herbs, and they go bank and all that. Usually always the same equipment, addy armour, stre amu and rune scimmy etc. But I´m wondering since there are so many of them, and since so many have problems botting because they get banned - how come its so hard for jagex/runescape to ban these bots and does anyone here use them is it good money for you? I dont intend on doing it - i only know
  11. Guest

    Premium/Private Script

    I would like to purchase the following script, Script: Tithe Farming bot Function: performs mini-game efficiently Thank you,
  12. Tithe FarmerRequest: TitheFarmerProDescription: A script that would be doing the Tithe Farm to get your Farming outfit and about 100k/h farming xp for 74+ Farming.Payment Amount: Make it a premium script, I am sure that a lot of people would buy it!Time: WheneverAdditional: Give my any thoughts on it plez. Thanks
  13. batouttahell


    Script Author: @erickho123 Link to Script's Thread: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/191-exfarm-aio-farmer/ + https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21045-abcl-10-exfarm-aio-farmer-alchingfletchingthievingcooking-web-tracking-automatic-detection-300khr-150h-6-day-proggy/ Date Purchased: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 23:31:22 +0000 What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s)1 Screenshot(s) image 1,2. Issue(s): Details of what issues you are experiencing with the script in detail: The bot does n
  14. Guest

    Farming Script

    How come there are no good farming scripts available? I realize it's a hard script to write but I have seen some really good scripts from people like Tau, Tri, and Ex.
  15. Hello fellow botters, This thread is inspired by @youarel00t. I'm starting a small gold farm just for a little extra cash. I will post my progress here. Any tips will be appreciated. I will try to update this thread everyday for your entertainment. As @youarel00t is doing, I will update with profits, bot statuses and anything else related. Why?: Pretty much the same as @youarel00t. I'm in college and my parents won't fund my fun. I have a job, but it really just pays for my phone bill, gas, and food. Plus, the job is very slow for the whole year besides the Christmas season. Not looking to ma
  16. Welcome to My VPS Shop! I will be selling different VPS packages for Rs3/07 Gp! What Will I be doing? - Set up your VPS so you It can be viewed In a desktop Rather than in code - Make it so you can view your VPS' Desktop from any VNC viewer - Install All the software that you will need to be using (Bot client, Java, Browser etc.). - Making sure you will be able to bot without any problems My only Skype: BurntishSwap If you dont have a Skype feel free to Pm me or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! All VPS's will
  17. Hello, Looking to hire a worker to farm for me on a different game that you've probably never heard about. Will be paying with paypal and verifying work. Hit me up on skype: heizenbergdayz We can work out a reasonable rate, and that's about all there is to it. If you are worried about the fact that this is my first post we can figure something out that both of us are ok with. (Doing a set amount of work, payment first, or half to start then half when done). I'll show you how to do everything on the game, it's super simple. -H Edit: This is something you'd be doing by hand. Botting on
  18. I've seen a lot of topics about "BULL SHIT" in my opinion, Myself I have a bit of botting experience behind me but not near as much, as a lot of the players on this forum THESE PLAYERS BARELY LIKE TO SHARE ANY KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE ( SAD CUNTS ). I have came back from a 1 or 2 year lay off from runescape ( came back purely for money gains ) to the ban hammer harder than ever. I started botting in the nexus days such easy times... anywho . . . THE TIME OF DAY YOU BOT MATTERS doesn't it make sense that lower ban rate times would be when jagex staff clock off work pretty sure niggers aint
  19. A more elaborate thread is currently being created, sorry for the unprofessional looks. To begin, I will only ever do 3 accounts at once and each individual account will have its own 1024mb VPS. Please take note that this is not a legit service. All the stats will be botted but will be tended to and monitored hourly with breaks that will improve the chances of not getting banned. IF ANY ACCOUNT GETS BANNED I AM NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. That being said, you will receive a full refund for my services guaranteed(THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE 2-DAY BANS). If you receive a 2-day ban, the customer will r
  20. Was just browsing the requests section looking for some ideas for gold farming scripts and I noticed that there wasn't anything that I was looking for. So I thought maybe some people just don't know that this section exists. Even if that is or is not the case. Are there any ideas people have out there for gold farming scripts that they would like me to implement? Frosty
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