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Found 27 results

  1. AIO Constructor By Worthy Features Construct Any Item Including: Planks Bagged plants - FARMING XP! Refills watering cans in house sink Or fetches pre-filled watering cans from the bank Nails Marble Mythical cape Multiple Banking Methods Manual banking - Rimmington/Falador, Yanille Ring of Dueling and House Teleports Phials unnoting planks Servant fetch from bank Servant un-note items from inventory Synchronized Servant Support Cook Butler Demon Butler User Experience This entire script has been rewritten optimized for efficiency and flawlessness Antiban Compliance (ABC2) Level 10/10 Quick and easy to use GUI setup Script arguments (skip GUI set-up) Slick mousepaint and paint Dynamic signature system (more info below) Hiscores page Set-up Start with just a hammer and saw in Inventory. Only if using Servants have coins in Inventory too, or keep them in the servant's money pouch. If using Servants Un-noting have noted planks in Inventory too Only if using Phials Unnoting have noted planks (just the type you are using) in Inventory too. Only if using RoD/Tele Banking have house tabs in Inventory too. Recommended Items to Build Levels 1 - 19 → Crude Wooden Chairs (need 138 planks and nails) Levels 19 - 33 → Oak Chairs (need 238 oak planks) Levels 33 - 70 → Oak Larders Levels 70 - 99 → Oak Dungeon Doors OR Levels 52 - 99 → Mahogany Tables (fastest if you have $$) OR Levels 47 - 99 → Mythical Capes (requires Dragon Slayer 2 but saves money) Creating a preset Make sure to create the preset using your mouse only! (no hot-keys). Notes If you find the bot is building and removing items very slowly, you can adjust the ABC2 sleep multiplier. This reduces the delays in the script (for Antiban) and is a multiplier on the time which the bot sleeps, ranging from 0.1 - 1.0. Say the bot was supposed to sleep for 5 seconds, but with a 0.5x multiplier it now sleeps for only 2.5 seconds. A delay of at least 0.5x is recommend. Script Arguments Click to buy or try a free 2 hour trial: 4.99 CREDITS for 1 MONTH per Auth Or 9.99 CREDITS for 6 MONTHS per Auth OR 14.99 CREDITS for 6 MONTHS per 3 Auths Troubleshooting and Bug Reports Check your hiscore ranking here! Grab your dynamic signature by going to the follow site: http://www.worthy.rs/tribot-php/AIOConstructor/sigs/YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME_HERE.png Happy Botting! Worthy
  2. Auto Tithe Farm Pro plays the Tithe Farm minigame on Zeah for free farming experience. Requirements: - 34+ Farming - 100% Hosidius House Favour Recommended: - Full graceful and/or high agility level Usage Guidelines: - Spade and seed dibber in inventory. - Start in Gricoller's house or Tithe Farm. - Have at least 6 watering cans if not using Gricoller's can. Recommend 23 if not using humidify. - Have roofs disabled and camera at max zoom. Lag and disconnections are extremely detrimental to the performance of the script. If you lag or disconnect a lot, the script will not perform at its optimal level. Give the trial a go before purchasing to see if lag and disconnects are going to affect your botting experience. This minigame is extremely click intensive. A legitimate player is not going to play this minigame for long periods at a time. I strongly suggest keeping this in mind when running the script. Supports 3 different planting methods: 14x5 15x2, 16x6 4x1, and 17x5 15x1 Regular watering cans and Gricoller's can supported. Humidify support if runes are in inventory. Rune pouch not supported. Humidify staffs supported: - Steam battlestaff - Mystic steam staff Purchase: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/auto-tithe-farm-pro Minimum Experience 14x5 15x2 Rates: Golovanova (34): 14k xp/hr Bologano (54): 33k xp/hr Logavano (74): 55k xp/hr
  3. Sigma Planker Script Features Makes all types of planks (normal, oak, teak, and mahogany) Supports all types of energy potions (regular, super, and stamina) Supports both regular walking travel method and the varrock tab travel method Option to customize the amount of coins used for planks Automatically saves your last used script settings for easy setup GUI Preview Plank type: The type of plank you want the script to make Travel method: The travel method you want the script to use to get to and from the sawmill and the bank Energy potion type: The type of energy potion you want the script to use (if any) Coin Amount: The amount of coins you want the script to withdraw if it runs out while making planks Progress Reports None yet. Change Log (most recent version on top)
  4. WillB

    WB Farmer BETA

    Please note that the script is not complete and may contain bugs. If you have any issues with the script, please post below with details explaining the issue. The script does not currently support all locations or plants, most should be added in the next few days. Extra functionality for curing and watering crops will also be added. Setup: The setup is pretty easy, most of the items required will be automatically added to the Inventory list. If you would like to use teleports, you need to ensure you have them in your inventory and/or on the inventory list. Support for glory's and other jewelry is currently not supported. GUI: Updates: To do: You can get the script at: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1845-wbfarmer-beta/
  5. Guest

    Gold farming

    Hello! I was wondering how much you gold farmers out there is getting each month, and how many bots you have? As I'm going to start gold mining myself, but wondered if there is any point in doing that in 2019. And what is the ban rate of your bots?
  6. Gold Farming - Part 1 - Account Safety So here is the long awaited gold farming guide that everyone has been waiting for. In this series we will be talking about various account safety measures to keep your account working for you, long term. I cannot stress this enough that even with every safety precaution you use, it is STILL possible to get banned, so only bot on accounts you do not care about. Lets get started. ============================================================================================================== Account Creation: Arguably the most important aspect when you want to start a farm. Keeping accounts separated and on different IP networks will keep your accounts from being noticed while creating and when botting. Jagex will temporarily block certain IPs from creating accounts if they notice you are making them in bulk, for instance an example of poor account creation vs. correct account creation: Poor Account Creation: You create 4 accounts within an hour, the 5th account you make is blocked because you created too many accounts on a single IP, now you must wait for your IP to be unsuspended creating a flagged IP that Jagex now watches over. You are now limited to making accounts and now you are wasting time. Correct Account Creation: You create 4 accounts over 2 proxies, IP1 and IP2. You make 2 accounts on IP1 and 2 accounts on IP2, now since you didn't make bulk accounts on 1 IP you are still free to make more accounts by oscillating between the two IPs. By doing this you relieve stress on a single IP which could of possibly been marked as flagged causing future accounts to be watched over and banned faster. =============================================================================================================== Account Appearance: Have you ever seen a default level 3 character with green pants, brown shirt, and bald? Well he either doesn't care about his account or he's misinformed about how to gold farm correctly. Appearance makes the bot, if you want to be successful you need to act the part. Dressing your character up may not sound like it will do much but it will. Almost all bans come from player reports. Legit players feel the need to ban your bots because they feel it is unfair that you are using a system to produce resources while they can't, this is the incentive to ban bots. If you had 2 accounts, 1 with default "bob" look and 1 with full rune, it is more likely that your default character will be reported more often than the account with full Rune. Now this is not always the case as Jagex will have automated bot detection system that will ban you either way, but if you are using "looking glass" having your account look more legit will improve your longevity and overall success rate. Putting that extra 5 minutes of work to dress your character up will be very worth it in the end. VS. If you were to guess which one of these two accounts were a bot, the obvious answer would be the left one because the right account looks like a splasher. The real answer is that they are both bots, but since people think the right account is just been splashing "afk" it'll reduce the chances of player bans, which overall will reduce the chance of getting banned. While the account on the left just screams "bot" and will most likely be banned within 24 hours. This is just an example of an outfit you could potentially use on your accounts, and it is better to mix up your outfits rather than to have all your bots dressed up the same. The goal here is to simulate a real player. ============================================================================================================== Account Stats and Questing: Account stats and quests are the numbers Jagex can use to determine a bot. If you want to make your accounts last randomize your skills you train and do some quests every now and then. F2P accounts are limited to the number of items they can trade over the GE or to another player for the first 17 hours (correct me if I'm wrong), but this can be over come by getting 8 quest points (also not 100% sure of this number). From my experience players who have a large number of F2P quests done will be more lenient when they are caught botting and will receive a 2-14 day ban before they are permanently. Don't be lazy and only level up the skill you are using to gold farm, but take some time and work on your botting accounts to make sure they look legit. This way they will last a lot longer than an average bot. ============================================================================================================ Stay Undetected: Since we know that appearance matters, and player reports play a role in being banned, staying undetected is a major key in dodging player reports. How to stay undetected? Bot in various areas that correspond to your botting habits. If you are using a Fletching Script, you are better off either botting in a very public place with many people on 1 square, for example the Grand Exchange in World 2, OR botting in an empty bank booth that you know no one will come to. Avoiding real players is the best way to stay unbanned, but this does not mean you cannot stay undetected forever. Jagex bot system is a lot better than you think it is. Botting large amount of hours is very risky and unnecessary for long term profit. However this should not shy you away from botting 24/7 which is very possible, but bans will come almost always. ============================================================================================================ Breaks: Normal humans do not play for extended periods of times, if you want to reduce your bans use breaks according to what you set your age to when creating the account. Jagex will use this "age" variable to determine if it is possible for this player to be playing for long hours. For example if you set your age to 10-15, Jagex knows that you are likely to be in elementary school/high school which will determine your hours of play. Teenagers usually get out of school at 2-3PM EST so if they see that you are playing 12 hours a day, but your age is set to 13, this will be a huge indicator that you are a bot. Depending on your type of bot farm (which I will cover in part 2) you can either break this rule or follow it. Do not be discourage with this number, it is still very possible to have 24/7 bot farms then run all the time but they require a bit more work and knowledge on how to run. ============================================================================================================== Proxies: Proxies overall are a great investment for gold farming. Basically proxies help you separate your accounts from being chain banned. What is chain banning? Chain banning is when all of your accounts you are botting are on a single IP address, lets say 1 account on this IP address is banned for botting. Jagex will then run a check on that IP to see if there are any other accounts on that IP that are also botting, if they detect any sort of suspicious activity then they do a mass ban on that single IP and wipe all the accounts associated with that IP. This means even if you have 5 account botting and only 1 of the 5 account gets caught, all 5 will still get banned. The way around this is to separate your IP address which each account so they have their own special space to avoid contact with other accounts. An example of correctly using proxies vs. not using proxies would be as so: Not Using Proxies: You have 10 accounts all botting on the same IP. Each of them are doing different tasks, fishing, woodcutting, mining, smithing etc. However Bot 3 is caught by Jagex's detection system. Jagex now runs a check on that IP to see if there are any other accounts associated with this IP. They find the other 9 accounts and ban all 10 accounts with 1 single click. You have now just wasted time and resources. Using Proxies: You have 10 accounts all botting on different IP. Each of them are doing different tasks, fishing, woodcutting, mining, smithing etc. This time Bot 5 is caught by Jagex's detection system. Jagex runs a check on Bot 5's IP address and sees no other bots on that IP. Your other 9 accounts are now safe from Bot 5's mistake by being caught. Now each account does not need it's own unique IP addresses, it really depends on what type of "Bot Farm" you want to run (this will be covered in another guide in the future). Some farms will be sufficient enough so that you can have multiple accounts on an IP and so on and so forth. ======================================================================================================== Documentation: The most important rule of gold farming when you are starting out is documenting all your work, with all your steps. Why? If you get banned you can check your logs to see where you went wrong, and can prevent it from happening again. Lots of new people fail to realize how important this step is when gold farming because it requires lots of work to maintain information, however once you get the hang of it like I have it will only take you a few minutes everyday to update your docs. I recommend having your information on a spreadsheet such as Google Docs, with all information regarding the account in the cells. An example template will be used here. I document all my information in my Google Docs everyday when checking and looting accounts: As you can see I have everything from my account login to my total amount of gold made. Keeping track of your membership and account gold will vastly improve your chances of being successful while gold farming. Remember don't be lazy this will pay off in the end, and keep grinding. An example of some of the cells being filled in will result in your ending cells to look like this (This is from last summer when I ran my Tau GE Bot Farm): Further more I also document what I need to do next time, and work towards little goals everyday which add up tremendously. This is just an example of what you could do depending on what kind of bot farm you want to be running. Overall the more organized you are the better off you will be, if you are serious about making money gold farming you need to treat this as a real job, as you will be making real money. Mule your gold on Legit looking accounts and sell regularly with accurate gold prices, and do not get ripped off as lots of gold resellers will try to "low ball" your gold. I would highly recommend selling your gold to big time gold resellers as it will greatly reduce your chances of being scammed when selling. If you need help looking for gold prices, feel free to PM me as I document resellers average buy prices everyday. My Payouts are directly deposited to my IRL Bank account after I receive it via PayPal. ======================================================================================================== This about wraps up Part 1 of my Gold Farming Series. Be sure to follow me by going to my profile here: https://tribot.org/forums/profile/67302-pwningcows/ and click the "follow" button to be noticed when my other parts are released!
  7. Proggies GUI & Paint [Contains Large .Gif] Update log Bug Report format
  8. iPlankFarmer by iant06 iPlankFarmer is a highly advanced script that will cover all your plank needs from gold farming to construction supplies. Entailing multiple script tasks and features, months of stress testing done on it, it allows the user to fully go in depth with the plank farming method. Level Requirements: - NONE! Tasks: - Chop: This task will simply just chop logs for you. - Teak: - What it does? Using Duel Rings, run to the Teak tree, chop Logs, and teleport back to Castle Wars. - Requirements: Duel Rings, Axe - Start Location: Castle Wars - Plank: This task turns previously chopped logs in to planks. - Regular: - Oak: - Teak: - Mahogany: - What it does? Using Logs from your bank, run from Varrock East Bank to the Sawmill and turn them in to Planks. - Requirements: Money, Logs - Start Location: Varrock East Bank - Chop and Plank: This task will chop logs and turn them in to planks. - Regular: - Oak: - What it does? Run from Varrock East Bank to the forests west of the Sawmill, chop Logs, and turn them in to planks. - Requirements: Money, Axe - Start Location: Varrock East Bank - Teak: - What it does? Using Duel Rings, run to the Teak tree, chop Logs, and then using Varrock Tabs, run to the Sawmill and turn them in to planks. - Requirements: Money, Axe, Duel Rings, Varrock Tabs - Start Location: Castle Wars, Varrock East Bank Features: - Advanced GUI - Script Task - Choose the specific task you want the script to do. - Plank Type - Choose which plank you would like to make. - Hours to Run - Choose the hours you would like the script to run. - Price Setting - Set the price of the logs and planks of which you are making(Set to Zybez by default) - Bronze-Dragon Axe Support(Start with axe in your inventory) - High-Quality Paint - Trip Logger - Trip Count - Last Trip Time - Average Trip Time - Dynamic Script(Won't break from RS updates) - Energy Potions - Bird Nest Detection - Tree Ent Detection - Axe Repairing - Profit Calculator[Takes in all variables(Bird's nests, Duel Rings, Energy Potions, Etc.)] - AntiBan - Random Stat Check - Random Camera Movement Best Money Results: - 30+ Agility - 40+ Woodcutting - Rune Axe Best Speed Results: - 30+ Agility - Super Energy Potions - 40+ Woodcutting - Rune Axe Future Updates: - Ability to Chop Regular, Oak, and Mahogany Logs. - Ability to Chop and Plank Mahogany Logs. Proggies: - Oak Planks: - Teak Planks: - Mahogany Planks: - 1 Month Stress Test: Updates: - Breaking Handling Fix, Axe Repairing Fix, Default Hours to Run set to Unlimited
  9. Elite Chopper Pro - AIO Woodcutter UPDATE 12/30/2017: This script has been completely rewritten and is actively being supported. Thank you everyone! Description: Elite Chopper Pro is a woodcutting script designed to be greater than any other woodcutter. Made with the best antiban yet seen, this script has been completely rewritten and runs flawlessly. With a Task System, Auto-Axe Upgrading, and ABCv3 Antiban, Elite Chopper Pro is the best Woodcutting Bot you can find! Repository Link: Features: Best Antiban possible. ABCL 10 plus new antiban not seen in ANY OTHER SCRIPT. Yes, I'm talking about ABCv3 Task System for completely automated 1-99 20+ locations (See second post for full list) Customer location support! Fast and efficient chopping Start from ANYWHERE Auto axe upgrading (bronze to dragon) Completely Customizable Antiban Control Mouse Speed, Reaction Times, and even play around with Tribot's built-in antiban! Upcoming Features: Profile System with Script Argument Support (almost done) Built-in Muling capabilities Preset profiles for you to kick-start your massive goldfarm! Pricing: Two Week / Unlimited Accounts - $8.99 One Month / Unlimited Accounts - $15.00 Lifetime / Unlimited Accounts - $29.99 Buy Here: Note: I will be removing the Lifetime option once I re-obtain my Premium Scripter status. But I will be lowering the prices. GUI: Proggies: Vouches: Bug Report Format: How to submit a proper bug report Supported Locations: Custom Scan for trees in a certain radius. Allows you to scan for any tree name, including Teaks, Redwood, etc. Supports Banking using Dax Webwalker or Tribot Webwalker Lumbridge Normals Oaks Willows Yews Draynor Oaks Willows Port Sarim Willows Varrock East Normals Oaks Varrock West Normals Oaks Falador Normals Oaks Yews Edgeville (beta) Yews Grand Exchange Yews Seers Village Willows Maples Yews Magics Catherby Oaks Willows Yews Gnome Stronghold Yews Duel Arena (beta) Magics Antiban Settings The Reaction Modifier represents how much of the reaction time you want the bot to wait. So the lower this slider, the shorter the reaction times. Async Mouse and Camera will be added in the future Misc Info: The task system loops. So once the final task is finished, it will run the first one again. If the Stop Condition is already met, the task will not run. Common Tribot Fixes: Happy botting
  10. Hey veterans and experts, I was wondering if anyone here knows how come there always are so many bots at the crawlers in the p2p area? I´ve seen them for years - I know they don´t pick the harralander herbs, and they go bank and all that. Usually always the same equipment, addy armour, stre amu and rune scimmy etc. But I´m wondering since there are so many of them, and since so many have problems botting because they get banned - how come its so hard for jagex/runescape to ban these bots and does anyone here use them is it good money for you? I dont intend on doing it - i only know thats what got me into botting because i got so pissed off after reporting 300+ accounts and nothing happened, it seemed useless. Can´t beat em? Join em. So here we are. I know its been a problem for years - from when i searched about it - so the scripts must be working well right? So does anyone uses it or knows why its so popular, i just dont get why its not banned - they behave in such a botlike manner and if i did that i´d get banned instantly, it makes no sense to me why they escape the bans. is it just because they have a good mix of skills before they do it or what is it? Its really impressive to be honest when so many others fail at other stuff when they bot.
  11. Guest

    Premium/Private Script

    I would like to purchase the following script, Script: Tithe Farming bot Function: performs mini-game efficiently Thank you,
  12. Tithe FarmerRequest: TitheFarmerProDescription: A script that would be doing the Tithe Farm to get your Farming outfit and about 100k/h farming xp for 74+ Farming.Payment Amount: Make it a premium script, I am sure that a lot of people would buy it!Time: WheneverAdditional: Give my any thoughts on it plez. Thanks
  13. Guest

    Guide to gold farming?

    Once you are ready to cash out on your gold, whats the process to do so? As in how do I sell it?
  14. batouttahell


    Script Author: @erickho123 Link to Script's Thread: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/191-exfarm-aio-farmer/ + https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21045-abcl-10-exfarm-aio-farmer-alchingfletchingthievingcooking-web-tracking-automatic-detection-300khr-150h-6-day-proggy/ Date Purchased: Wed, 17 Sep 2014 23:31:22 +0000 What type of duration did you purchase: Lifetime Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s)1 Screenshot(s) image 1,2. Issue(s): Details of what issues you are experiencing with the script in detail: The bot does not work from what i'm reading and iv'e tried it out as well with my nubby accounts and it does not work.. Ive read the forums and it says will not be updated due to RS taking something out..? but he also said something about rewriting it for luners and/or regular use as iv'e read as well. This is not the first time iv'e had problems with this bot.. iv'e seeked help and he only pointed and it still didn't work for me.. as iv'e asked for help before, this was before the update, and it never got fixed, as far as i can tell, because it never ran for me... (yes i tried all the stickies) I was told to wait patiently and still nothing..
  15. Guest

    FOR experienced botters only***

    Hey there tribotters i got my self into some trouble, as ive been making botfarming accounts to make me some gp but im having a struggle. in 7 days i got 4 accounts banned even one of the good ones not my main. i just need to know better money making method other then PLANKing. i make 250k per 1k oak planks. ALSO please note that i never bot overnight its usually during the day about 10 hours or 8 hours spaced out .IF someone can please fill me in on a better MONEY MAKING METHOD i will appreciate it and be your bitch on rs thanks!!!!!!!! ALSO LOOKING FOR A LOW BAN RATE. PLANK MAKING IS NOT A GOOD METHOD
  16. hi all, ive botted in the past using this a few years back on what is now rs3. ive recently brought a lenovo ideapad 305 that has windows 10 on and for some reason i cant use a bot, the file is downloaded as a zip file, ive extracted is using winrar but there is no launch icon for the bot or nothing like it to run a bot. ive searched for various apps and cant find anything, ive searched other peoples threads and no one has a answer. ive got java installed (latest version) i have no idea what to do can anybody help me please. would be apriciated if you took the time to read my issue thank you, any help welcome.
  17. Guest

    Farming Script

    How come there are no good farming scripts available? I realize it's a hard script to write but I have seen some really good scripts from people like Tau, Tri, and Ex.
  18. Hello fellow botters, This thread is inspired by @youarel00t. I'm starting a small gold farm just for a little extra cash. I will post my progress here. Any tips will be appreciated. I will try to update this thread everyday for your entertainment. As @youarel00t is doing, I will update with profits, bot statuses and anything else related. Why?: Pretty much the same as @youarel00t. I'm in college and my parents won't fund my fun. I have a job, but it really just pays for my phone bill, gas, and food. Plus, the job is very slow for the whole year besides the Christmas season. Not looking to make huge amounts of money (not that I wouldn't want to), but just some spending money. Set Up: I have 5 accounts, 2 are members (will all be members soon). I don't have a set schedule, u just run them whenever. I have a VPS, but they're all on the same IP. I'm probably going to buy some proxies soon and maybe add a few more accounts to my team once I learn a little more. Goal: Again, as @youarel00t said, "any amount of money generated from this a success for me". I'm just trying to make a few dollars here and there. Any tips, guidance, or suggestions, please leave a comment below. @youarel00t progress thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/55514-a-total-nubs-farming-progress/?fromsearch=1 PROGRESS STARTS HERE: Spent: $15 on VPS $6.50 on VIP (VIP-E a good investment?) $5 on bonds Debt= $26.50 Total Day #1: 9-17-2015 -I started up my bots before I went to sleep (3am) and ran them until about 12pm. Made about 2.3m profit, I'm happy. -Restarted my bots after cleaning them out @ 12:45pm, I also added some break in so they're not just suiciding. -Ran the bots for 11 hours for 2.8m profit! 'Twas a good day of botting. -I'd like to welcome two more accounts to my team, they're currently training! Total Profit Today: 5.1m Day #2: 9-18-2015 -Put my team to work at about 1am. -I woke up to some sad sad news.... we've lost three of our teammates, bring our team down to 4. They were f2p so it was excepted, but they did have a lot of resources on them. -Cleaned the rest of the team and scraped to together only 1.3m profit. -Almost forgot to post! Okay I got home and my friend rebooted our VPS so I don't know how long they were running for, but no bans! -Cleaned all accounts for 4.8m profit! -This has been going well and it'll only get better. I upgraded to VIP-E, will be adding proxies soon, adding membership and more accounts! Total Profit Today: 6.1m Day #3: 9-19-2015 -I really don't know when I started bots up, I was showing a friend how to do it so we can work together. Let's say they were all set up around 2-3am. -Damn I forgot to update, it was a long day. We turned them off at I don't know what time but we managed to make about 6m Total Profit Today: ~6m Day #4: 9-20-2015 -Friends helping out a lot now. We can run pretty much all day. -We now have 11 accounts (all members)! Some are still training, but making a little money in the process. -Just cleaned them out for 8.9m profit and started them back up! Let's go! Total Profit Today: 8.9m Day #5: 9-21-15 -Woke up to a horrible text... All of our bots, gone. All banned. Full of resources. I knew I should've cleaned them last night, but I was way too tired to even turn on my computer. Anyways, this isn't the end. We're going to get back at it. We need proxies is all and I way to always be collecting. I will update whenever we figure out what we're doing. Total Profit Today: --m Day #6: - We started training up some accounts and they were banned. Our IP is probably flagged. Really need some proxies. Day #7: - We bought a proxy ($3.7) and made some new accounts, 4 are level 60's and 4 are lvl 30's. Additionally, we also purchased the Master Autocutter lifetime for $9.90. Total Profit Today: -12.6m Day #8: - total of 3 accounts have been banned, 2 of which were on the new proxy. 2 acc's lvl 68 and 3 lvl 57. Total Profit Today: 500k Day #9: - got a few more VPS's so I can run upwards of 30 bots now, 2 acc's are lvl 73 3 are lvl 63. Total Profit Today: 1.6m Accounts Banned: 27 Day#10: - Well boys, all accounts banned again.. managed to reach 2 accounts that were on magics. I'll be switching over to a new undisclosed method of goldfarming that is more profitable (and from what I've seen less ban rate). I'll post a link to the new farming progress once the accounts are ready for it. Total Profit Today: -4m Overall Profit: 8.5m
  19. Welcome to My VPS Shop! I will be selling different VPS packages for Rs3/07 Gp! What Will I be doing? - Set up your VPS so you It can be viewed In a desktop Rather than in code - Make it so you can view your VPS' Desktop from any VNC viewer - Install All the software that you will need to be using (Bot client, Java, Browser etc.). - Making sure you will be able to bot without any problems My only Skype: BurntishSwap If you dont have a Skype feel free to Pm me or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! All VPS's will be fully ready to bot on. I will personally set it all up so you can view your VPS's desktop through any VncViewer and start botting! All VPS's Have a 100 Mb/s Internet Speed. Custom Packages now also available! Add me on Skype for any vps you are looking for including Windows Vps's! Packages [Per month]: Burn 1: [4.5m 07/ 36m Rs3] Runs Up to 2 bots. 10 GB Hard Drive 1 vCore CPU 1 GB RAM Burn 2: [8m 07/ 64m Rs3] Runs Up to 5 bots. 25 GB Hard Drive 2 vCore CPU 2 GB RAM Burn 3: [15m 07/ 120m Rs3] Runs Up to 10 bots. 50 GB Hard Drive 3 vCore CPU 4 GB RAM Burn 4: [23m 07/ 184m Rs3] Runs Up to 20 bots. 100 GB Hard Drive 4 vCore CPU 8 GB RAM Once your VPS has been delivered, follow these steps: If you are having Issues contact me through Skype or Tribot PM and I will resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you are having Trouble with setting up your own VPS I can also set it up for you [1m 07/7m Rs3] T.O.S We do not permit any customer to use our services for illegal activities. In addition, the following activities are prohibited by our terms of service and constitute an immediate cancellation without refund or prior notice: - Attempting to harm our servers or other servers in any way (Attacks, CPU intensive programs for no reason, etc) - Spamming, mailservers, or mass marketing of any kind, or any type of investment/lottery sites - Brute force and other vulnerability-checking programs, even if for security purpose - Traffic exchange websites or services, including autosurf sites and topsites list - Mass public file storage of any kind (image hosting site, video hosting site, etc) - High CPU/Bandwidth Usage, or in any other way disrupting the performance of other customers - Constantly receiving attacks on your services or failure to secure your services properly - Once Payment has been made it is non-refundable. - If you are experiencing issues you will contact me and I will sort it out as soon as possible. Add Me on skype for more info, After filling out this form: What package VPS are purchasing? Which Bot do you want me to install on your vps? Have you added me on skype?
  20. Hello, Looking to hire a worker to farm for me on a different game that you've probably never heard about. Will be paying with paypal and verifying work. Hit me up on skype: heizenbergdayz We can work out a reasonable rate, and that's about all there is to it. If you are worried about the fact that this is my first post we can figure something out that both of us are ok with. (Doing a set amount of work, payment first, or half to start then half when done). I'll show you how to do everything on the game, it's super simple. -H Edit: This is something you'd be doing by hand. Botting on this game is pretty difficult to do! If you're interested in the game name just PM me. I don't want to put it on the topic because it's such a small size game that it would be easy for staff to google it and figure out whats up. Also, this isn't a java game. It's got a client that you'd be using. 2D game.
  21. I've seen a lot of topics about "BULL SHIT" in my opinion, Myself I have a bit of botting experience behind me but not near as much, as a lot of the players on this forum THESE PLAYERS BARELY LIKE TO SHARE ANY KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE ( SAD CUNTS ). I have came back from a 1 or 2 year lay off from runescape ( came back purely for money gains ) to the ban hammer harder than ever. I started botting in the nexus days such easy times... anywho . . . THE TIME OF DAY YOU BOT MATTERS doesn't it make sense that lower ban rate times would be when jagex staff clock off work pretty sure niggers aint on a night shift roster. Get Vip Extended and use proxys for every account you bot on this will reduce your bans 10 fold. Using same ip on every account your botting on will get you banned in the long run. EVERY F2P BOT GETS BANNED DAILY from 9am Cambridge time to 9.20 am Cambridge time THIS IS A FUCKING FACT thank me later. BOTTING F2P 24-7 ( any skill ) is possible for 3 - 4 days from Friday-Saturday afternoon in Australia till Monday-Tuesday 4pm - 5pm with out bans FACT thank me later. ( this has been done botting all 10 - 16 accounts on same ip in exact same areas doing same skill ) MULES there not as ban susceptible as everyone thinks ...... I change my mule every few weeks and use my mules as my botting skillers no mules banned so far only running 8 - 12 hours a day im talking cutting yews seers mining coal in guild , flecthing arrow shafts what more proof do you want. Getting banned is all on YOUR OWN HEAD Its you who choses the script you use DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH don't use fucked scripts don't use non ABCL 10 don't use same script for more than 2 or 3 , 12 hour shifts in a row. . . . just use your fucking common sense and you wont be banned DO NOT FUCKING BLAME THE SCRIPTER EITHER. ill Add more shit later for ever who can be bothered reading this rant ^^
  22. A more elaborate thread is currently being created, sorry for the unprofessional looks. To begin, I will only ever do 3 accounts at once and each individual account will have its own 1024mb VPS. Please take note that this is not a legit service. All the stats will be botted but will be tended to and monitored hourly with breaks that will improve the chances of not getting banned. IF ANY ACCOUNT GETS BANNED I AM NOT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. That being said, you will receive a full refund for my services guaranteed(THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE 2-DAY BANS). If you receive a 2-day ban, the customer will receive a lump sum back depending on how much of the service has already been conducted. I will notify customers of times that I will be accessing their accounts and it is advised that they don't try to log in to their accounts at that time. If the customer has a proxy that they currently use on the account, it is advised that they let me conduct the service using their proxy, otherwise a private proxy will be assigned to the account from YoHoJo's Premium Proxy Shop or another shop for a location that is near them. NOTE: THE PRICE OF THE PROXY WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR BILL. Any profit that was gained on the account will stay on the account and cost nothing no matter the amount. PLEASE NOTE IT CAN TAKE UP TO TWO DAYS FOR THE VPS TO BE PREPARED FOR YOUR ACCOUNT'S USE VPS Spots 1. In use 2. Available 3. Available Combat: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in combat are good from 1 - 40 in any stat or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 40. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Currently Available Skills: Attack, Strength, Defence, Range, and Magic Slayer: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in slayer are good from level 1 - 20 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 20. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. If the account doesn't have enough supplies for the service to be completed, the account owner will be notified and the service will be halted until the account has a sufficient amount of supplies for the service to be conducted. Farming: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in farming are good from level 1 - 30 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 30. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR OWN SEEDS. Runecrafting: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in runecrafting are good from level 1 - 35 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 35. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE THEIR OWN ESSENCE. Agility: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in runecrafting are good from level 1 - 30 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 30. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE. Thieving: Currently 1 voucher left. It's important to note that accounts who receive my service for a voucher WILL NOT have their own proxy unless the user supplies one. Vouchers in thieving are good from level 1 - 30 or a determined level if the account is a higher level than 30. It's important to remember that you cannot receive anymore than ONE voucher per TRiBot account. To be eligible to receive the voucher your TRiBot account must be VIP+. Prices will be determined with each individual customer. THE ACCOUNT NEEDS TO HAVE FOOD AVAILABLE.
  23. xSorcRunnerPro What does it do? xSorcRunnerPro will be a flawless script that will guide you through the Sorceress's garden (The script will be flawless, so I will try to make some perfect decision making on when to walk to the next safe point. The nice thing about the sorceress's garden is that it's possible to make money by picking the herbs or getting thieving exp by picking fruit, while getting farming exp. The script will support each garden (winter, autumn, spring & summer). Features Energy Potion support You're able to choose what reward the script should take (fruit [thieving exp] or herbs %5Bmoney%5D) Flawless running, which basically means you should (almost) never get caught by the elementals. Progress - All the four gardens have been implemented into the script. I'm now going through a testing phase where I will carefully test every garden. - I also made a very nice Paint GUI. Old school GUI's are history with this sexy thing! I hope you like it: FAQ Will the script be free? Probably not. I do not have a price in mind atm, so do some suggestions if you want. When will the script be released? I don't have an exact date. Don't count on it too soon, because I want it to be fully tested. Why should I use this script? It will give your farming level a huge boost in the first place and besides that, you can choose to train your thieving or make some nice amount of money.
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