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Found 9 results

  1. I ran the exNMZ bot last night and all went well for about 3 hours until I had come back and seen my acc naked in lumby and my dharok, fury and b ring gone and my bank pin attempted to be removed. Whats up with that? not the first time it's happened either, I was hacked for about 50m when running USA's agility bot. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Not going to blame anyone but myself for always choosing "always allow", but can anyone here spot anything that might seems suspcious? right now i'm thinking "dice.rs" is the most out of place here both accounts pretty much used all the same scripts and were on account manager, my main has been untouched, both emails were changed from original email ( it was a random domain, never used anywhere else ) Update: recovered both accounts, set up 2step email + auth on email + account, guess I should be lucky i got away with only losing 80m D: Picture of 3 scans + suspicious
  3. Guest

    hacked tri yak fighter

    i really dont play much, mostly off and on. only script i use is tri yak fighter on osrs. yesterday i was running it and i was logged out. i tried logging back in and my password was changed. i was able to change it back nothing was missing, but i tried to get on again today, but this time my password and email were changed; email was something like 2********@**.com. im not blaming tribot, im blaming the script; i will update with my appeal and virus scan. also, my other accounts i dont bot on are untouched.
  4. Guest

    Bank tab's wiped

    I've just logged on this morning just to do the usual bot load up. I noticed that an authenticator was attached to my account. Once removed, I found my account had been hacked. I've only been using a fishing script called "LITE ftwAIO Fisher", and what gave it away were the item's that were left. The location i chose to fish is Catherby. The culprit left 2 camelot tabs and 2 varrocks. Dumb enough??? I know it was the scriptor's doing, but can anything be done?
  5. Today i logged onto my two accounts i bot on. Everything in the bank valuable was cleared. Lost a total of around ~10m between two accounts. Today before i botted tribot asked "allow "" IP" when i started script. Thats not the exact IP, but something like that. I think when i allowed the ip to connect to tribot thats how i got hacked. is it possible for a script to hack you, and not the actual tribot program itself?
  6. by Dreaming The Tribot Guide Series #1 Even though most of you probably know these tactics, some of you don't. This is going to be an in depth guide about how to keep your Runescape account safe, and I will go over pretty much every technique of how your account can be compromised, and how to prevent it. How to protect your account: 1. Register a damn email: If someone gets on your account and you have not registered an email, it's pretty much game over. Once their email is linked to your account, chances of getting the account back are slim to none. Having your email
  7. Alright so lately I've been experiencing a major problem. My account was first hacked a few weeks ago and I followed up by running a virus scan and of course it came up clean. So like an idiot Iignored it but this time I played more carefully knowing that it was bound to happen again. A week and a half later it did. So in desperation I completely restored my computer back to factory settings. Went back to playing normally and sure enough it still happens, I still get hacked. What do I do...? Not only does this "person" change the password to my RS account but to my yahoo email also.
  8. Hello, Im the Original owner of the tribot account "worxthekid" and i just recently have founded that someone has stolen my account and changed my email and password on it. So I'm here trying to recover my account. Im trying to look up my past payments on paypal but i can only go 3 month's back, can someone help on how i can find ALL my payments. I did find this payment of $52, When i purchased some credits on tribot on my real account worxthekid.
  9. most of you might of seen my old post I made about the IP's Client Accepting, and then a day later I randomly get my account logged into by some random guy. And Im Looking for some help and or informations on these usernames/or people the next day after I accepted the IP's the Tribot client was requested this happen. (Today) I always keep my Friends chat offline or friends only. but i decided why dont i turn it on and see if any random people message me (might be the hacker right?) This is what I get. Some guy under the name "iBurnKenyans" Pmed me Asking me to buy unids cle
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