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Found 16 results

  1. About This script is aimed to bank-standing skills such as Fletching, Crafting, Herblore or Cooking. It comes with a task-based system that you can set up to train with different items and even multiple skills in one go. Tasks You can create or load from a previously saved file multiple tasks to be executed by order. A task is complete once you reach the desired amount or level. A task can also be unfinished if you don't supply enough items for its completion or if you don't meet the required level to execute it. Script Argument The rules for script argument are the following:1. Each task is separated by a vertical bar, "|"2. Each task setting has an associated key and value, "key=value"3. Each task setting is separated by a comma, ","4. Option settings follow the same rules as task settings 5. Not case-sensitive Available task settings: skill - the skill you are training with this task. This setting can be ignored if task doesn't give experience in any skill item - item's amount and name separated by a hyphen. The first and second items will be used on each other. The last item must be the product. E.g. 1000 cookies. master_interface_id - set master interface id. This setting can be ignored if there isn't any interface after you combine first with second item child_interface_id - set child interface id. This setting can be ignored if there isn't any interface after you combine first with second item component_interface_id - set component interface id. This setting can be ignored if there isn't any interface after you combine first with second item amount - the amount to combine on the task. If this setting is not present, or a number of zero or lower is set, the amount is ignored.stop_level - the stop level that interrupts the task. If this is not present, or a number of zero or lower is set, the stop level is ignored. Also, this only works if you input a valid skill on "skill" setting inventory_timeout - the inventory timeout for this task. Value is in miliseconds Available option settings:mouse_speed - indicates the average mouse speed to usesave_on_system_update - when set to true, attempts to save the task progress on a .dat file right before an ingame update. The task can then be reloaded on guiantiban_reaction - enables with value "true" or disables with value "false" the antiban reaction sleep after an inventory has finishedantiban_debug - to print anti-ban actions debug on bot debug panel. "true" to enable, "false" to disableclose_with_esc_button - to use escape keyboard button to close the bank. "true" to enable, "false" to disable auto_bank_walking - to walk to the nearest bank whenever the player is not on a bank. "true" to enable, "false" to disable auto_ge_walking - to walk to grand exchange before starting a task. "true" to enable, "false" to disable disable_mouse_offscreen - disables feature mouse offscreen from antiban to increase efficiency when combining some itemsExample: skill=herblore, item=14-avantoe potion (unf), item=14-mort myre fungus, item=14-super energy(3), master_interface_id=270, child_interface_id=14, amount=5000, stop_level=75, inventory_timeout=20000 | skill=crafting, item=1-needle, item=26-leather, item=10000-thread, item=26-leather gloves, master_interface_id=154, child_interface_id=93, amount=100, inventory_timeout=50000 |mouse_speed=110, save_on_system_update=true, antiban_reaction=false, antiban_debug=true, close_with_esc_button=true, auto_ge_walking=true User Interface Note: The last item must be the product produced by combining the first and second items. Exact non case sensitive names are a must. You must press enter or click on a empty row to set the last row's value on the table. The setup above has four tasks: 1st. Using a Knife on a Maple logs to produce 27 Maple longbow (u) per inventory. Ends after 500 Maple longbow (u) are made, or a supply is missing from bank. 2nd. Using a Bow string on Maple longbow (u) to produce 14 Maple longbow per inventory. Ends after 500 Maple longbow are made or a supply is missing from bank. 3rd. Using Jug of water on Pot of flour to produce 9 Pizza base per inventory. Ends after 10000 Pizza base are made, or a supply is missing from bank. 4th. Using a Needle on Leathers to produce 26 Leather boots per inventory. Ends after 1000 Leather boots are made, or a supply is missing from bank. Paint Updates 18 April 2017 - Ability to combine two items with same name. Ability to bypass "make interface" by setting master or child interface id to -1 value. 27 May 2017 - Ability to combine items that require going through a selection interface and then an amount interface. 02 July 2017 - Added script argument. 20 November 2017 - Updated the script to support the new interfaces. Script argument changed. 06 February 2018 - Changed the script to support more than 2 items on inventory. This will allow the combination of a greater variety of items. 23 April 2018 - Added option to enable/disable auto bank walking and grand exchange bank walking. Added option to enable/disable mouse offscreen when idling.
  2. Repository link Hey, I needed to get 45 herblore for Legends Quest so I decided to make a herblore script. Since the intial release, a lot of things have changed: Changelog v1: Initial release, ability to make unfinished potions and finished potions v2: Added GUI v3: Option to grind items, option to clean herbs, bug fixes, performance increased v4: Fixed the spawning of the GUI, didn't work for certain people. v5: Added decanting and all in one option. Tweaked some things to make it faster. v6: Not much changed but recompile due to reported issues. Works fine for me. v7: Updated due to Banking changes. Removed all in one option for now, not stable enough yet. v8: Banking has been updated again so the script has aswell! v9: Features script statistics and it should be flawless again. v10: Statistics have been made more accurately v11: - Your settings are now automatically saved and reloaded on script start. - Decanting has been removed since you can one-click-decant at the Grand Exchange. - The script will now log you out when you are out of supplies - ABCL AntiBan has been added - Withdrawing bug has been fixed v12: Bug fixes v13: Bug fixes v14: - Antiban updated to ABCL2 - Support for stackable items added - Added information how to find ID's in GUI When you start this GUI will show: You can select a method and hit run and the script will start! Make sure that everything is visible in your bank. If you want to grind items make sure to have your pestle and mortar in the last spot of your inventory. Cleaning Grinding Mixing Get the script from the repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/206-jj-s-herblore/
  3. HerbloreHGK (Currently under development) Hello all, This being my first large-scale project when it comes to scripting, I thought I would share my current project that is coming together much more quickly than I anticipated. I figured I would keep this thread updated and use it for the script download page. There is still much work to be put into this project, and still have tons of ideas flying around in my head to be added to this. Please leave any requests / suggested ideas and thoughts in the comments, I really am curious as to what people have to say, questions and ideas to be added. I am still bouncing around the idea to make this open-source or not, if you have any questions of code, please PM me, I will be happy to share my ideas and work. I will be running this script 24/7 on multiple accounts to each change and share progress of the account (starting at level 3 herblore before running the script with a stack of 50,000 coins.). I will upload media once I get a tracker implemented on the painting. V1.0.1 (02/19/2020) Herb Cleaning support Added Grimy toadflax & Toadflax to be supported in cleaning. Added Grimy avantoe & Avantoe to be supported in cleaning. Implemented a more logical and informational, yet basic, screen paint. Displays script version, runtime, profit, herb information (i,e: herbs cleaned, herbs bought, herbs sold), total experience gained, and total levels gained, and current task that is being performed on the script (made basic). Fixed a few minor/major bugs Removed/changed some unnecessary sleep events Hard-coded a fail-safe timer that will prevent the script from glitching/getting stuck in a loop of code it cannot surpass. Fixed an issue that would prevent the script from sharing a bank-screen/grand exchange window during different tasks, regardless if both tasks required the same interface Fixed an issue that would not allow the script to check if it has enough coins in the inventory to purchase the required herbs before attempting to make an offer. Removed hard-coded herb cleaning timer, and is now waiting for the xp drop before continuing to the next action. Current known issues to fix: Will make an offer to buy grimy herbs, even if there are some remaining in the bank before withdrawing the remaining to clean Run-time timer does not display properly Current task remains NULL at all times Closes bank or grand exchange after every action, regardless if the next action needs the same window, and will then re-open it if needed. (This affects GP+XP/hr massively) Currently using a fixed amount to purchase items at. This may be a disadvantage if prices change for the better or worse. (This could initiate a loss of GP over time) Will go to the most expensive herb even if it can only afford one, and will clean these one at a time, sell back, and purchase once again until it gains enough profit for 2/3/4 etc.. (This affects GP+XP/hr tremendously) Using fixed wait methods instead of waiting for actions to be completed. (This is an issue just because the fact that if an action takes 1 second, it will still take a 5 second break, slowing down GP+XP/hr moderately) V1.0.0 (02/18/2020) Currently have all logic operating correctly. Herb Cleaning support Added Grimy guam leaf & guam leaf to be supported in cleaning. Added Grimy marrentil & Marrentil to be supported in cleaning. Added Grimy tarromin & Tarromin to be supported in cleaning. Added Grimy harralander & Harralander to be supported in cleaning. Added Grimy ranarr weed & Ranarr weed to be supported in cleaning. Grand exchange support Buys grimy herbs based on your herblore level to clean for the largest XP/hr + GP/hr. Will keep track of the GP stack on the account and will calculate the maximum number of herbs it can purchase If your GP stack is to low to buy more grimy herbs, it will withdraw all cleaned herbs and sell back to the grand exchange and will use all GP collected to continue it's purchase process. Bank support Uses bankers at the Grand Exchange for banking. If you do not have GP in your inventory for the grand exchange support, it will withdraw from your bank to accomplish it's purchase task If you do not have GP for the herbs, this will withdraw all clean herbs in a noted format to sell to the grand exchange Deposits all items in your inventory to your bank besides coins to begin the cleaning process Current known issues to fix: Closes bank or grand exchange after every action, regardless if the next action needs the same window, and will then re-open it if needed. (This affects GP+XP/hr massively) Will attempts to buy herbs before it registers the GP is to low for the attempted purchase amount, which then initiates the selling phase. (This affects GP+XP/hr massively) Currently using a fixed amount to purchase items at. This may be a disadvantage if prices change for the better or worse. (This could initiate a loss of GP over time) Will go to the most expensive herb even if it can only afford one, and will clean these one at a time, sell back, and purchase once again until it gains enough profit for 2/3/4 etc.. (This affects GP+XP/hr tremendously) Currently no method to detect if the bot is stuck during a step. (This could rouse suspicion if the bot becomes glitched/stuck which could generate reports against your account.) Using fixed wait methods instead of waiting for actions to be completed. (This is an issue just because the fact that if an action takes 1 second, it will still take a 5 second break, slowing down GP+XP/hr moderately)
  4. Buy it now! Monthly (3 instances per auth) $7.49 (7.5 credits) Two weeks (3 instances per auth) $4.20 (4.2 credits) Or try the Trial (2 hours) Repository URL: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2088 Current Features Grand Exchange support for buying and selling; Herb cleaning; Unfinished potions support; Potions support; Task driven workflow; ABC2 Antiban; Stopping when out of resources (or skipping the task); ~Basically, Everything you need within a Premium Herblore script!~ Images FAQ Q: How do I set it up to use as much as possible herbs/unf pots/pots for a task? A: Use '0' for the amount. Q: What will happen when it can't find any more of the resources? A: It will skip that task or stop the script if there aren't any tasks left. Q: Does this script support the Druidic Ritual quest? A: Atm, no. I might add it in the future. Q: Will the script logout when it ends or if it's done with all the tasks? A: Yes, you can set this up in the GUI. Q: Can I set let the tasks list repeat? A: Yes, you can set this up in the GUI. Q: I find ABC2 sleep delays very slow, could I disable it? A: Yes, you can set this up in the GUI. If you have any questions regarding this or my other scripts, feel free to contact my by PM . or
  5. neutronHerblore 1. Setup Start near a bank booth (7409) Put all your herb supplies into some tab (same place) The script will automatically create unf and then finished afterwards, it will always use raw supplies first (the herb + vial) In the GUI select the potion you want to make and how many, leave at -1 for unlimited. Add Task. Cleaning herbs not yet implemented, will add soon. 2. Media 3. Repo https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2263-neutronherblore/
  6. wally

    Herblore Script

    On behalf of the Tribot community I beg someone to make a herblore script with abc2 and abl10 that can make potions and clean herbs! If you make it premium I and many others will buy it!
  7. Simply; a tar maker. Use item(herb) with swamp tar & have a pestle & mortar in your invent. The exp is better(I believe) and it's a considerably cheaper method of training
  8. If there are no premium scripts for simple skills(firemaking/herblore), does that mean that the free scripts are "safe" and good?
  9. I can pay like 20$, im not really sure how to download it if you sent it directly to me but if you put it in the repository i would be eternally grateful
  10. Welcome to {Rav}NardahCleaner! {Rav}NardahCleaner will clean the selected herb from the GUI at Zahur. Cleaning a herb will cost 200gp, but you can do it at lvl 1 Herblore! You can start the script almost anywhere. It will use Walk or RugTravel (Select your favorite way in the GUI) to travel to Nardah. Requirements: - Herbs of choise - 5 gp for a Shantay Pass (Or have one already banked.) - 400gp if you choose RugTravel. Script will stop if you are out of the selected herb. Current features: - All herbs - Walking, start it almost anywhere! - Rug travel - Simple GUI - Simple Paint Herb list: GUAM_LEAF = 199 MARRENTILL = 201 ROGUES_PURSE = 1533 TARROMIN = 203 HARRALANDER = 205 RANARR = 207 TOADFLAX = 3049 IRIT_LEAF = 209, AVANTOE = 211 KWUARM = 213 SNAPDRAGON = 3051 CADANTINE = 215, LANTADYME = 2485 DWARF_WEED = 217 TORSTOL = 219 (GUI) (Paint) Current found bugs: - None. Current version: 1.00 First release. 1.01 Changed ScriptManifest 1.02 Cleaned some parts of my code. Please let me know if you found any bugs and some progress report would be really nice By using or opening my scripts you are agreeing to be bound by my Terms and Conditions. Which can be found here: http://pastebin.com/a9PjXr9a Source code: Main class: http://pastebin.com/eN1wpPfi Methode class: http://pastebin.com/iVW4LNqb Walking class: http://pastebin.com/zym7bChu Var class: http://pastebin.com/dN18upUx Repository Link
  11. After trying out all of the Herblore scripts I have noticed not one that works very well (mostly outdated) or has sufficient antiban. Would anyone be willing to make a herblore script with good antiban? I'm sure other people share my grievances when it comes to training herblore. Thanks!
  12. Guest

    Talon's Powerleveling

    Dear botters, I don't have a fancy topic, that's because I don't waste my time on it. I am offering you: Powerleveling Questing (I charge subquests too if you haven't done them) Torso's Void set Fire cape (level 70 range required) The charge I take depends on skill, short/medium/long quests, ammount of void items. My fastest and cheapest service at the moment is: Herblore I can bring your herblore up to 70 within 7 hours (depends on what level I start) It's very FAST and efficient, so thats why the charges are low. I brought 2 guys up to lvl 48 and lvl 50 yesterday, I could easily bring more of you. If you are interested, add me on skype: kipburger1 ps. If you have questions, or vouches comment below. Nothing else, tyvm.
  13. Sigma Herbalist Features: -> Identifies all herbs at a badass speed -> Mixes potions like a badass -> Grinds ingredients with badassery -> Makes potions from scratch just like a badass would Log: FAQ: Q: Why does this script not support decanting? A: You can instantly decant all of your potions via Zahur in the city of Nardah Q: How do I use the Scan Inventory feature? A: Have the game window open with your player logged in, and press the Scan Inventory button. The list above will then list all of the items in your inventory with their names and id's so you can then enter the desired id's into the fields. Q: When mixing potions, the script won't start! A: If you want to only mix unfinished or finished potions and not make potions from scratch, you need to enter a negative number into the id3 and id4 fields.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right section but I've tried searching on Google for a 07 Herblore Guide but had no luck with any updated ones. If someone could include the fastest method as well as the profitable method it would be greatly appreciated! -Panov
  15. This seems like a fairly easy (just adding potions to 3's to make (4)s) though fairly tedious task, so it would be very helpful if there were a bot for it. Doubt the script would be that difficult. Thanks
  16. I just made a private potion maker for someone, and I'm thinking about turning it into an AIO Herblore script after a while. I would obviously keep it private for a while, until the original buyer gives me permission to release an AIO version of it. That way they can get good use of it before I release the AIO Herblore script. I have a few other Herblore scripts as well. They are all listed below... AIO Herblore Writing soon - Public - Free/Premium (Not sure what I'll do yet, I might release as premium when I get scripter rank) Cleaning Herbs Making All Potions Everything else HerbloreSuppliesShopper Done writing - Releasing soon - Public - Free. Just now wrote this, I'm going to perfect it then release it for free. It runs from North Fally Bank to Taverly buying and banking Vials, Eye of Newts, etc. Just start with gold in your inventory at the bank, choose item to buy, and let it run. This will be free and I'm releasing it in a few days, maybe a week or two. LumbridgeHerbs Writing soon - Public - Free. Kills men in Lumby and banks herbs. Not sure if this is released yet, but someone requested it. If a flawless public script for this is already released, then I won't make it. VialFiller Writing soon - Public - Free. Fills vials with water in Edgeville, Catherby, and maybe a few other places. Also making a soft clay maker for the same locations. What all scripts am I working on? [Public - Free] AIO Smelter [Public - Free] Flax Spinner [Public - Free] Soft Clay Maker [Public - Free] Herblore Supplies Shopper [Public - Free] Lumbridge Herbs [Public - Free] Vial Filler [Public - Premium] AIO Herblore (Maybe free?) [Public - Premium] AutoBuyer (When I get scripter rank) Also a few other premium scripts for when I get scripter rank, and a few other private scripts. Yeah it may look like I'm working too many scripts at once, but most of these are up to 75% completed. They're just being tested and prepared for release. I'm going to be releasing all of these(and a few other scripts) within the next 2 weeks.
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