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  1. Hay, I was wondering how it is possible to have different IP´s on multiple Bot clients. Lets say i have 10 bots, and i want for all of them a different IP. I know that i need VPN or a Proxy to Hide/change my IP, but i dont know how to set it up, that all clients are running with different IP´s -Twitch
  2. I've recently been banned on 7 accounts due to me running 10 on the same IP address and i need to know if it is possible to use socks 5 proxies on 10 accounts or more spread out on different IP's on the same computer?
  3. Hello, I have been doing some research recently and speculating on the ways Jagex trace devices and networks that players play on. Firstly, we know that your global IP address can be seen easily outside your local network. Secondly, your MAC address. I understand that it's not visible outside your router. I have seen a lot of people say that Jagex aren't able to see your MAC address but I am certain there are software and scripts that allow them to collect your devices information, including HWID and MAC address. I know this because, here, in the U.K gambling websites install a tracin
  4. Here are two hong kong ip addresses e.g. xxx.1x0.157.55 and xxx.1x0.157.12 So the two ip addresses are the same except for the two ending digits one is 55 and the other 12. So if my RS acc got banned on 55 and i start using the 12, will my rs acc on the 12 get banned? Will jagex be able to do a chain ban, like are they able to relate the first ip to the second ip im using?
  5. Guest

    Question about using proxies

    I have been banned before on my home IP address and currently I am still botting a few accounts on this same IP address. If all my accounts reach a certain goal I would invest in making them all member since they are f2p right now and I would like to use premium proxies. The only thing that bothers me right now is. Do premium proxies work if I botted on a flagged IP before? or will Jagex just look at previous IPs I guess that no1 really knows the answer but does anyone ever experienced something similar like this before?
  6. after botting 1-91 fletching in like 3 days .................. i cannot stoppppppppp
  7. Firstly, let me introduce myself without wasting too much of your time. I'm from the US, my preferred botting is Woodcutting, I have four computers capable of running 28-30 bots simultaneously, depending on how many browser tabs I have open, YT, etc.. I'm sure there's been some of the more trial-and-error minded individuals who learn the hard way, and those who simply understand the mechanics of it who have come to find their own way of properly creating and running accounts.. accounts that would be viewed as 'suicide accounts' to one individual that would actually be long-term bots
  8. I previously asked a question as to what I'm doing wrong. My bots went from extremely successful one minute to banned right after tutorial island. Is Jagex Cache really ONLY where they store files? AFAIK the cache is located under the user in your SSD/HDD named as 3 files: jagexcache, random.dat (for multilogging accounts), as well as one more file. What else could be the issue? I've realistically ran enough bots to be flagged for a mass-gold farm, but am now facing resetting EVERYTHING just to get off their hit-list. Are there any programmers here that actually know how
  9. Hello, Short description, short question. Changed everything short of reinstalling windows and hard-resetting router. AM I TRACKED/FLAGGED, OR ARE THE SCRIPS I WERE USING NOW GETTING ME INSTABANNED? Is it normal to see 3 different scripts instantly getting me banned like this? I used to run accounts for 2 weeks at a time and they're fine.. now I get banned the next day after tutorial island. Is October an abnormal Month, or am I the problem? I love you all, jk I will love you after my problem is solved also, I understand creating my own script wi
  10. The Tribot client suddenly wants to connect to The reason I say suddenly is because I'm only using my very own local scripts and it has never asked me before (while using my own local scripts) to connect to something else. Anyone know why it might be doing that? Is this a known IP address? Should I ignore it? Or not? Thanks for any answers
  11. Hello, as mentioned by TRiLeZ in his "Tutorial for Safe Botting" to avoid "IP Flagging" If you are using a proxy, you should also never login to the RuneScape website (or client) using your main IP. If you do, your account will be associated with your main IP.Does this mean if you were to open a browser with proxy to create new accounts while playing on say OSbuddy legitly, does this associate both of the "main IP" & proxy together? Also another quick question when you guys create new accounts do you use browsers and which browsers/proxy type you guys use? (Sock5 or HTTP) Many thanks i
  12. So, hi! I was wondering a thing, I made this account a while bck because I wanted to start getting into botting again but never got to it. Now I thought I'd try again. I play legit on my a weekly basis but I want another account to bot on, prefferably a skiller. But I'm really scared of loosing my main account, I've been working really hard with it. So, now to my question. Can I bot on a different computer? will that remove the chances of getting banned? I've heard that I should bot on a VPN but I got two laptops at home, cant I use the older laptop that I don't use to bot and my main
  13. Guest

    Loading Client Params

    Hello, I just recently purchased tribot trial and a Private Proxy from - Limeproxies. I can get my tribot to run a normal new client ( without proxy ). However when I go to New Client ( Advanced ) and select my proxy, it gets stuck at Loading Client Params. Here is some of the Debug. Any help would be appreciated. [15:05:14] TRiBot Release 9.231_13 loaded. (1.8.0_65:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_65\jre)[15:05:14] Loading human mouse movement data.[15:05:14] Successfully loaded human mouse data.[15:05:33] java.net.SocketException: Malformed reply from SOCKS server[15:05:33] at java.net
  14. jason32


    Hey everyone, I will be leaving for vacation and it is approximately six to seven hours away from my usual IP address. I will be using the wifi at a hotel to play osrs and after hearing stories of people moving locations far enough away from their originally location, they get banned for suspicion of macroing or stolen. My question is, Is six to seven hours far enough for cause of suspicion on jagex's part to lock or ban my account(s) for suspicion of being stolen? Let me know what you guys think, and merry christmas!
  15. Hello! I know this has been asked a million and ten times but I need some help! So I realized I have been ip banned (my personal ip). I tried logging into several accounts, one of which wasn't botted at all and they all got banned shortly after logging in. Now I have accepted I need to change my ip or only use proxies. My vip and vip-e weren't on the same cycle so I can't use proxies at the moment, but I need to sell gold to buy my vip-e. See the issue here? I'm resorting to using a proxy enabled browser. Back to the question in all this, how can I change my ip? I have tried using the whole un
  16. Read title please. Does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance.
  17. I have 2 bots running on 2 different proxies on my computer. I wanted to know if it was safe to play on my main with OSBuddy on my main IP. But i wanted to make sure my main runs on my main IP and that TriBot won't affect it.
  18. Been botting x2 accounts Rcing nats for the past 5 days, and today been botting 2 other accounts to prepare for nats ( 44rc, 50 mining/agil). Today one of my accounts got a 2 day ban doing nats, although the other 3 running from same IP weren't banned. My question is, will my other accounts be quickly banned if I keep botting? Also, is it stupid to bot on the account once the 2 day ban is up?
  19. Twitch

    Proxy Store ?

    Does anyone know a good and very trusted proxy store on tribot ? i was buying my IP´s from TiempoSales for 6 months now, but not gonna buy from him anymore, since the service is shit and the proxy price went from 1.7m ea to 2.2m ea. not gonna pay this price.. if you know some trusted users with a fair price let me know. Thank you !
  20. Hey guys, just broke my own record. I was banned before I made it to the wizard on tutorial island lol. The real reason I made this thread is to receive some help with finding another tutorial island script (The ban rate has risen from not at all to not even finishing the island) and to get some tips of how to change my IP address. I'd like to change my ip address because I know that shit has more flags than a war memorial, I've had over 200 ish accounts banned over the last couple years on it. I'm hoping doing this will slow down my banrate long enough for me to get going again, as i cannot
  21. Twitch


    Lets say i am playing on my main with my home ip (osbuddy) can i also open a proxy internet browser and set a proxy server to play via the browser without that the proxy ip automatically connects with my osbuddy and breaks the home ip connection
  22. Rule

    Using proxies?

    I've recently purchased VIP and I'd really like to use the bot to farm lots of gold for myself to use on my main (gold for personal use, not to sell) and i was wondering how this whole proxy thing works as i've never gold farmed before and what i should do. I was thinking make 10-15 accounts rent a couple proxies apparently i should have 1 for every 2 accounts, so about 7 not entirely sure what nonmembers script i should use to make money (or make them members and use a members script? not sure if that would increase $$ per hour) any help here would be awesome! for 14 bots my expenses wou
  23. Twitch

    Mule IP

    My current Mule is running on my home ip bcs i dont want to risk any ban on it bcs a proxy could be flagged etc etc. should i keep using my home ip for the mule, or is it better to use a proxy?
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