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Found 14 results

  1. Fluffee's Server Setup 3.0 As some of you may know, I released an automated server setup script a little over a year ago. Albeit that script worked well, I was never fully satisfied with it, as I found it to be kind of messy to use. As a result, I rewrote the script, and restructured it, to add more, and stronger support for the different versions of Debian, the different versions of CentOS and the different versions of Ubuntu. However, with so many different Operating Systems being supported, and many different server providers having different setups, it's hard for me to test every poss
  2. Just got a new Windows 10 Home x64 Laptop. Going through my usual install method and finding that I cant get looking glass to work. I have followed a few "old" guides, because I cant find any that are more recent. I am installing Java SE Development Kit 8u251, I am choosing the x86 version since the only OSbuddy cross platform .jar file is 32bit. Its worked fine in the past. I then open Osbuddy, and then Open Tribot. I leave it on the default Tribot Version of 10.24.1. I select the java version for Tribot to use to be the JDK and not the jre. I changed the Heap Size to 1024 MB and login. I mi
  3. Hey guys, I'm facing some problems with my Debian 8 VPS, currently I'm not able to install Java 8, I was using this as reference https://tecadmin.net/install-java-8-on-debian/ but as it says "IMPORTANT: Java 8 is no longer available to download publically. You can use below link to install Java 11." Java 8 can't be downloaded anymore, so I tried to use Java 11, but TRiBot doesn't work with it. Anyone can have with this? I'll give more info if required.
  4. Hi, Iam preparing for my Java Certification Exam using this tutorial http://www.javaprepare.com/ .. Please help me in preparing for certification exam by sharing more information about java certification
  5. Hello, I was wondering what version of Java Tribot uses.
  6. Please any professional good scripter help me highly profitable script! please leave a commend with ur skype or pm me will share methode's to whoever can help me! (alot profit $$)
  7. Hey guys, What's up? Not sure if anyone remembers me but I have been gone for a while. I was in college and have finally finished my 3rd semester of java. I am excited about making some scripts this summer. Classes are over and I finally have some free time so I'm here hoping that someone might answer some questions. Well, basically, how has OSRS changed in the past couple months? I remember reading a post about a f2p time limit for trading or something. Could someone please explain that to me? Also is it also for new member accounts or just f2p? Anything special happening/has happ
  8. Hey, I just want to find out what Java type/version people use for TRiBot if you happen to run on Mac/Linux. Kindly answer the few questions. Many Thanks!! OS: ? Java JRE/JDK: ? Java Version: ? Any Loading Errors/warnings when you run on your OS: ?
  9. Hello i'm a new Java coder and im starting to make one of my firsts "cool" Java projects. It's a flower game program. It works as follows: •You first choose one number which would equal a flower colour, for example number 1 would equal red. •You then choose an ammount to bet. •A random color pops on the console. If you guessed it then your bet multiplies by 2. Else, you loose. I would really appriciate if some one would help me create a "Wallet System". You would basically start with a default wallet. If you win, your bet multiplies by 2 as the program already does, but your wallet is n
  10. I need someone to take tests and quizzes that take around 15-30mins. Will pay in 07Gold. It is not very hard as it is basic java. I am looking for someone cheap. add my skype bobbydarner. Thank You
  11. //Could some one please tell me why this calculator isn't working? import java.util.Scanner; public class Calcu { public static void main( String[] args ) { Scanner mati = new Scanner(System.in); System.out.println("This program adds up or substracts two numbers"); System.out.println("Enter an operator"); String letter = mati.next(); //WAITS FOR THE PHRASE ADD OR SUBSTRACT System.out.println("Enter your first number"); int userNumberone = mati.nextInt(); // Get's first Number System.out.println("Enter your second number"); int userNumbertwo = mat
  12. I've always been interrested in learning code. I'm so tired of being that leecher who is just using everyone elses script, and can't make anything himself. Not being able to contribute with anything. I now wanna take the step, and start learning. Maybe one day, I will hopefully be able to give back to the community. What I'm looking for is a script code to analyze and learn from. Then modify to try adding some new stuff to it. I think reading books about Java is also a great way to get started, and I'll also do this. Heres a few questions, that I would LOVE if you answered. 1.Di
  13. oak

    Changing ID's etc..

    Hey, on the tanner (by monsterdev), it hasn't been updated in around a month/ 3 weeks. All that needs changing is the id's of the bank.. private final int BANK_BOOTH_ID = 2213; ^ I have changed it to the right id I have tried docompiling and simply changing the bank id's but not sure what to do past there (it doesnt work).. do i need to change anything else? package scripts; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Font; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.util.Random; import javax.swing.SwingUtilities; import org.tribot.api.DynamicClicking; import org.tribot
  14. solved
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