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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! I was playing around with a VM as it is easier to manage multiple instances for me personally on my local machine (I do not use proxies, but use a vpn). But I can't get LG to work... On my local machine everything runs smooth, but on the VM it always says "looking for OSRS client" (you know the message). I have the same configuration as on my local machine. Is there a configuration property to be set on VM level or something? All suggestions are welcome! --------Specs of the VM: - Clean install with VMware Workstation 15 Player running Windows 7 Ultimate (also tested
  2. as the title suggests, it works, but my issue is that for me it only works with OSbuddy. this is what i have installed for java however when i try and open the runelite (or open osrs) jar file i get this error so, i inquired about what i should do to get RL or OPRS working, i installed JDK 11 (also 13 after to check if there was any diff, but none). this lead to RL working, but then my Tribot loader AND my OSB wouldnt load. my tribot loader didnt even give an error, it just didnt open, and my OSB gave this error can someone please help me out, i j
  3. Just got a new Windows 10 Home x64 Laptop. Going through my usual install method and finding that I cant get looking glass to work. I have followed a few "old" guides, because I cant find any that are more recent. I am installing Java SE Development Kit 8u251, I am choosing the x86 version since the only OSbuddy cross platform .jar file is 32bit. Its worked fine in the past. I then open Osbuddy, and then Open Tribot. I leave it on the default Tribot Version of 10.24.1. I select the java version for Tribot to use to be the JDK and not the jre. I changed the Heap Size to 1024 MB and login. I mi
  4. I was gone for a while. What is looking glass?
  5. could someone reply with all the steps to be able to use looking glass. i use to have a link to a forums with all the steps; however, it's saying i don't have permission to see it.
  6. When I try to use LG I get a message saying "Must run tribute using Java JDK in order to use Looking Glass". I just downloaded the most up to date version of java so I'm not sure why I'm getting this error message. I also have the oars client up in the background. Can someone please help me solve this so I can start botting a bit more safely? ( @iFluffee Maybe you can help me out for the 100th time? haha)
  7. I've setup a SOCKS5 proxy with tribot, and I want to bot on that IP address. Can I use the Looking Glass with the osbuddy client? I have noticed before using the looking glass feature, you have to wait for osbuddy to load to the login screen. Now I'm 100% sure while osbuddy is 'loading' its using my 'Main' IP address. Then I proceed to login with my bot user/pass and I suspect my main ip is linked with the bot account. So is there a way of using Looking Glass with a proxy? or do I have to use the build in Client supported by tribot?
  8. Guest

    Looking glass?

    what does new client (looking glass) mean??
  9. After finally getting LG to work after much trouble, I have had huge trouble getting any scripts to work. They keep gltiching and bugging out, i.e keep moving mosue forward and back, or will walk around and around rather than speaking to the tutorial guide the merely walk ontop of them than talking tothem. i did tutorial island myself but in the quests i.e the cooks assistant it keeps picking more and more pots or won´t fight chickens etc. I thought it may be some problem with how resolution was or something but nothing works. Anyone knows what scripts works? Paid or free, or what
  10. Figure ask if anyone interest in add each other that baby sits there bot so we could add chit chat if ur into anime,manga,light novel(wuxiaworld and such).No gets boring when all ur old contact quit or change were u cant find them. also what is looking glass seen few people mention in when trouble shoot script or issue with client,had few issue otherday when start up .yea what is it?
  11. Hi, Mods or Admin please help me or can I get a refund so I can purchase VIP-E? or is there a way I can upgrade? Thanks, Athy
  12. Hello. I haven't been on RS for about 5 months now and wish to return, however I do not have the extreme amounts of time to spare with being in school and working. The only way I could make this return possible is with the help of TRibot, which I have used in the past and had good results. Since I've been gone for so long.. I hopped on the forums to bring myself up to speed. In the process I discovered that the amount of people getting banned or posting about getting banned are rather high and there's talk about the client being detectable. Not sure how true that is since these bans can be cau
  13. I noticed my screen had frozen. Inputs were still going through, as I clicked on the 'frozen' screen and saw the input go through Firefox. I restarted the client and everything was resolved, but what was this? Another error caused by CloudFlare's hypersensitivity? [17:08:19] Nov 20, 2015 5:08:19 PM ClientCommunicatorAdmin Checker-run WARNING: Failed to check connection: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect [17:08:19] Nov 20, 2015 5:08:19 PM ClientCommunicatorAdmin Checker-run WARNING: stopping
  14. I've been using Tribot for a while now, and have never used Looking Glass everyone talks about. I commonly bot on my main, but no more then 2 hours ever. I'm looking for someone to give me some more information on what it is, and maybe a quick tutorial on getting it set up will be greatly appreciated. Please and thanks!
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