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Found 16 results

  1. Has anyone been able to fix this? I keep getting told to go use OSBuddy. But I have all the good plugins on OpenOSRS. I am using the open-osrs shaded jar like it said to. It would totally change the game for me if I was able to use that client w/tribot without crashing every single time. Paying top dollar for whoever can assist and fix.
  2. tribot not working with looking glass what could be reason thanks? it says Looking for Runescape client and it was working before? Debug Code: [10:06:38] TRiBot Release 10.14_1 loaded. (1.8.0_201:/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre) [10:06:38] Loading human mouse movement data. [10:06:39] Successfully loaded human mouse data. [10:06:40] RuneLite users take notice: you must have the GPU plugin disabled. Otherwise, the client will crash. [10:08:51] java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out (Connection timed out) [10:08:51] at java.net.PlainSocketImpl.socketConnect
  3. Pretty sure I already know the answer, but I am just trying to be lazy and not write the code myself (since i dont write java, but python)(automation), was wondering if there is a cli starter that someone knows of that uses LG, im aware of the one with tribot, and ericks public one, but i think neither support LG (assuming osbuddy is already running for LG to hook into) Thanks, grammatoncleric
  4. Hello if you are reading this I have a great opportunity open for you. -If you are picked for the job. I am currently looking to hire a video editor. Requirements: They must have adobe after fx and the ability to make a 30-second intro. They must also have a recent video editing program. And able to show previous work. There really isn't a limit on how much I am willing to pay. And yes I am willing to pay first if they have the right amount of vouchs. The video will be sponsored on Sythe. And the creator will have the luxury of
  5. Guest

    Looking Glass Help

    Not able to see my screen.... not sure why. Help!! oking glass
  6. is anyone else's looking glass being strange. i can get logged on but every time i use a script it only lasts for about 2 minutes. am i doing something wrong or am i missing something. ive used the same script a week ago and it works great, i just dont know if anyone else is having this problem with looking glass.
  7. Hey everyone, josh here again i have downloaded a new java 1.80 i think it is but i am running tribot through jdk 102 and its not letting me use looking glass, it searches for client but doesnt find it it says client must be running in 32bit currently running tribot 32 bit but idunno whether my clients running 64 or 32 bit idunno how to check but i didnt have this problem prior to downloading the other javas last time i fixed this i had to delete all other javas i dont really want to have to but if i must i will give up on my short lived scripting career and probably look into purchasing the o
  8. LilAnge


    Can someone please explain to me what LG is please? in some further detail aswell, not looking for a smartass reply, thanks in advance.
  9. Just making this topic regarding my Looking Glass/Zulrah Script inconsitant proformance compared to the Tribot client. Over the past few days I've had multiple problems using Looking Glass with my Zulrah Script, I have been advised by the script writter (Worthy) to use 64bit Java with 64bit OSBuddy for the best outcome of Looking Glass however I am still dying a lot more compared to using Tribot's own client. I am using the best world in regards to connectiion however I still find it extremely laggy etc when I can run 10 Tribot clients at once without any problems - I do understand
  10. Hey guys, we can not use looking glass annymore? whenever i start my tribot loader, it doesn't have the feature annymore? annyone else has this problem? drop ur replys! appreciate it! greetz
  11. So... When I run a self-made script in the regular TriBot client withot LG, it runs flawlessly. If I run it with LG, it also runs flawlessly in terms of doing what it's supposed to do, but with a problem: quite a lot of delay between each action the bot performs. Sadly, this means that without LG I get, for example, 15K combat XP per hour, and with LG only 7-8K. Has anyone experienced this? Does it have a solution? Thanks!
  12. I'd like to poll the community to figure out the optimal client to use (ie. OSBuddy, Firefox, etc..) for multiple Looking Glass instances so as to minimize CPU and RAM usage. So far I'm using OSBuddy but it eats up CPU/RAM like candy, so please share your experiences below. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I was able to hook up Looking Glass with browser(Qupzilla). After running for awhile ~5 mins or less, it will freeze up both the browser & client screen. I got the following debugs Client debug: http://pastebin.com/gvSuPnAb Bot Debug: http://pastebin.com/m5YubP7F It keeps saying "Caused by: java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host: ; nested exception is: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect". However I checked TRiBot firewall it already "always allow" for the ip . I tried google the problem as well but to no avail...has anyone encountered
  14. dyfaaa


    hey, im new to this forum! i made an account and attempted to bot. i got banned within the hour. So i decided to purchase VIP and i was reading about something called looking glass. Im really interested in using it, if anyone would be kind enough to link me with some useful information/guides i'd really appreciate it! thankyou
  15. Anyone been experiencing unable to use Looking Glass after latest TRiBot update? http://pastebin.com/Le7H2AEb, seems like its unable to hook onto the Runescape client, nothing appears on the screen after clicking on New Client (Looking Glass). http://imgur.com/Eqxfy96 @TRiLeZ
  16. Hi, I've got looking glass to mirror my browser's instance of OSRS, but Im wondering if this "instance" of the OSRS have proxy enabled? (I have not applied proxy to the browser). If the answer is no, how do I apply proxy to each of the looking glass clients I'm looking to have? (5 Looking Glass tabs/clients = 5 browsers opened?) If there's a guide on the forums, kindly link me to it please , can't find the official thread where TRiLeZ first posted about Looking Glass either =\
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