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Found 13 results

  1. Optimus Yak Fighter V2 This script annihilates yaks on the island of Neitiznot. These are an amazing source of xp, and require little to no food on most accounts. Best of all they're right next to a bank, so restocking for potions is quick and easy. Yak info: 50HP 0 Defence Extremely fast xp for accounts that have completed The Fremennik Trials Features: Kills Yaks on Neitiznot Advanced ABC2 antiban with a 10/10 rating. Can worldhop when certain conditions are met. Drinks all potions. Banks for more food / ammo / runes when required.
  2. CJ's Fire Cape Service SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Hey guys, welcome to my fire cape service. I am newer to TriBot and am offering my services to those who need an experienced caper. If you have any questions, I am prompt to answer on Skype, PMs or on the thread. My prices are fair and my service is promised to be outstanding. ORDER FORM: Range/Def/Hp/Pray Levels: Did you add my Skype?: Payment Method(RS3/OSRS GP): *Please note that my only payment methods are Oldschool or RS3 gold.* PROOF: BIGGEST TRUST:
  3. Introduction Hey there, thanks for clicking on my thread. After a month of trial and error I've found and settled myself into making a profit, and I'd like to share my achievements and accomplishments with you in this thread. I've tried botting before, and with more errors than accomplishments I got demotivated to continue, until about a month ago. I decided I'd invest just €5 into making a new gold farm. After a week of slow-profit, very safe botting I saw an increase and was at approximately €15. Interested and motivated I invested just €20 more to speed up the process. At the tim
  4. Hi guys ive already bought vip e license and now im searching for a combat script to level up my new account. I searched quite long and read a few tutorials how to bot, and how to do it human like so i quite ready to go but my questions are: What premium script should i use? And i really want the account getting banned so, where should i bot? Ill be very thankful if you guys can give me a little startup like where to bot to get my acc started
  5. ahhhhhhhhhh just shows how this world is just a big game of roulette hey; anyways Ive been botting for about 20 days so far on my account, got over 5m xp and its been going so well. Always been using premium scripts and outside the times of 9-5 GMT to avoid manual bans. Never more than 9 hours at a time. Last script i was running was the Master fletching AIO. Honestly its antiban did not seem like ABCL10, compared to the other scripts i was using (the camera rarely turned). Anyway, this aint gonna throw me off. My bot farm progress series will still continue! time to change IP and
  6. Hello, as mentioned by TRiLeZ in his "Tutorial for Safe Botting" to avoid "IP Flagging" If you are using a proxy, you should also never login to the RuneScape website (or client) using your main IP. If you do, your account will be associated with your main IP.Does this mean if you were to open a browser with proxy to create new accounts while playing on say OSbuddy legitly, does this associate both of the "main IP" & proxy together? Also another quick question when you guys create new accounts do you use browsers and which browsers/proxy type you guys use? (Sock5 or HTTP) Many thanks i
  7. I've done many of many pures and have done one zerker, but never completed it. I've had many of mains also but got rid of them over the years of my RS career. I have somewhat of a pure going right now, but don't know exactly if that is what I want to keep. I don't have a main right now so that is why this question is being brought up. I'm just wanting some suggestions from the community as to what I should do. It's just a starter account that I'm taking my time on, but these are the current stats. Attack and prayer is all quested.
  8. Terms of Service 1. Any behavior on the account that breaks Runescape rules will result in termination of your rental and seizure of your deposit. 2. In the unlikely event that the account is disabled during the session, I am not liable to refund lost gold. 3. No streaming is allowed on the account. If you are caught streaming, your deposit and everything on the account will be seized. rate: 1m/h deposit: 2m skype: paulbabis note: Whip comes on the account and you will be refunded your deposit end of session.
  9. i forgot that i still got my old main account on oldschool runescape. the account is lvl 90+ and it would be great to bot green dragons with it. but i am not sure if its safe bcs, i created this account a long time ago back in 2010 or so und my home ip. (and the same ip under my current main account is playing on) (i was logged in with my old account like 6 months ago) so, if i would use a proxy on the old account and he would get banned. would i risk my current main account ?
  10. Okay, I've got $15-$25 to spend on a script(s) I need your help to get me the best possible bot for the following criteria. I need a bot that - Makes the most possible money for a 90+ att 99 str 95 hp 75 def account. I could take 2 one for my pure (relleka vs runite, which is better)? A money-making script of any kind that will get me maximum profit. I've 71 hunter, and 63 farming. Please help, be descriptive on why you chose what script. Thanks community.
  11. Guest

    Banning concerns

    Hi. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not Jagex will ban your main account when they catch you botting on a bot account running through the same IP? Thanks
  12. Okay, I have $8 to spend, I have a low level pure with 5 att 79 str, I can get 89 str to max out my combat, planning on doing it with a bot. NEED HELP - Should I get VIP Extended, and use Wasted Man Killer, OR should I get VIP Extended and use Wastedbro's Al-Kharid Warriors, OR should I get Relleka Crabs PRO. Need help, recommendations, good or bad of any/all scripts, which would be better and why. GIVE ME YOUR OPINION MONEY WISE, AS WELL. Mainly though, I'm wondering which can get me 88-89 str FASTER, BETTER, (Efficiency is key) BUT without a ban (what has better anti-bans). I know
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