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  1. Hi All, I see a lot of people are reselling codes. You can grab them from this website aswell the prices are cheaper then the most runescape membership sites. Membership Prices around: 16 Days - $2.75 --- MB-D16 24 Days - $3,9 --- MB-D24 40 Days - $5,5 --- MB-D40 48 Days - $6,5 --- MB-D48 96 Days - $11,5 --- MB-D96 292 Days - $35 --- MB-D292 You can buy them at: https://runevouchers.com/ Happy botting all!
  2. Fstyle's RuneScape Membership Pin Shop Prices: 40 days membership = $9 out of stock | vs $10.99 for 30 days on RuneScape official website 140 days membership = $28 | vs $29.99 for 90 days on RuneScape official website 290 days membership = $39 | vs $99.99 for 360 days on RuneScape official website Payment options: Bitcoin (BTC) Tether (USDT) and a few other stablecoins How to redeem membership: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/206863535-How-to-redeem-a-Prepaid-Card Feel free to PM me for any questions and inquiries
  3. Welcome to my Bond Shop! Are you looking to buy a bond for cheap? You have come to the right place! Check with me for the current prices! If you don't have a Skype feel free to Pm me or post on this thread. My only Skype: BurntishSwap Discord: Burntish#8295 Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! If you are interested in buying/selling bonds contact me after filling in this form: Are you Buying or Selling Bonds? How many Bonds are you Buying/Selling? How are you sending/receiving Payment?
  4. Note: I am NOT selling or providing Twitch Primes! ONLY LINKING YOU MUST PROVIDE PRIMES Twitch Prime Linking Service You provide RS Tut accounts - 200k Per Account Linked I provide RS Tut accounts - 600k Per Account Linked Discord: Failed4life#3370 Unique ID: 162656616380891136 T.O.S You may NOT log into any of the accounts during the Linking Process. You may NOT change account details during the Linking Process. I am NOT responsible for any BANS that may happen. By purchasing this service, you AUTOMATICALLY AGREE to ALL
  5. Selling Two $25 Prepaid Runescape cards, wanting osrs or PayPal. Will Go first if Trusted, or you go first/pay for a OMM.
  6. I have 2 $25 prepaid cards for sell, osrs gp or paypal accepted. add my skype, alex234323
  7. Validated's 1 Month Membership Pin Shop In Stock! Why Buy Off Me? - I'm in stock 24/7 - Fast smooth trades - My very cheap prices - I'm Online a lot of the time Prices 1X 1 Month = 1.5m 07gp Contact Me Email me: [email protected] or Private Message me! If you are looking to buy mass pins for cheap please contact me!
  8. Are these legit? These membership cards are 100% legit and are paid for by amazon, I just have some Amazon gift card left over and am deciding it to use it to provide these cheap 30 day membership cards. In Stock: 4 Current Price: $6.25 OR 3M OSRS I am willing to go first to trusted users, or use an MM since I'm new to this forum. Skype: RefundServices
  9. hey all :} I'll be starting to do small trades/business for runescape membership cards or maybe bond too to build up my trade feedback. I'll be updating the thread often for prices and such so stay tune! As stated on title.. Will be updating this thread soon..
  10. Hello, I have been operating a small bot farm for some weeks and things are going pretty smooth. I am careful and use proxies and proper break setups and up until now I have not received any bans. I need some advice from goldfarmers regarding memberships. The accounts are all created from their own proxies and with email addresses so that I can activate them with bonds. But as the accounts are running on their own IP's it would seem to me that I cannot just activate all the emails from my home IP. Does this mean that people with a 50 acc bot farm have to load 50 proxies and ope
  11. STOCK : 11 Bonds Rate: 1.1m/Bond Payment Method: Paypal Who goes first?: Depends on several factors Who pays the fees?: You Buy more then 2 bond and you will get a Discount! If you're interested in buying, post on this thread your skype name and add me on skype. Skype: Removed
  12. Bind

    ~Binds Bonds~

    Current Price : 1.2-1.4M 07 Stock : 5 Add My Skype : Binddat Looking to become a good seller here on Tribot. more stock will be in soon when some are sold. i know the feeling when you can't buy membership. i am here to help you all GFX coming soon
  13. Hey, my mules membership ran out and i got banned on all of my accounts on the same day (my luck is shit). I need a 1.2m loan from anyone to be able to purchase a bond. i will pay u back literally within 10 minutes of the loan (as soon as im on the mule acc). i will re-pay with 1.25m. please i rly need help. if i scam you can report me and get me banned on tribot (have premium scripts on acc can prove if requested).
  14. Flax' Bonds Store ____________________________________________________ STOCK: 0 PRICE: 1.3M 07Gold per bond. I also have discount prices for bulk.(10+ only) Accepted Payment methods: 07Gold / Moneybookers / Dutch Banktransfer ____________________________________________________ What are Bonds? A bond is an in-game item that allows a player to pay for selected account-related and out-of-game benefits such as membership, Runecoins and Treasure Hunter Keys with in-game resources. ____________________________________________________ Skype: Flax.TB ________________
  15. Current Stock : 10+ Current Price : 875k-1M Skype : darkdragontb
  16. Lantadyme

    [B] Orion Pro

    Buying Orion Pro (client for Old School) for RSGP, looking for 3+ months of credit for it.
  17. hey, i have been away from botting for around 1 month now (school,vacation,etc.) and have failed to notice that my membership expired, and all my money is on my 07 acc. i need around 5m rs3 to get a bond and would love if someone could help me. as soon as i become member i will pay back the loan with a bonus for the help tyvm (PLEASE CONTACT ASAP) Skype: emre.bal8 or pm me on tribot
  18. Welcome to Napro's Membership Shop To purchase a pin/bond add my Skype: NaproSales Current Price: (Contact me for PP) 30 Day Card ~ 3.5-3.7M 07 | 31.5-33.75M RS3 Bonds ~ 1.2-1.4M 07 My only Skype is NaproSales Always request a PM Add me on Skype for current prices! T.o.S You will go first or I get a middleman unless I deem you trusted You will not charge back if you use PayPal All trades are recorded You will leave positive feedback after a successful trade The price listed is subject to change By buying from this shop you agree to the T.o.S
  19. OUT OF STOCK Skype: < --- click it Skype: erminux0707 You must conduct a trade with me on skype or through pm. I will not go first or use MM you must go first. You must leave a feedback/vouch if you are satisfied with the trade. Not responsible for anything that happens to your account after you receive your bond
  20. Introduction~ I would first like to know if anyone would be interested in buying these subscriptions. Club Pogo is a great way to burn time while botting. If even one person is interested, I will extend the information provided (including screenshots and/or videos of my favorite/popular games). Note: If you are a well known person in the community/considered trustworthy I will go first in order to prove my honesty. I will provide my Skype information if requested, (I am willing to speak on mic) I will probably end up posting it regardless depending on the outcome of this thread. Benef
  21. Jlaz

    Buying 2 Bonds

    Must have 10+ TriBot feedback. PM me your Skype
  22. OUT OF STOCK PRICING: 1.2m each, 07. TERMS OF SERVICE: • You will go first unless I deem you trusted. • You must confirm it's you in any second trade window we have. • It is not my responsibility if you add an imposter and do not confirm correctly. CURRENT STOCK: 0/214 CONTACT ME: If interested, feel free to PM me on TRiBot or add me on Skype "NameronTri". SATISFIED CUSTOMERS: Mithril140 - 1 Bond. Rope - 1 Bond. Efnkje - 13 Bonds. Spin3x - 3 Bonds. Skank - 2 Bonds. Matt - 4 Bonds. (I've kinda lost track of everyone)
  23. offer me a price im on right now so ill instantly respond
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