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Found 8 results

  1. Questions: 1. Is Jagex able to track and chain ban all muling accounts regardless if items were traded or drop traded, associated or not? 2. Is RWT the bots' GP profit daily better than weekly/monthly? 3. What about stockpiling items/GP versus selling profit daily? 4. What steps does one need to take to drop-trade/person-to-person trade between said number of accounts to remain nearly anonymous? Please answer these (4) four questions in order or to the best of your ability. Below are a few examples I came up with but might not be close to effective at all so feel free to ignore me haha! Example 1: 10 bots with botted items ready to stockpile... trade to > 1 legit, clean account and stockpile on latter account. (what if Jagex knows who picks up/drops what in cache? see Example 2...) Example 2: 10 bots with botted items ready to stockpile... drop trade to > 1 throwaway... trade 10%+/- of each botted item to 10+/- different throwaways that stockpile botted items. (this just spreads out the items into multiple stockpile accounts, thus reducing chain ban? See Example 3 for similar method...) Example 3: 10 bots with botted items ready to stockpile... drop trade to > 1 throwaway then DROP-TRADE 10%+/- of each botted item to > 10+/- different throwaways that stockpile botted items. (this method should be best given that Examples 2 and 1 don't work but still just a question as are all 'Example _" paragraphs...) The above examples won't work (most likely) but I figured I'd start a thread that has some basic questions in it and see where people consider their method... From one muling noob to the interwebs I say: Please help...
  2. Welcome to My Free MiddleMan Service! Why You Should Use Me? *I take NO commission* *Fast and Trusted Services* Types of Trades I can do: RS3 <-> 07 $ <-> RS3/07 $/RSGP <-> RSPS $/RSGP <-> Xbox Live $/RSGP <-> Steam accounts $/RSGP <-> Accounts/Memberships Be sure to check with me If the type of trade you want is not listed above! My only Skype: BurntishSwap Discord: Burntish#8295 Feel free to Pm me or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! TOS: I am not held responsible for any bans, chargebacks, gold wipes, mutes or recovers before/after/during my services. I will MM people who don't have a sythe, but at least one party must fill out the Form below. I have the right to refuse any service to any user whenever if I wish. Contact me on Skype or Pm After Filling this form: Your Partner’s Tribot Username: Your Skype Username: Your Partner's Skype Username: What type of trade?: Value of trade?: Do you agree to my Terms of Service?:
  3. TOS: * I'll do all trades, excluding account trades. * * Add my Skype or Discord before doing any trades and verify it's me by inboxing me on TRiBot. * Disord: Matt.#3235 "Matt.TRiBot" * Online daily. * * Always ask for a PM before trading with me. * * Vouch not necessary but appreciated if given. * * Both seller & buyer must agree to use me as a Middleman. * * I am not responsible for any charge backs received from a member you're purchasing from but if somebody was to charge-back, your Paypal would be blacklisted and you will be banned. * Times Available: 7:00AM-8:00AM > 6:00PM-1:00AM (Click Here for my current time if you're not in GMT timezone) Time available will differ, usually online from 11AM-11PM on Weekends.
  4. Welcome to Mr Extremez's Middleman Service! Click on the icon below to add me on Skype to avoid impostors: Why should you use me? - 1,300+ Offsite Feedback - Trusted longtime middleman, gold seller, gold buyer, and gold swapper - Member of Tribot for 3 years Where I am Trusted - 1,100+ Vouches on Sythe - 150+ Vouches on Rune-server - 70+ Feedback on Powerbot - 40+ Feedback on OSBot - 10+ Vouches on Runelocus What do I Middleman? - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) Swapping - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Paypal - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Account Name - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Private Server GP - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Account - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Gift cards - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Steam - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Services - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Dice Duels - RSGP (RS07/RS3/DMM) for Private Server - Paypal for Account Fees - 100% FREE! - Tips are appreciated, but are not required. Terms of Service 1. Always request a PM to confirm you are trading with me. 2. I am not to be held responsible for anything that happens after the trade. 3. I will do my best to ensure the trade is safe for both parties. 4. I am allowed to deny any trade I do not want to Middleman. 5. If I do a recovery test, and Jagex takes a long time to email me back, it is not my fault and you will have to wait for the response. 6. Any infractions/ban/mutes that occur during my services in game, I am NOT responsible for. 7. I am allowed to change these terms any time I want. By filling out and posting the form below, and using me as a middleman, you agree that you have fully read and fully understand my Terms of Service. Order Form Type of trade: Value of trade: Are you the buyer or the seller?: Your Skype: Other persons Skype: Do you agree and understand T.O.S?: Contact Me Add me on Skype: live:extremezgp ALWAYS ASK ME FOR A PM I WILL NOT DENY ONE!!!!
  5. Dreaming's Staff Verified Middleman Service The highest quality verified middleman service for a low price (Until I get my MM rank) Type of trades I do: Dollars <> RSGP Oldschool Gold <> RS3 gold Dollars <> Memberships/Bonds Runescape Gold <> Membership Upgrades For custom trades, contact me on Skype/ PM My skype: LivingTheDreamRS Order form: Type of trade: Your Skype: Other traders Skype: Other traders TRiBot username: Do you agree to ToS: Terms of Serivce: * After purchase you must leave vouch and feedback * I am not responsible for any offences to any type of account * I am not responsible for what happens after trade is done * I am not responisble for any chargebacks Service Verified by: Sekirei - Moderator
  6. Types of trades I will do. Gold - 07 - EOC or EOC - 07 Accounts Items Both Parties are required to post a request for my services using the following form: The Buyer Is: The Seller Is : I am the Buyer/Seller : The Buyers Skype is: The Sellers Skype is: The Transaction is? : ToS: Both parties must agree to use my service by contacting me on Skype and TRiBot before any wealth will be transferred. Both the buyer and seller must provide me with the full details of the trade (trade amounts, account names, trade type, ect.) on both Skype and TRiBot after contacting me or posting in this thread. Following the trade, both parties must confirm completion in this thread. ToS copied from Wussup. VOUCHES:
  7. My one & only skype; Passy070 ALWAYS ask a pm before a trade! CURRENTLY CHARGING 5% Blacklisted because not vouching: Lex Luthor Form; I'm the Buyer/Seller/It's a Swap: My Skype Name: Other user's Skype Name: Type of Trade: Who pays fees: Leave Vouch?:
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