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Found 12 results

  1. FC AIO Miner Decided to write up a nice little AIO radius based miner. It's got some decent features, ABCL 10, and is pretty efficient. Haven't tested it too much, so be sure to report any issues. Links are at the bottom of the thread. Report any bugs and I'll fix them ASAP. Thanks, and enjoy! Features: ABCL 10 (optional) All major ore types Radius based - mine anywhere! Worldhopping with various options (players in area, max ores stolen p/h, min ores gained p/h) - 15 minute minimum world time for p/h conditions Pick upgrading (optional) 3 modes - bank ore, drop inventory, m1d1 Optional custom pathing to / from bank Detailed paint Images: Download here View source here
  2. xCode's Essence Miner Download [source will be here also soon] Features Dynamic sleeping Dynamic Antiban Opens door to Aubury when it has to Uses multiple ways to bank Deathwalk from Lumbridge Things to add Pickaxe pickup at lumbridge if you have none Tutorial Island + Rune Mysteries + Mining (easy for farms) How to start Start the script from anywhere with a Pickaxe equiped or in your inventory. Accept Firewall prompts when asked (for GUI). Requirements Rune Mysteries [Quest] A pickaxe Screenshots None yet ~~ Feedback ~~ Please guys! This is one of my first TRiBot scripts and I really like to do a lot more. But for that I need your help! Please give me any kind of feedback: positive, negative doesn't matter. As long as you say why and how I can improve (if possible). Thanks & Enjoy!
  3. Spiker Quarry Miner Statistics 30k-50k Mining XP/Hour (Get from 35 to 99 mining fast!) 3.5 hours before refilling waterskins Features Drops sandstone/granite immediately after mining one Runs to Pollnivneach to refill waterskins when low Avoids Exploding Rocks Dragon Pickaxe Support Clean Progress Report Fast Node Switching Six Ideal Locations Fixes Pickaxes Clean GUI ABCL 10 Requirements 35 Mining for sandstone 45 Mining for granite Start somewhere in the Kharidian Desert Have pickaxe equipped or in inventory Have waterskins in your inventory Remove everything else from your inventory Have at least 2 empty slots in your inventory Recommended Start in the Quarry at your chosen location Wear full desert clothing (robes, legs, & boots) Have 26 full waterskins in your inventory Locations Progress Reports (Post yours!) Thank you Flamekiller999 for the amazing progress report paint! Please post your progress reports, bugs, and suggestions. Future Updates Humidify Support More Locations
  4. iEssenceMiner ------------------------------------------------------ Current Features Fastest Working Essence Miner! Completely Dynamic(Finds By Model)! Dynamic Sleeping! WebWalking! Lumbridge Deathwalk! Bronze-Rune Pickaxe Support! Pickaxe Finding! Uses EnumScript! Trip Counter + Trip Timer + Average Trip Time XP Gained + XP TNL Essence Mined + Essence/Hr Mining Level + Levels Gained Requirements Rune Mysteries Quest Any Pickaxe Start In Varrock East Varrock Tabs In Bank For DeathWalk! Proggies 12 Hour Proggie 9 Hour Proggie 775 Ess/Hr 5 Hour Proggie 820 Ess/Hr 30 Min Proggie Updates V1.1 - Fixed Player Run MethodV1.2 - Walking to Essence Rock FasterV1.3 - Redid Script LogicV1.4 - Added Pickaxe FindingV1.5 - New Paint Image, Redid TeleportingV1.6 - Dynamic Sleeping Download From Repository - click me!
  5. Tau Motherlode Miner || Clicking the button above will NOT charge your TRiBot account. What is the Motherlode Mine? At the motherlode mine you mine pay-dirt which you clean to get random ores from coal to runite depending on your mining level. It's great xp, profit, and you get to buy the prospector equipment which increases your mining experience gained by 2.5% with the full set. You can also purchase soft clay packs, a coal bag, and a gem bag. To purchase the above items, you'll need golden nuggets which are a random reward from mining pay-dirt just like the regular ores. You can read more about the motherlode mine here. Features > Supports the bottom and top floors of the motherlode mine < > Uses dragon pickaxe special before collecting clean ores for maximum profit < > Gathers hammer and repairs broken struts if needed < > Automatic walking to the motherlode mine < > Uses all of the ore veins in the motherlode mine < > Tracks all loot from pay-dirt including golden nuggets, gems, and other mining rewards < > Custom pathfinding method that is easily able to traverse the entire mine < > Disables random events < > ABCL 10 to keep your accounts safe < Smart Pathfinding Tau Motherlode Miner sorts through objects with speed and accuracy. A custom pathfinding method is used to filter out ore veins that do not need their distance calculated and to filter out ore veins that have shorter direct paths but have rockfalls in the way. 1-30 Mining Trainer A 1-30 mining trainer is included with Tau Motherlode Miner Premium If your mining level is less than 30, the script will train your mining level to 30 at the Lumbridge east mine, and then walk to the Motherlode Mine for you. Requirements To mine ore at the Motherlode Mine, your mining level needs to be at least 30. To start using the 1-30 mining trainer, simply start the script near Lumbridge with any pickaxe you can use (it can be equipped or in your inventory). Dynamic Signature To get your own personalized dynamic signature, replace "your_username" with your TRiBot username in the following URL: [img=http://www.erickscripting.com/sigmamotherload/users/your_username.png] If done correctly, your Dynamic Signature will look something like this: Payment Options 1 Month $3.99 - Monthly subscription for 1 account $14.99 - Monthly subscription for unlimited accounts 6 Months Save 50%-65%! $11.99 - 6 month subscription for 1 account (Save 50%) $27.99 - 6 month subscription for unlimited accounts (Save 65%) Progress Reports Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy If you are not satisfied with Tau Motherlode Miner, I will refund your purchase in full! Conditions: You must submit your refund request within... Three days of purchasing a single auth plan, OR Two days of purchasing an unlimited auth plan. Your TRiBot account must be at least 4 months old. You must submit your refund request via PM. You must send your refund request to either @Pwningcows or myself (preferably both). You must specify the reason for your refund request. You must not have requested a refund within the last 6 months. Details & Terms: The timeframe is gauged based on when you submitted the request, not when I respond to it, so don't worry about not getting a response in time. Your refund request will never be denied based on the reason you give for wanting one. This is only for my own personal records, so I can improve Tau Motherlode Miner in the future based on your feedback. Your refund will be issued in the form of TRiBot credits. There is no exception to this rule under any circumstances, so do not even ask. Refund requests are processed on Wednesdays. If your refund request is approved, it will be issued by the end of the week (Friday, 11:59PM CT). There are no exceptions to the conditions listed above, regardless of the circumstances; this refund policy is a courtesy, not a right. Announcements [3/28/2016] -> Tau Motherlode Miner Free has been removed from the repository. -> A new return policy has been put into place for Tau Motherlode Miner. More information can be found under the Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy section above. Change Logs
  6. Hi I just bought tri bot this weekend and have been using it quick frequently let me tell you for the most part I LOVE IT! I even bought my own proxy server from botprox.com just to keep myself from getting banned well anyway here is my story I started with one character and got him all around stats combat level 15 - and then all around skill stats and I'm talking like woodcutting fishing crafting cooking smithing mining all of the etc skills to 40+ NOW While all this was going on I was making the same people as him! They were almost indentical except different names and like -1 +1 skills so they weren't identical but anyway I mean human like kinda identical and all 5 got banned! Except the first guy! So I made 5 more and this time was more careful and setup a break manager with the break handler feature, seemed good at first until when I tried to log in at night ( night time bots ) they were already banned from the previous night -.- , now so I thought okay guess night doesn't work , I WATCHED THEM ALL NIGHT. Always watch my bots , so when I awoke I went and made 5 more now this is up to 14, had them all going doing different things and such watching all the chats and such to make sure no one talked I made sure to have my proxy on and to make sure I had break handlers on, and I even switched there routines like almost every hour to do something different These bans happend no matter what I do it seems like. The bots get me banned even if I talk back to people all day. I WAS ALWAYS USING PREMIUM SCRIPTS USUALLY - FTW NEW AIO fisher premium - banned - master chopper AIO premium - banned - A's miner premium - banned The only free scripts I used were for crafting which they would world switch and I watched all the time And the master combat bot aio , and a master walker bot ALL ACCOUNTS 14/14 banned one account had 40+ all skills , and he had 65 wc and WAS close to 50 fishing before banned I MADE THESE ACCOUNTS ALL AROUND SO THEY WOULDNT GET BANNED EVEN IF THERE LOGGED OUT LATER THEY GET BANNED PLEASE HELP ME WHAT DO I DO? What am I doing wrong. How do I avoid the ban hammer on every single account even when there doing different things and I'm using a proxy! Don't want to pay for tri bot and or scripts if I'm just going to get banned every day and not even be able to transfer the goods. I lost 10k gold bars in this ban hammer Please help
  7. Fluffee's Free AIO Miner! - Supports all F2P Locations - Supports Pickaxe Upgrading - ABCL 10 - Great EXP Rates! -Minimalistic Paint Repo link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1542 One of my projects for the past few weeks, please report any and all bugs in the thread, they're bound to exist! Big thanks to @Zainy and @iant06 for helping me get this off the ground! -To Do List- - Script Queue Support (Soon) - Add P2P Locations Source is attached, if anyone would like to suggest improvements, I'm all ears
  8. Hey guys, for my first script release I've put together a fairly simple Lumbridge miner. The point of this script is to get you to your desired level using the copper/tin rocks (picks randomly) in Lumbridge swamp. From there, you have the option to either log out or walk to the Motherlode Mine. Since this is my first release I am expecting a fair amount of bugs and possible improvements, so please provide all constructive criticism you can. Source code: http://pastebin.com/i4S1jFHA Get it HERE!
  9. Spiker Free Quarry Miner Statistics 30k-50k Mining XP/Hour 3.5 Hours before refilling waterskins Only runs for 30 minutes - Buy the premium version! Features Drops sandstone/granite immediately after mining another Runs to Pollnivneach to refill waterskins when low Fast node switching Clean progress report Clean GUI Requirements 35 Mining for sandstone 45 Mining for granite Start somewhere in the Kharidian Desert Have pickaxe equipped or in inventory Have waterskins in your inventory Remove everything else from your inventory Have at least 2 empty slots in your inventory Recommended Start in the Quarry at your chosen location Wear full desert clothing (robes, legs, & boots) Have 26 full waterskins in your inventory Locations Progress Reports (Post yours!) Thank you Flamekiller999 for the amazing progress report paint! Please post your progress reports, bugs, and suggestions. Updated On: 9/2/13 - Working Download v1.52: http://adf.ly/UXrv3 Enjoy Buy the premium version for more antiban, more spots, and infinite mining.
  10. Background: --------------------------------------------- This script automates the process of mining essence in the Essence mine located in Varrock East, via Aubury's Rune Shop. --------------------------------------------- Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have your RS3 Interface Layout Set to something Similar to this: http://i.imgur.com/rJCAc0q.png [x] Maximize your screen to the Maximum Possible Size for best results --------------------------------------------- Add with One Click Via the Repository: --------------------------------------------- : Click Here ---------------------------------------------
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to try and develop a runite miner! This will take some time as I'm still learning to script but as I go along I will make the script more & more flawless & more & more robust. Currently: Developing Heroes Guild location. Banking Tele to Burthope Tele to Edge Walk To Guild Recharge Glory Mine Rocks World Hopper Ore Timer Antiban Paint/GUI First location I'll be developing/supporting is the Heroes Guild. It will use Glory > Tele To Edge for banking & return using Games > Tele To Burthope, so technically all you will need is a shit load of games. When Glory runs out it will refill it before continuing mining. Maybe I'll add banking at Rogue's Den as an option but I'm pretty sure that would take longer, would eliminate need for Glory & Game though.. So we'll see. Currently: fixing walking path to Fountain + recharging method. To do(in order): World Hopper, Ore Timer, Mining Method, Antiban. Next Location: Mining Guild When I finish first location I'll release it for testing.
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