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Found 18 results

  1. is it automatically applied or do i have to do certain settings to get it on
  2. hello everyone i have bought a premium script about 3 days ago i had no problem with it now when i try to open the client i " could not load human mouse data " i have made the mouse and uploaded the files to the orginal thread but still no approve ! what should i do to be able to use the client again ???? thanks
  3. If I do 25 of the 700 click things and upload the files here, could I get that made into my own mouse data to use without VIP-E?
  4. Hi i've noticed that inspite of different scripts, the mouse always lives it's own life eg. right clicking and moving between short periods. This is usually quite nice, but when the script is supposed to afk it's not really convincing when the mouse constantly does things. Is there a way to stop it? Thanks
  5. I hate red circles Xmouse_data-113927-1462563789218.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462563044987.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462562282750.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462320520677.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462565358079.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566067184.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462566862941.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462567403371.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462568137406.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581001584.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462581465985.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462582646343.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462583136220.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584082306.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462584633004.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663218041.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462663822333.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462665575967.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666140323.dat Xmouse_data-113927-1462666844009.dat
  6. Guest

    Error loading human mouse data

    I get this error when it starts up.. Any fix for it?
  7. Guest

    How to enable Human Mouse

    Hey guys, I'm not VIP E so that might be the problem but im not sure. If it is i'll upgrade. When I start up tribot it says this: [15:42:00] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found. Is this because im not VIP E? If so, will Human Mouse antiban automatically activate when I become VIP E or do I have to change a setting in the launcher?
  8. Hey, when i load the client, the human mouse data dont load.. Is the human mouse data just for Premium users? And what is this glass option? And which bots are good bots?? Just Premium bots? Thanks
  9. I've done the mouse movement two separate times and it continues to say it can't find the data. Anyone have any input on to why it isn't working?
  10. TRiLez stated that the bot indeed has a fatigue system built in. Many people have been complaining that while using the Human Mouse the bot gets severely slowed down within hours (I've noticed this too.) but, to get to the point - Will (or does) using breaks change how much fatigue the bot instance has? If so, by how much? Just some information I would like to know so I can modify my breaks for the better.
  11. As per the title, is the mouse speed controlled by ABCL, or is it the same for everyone if not explicitly set through Mouse.setSpeed(x)? Will the entire concept of mouse speed be deprecated with the rollout of the human mouse project? Thanks, Node.
  12. I saw that I couldn't use the mouse to scroll in the bank, quests, wherever there is a scroll bar. Will this be implemented anytime soon?
  13. Please could you possibly add an option to the client where, You can toggle the X cursor on/off (off being standard pointer cursor) You can toggle the spline on/off (no line following the cursor) This would be useful if a person wanted to livestream to prove to other players and/or J-mods they aren't botting (especially for those who babysit)
  14. I believe a rework should be done on the mouse movements of the tribot, i notice when i play i have wider, more curved mouse movements and smooth, the bot has straight cut mouse movements more vigorous and less smooth and i guarantee if you did rework the mouse movements you will see a drop in bans.
  15. Simple way to add some uniqueness and flair to your paint. Could be yours over the competition! import java.awt.Graphics;import java.awt.Point;import java.awt.Rectangle;import org.tribot.script.Script;import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.MouseActions;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Painting;@ScriptManifest(authors = { "defqon_1" }, category = "Paint", name = "Painting Tutorial")public class HidePaint extends Script implements Painting, MouseActions { boolean paintEnabled = true; // Stores whether your paint is toggled or not for 'hide-on-click.' Rectangle whereToClick = new Rectangle(x, y, width, height); // The screen region to click to toggle the paint. Point mousePos = new Point(); // Current position of the mouse -- Do not modify. @Override public void onPaint(Graphics g) { // This is the rectangle to 'hide-on-mouseover' Rectangle r = new Rectangle(x2, y2, width2, height2); // The screen region to mouse over. // This expression checks whether or not your mouse is within the region created by the above rectangle if (!r.contains(mousePos)) { // Paint everything that you want to disappear on mouseover of the rectangle. } // This expression omits everything when the paint has been disabled by click. if (paintEnabled) { // Paint everything that you want toggled on click when the user clicks in the whereToClick rectangle. } } @Override public void run() { while (true) {} } // Toggles the paint when the user clicks within the whereToClick rectangle on the screen. @Override public void mouseClicked(Point click, int button, boolean isBot) { if (!isBot && button == 1 && whereToClick.contains(click)) { paintEnabled = (!paintEnabled); } } @Override public void mouseDragged(Point arg0, int arg1, boolean arg2) {} // Keeps track of current mouse position. @Override public void mouseMoved(Point pos, boolean isBot) { if(!isBot){ mousePos = pos; } } @Override public void mouseReleased(Point arg0, int arg1, boolean arg2) {}}
  16. I think mousePressed and mouseReleased should be added into the Mouse API. We can't use Java's Robot mousePressed() and mouseReleased() because it's not actually using TRiBot's generated (fake) mouse, which we don't have access to. This will allow variations of Mouse.drag to be made. Thanks
  17. Hey guys, I wrote some nice little snippets to get the RSTile at either your current mouse coordinates or the x and y coordinates of your choice. Personally, I think it would be nice to put these into the Projection class in the docs. Enjoy public static RSTile getTileAtMouseCoordinates() { if(Screen.isInViewport(Mouse.getPos())) { ArrayList<RSTile> onScreens = new ArrayList<RSTile>(); for(int x = -19; x < 19; x++) { for(int y = -19; y < 19; y++) { if(new RSTile(Player.getPosition().getX() + x, Player.getPosition().getY() + y).isOnScreen()) { onScreens.add(new RSTile(Player.getPosition().getX() + x, Player.getPosition().getY() + y)); } } } for(RSTile onScreen : onScreens) { if(isPointInsideBounds(Mouse.getPos(), Projection.getTileBounds(onScreen, 0))) { return onScreen; } } } return null;}public static RSTile getTileAtCoordinates(int x, int y) { if(Screen.isInViewport(new Point(x, y))) { ArrayList<RSTile> onScreens = new ArrayList<RSTile>(); for(int a = -19; a < 19; a++) { for(int b = -19; b < 19; b++) { if(new RSTile(Player.getPosition().getX() + a, Player.getPosition().getY() + .isOnScreen()) { onScreens.add(new RSTile(Player.getPosition().getX() + a, Player.getPosition().getY() + ); } } } for(RSTile onScreen : onScreens) { if(isPointInsideBounds(new Point(x, y), Projection.getTileBounds(onScreen, 0))) { return onScreen; } } } return null;} public static boolean isPointInsideBounds(Point p, Point[] bounds) { if(bounds.length == 4 && p != null) { double[] xBounds = {bounds[0].getX(), bounds[1].getX(), bounds[2].getX(), bounds[3].getX()}; double[] yBounds = {bounds[0].getY(), bounds[1].getY(), bounds[2].getY(), bounds[3].getY()}; Path2D path = new Path2D.Double(); path.moveTo(xBounds[0], yBounds[0]); for(int i = 1; i < bounds.length; i++) { path.lineTo(xBounds[i], yBounds[i]); } path.closePath(); if(path.contains(p)) { return true; } } return false;}
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