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Found 8 results

  1. I usually have no problem buying credits even when i forget to turn off my vpn(i turn it off refresh the page and the credits come through usually). Now i even when i'm not on my vpn I get this message "We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent." I've seen it before but me refreshing the page would make the credits come through.
  2. LilAnge


    Can someone please explain to me what LG is please? in some further detail aswell, not looking for a smartass reply, thanks in advance.
  3. Hi there fellow Tribot users! You may be wondering as to why I'd offer this service on a botting forum. The reason is that I recently got cleaned for 1.5b (staking ofc) and I really don't feel like playing my main anymore. I also currently have no commitments (no job/nagging girlfriend/bills to pay) so I am around 7 days a week! I still do love Runescape, so I thought I'd help people out by giving them a service where they can be 100% certain they won't be banned!* *I offer 100% certainty that your account will not be banned for macroing. If anyone would like to use my services please fill out this order form: Skill:Current level:Desired level:Skype:Do you agree to TOS: If anyone has any questions, please post below. I will try to reply to you ASAP. Available!!!!
  4. punchbaggies

    sigma MTA

    Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/28767-abcl-10-free-1-hour-trial-sigma-mta-premium-150k-200k-gphr-all-4-rooms-supported/ @Starfox Price you paid for script: 25$ How many auths you bought: 1 unlimited auth Date purchased: 5th of may 2015 Proof that you have tried contacting the owner and that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: check out the endless mentions in the last 10 pages of the thread, have got a shitload of unreplied private messages that I can supply on request Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: Telekenetic room lines up with the statue, this issue has been mentioned a million times in his thread now, we've requested a world switcher is missing as well in the enchant room dragon stone mode, bots are the only ones who log out to hop worlds and the only ones who line up with the telekenetic statue which is a huge ban factor and a waste of run energy I don't really care about the 25$, it's about the principle of the matter, he doesn't do jack shit for this script with a user count of 282 currently. I want him to be disciplined/reminded about his responsibilities as a premium scripter, I would love to see his sales close for a week or two, that might motivate him to finally respond to the threads.
  5. Here, I'm going to briefly talk about the current trading system in relation to an instantaneously-trading and possibly offline trading system (G.E. or an approximate): As is, the very fact that I own more than one type of item has intrinsic value (as holding onto multiple of a variety of items allows for me to meet the demands of would-be traders, and meet my own personal needs while saving time). Likewise, I've spent time and effort holding onto multiples of every herb, ore, rune and resource in the game. Likewise, with an instantaneous Grand Exchange where coins equate ownership of an item (as all items are instantly available at all times), every single item in the game loses value in relation to the coin, because there is no value in actually having the item itself. Therefore, an instantaneous G.E. discourages players from actually having items, because it would be easier to simply have coins and then spend them as needed over working to acquire ownership of a diversity of items. This will likely reflect in a lower coin-value of all items in game as well as a buyer-driven market (again, having coins will have inherently higher power than owning items). This will further increase the disparity between skilling players and high-level PvM players to the point where skilling will only be significantly profitable via mass-botting. As for me, I'm pretty sure I'll be unable to view items in-game with the same level of appeal. There's something to be said of having a herb that I can clean and turn into a potion on a dime. There's something to be said of being the one guy in the bank who can forge a full set of X or Y from scratch. With an instantaneous G.E., all items just become coins. Less of a physical item (relative to the in-game) and more of a metaphysical concept. And that is why our trading post should stay the same* T'L';DR - If everything I need is in a super vending-machine in my house, there's no point in me owning food.
  6. Introduction: There have been many people that claim to get hacked. For this reason I thought I would post a basic guide on how to prevent getting hacked. That way the amount of users getting hacked will go down. Tribot Hacked Me!: First of all you can NOT get hacked by tribot Tribot does not save your password. Your password is saved on your computer and the client opens it to start your bot. The security manager that Tribot has blocks access to any malicious things that can do harm to a user's computer. (Thanks to Vancouver for clarification!) "This Script Hacked me!: Script are checked for this very reason before they are allowed on the site or respitory. Also that is why the Tribot client has a firewall. To prevent such things. So no scripter from Tribot hacked you or contains any form of virus. What/Who Hacked Me? That is a hard question to answer without personally looking at your computer. Remember there is no such thing as "Gold Generators" these downloads are infected with malicous software that can hack your rs accounts or even worse hack credit cards;etc. Any video on youtube or elsewere showing a free bot or anything of that nature with a download link is infected aswell 99.9% of the time. Make sure to watch anything else you download. Do some research on google about a certain download before installing. Don't use other scripts other than Tribot as most sites don't go through so much or any authorization/firewall at all. Beware of spam emails. There are spam emails that have been going on for a while stating that all your accounts are being monitored for gold farming etc etc and that you will get sued if you do not stop etc etc These spam emails provide a link to rs support to a FAKE rs site that steals your password. I Think I Have a Virus!: If you belive you have a virus then if possible get on another computer and change your password on rs as fast as possible. If not then just scan your computer a quick as possible. Download any or all of the following for free: (I use all of these) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Personal Favorite) Adwcleaner HitMan Pro Using these antivirus programs will remove any virusus that you might have. I recommoned using all three of these programs in order to make more certain that you have no virus. Rescan your computer to make sure all the virus are deleted and then change your rs password. If anyone has any further questions or has any ideas I can add to this guide I will add it and cite you as a source. Thank you for reading!
  7. Bought --Thread Closed-- Sorry fellas
  8. CREDIT: Arckos, SockMonster, they helped show me this method. EDIT: This isn't actually 100% flawless as sometimes ents aren't npcs. As the owner of a woodcutting script, ents are possible one of the most annoying things to combat. Thankfully, there is a way around IDs so you don't have to keep updating every time the game changes. For starters, when a tree turns into an ent the Object ID changes, and it becomes an NPC. We don't really care about the object, but what can do is check for an npc with the name "Yew". That's the ent. To add this into our script, let's create an ent() method. public void ent() { //First we declare the RSNPC ent RSNPC[] ent = NPCs.findNearest("Yew"); //Now we find the nearest NPC called "Yew" (the ent) RSObject[] Tree = Objects.findNearest(10, "Yew"); if (ent.length > 0) { //if the distance between the player and the ent npc is 2, if (ent[0].getPosition().distanceTo(current_tree) < 2) { //debug message println("Ent Detected - Switching Trees"); //switch to the nearest tree. Tree[0].click("Chop down"); sleep(500, 1700); println("Switched tree"); } } } Now that we have the ent() method, we need to call it in our loop. I find the best way to do this is to structure your loop to have something like this: public int loop(){//schtuffwhile(isAnimating()){ent()anyotherchecks()} Now when we are cutting a tree (boolean isAnimating), it will check for an ent every time the loop returns. Enjoy
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