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Found 19 results

  1. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3180 I've only tested it on a few accounts... Hoping people can post some progress pics. Utilizes DaxWalker and supports teleporting if you have the mage level. Start with all items in your bank OR with the quest items in your inventory (skip quests by not having those items): Cook's assistant: Egg, Bucket of milk, Pot of flour Imp Catcher: Red bead, Yellow bead, White bead, Black bead Doric's Quest: 6 Clay, 4 Copper ore, 2 Iron ore Goblin Diplomacy: Blue dye, Orange dye, 3 Goblin mail (or the pre-colored goblin mails)
  2. *As no one knows how Jagex bans accounts, all opinion's are my own. **In response to comments, I've revised the post. This is meant to encourage/help people get into botting, as well as some tips to people who are not succeeding. I spent a lot of time making this because I think this information is useful. First, not only is it possible to make a living botting, but I make more now than at my "real" job! I do this by diversifying how I make my money and picking up as many streams of income as I can. I'll go into what a normal day looks like, but firstly you should learn the
  3. Guest

    *FIXED* Cant run bot? bought vip

    Hi, can anyone please help me? I bought VIP to use bots after my trial ended, but its saying I need to buy vip still?
  4. Hi All, Firstly, I apologies if this is something that has already been asked. If it has, I am happy for this thread to be deleted for forum cleanliness. So, long story short - I am completely new to using bots and want to look into it. Is there a step-by-guide to walk me through the process...? Like, from setting up my VIP account here, to downloading scripts, to sitting back and watching it work? If not (or if that is simply unrealistic) that is totally OK. Just let me know and I will go back to trying to figure it out. If there is though, I would much rather read throug
  5. Hey all I'm Raheem and looking forward to being apart of this cool community. So I made a VIP extended account. Can you guys clarify what I can do? Do I have to pay for scripts or is that included with my sub?
  6. hey guys just trying to download the tribot client.. i tried to download it and when i extracted the file it wasn't letting me open it for some reason, maybe i was using the wrong extracter or whatever? i used peazip... then my friend said he downloaded it and he doesnt even have a zip file extracter, so i deleted and uninstalled my peazip and tried to download it again... then got messages that i can't even download it anymore.. this is what it says failed to execute "c:program files/peazip/res/7z/7z.exe" |-sccUTF-8 -slt -pdefault "C:\users\owner\downloads\tribot_loader.jar" -r --"*" :
  7. Hello All, This is Sunil here. Glad to join you all here. I am new to this forum and want to sell my best services to all of you. Currently i sell vps at very cheap prices according to the requirement of the user. Lets make a good deed here. Thank you, Sunil
  8. Hello all! i am brand new to botting and tribot, i just purchased vip-e and was wondering how do i download and run the bot? also how do i purchase scripts and add them to the bot? any feed back helps and thank you! cant wait to get to know some of you guys!
  9. I purchased dax aio combat 2 days ago and have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to set up custom banking with no luck. Other people have tried to help me and also had no idea so I'm just wondering if anyone that has experience with the script can teach me atleast the basics to setting it up so I can figure it out.
  10. Guest

    please help cant run tribot

    i dont know how to run tribot downloaded everything need but i dont know what to do next, please help, anything is greatly appreciated
  11. Guest

    getting started

    so i cant seem to figure outhow any of this works can someone help getting a noob started
  12. hello, I'm having trouble with my signature with druids aio fletcher, it says : and I have done just that and its still not working. can someone help me please? Paste this code directly into your signature, don't click on insert image icon! [img=http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/fletching/sig.png?username=REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_NAME]
  13. Hey everyone. As with the Banking class, I was looking to see if there was a method in the GrandExchange api to even open the GE window. I can't seem to find one. Does that mean I'll have to use the interface and simulate mouse/keyboard strokes in order to open the GE window?
  14. Hey i dont know how to set up scripts or anything, can someone walk me through it?
  15. Guest

    How do i install tribot?

    i keep trying to install tribot and all i get is a rar file, i extract it, search all the folders, and there is no jar file for me to run it?
  16. Guest

    Just A Quick Question

    Hello Guys, would you help a noob out here please. I am currently contemplating whether or not to purchase VIP extended I am curious does this allow individuals to use completely any script from the repository without any restrictions I am specifically talking about the Premium and Premium trials. Also I've heard something about Looking Glass but I cant find anything about it on the forums what is it? and do I get it with VIP extended? Thank You!
  17. Hey guys so I've been reading about gold farming for a while now and i would like to get my toes wet and get started, ill be buying a VPS and proxies soon and i would like to ask some questions to experienced botters, I'm not asking for your secret methods, i would just like to interview you guys so i can answer some questions I've been having. let me know if you're down id really appreciate it, i would like to pm some people if possible and chat. again, I'm not asking for your methods i just want a clear picture of how the full process generally goes! Thanks Everybody!
  18. Sorry for being a chump but can anyone help me out with my signature it seems to still have text below.
  19. Dreaming's Tribot Guide Series #2 The Noob's Guide to Internet Safety How to Prevent your skype being resolved/ddosed Anti Keylogging Guide, Protect Your Information How To Stay Safe Online Got any Ideas for a new guide you want me to write? Send me a pm. Don't hesitate to ask me for help, ever All parts of the guide are not written by me - they include snippets from various friends and other sources
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