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Found 9 results

  1. Hello if you are reading this I have a great opportunity open for you. -If you are picked for the job. I am currently looking to hire a video editor. Requirements: They must have adobe after fx and the ability to make a 30-second intro. They must also have a recent video editing program. And able to show previous work. There really isn't a limit on how much I am willing to pay. And yes I am willing to pay first if they have the right amount of vouchs. The video will be sponsored on Sythe. And the creator will have the luxury of adding a created by to the end of the video. The deadline Wednesday 14th of March. If you didn't know already Sythe is throwing a community event this Saint Patricks day and all of you are invited. If you have any questions about how the video should look. Or what needs to be included let me know. 370+ Vouchs are on sythe on the username: Mentarley Or you can click this link: https://www.sythe.org/threads/mentarleys-vouches-300-vouchs-100-000-usd-traded-500-donor-rank/ Reply to this thread or on sythe instead of adding me on skype.
  2. Yawodo

    Making a Paint

    I'm a digital artist and have just created my first nooby java script, I'd like to add a customised paint with imagery. Currently I just have a line of code. Could anyone advise how I might go about creating a cool paint, a video or software or any guidance? Cheers.
  3. Here's what I mean: No idea why that's happening. Using Looking Glass w/ OSBuddy, happens for every script.
  4. Today I will be sharing an extremely simple and easy to use paint system for your scripts. Some of you may have seen it in my open sourced scripts, but I think it would be beneficial to have a thread specifically for it. This system allows for a nice, clean, easy to use paint. You can implement it within seconds when creating new scripts, and don't have to worry whatsoever about lining things up coordinate by coordinate. What you will be adding (example) Implementation Usage
  5. I was messing around with my paint and learning some stuff and I found that you can Anti-Alias 2D text. Make your paints beautiful now! If you're curious: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/2d/advanced/quality.html Before Anti-Aliasing After Anti-Aliasing ps. Don't hate I'm new to scripting, most scripters probably already know this. <3
  6. Simple way to add some uniqueness and flair to your paint. Could be yours over the competition! import java.awt.Graphics;import java.awt.Point;import java.awt.Rectangle;import org.tribot.script.Script;import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.MouseActions;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Painting;@ScriptManifest(authors = { "defqon_1" }, category = "Paint", name = "Painting Tutorial")public class HidePaint extends Script implements Painting, MouseActions { boolean paintEnabled = true; // Stores whether your paint is toggled or not for 'hide-on-click.' Rectangle whereToClick = new Rectangle(x, y, width, height); // The screen region to click to toggle the paint. Point mousePos = new Point(); // Current position of the mouse -- Do not modify. @Override public void onPaint(Graphics g) { // This is the rectangle to 'hide-on-mouseover' Rectangle r = new Rectangle(x2, y2, width2, height2); // The screen region to mouse over. // This expression checks whether or not your mouse is within the region created by the above rectangle if (!r.contains(mousePos)) { // Paint everything that you want to disappear on mouseover of the rectangle. } // This expression omits everything when the paint has been disabled by click. if (paintEnabled) { // Paint everything that you want toggled on click when the user clicks in the whereToClick rectangle. } } @Override public void run() { while (true) {} } // Toggles the paint when the user clicks within the whereToClick rectangle on the screen. @Override public void mouseClicked(Point click, int button, boolean isBot) { if (!isBot && button == 1 && whereToClick.contains(click)) { paintEnabled = (!paintEnabled); } } @Override public void mouseDragged(Point arg0, int arg1, boolean arg2) {} // Keeps track of current mouse position. @Override public void mouseMoved(Point pos, boolean isBot) { if(!isBot){ mousePos = pos; } } @Override public void mouseReleased(Point arg0, int arg1, boolean arg2) {}}
  7. Hi! I'm releasing this script because I saw a request for a working curser script few days ago and also needed one myself. The script has a small GUI where you select the spell and NPC id. This script can achieve 31k+ xp / hour. I know there is pretty many of these scripts already, so why not make an another one ? Few instructions: Use Earth / Mud staff if possible, saves you money Make sure you have at least -50 magic attack bonus (we need to splash) Works with any NPC, just input the ID (Debug -> NPCs to get it) I suggest to run the script in lite mode, normal mode hasn't been tested Download CWCPro.zip - Class files CWCPro.java - Source code
  8. Just a little example to show people how to create their own drag-able paint to make their script more appealing. import java.awt.Color;import java.awt.Graphics;import java.awt.Point;import java.awt.Rectangle;import org.tribot.api.interfaces.Clickable;import org.tribot.script.Script;import org.tribot.script.ScriptManifest;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.MouseActions;import org.tribot.script.interfaces.Painting;@ScriptManifest(authors = { "c0ded", "defq0n" }, category = "Paint", name = "Draggable Paint Demo")public class DraggablePaint extends Script implements Painting, MouseActions { //draggable region on screen (x,y,width,height) private static Rectangle paintReferenceBox = new Rectangle(0,0,105,35); private static Point mouseButtonDownPosition = null; //example variable private int xpGained = 80085; @Override public void run() { //your script here.... while(true){ sleep(100); } } @Override public void mouseClicked(Point p, int arg1, boolean arg2) {} @Override public void mouseDragged(Point drag, int arg1, boolean arg2) { //checks if this is the first movement/drag if(mouseButtonDownPosition==null){ //checks to see whether the mouse is actually inside the reference box if( paintReferenceBox.contains(drag)){ //set the down position to the current mouse position mouseButtonDownPosition = drag; } } //get change in position between the last mouse point and the current one (0, if its the first) int deltaX = (int)(drag.getX()-mouseButtonDownPosition.getX()); int deltaY = (int)(drag.getY()-mouseButtonDownPosition.getY()); //move the reference box, and therefore move all the other paint components //that are placed based on where the reference box is paintReferenceBox.translate(deltaX, deltaY); //set the last mouse position to the current one mouseButtonDownPosition = drag; } @Override public void mouseMoved(Point arg0, boolean arg1) {} @Override public void mouseReleased(Point releasePosition, int arg1, boolean arg2) { //reset the click in memory to terminate the dragging mouseButtonDownPosition = null; } @Override public void onPaint(Graphics g) { //it is strongly suggested that when using a draggable paint, you provide the user with some indication //of where they can click and drag to move the paint. as an example, this will fill the bounding rectangle //of the dragable region on screen g.setColor(Color.RED); g.fillRect((int)paintReferenceBox.getX(), (int)paintReferenceBox.getY(), (int)paintReferenceBox.getWidth(), (int)paintReferenceBox.getHeight()); //To utilize the draggable aspect of this, you have to provide the x and y coordinates of whatever //you want to paint with respect to the bounding rectangle as this is what will be moving. //what is happening when you provide the coordinates with respect to the rectangle's position is //when the rectangle moves you are essentialy shifting the origin for each component in your paint. //as an example this will draw the blue String "Experience Gained: " with the amount of experience gained //5 pixels down and right of the top left of the draggable region g.setColor(Color.BLUE); g.drawString("Experience Gained: "+xpGained ,(int) paintReferenceBox.getX()+5,(int) paintReferenceBox.getY()+5); }}
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