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Found 21 results

  1. i am looking for someone to make me a private Zulrah script and potentially other scripts in the near future. if interested please message me to discuss the details, thanks!
  2. Would like a bot that can do charter ships from Corsair Cove, buying soda ash, and buckets of sand. Would also like world hop, bank, and afk setting on it to which it delays actions by a couple seconds or moves mouse off screen, abc2 preferred It sounds fairly simple, not much of a coder myself, but i can do about $20, private script ofc It probably shouldnt take more than 1-2 weeks. Any questions reply on here or at Stojin#5998 on discord
  3. Hey everyone If anybody needs private scripts made, feel free to contact me on skype: Tri.Tribot My prices are low and I get the job done fast. What you will receive: A flawless script that works exactly the way you want, with an ABCL rating of 10/10. Lifetime support ( free ) Lifetime bug fixing ( free ) Lifetime updates ( small charge ) Benefits of my private scripting service: You will be the only person with the script, which makes it much harder to detect for jagex. You can bot activities that are not available with public scripts. I can usually complete the order within
  4. Request: Vorkath slayer Description: - Kill Vorkath -Calculate GP from loot p/h -Collect items for 100k if you die -Efficient kill/death ratio (over 80%) Payment Amount: I'm more than willing to compensate appropriately, if someone thinks they can make the script just PM me and we can talk prices. Time: Preferably before they nerf his loot table.. right now is the prime time for gold farming. The faster the script is ready, the more money in your pocket! Additional: I know @Worthy has a badass Zulrah script. Its pretty much flawless. This is pretty m
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me a script that's pretty simple. All it has to do is buy a list of items from the G.E. with pre-set quantities. PM if you're interested and your price! Thanks!
  6. Guest

    Private Script

    [ P ] Looking to have a Private Script made, Basics: It does crafting and Buys and sells the items needed to craft the the products at G.E. Request: Does crafting and Buys/Sells crafting materials and products at G.E..Description: For Further Explanation please contact me.Payment Amount: I Understand you get what you pay for, Budget is adjustable to suit my needs and ensure qualityTime: ASAP, the sooner the better, but with a somewhat complex idea, i know that I could be waiting a bit.Additional: Contact me if you think your interested in making the script. Skype: My1shop4u
  7. when you buy a private script- is it monthly payment or something or is it for a life time. And do you get unlimited auth?
  8. Request: Need Private ScriptDescription: Not disclosing any details as this is a private request, if any Scripter is interested in getting paid to write me a script then we will work out the details.Payment Amount: No limit to my budgetTime: How soon does this need to be completed? ASAPAdditional: Need Premium Scripters only, preferably highly esteemed with a great TRiBot Presence,
  9. Hey, I am looking for a private scripter to code me a private script, preferably someone who has made private scripts before. We will discuss what I will need the script to do and the price for the script on skype. If you are interested in this feel free to send me a pm with your skype id, but keep in mind you must be a scripter on here in order to make private scripts. Thanks!
  10. i need fast a private scripter i pay good please pm me on skype : murmedon1
  11. Request: - simple gold making method Description: - Do "something" , eat when low hp , bank and repeat! Payment Amount: - can be discussed Time: - / Additional: - Pm me or post your skype bellow
  12. Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone is able to do a private script [i'll be paying decently] to do a few things from the start of the acc(quite big). eg : Tute island, get a few lvls etc etc..(I'll tell the main part later) If anyone is interested please add my skype or message me here.
  13. Hey premium scripters, anyone of you interested in making me a private script? I would love to have a quick chat with you, will compensate you however much needed for your time. Thanks
  14. Please send me a message on here and we can discuss pricing. Script buys X item from shop... walks a very short distance and then Preforms X skill and repeat.
  15. Me and @punchbaggies have an idea for an EXTREMELY unsaturated and profitable script. It cannot be found on on script repositories. TriBot, OSBot, Powerbot (we looked). It has extremely low reqs and we just need a skeleton of a script to start with. Once developed we have a bleeding edge anti-ban developed by a close friend of my partner in the community. By even giving you the idea we are installing trust in you so please have a good reputation and be willing to share ideas with us as well. We are willing to split a large portion of the gains during testing along with an up-front payment and
  16. How much does a relatively simple, yet profitable private script run for (I know they vary dramatically) and what is the potential of turning it into a Premium; with the coder of coarse. Just curious. Thanks guys.
  17. Hey, I'm looking for a candidate for a private scripter to make a script that has a simple idea but I think would take some time to make. If you are interested, you must have vouches and must be able to make a flawless script, with no room for bugs. I can't tell you what the script needs to have here, but I can tell you that it is not a hard script at all, just quite a long one. I have an 8 page highly detailed document (most of the pages are pictures) showing exactly what I need, no details have been left out. If you are interested, contact my skype "live:rekkke" or pm me on here. I've asked
  18. Hey, I am looking for a scripter to make me a private script, if you are interested in making the script leave your skype name here or send me it in a pm and I will talk to you about what I need with the script and we can discuss a price for it. Thanks!
  19. Hi there, I need a private script writing. Features A reliable path system that is pretty accurate.Ability to trade between accounts and distribute resources (master/slave)Ability to trade NPC's.Ability to detect combat and react to itPremium quality antibanPotential additional features Gui (xp/hr, profit/hr, time etc.)Progressive trainerReplace banned accounts with new accounts (using a list of pre-made accounts)Mouse speed customisation barTask systemI'm looking for the script to be done fairly quickly, but i can work around the scripter. Looking for a reasonable price but have a dec
  20. I'm looking for possibly two scripts. I am open to what I want made for me, as I'm not looking for anything too too specific. Something for combat is my priority, something that could possibly make cash as well but is not needed as a must. It must be do-able on an account with 1 defense, and if it does have some source of profit involved, at least be able to achieve 45k+ exp an hour, preferably to work with both range/mage and melee, but open on that. I'm also possibly looking for a good goldfarming script, I don't know of any good methods but something that is PRIVATE and not too public
  21. Awhile ago I bought a script from James aka Sock monster for law running I went away for a while I fully paid for this script now I come back and he is avoiding my Skype requests and messages for days now and I would like to gain access back into this script please read and anyone can help me please do. All I want is to be in contact with him to discuss the matter.
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