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Found 48 results

  1. Need a private scripter for an zeah rune crafting bot (bloods or souls).
  2. I've written down almost everything in half machine language and a logic syntax so it will be easier to code it for you. It contains things like: - Checking specific Items in Bank if available - Withdrawing x items - Combining x and y item - Once done, sell item on GE for Price P (selected in GUI) - Check if sell Order done (if not lower price P by P% (selected in GUI) - Redo - Calculate max equal amount of item x and y you could buy (with prices set before in the GUI) - Try to Buy each item - Check if Order is finished - Else increase price N by % (set in GUI) start over again. As i said i wrote it down even more in detail that will be handed to the person willing to script this for me Add me on discord: deua#1132
  3. Hey everyone If anybody needs private scripts made, feel free to contact me on skype: Tri.Tribot My prices are low and I get the job done fast. What you will receive: A flawless script that works exactly the way you want, with an ABCL rating of 10/10. Lifetime support ( free ) Lifetime bug fixing ( free ) Lifetime updates ( small charge ) Benefits of my private scripting service: You will be the only person with the script, which makes it much harder to detect for jagex. You can bot activities that are not available with public scripts. I can usually complete the order within 24 hours. Low prices I may turn down some requests if I'm too busy. That skype again is: Tri.Tribot Feedback: (If I have made you a private script before, please post your feedback below).
  4. Service status: Unavailable Hey you, If you want a private script to be created, take the following things into account: - Hit me up by Skype, PM or just post here if you have a request. - I'll make scripts of any type - Prices will be discussed - Upon purchase you will receive lifetime updates and unlimited instances registered to your TRiBot account. Kind regards, xCode
  5. looking for private dice bot. i'd explain but it's straight forward just the basic spam messages and bot. looking to be low ban rate lmk how much u guys charge for ur scrips !
  6. Hey Tribot Scripters, I am looking for a small private script. If possible I want to buy the source code too. Private message or skype (below). Thx in advance!
  7. Request: Alching on charged bracelets of ethereum Description: Starting with some gold and nature rune in your inventory and have revenant ethers in your bank. Buying 26 uncharged bracelets of ethereum from grand exchange and charge each bracelet with 1 revenant ether. After 26 bracelets are charged it is now time for high alching all of them from your inventory and now profits are made and should go on repeat. If it possible to set max buying price for uncharged bracelets it would be great. Sorry for my bad English, I can record all the process and send it to you, to understand me more. Please add me on Discord if you are willing to write this script for me. Thank you, Discord duk151#5871 Payment Amount: $110 If all works fine. Time: As soon as possible
  8. Hello everybody, I'm looking to hire a private scripter here on TRiBot. I will only showcase the script on Skype or Discord. My Skype name is "cameifoot", and you can pm me for for my Discord ID! I already have this script on another botting platform, but i'd want someone to re-write it so it works for TRiBot as well as adding some features and fixing some bugs. Kind regards
  9. Hello Tribot Community, I'm in need of two scripts. If you add me on Discord or Skype we will discuss the price etc. DO NOT contact me if you are not willing me to give me the .jar file. The script being on the SDN is not enough. Skype: cameifoot Discord: PM on forums and i'll add you. Payment methods: RS07 gp, btc, eth
  10. Hey everyone i was just wondering i keep seeming to get banned while using premium scrips on tri-bot. I only had accounts running for 2 days now i have been banned on all of them. Was wondering can anyone make me a private script?
  11. Request: WIne of zamarok grabberDescription: The script shoulda be able to use the falador teleport spell , and grab the wines with the fastest speed possible Payment Amount: We can discuss in privateTime: less than 5 daysAdditional: live:lawjestaw_2 my skype , pm me here or there
  12. Hey everyone i was just wondering i keep seeming to get banned while using premium scrips on tri-bot. I only had accounts running for 2 days now i have been banned on all of them. Was wondering can anyone make me a private script. Request: Private auto attacker and eater Description: Just attack any near by targets and also be able to eat food. Payment Amount: £20 (maybe more) Time: How ever long you want I want the script to be able to decrease the ban rate than normal premium scripts please. Just send me a message and i short reply shortly.
  13. I've decided to start a Scripting Tutoring service. with the latest increase of users, I'm sure there are people that want to learn scripting. I'm offering basic and intermediate lessons. The sessions can either be spoken or typed, whatever the customer prefers. pricing for each session can be discussed on skype before the session starts. my skype: fkeuning when interested in the service, please add the following message to your friends request: 'hey gef30, I'm interested in your scripting tutoring service.'
  14. looking to buy some private scripts! if theres any good scriptwriters around feel free to message me looking for a bot manager type of thing as well as some custom farming bots thanks guys!
  15. Proxyhulk offer cheap Anonymous ( Private & Shared Proxies ) with low price starting at 15$ for with Unlimited Bandwidth and Multiple locations across USA our support 24/7 you can get your account in few minutes by instant activation Our proxies are fully anonymous, protecting your IP completely. We ensure that the proxies we supply are non-sequential, and all plans offer multiple subnets. These proxies can be used for basically anything you like Features of our Shared & Private Proxies - Unlimited Bandwidth Use our proxies with no limits or bandwidth restrictions - Multiple Locations across USA - Proxies support Protocols HTTPS-HTTP-SOCKS5 - 99.9% Uptime We monitor our network around-the-clock to ensure you have access when you need it. - instant Activation . your proxy service will be actived in no more than 2 mints. - Free Control Panel you will get professional Control panel to manage your proxies and change your authenticating IP - 24/7/365 Support to assist you with any aspect of your hosting experience. Proxies working with Google/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Scrapebox/SeNuke/ GSA Search/Social Bookmarking.etc Shared Packages discounted for BHW members Anonymous Proxies Unlimited Bandwidth HTTP - SOCKS5 Proxy Subnet Variety Multiple Locations (Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas,Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle.) instant Activation 24/7 Full Support 99.9% Uptime Advanced Control Panel API to Access Socks & proxies directly Packages : PHK-500 500 Shared Proxies 50$ monthly PHK-1000 1000 Shared Proxies 75$ monthly PHK-2200 2200 Shared Proxies 100$ monthly PHK-2700 2700 Shared Proxies 125$ monthly Order Now Private Packages offers Anonymous Proxies Unlimited Bandwidth HTTP - SOCKS5 Proxy Subnet Variety Multiple Locations (Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas,Buffalo, Los Angeles, Seattle.) instant Activation 24/7Full Support 99.9% Uptime Advanced Control Panel API to Access Socks & proxies directly Packages : PHKPRIV-10 10 Private Proxies 9$ Monthly PHKPRIV-20 20 Private Proxies 18$ Monthly PHKPRIV-50 50 Private Proxies 48$ Monthly PHKPRIV-120 120 Private Proxies 110$ Monthly PHKPRIV-200 200 Private Proxies 190$ Monthly Order Now We Accept : Paypal - credit card - webmoney - banktransfer and more ( Paymentwall ) We guarantee 48 hours money back for more information please visit our Website or Contact us at support @ proxyhulk.com
  16. Hey everyone, I'm in search of a private OSRS Thieving script. Judging by reviews It seems the typical (Thieving) script gets more lash than positive feedback (EX: Script not eating, Missclicks, Banking, Blackjacking. just to name a few that I see frequently) Thus being said I realize the complicity and precison that must go into such a script and that is why I am calling for the top Private Script Writer(s). Im I firm believer that you get what you pay for that being said any Recommendations on who to contact in relation to who specailizes in making the "best" Private OSRS scripts would be greatly appreciated as I am new to Tribot and this is my first post. Thanks in advance! SCRIPT INTERESTED IN: OSRS THIEVING -main points: Blackjacking, Lure, Eating, Unote food. (would be nice to have other options other than blackjacking but not fully necessary)
  17. I was wondering who one Tribot I would go to for a efficient script I had in mind for 5-10 accounts. Thank you for taking time to read my post.
  18. Request: Private script, PM me if you are interested. Mute, Worthy and ModulusFrank knows the script. Just wondering if there are any takers to this.Description: Details can be discussed over skype/PM (A video of which can be provided, nothing too great. Just a youtube video)Payment Amount: If the script is ABC2 10/10 with bank support/bug support $400+ easy.Time: Time is not an issue, as i would like the script to have as little bugs and hiccups as possible. But would like it with in a month or so.Additional: I know this is a hard script for a quick buck. But just think of it as a good investment as i know Scripters hold the rights to publish this out later on. Like seriously, this script could be running rampant the day after. But i just hope it doesnt and is kept between a small society to decrease in ban rates and increase in the pixels we call GP.
  19. Hello! I was just wondering how much it would cost to make a private script. I know that the cost would vary from what bot it was etc. So If I were to ask how much a fletching bot would cost, I think its easier to set a price on that.
  20. By static parameters I mean: Each account that runs the script will be perfectly identical in starting stats. using the same food. using the same potions (to accelerate training) using the same ratio food:potions using same location, bank spot, etc. have perfectly identical bank layouts (item position and quantity) The script is to: Move from location to location (detects when it is time to move based on achieving X level) Support breakhandler Support LG (it's okay if it cannot) Handle Stronghold of Security (only the doors, does not need to worry about portal/ladder) handle banking with both teleport tab and amulet of glory It may be worth mentioning I already own JJ AIO Fighter Pro, and it can handle the combat portion for each spot perfectly; however, some of the banking is spotty, and it cannot handle moving from location to location (obviously), or even the stronghold doors. If you're familiar with recording bank paths, perhaps it's something I'm doing wrong. If not -- and the point is -- instead of writing a complicated combat script, you could just write a script that takes over for JJ's fighter script whenever it stops (X level is achieved) and it handles moving to the next location, passing JJ's script new arguments, and then resuming JJ script. So instead of a massive, complicated script, it just complements JJ's script. and, if necessary, handles the banking (could set JJ script to STOP when out of food, then YOUR script takes over and banks, returns to spot, then resumes JJs) Other info: If you are not a premium scripter, please expect to submit proof of your ability. I am familiar with Java, but not nearly proficient enough to code something like this. My price range is rather large, but I'm not going to underpay you. My payment options are Paypal, OSRS GP, or Bitcoin. I would most prefer paying in OSRS GP, and would pay between 50-750M (the 750M~ end being if it was a full combat script, came with a very good support agreement, etc. and the 50M~ end being if your script only accompanies JJs -- I wouldn't need any support on it if you provided source code, as I could fix it if for some reason it ever were to break) I understand my script is specific enough that you wouldn't be able to sell this script to anyone else, so I am willing to pay well on account of that as well, like I said, my price range is large but I have no intention of paying you an insanely low number for a private script. Post here or PM me! Thank you!
  21. Hello, I'm here to offer my private scripting service. Please follow the following form for a request: 1. Add my skype - deluxes.scripts - Always ask for a PM with any type of service. 2. In the contact request form, please submit a brief description of your script. 3. If I do not have the required stats or quests to create your script, you will need to provide an account. At this time I will not be taking any request under $30 or the equivalent in 07/EOC gp. Please remember that you are paying for this script to be private as well as the time I spend creating and fixing the script. All scripts will receive lifetime updates.
  22. ~*~ Cheap Elite Private Proxies ~*~ Special offer for TRiBot users - 10% discount using coupon code: dscripting-tribot Purchasing 25 Socks5 Proxies, and also want to use them for creating accounts? No problem! We got you covered. For every Socks5 proxy, you also get a HTML proxy with the same IP! This helps you creating your accounts in a browser much faster! Our largest package is 400 Private proxies for €600,- !~BUY NOW~! Frequently Asked Questions about Proxies: Q: What applications work with our proxies: A: We provide each SOCKS5 proxy with a equal HTML proxy for easy use in both Browser & Applications. Most applications work with HTTP proxies, but there are some which work with SOCKS5. And then there are those which do not work with proxies, for which you can use Proxifier or a similar application. TRiBot has been tested and does work with our private proxies. Q: I Did not receive a username / password!? A: Our proxies are IP authorized, so you do not need to use username/password to use them. You just have to authorize your IP(s) by sending it to TheD on TRiBot or contacting us using the Contact page. No idea how to find your IP, or your servers IP? Go to myipaddress.com Q: Is port 25 open on the socks? A: Port 25 is blocked, you are not allowed to use our proxies for mailing. Q: How long does it take for the proxies to be delivered and ready to use? A: If we are online, it can be done within a matter of minutes. Are we not, we will send the proxies when we are. We check everything daily, so normally you should have your own proxies within 16 hours. Q: Do these proxies work with TRiBot? A: Yes, and for maximum speed and efficiency we send you an HTML proxy completely free, for every Socks5 proxy you purchase, with the same IP. This so it will work faster in your browser when creating an account. So, In general you can also use the SOCKS5 to bot in TRIbot and use the HTML Proxy for the sake of your account and registration speed. Q: How will I get my proxies? A: We will send the proxies to your customer e-mail address, you can fill that one in on the check-out page, so make sure you are filling that one in correctly! Q: I want to change my proxy, how to? A: In the RuneScape Botting scene it is a common thing to change proxy if you got an account banned on a proxy. Since we are already very cheap, we got the following solution for people with at least 50 proxies. You can get additional 50 proxies for only €1,- per proxy. This all for an entire month, next to the package you already got. However, if you want to keep the extra package, it will cost you the normal amount. If you don't, you lose the additional 50, or lose the previous 50. That is up to you. You will always have to let us know within 5 days of the ending of your proxies. Q: I want to keep the same proxies for another month! A: Same price, just contact us! Q: So how are these private? A: It is very simple, the proxies can only be used by the IP-address specified by you. You can change this IP anytime, simply use the Contact Form on this website. No password or username needed, no hassle there ! Q: Where are your proxies located? A: All over the USA in different certified data centers, just like most proxies. Q: I need more Authenticated IP's! A: Need more? No problem! We can add additional Authentication IP's for free! up to 4 authentications per 50 proxies.
  23. I just want a furnace manager written for me, and am willing to pay a fair amount of credits. This should be fairly easy to code as I only want a furnace manager and not a bar smelter. Looking for a distinguished scripter to do this job for me, please post or PM if you have any interest. Thanks!
  24. Request: Need Private ScriptDescription: Not disclosing any details as this is a private request, if any Scripter is interested in getting paid to write me a script then we will work out the details.Payment Amount: No limit to my budgetTime: How soon does this need to be completed? ASAPAdditional: Need Premium Scripters only, preferably highly esteemed with a great TRiBot Presence,
  25. Hey, I am looking for a private scripter to code me a private script, preferably someone who has made private scripts before. We will discuss what I will need the script to do and the price for the script on skype. If you are interested in this feel free to send me a pm with your skype id, but keep in mind you must be a scripter on here in order to make private scripts. Thanks!
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