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Found 10 results

  1. Guest


    Hello everyone! I'll start by introducing myself and the goal of this thread. I'm Danny, I've played RuneScape from 2005-2017 on and off. I was mainly active playing from 2005-2009, after certain updates I lost interest in the game and started playing a few weeks a year for the nostalgia. Now I feel like getting into botting, just for fun, to see how far I can go. I will let you ladies and gentlemen decide what you'd love me to do; F2P/P2P botting, break handler time amounts, which skills and which wealth goals or raw material goals. I'll try and keep this thread updated as often as possible. Let me know which scripts you'd like me to use, might use premium scripts, if requested, too. Goals: Set by myself: Create an account 40 Attack 40 Defence 70 Strength 55 Smithing 60 Magic 70 Mining 75 Woodcutting 75 Fishing 80 Cooking Have a nice day! - DANNY-
  2. Hey guys, i'd been getting some feedback that I should make the episodes longer. Here is episode 3: @Montreal apologies for the Maris Piper Mic Bro
  3. Little Intro Jesus christ it's been a long time since I've been on this site, I was here 2 years ago under another username with a completely different goal. The last time I was here I was in it for the money, specifically enough to buy a new pc Well after earning £1,000 through making private scripts and a few premium I kind of just left, with no notice, I just dissapeared. Honestly didn't think I'd miss this shit as much I did so here I am, just finished my first year of university studying Computer Science and about to go into my second. I first started programming here but I never felt like I did it properly or completed anything of value. So here I am to change that, with a possible end goal of completing an AIO bot, capable of doing any skill, lets see how it goes And ofc it's going to be free and open source, cause I like people telling me my code is shit. Progress Log Bit So where to start... I think I might go for a cheeky little check list for each major section. So if I have a section for each skill and within that I will have smaller objectives. So what skill shall I start with? My account is pretty shit but one skill it does have 99 is Woodcutting, let's have some fun with an AIO Woodcutter first (This is something I've done before) Steal my Source Code here! Start AIO Woodcutter AIO Miner Combat So this one might take a little longer, obviously going to reuse my GUI, cause that's how I roll I might do one of my plan of attack things but I'm not really feeling it atm. Might just start from scratch and see what happens.... 27/09/16: Well it's been a little since I've updated this. I've been busy moving into Uni and sorting all that shit out, but I should be back to this soon. Little update regarding the combat, I really couldn't be bothered making an AIO combat script because my end goal with this is to just have a script that will start your account off, through leveling up some skills. So basically what I'm doing is making the end goal atm. Taking bits from my AIO Miner and WCer and throwing them together.
  4. Hi so on Friday i made a new account, bought a bond and gave it 1m starting cash. i used a free fletching script on tribot and hardcored- suicided botting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So i approximatley botted for around 45 hours (total game time). So yeah im very happy with the progress i managed to get 1- 81 fletchting and made 10m coins. Im going to continue this in the upcoming friday and hopefully get 99 fletching or close to 99
  5. Hello this is hue123some! In around 2 weeks my job contract will expire and I really want to invest my capital into something I can grow and develop over time. I've run multiple small bot farms with little success over time but I haven't really had the money to give it a good chance. Support goes a long way into me updating this thread , so please post on this thread to give me some support and the more posts I get the more I will keep this updated. Checklist: Method ✔ Private Script ✔ Accounts 1/6 Currently I have got the method sorted and a private script is being made by a premium script writer on TRibot. I will start botting on 19/08/2016 just on 1 account. I am currently working to get accounts the requirements. Goals: Make 5M Daily Make 20M Daily Make 50M Daily Make 500m Overall Money made so far: 10.5M Current Day: 5 Day 1: Day 3: Day 4:
  6. Hello beautiful people of the Tribot community! (tl;dr at the end) I am relatively new member of the community and have always wanted to increase the amount i participate and involve myself in the OSRS community. ANYWHO this topic is going to be my attempt to make REAL LIFE money from the use of an OSRS bot farm using RWT (obviously, right?). In essence this thread will contain; every purchase i make (I will convert to USD for simplicity), every mistake I make, every banned account and the lessons i will learn on the way. I might even include a rough estimate of the revenue i get depending on my mood. The point of this topic is for other people who plan on getting a few bucks from OSRS bot farming to have some sort of basis to start from, or otherwise for people to just have a look at and have a laugh at all my suffering! Hopefully I can be as detailed as possible (without being suspicious or stupid) so that you can all be entertained while being informed. JUST TO CLARIFY, this is my first ever attempt to make real life money from a bot, or use more than 2 scripts simultaneously, so i do assume a very steep learning curve to come from this experience, as with learning anything. GOALS Set from the first log (19/04/2016)- Create and hand-train accounts until suspicious enough to justify beginning to bot many hours a day on at least 5 accounts- Hopefully within a week Start working out which skills will ultimately give me the best NET profit in regards to risk and reward- Whenever the first goal is completed Make our first $10 day- Hopefully this will come within a fortnight of this project Make our first $30 day- About a month after the $10 day NONE of these goals are set in stone and the actual starting time (of when i will first make accounts) will be in about 2-3 days, after all my exams are finished (yes i have a life, unfortunately). My FINAL remark is that if you're interested in knowing my progress please leave a comment or send me a message! If you have any criticisms for the project or know any rookie mistakes and learning curves you all have made over the years please leave a comment-please only constructive criticism. I have been reading around the tutorial parts of the forums but there definitely will be stuff that i haven't seen. This is all for fun guys, i do have a legit job so im not too concerned about negative outcomes. ALRIGHTY IM EXCITED FOR THIS! Join me in this adventure folks! hopefully this will continue steadily! BAZINGA OUT! tl;dr I will start a step by step, entertainment based, progress blog (you may say) where i show all my efforts to create a botfarm from scratch. With ALL failures included. JOIN ME!
  7. Stopped farming becous of lack of time well some one new can learn from this Gold farm NEED TIME baby sitting ect Welcome to Bloody cub’s Gold Farm! ~Progress at a glance~ Used from Welcome to Saddle’s Gold Farm! (This is repost from https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60615-extream-gold-farm/) My pc: Intel i7 970x 3,75Ghz, 24g 1333 ram And that's everything you need for bot pc spec :/ GP Made: 28,5m Bonds Purchased: 10 Accounts Created: 250 In use ATM: 53 Accounts created and not in use Accounts Banned: 80ish Peak Bots: Bot Low: Fastest Ban: Longest ban: Farm Status: Training Accounts About Me: Hi Tribot, I'm Bloodycub and I'm sure you have seen me around at some point. I like to read new threads and reply often, as I like to help people who need it. I am a returning botter. Botting Style: I like bot high amounts bot's at one's because I like that ways, I’m trying out a lot of new things and playing aggressive my peak profit was 1.7mil in 10hours and trying achieve it again whit 50+bots because my computer can handle it I don’t use VPN's. Bot High scores: Monthly Wrap-Up: Monthly Start-up: New proxies are set up, creating new accounts to begin botting Training Accounts: Training up stats on new accounts for p2p botting. F2p method is crashing and bans are rising if you have any suggestions for me I can add stuff. I plan to keep this thread alive as long as I'm active botting and I'll update it daily.
  8. Hello fellow botters, This thread is inspired by @youarel00t. I'm starting a small gold farm just for a little extra cash. I will post my progress here. Any tips will be appreciated. I will try to update this thread everyday for your entertainment. As @youarel00t is doing, I will update with profits, bot statuses and anything else related. Why?: Pretty much the same as @youarel00t. I'm in college and my parents won't fund my fun. I have a job, but it really just pays for my phone bill, gas, and food. Plus, the job is very slow for the whole year besides the Christmas season. Not looking to make huge amounts of money (not that I wouldn't want to), but just some spending money. Set Up: I have 5 accounts, 2 are members (will all be members soon). I don't have a set schedule, u just run them whenever. I have a VPS, but they're all on the same IP. I'm probably going to buy some proxies soon and maybe add a few more accounts to my team once I learn a little more. Goal: Again, as @youarel00t said, "any amount of money generated from this a success for me". I'm just trying to make a few dollars here and there. Any tips, guidance, or suggestions, please leave a comment below. @youarel00t progress thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/55514-a-total-nubs-farming-progress/?fromsearch=1 PROGRESS STARTS HERE: Spent: $15 on VPS $6.50 on VIP (VIP-E a good investment?) $5 on bonds Debt= $26.50 Total Day #1: 9-17-2015 -I started up my bots before I went to sleep (3am) and ran them until about 12pm. Made about 2.3m profit, I'm happy. -Restarted my bots after cleaning them out @ 12:45pm, I also added some break in so they're not just suiciding. -Ran the bots for 11 hours for 2.8m profit! 'Twas a good day of botting. -I'd like to welcome two more accounts to my team, they're currently training! Total Profit Today: 5.1m Day #2: 9-18-2015 -Put my team to work at about 1am. -I woke up to some sad sad news.... we've lost three of our teammates, bring our team down to 4. They were f2p so it was excepted, but they did have a lot of resources on them. -Cleaned the rest of the team and scraped to together only 1.3m profit. -Almost forgot to post! Okay I got home and my friend rebooted our VPS so I don't know how long they were running for, but no bans! -Cleaned all accounts for 4.8m profit! -This has been going well and it'll only get better. I upgraded to VIP-E, will be adding proxies soon, adding membership and more accounts! Total Profit Today: 6.1m Day #3: 9-19-2015 -I really don't know when I started bots up, I was showing a friend how to do it so we can work together. Let's say they were all set up around 2-3am. -Damn I forgot to update, it was a long day. We turned them off at I don't know what time but we managed to make about 6m Total Profit Today: ~6m Day #4: 9-20-2015 -Friends helping out a lot now. We can run pretty much all day. -We now have 11 accounts (all members)! Some are still training, but making a little money in the process. -Just cleaned them out for 8.9m profit and started them back up! Let's go! Total Profit Today: 8.9m Day #5: 9-21-15 -Woke up to a horrible text... All of our bots, gone. All banned. Full of resources. I knew I should've cleaned them last night, but I was way too tired to even turn on my computer. Anyways, this isn't the end. We're going to get back at it. We need proxies is all and I way to always be collecting. I will update whenever we figure out what we're doing. Total Profit Today: --m Day #6: - We started training up some accounts and they were banned. Our IP is probably flagged. Really need some proxies. Day #7: - We bought a proxy ($3.7) and made some new accounts, 4 are level 60's and 4 are lvl 30's. Additionally, we also purchased the Master Autocutter lifetime for $9.90. Total Profit Today: -12.6m Day #8: - total of 3 accounts have been banned, 2 of which were on the new proxy. 2 acc's lvl 68 and 3 lvl 57. Total Profit Today: 500k Day #9: - got a few more VPS's so I can run upwards of 30 bots now, 2 acc's are lvl 73 3 are lvl 63. Total Profit Today: 1.6m Accounts Banned: 27 Day#10: - Well boys, all accounts banned again.. managed to reach 2 accounts that were on magics. I'll be switching over to a new undisclosed method of goldfarming that is more profitable (and from what I've seen less ban rate). I'll post a link to the new farming progress once the accounts are ready for it. Total Profit Today: -4m Overall Profit: 8.5m
  9. Welcome to Sadel's Gold Farm! ~Progress at a glance~ Progress is slow due to working hours and a broken private script with unresponsive scripter. New accounts will be trained, albeit slowly, progress for June will be small GP Made: 213M Bonds Purchased: 8 Accounts Created: 25 Accounts Banned: 21 Peak Bots: 15 Bot Low: 1 Fastest Ban: 30 bot hours Longest ban: ~1300 bot hours Farm Status: Training Accounts Farm Duration: 1 month who likes my new logo About Me: Hi Tribot, I'm Sadel and I'm sure you have seen me around at some point in the last month. I like to read new threads and reply often, as I like to help people who need it. I am a returning botter, I never botted prior to osrs and have only ever used Tribot, for obvious reasons. My first botting experience ended badly in 2013 but I couldn't stay away. 2 Years later, I'm here to do shit right! Botting Style: I have core bots who are p2p and bot with relatively high requirements for high income per hour. The majority of my income is contributed by a large farm of f2p bots with little to no requirements for lower but substantial income per hour. My focus is to make money as creatively as possible, for a number of reasons. First reason is profit - unusual methods of making money often have high profits as relatively few people compete with me compared to known methods. The second reason is bans - jagex knows what methods make a good gold farm and the more people that bot an activity, the higher the ban rate will be. My logic is that if I can find a money making method that slipped by the majority of players, chances are it slipped by jagex as well, and they will not be watching all too intently. Naturally, methods like this require premium scripts, high requirements, or private scripts. I never use free scripts for gold farming. I do not use breaks. I rarely ever use LG. I do use proxies, and I will discard a proxy if it has more than 2 bans on it. I also try to avoid botting during cambridge office hours, but I am not worried to overlap with them for a couple hours. I am the type of botter who would rather bot 12 hours in one day than 4 hours over 3 days. My reasoning behind these choices is this; I believe breaks may be important to stand out from a crowd of other bots to seem closer to the human group in popular gold making activities. I do not believe they are important if I am the only one or one of few botting a method. I avoid cambridge work hours because anyone who stumbled across my bots would recognize they are bots, but from a system perspective they are off the grid of popular money making methods. I bot each account 12-15 hours per day, as I believe that is around the maximum amount of time a human player could be capable of on a regular basis. The average amount of bot hours I get before a ban is around 170, and as the majority of my bots are free with low requirements, being banned is not an issue. Bot Highscores: Highest Botted Hours (still alive) 1) Knight ~ 402 hours 2) Knight ~ 16 hours 3) Knight ~ 12 hours Key: King: p2p private script Queen: p2p premium script Rook: p2p free script Bishop: f2p private script Knight: f2p premium script Pawn: f2p free script Monthly Wrap-Up: Suiciding all my f2p bots that are left before my proxies expire (19/06/2015) Monthly Start-up: New proxies are set up, creating new accounts to begin botting Training Accounts: Training up stats on new accounts for p2p botting. F2p method is crashing and bans are rising, and my private script is not being updated and scripter doesn't reply to my requests anymore. If you have any suggestions for me I can add stuff. I plan to keep this thread alive as long as I'm active botting and I'll probably update it weekly.
  10. Hey guys, So I'm looking to become a premium scripter, and I'm working on a few scripts that I'll be uploading in the next few days. I have about 4 years of java experience, but absolutely no (except my first noob script "Traveler") experience in tribot scripting. I'm finding it incredibly fun, and I look forward to getting better at it Anyways, enough rambling.... I've posted my script to github and I'm updating it regularly, I was thinking that if anyone wanted to take a look (Even just at the look and feel of my script, and my styles), and see if I'm on the right track to premium scripter-hood. Let me know if you think anything needs work, or if you like anything (Javadoc, null-checking, sleeping, organization, etc.) All feedback is appreciated Github: https://github.com/tyler53/Tribot-Scripts/blob/master/src/scripts/NinjaCows.java Also, here is the paint that I made for this script, I know it's not much but I whipped it up in like 10 minutes so Thanks! Tyler53
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