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  1. This services are provided and run by Virmach, who I am partnered with. Ready to order? Recommended: Purchase via PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, or Bitcion directly on the Virmach website for instant delivery to your email: Order Here Partnered with @VirMach
  2. Accepting OS GP ($0.5/m), Skrill, Crypto (coinbase), PayPal (friends/family/gift), Venmo prices are for 30 days Residential Proxies are $15 each Discord (preferred): ash#2176 Skype: dboltertemp Terms of Service:
  3. Sharing the love of my favorite mobile proxies. One of the best services on the market. Use my unique link to get 10% off on any plan: https://www.proxylte.com/?ref=LAU5847ProxyLTE offering a new approach of socks5 , residential IP's 4G/LTE socks5 ,- high speed- Real LTE / WiFi residential backconnect IP's, no datacenter crap- Higly Anonymous- Totally Private IP's- Higly Anonymous- from ALL OVER US- Ip's CONSTANLTY change but the location of the port remains the same.- Unlimited Bandwidth- 99.99% Uptimewww.proxylte.comWe offer refund but only in max 24h after the payment , full refund .Thank y
  4. Hello and welcome to ProxySeller! Our service would like to offer you personal, static proxy-servers with price range starting from $0.6 depending on what location you are looking for. Currently we have USA, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine Kazakhstan, Netherlands, England and Canada available, new countries coming soon as well. We are selling elite, private USA IPv4 proxies just for $1.5 per month ! We do not provide any speed or trafic restrictions to our customers. Wide range of nets and subnets. 24/7 techni
  5. Hello everyone, Proxy-cheap.com offers Residential proxies and Windows VPS Residential Proxies Residential proxies from 50+ countries and 300+ cities to choose from. With our Residential Proxy, you are assured to get the minimum amount of PVs and action blocks. $7 Entry 10 IPs included $70/month Dedicated Unlimited bandwidth Username and Password Up to 1000 Mbit/s
  6. *As no one knows how Jagex bans accounts, all opinion's are my own. **In response to comments, I've revised the post. This is meant to encourage/help people get into botting, as well as some tips to people who are not succeeding. I spent a lot of time making this because I think this information is useful. First, not only is it possible to make a living botting, but I make more now than at my "real" job! I do this by diversifying how I make my money and picking up as many streams of income as I can. I'll go into what a normal day looks like, but firstly you should learn the
  7. ORDER HERE Learn all about using a VPSGamers Botting VPS Step by Step here. About VPSGamers: VPSGamers has proudly been providing the Runescape botting community with quality VPSs and private proxies for over three years. Their customer base consists of hundreds of happy recurring gold farmers, who love the ease of use, speed, reliability, and excellent support provided by the VPSGamers team. I highly recommend using VPSGamers' bot-ready VPS plans, which come setup with everything you need to start botting right away. No technical experience is required, just order, and start botti
  8. can somebody tell me if you need a proxy to bot safely on two different accounts at the same time with vip / premium or does tribot do that for you (botting noob)
  9. Hi everyone, We started selling proxies a few years ago and we still have a lot of proxies which never been used for RS before. All proxies are private, fresh, 1GB/s, 99,9% uptime, locations available; US, Los Angeles UK, London DE, Frankfurt NL, Naaldwijk NL, Amsterdam Let me know if anyone is interested Thanks!
  10. Comparison of this service and a proxy service: 1. My service has a one time setup fee. Proxies cost periodical fees. (Monthly/Yearly) 2. My service deals with connections to RS worlds. Proxies deal with your TRiBot client's connections. 3. My service allows you to have infinite IP changes to the limits of Tor's IP's. Proxies require additional funds (usually) to change it. 4. I do not advise using more than one Tor port if you are world hopping a lot. Link to my Free Tor with TRiBot Tutorial (click here) ~ FAQ ~ Q: Will this interrupt TRiBot in any way? A: No. Q: Will
  11. Title says it all, I was thinking because the price of a proxy, seems to be the price of a bond. 1m gp = 0.8$ Dedicated sock for a month $2-$3 Bond $2.3 Total gp needed to bot to break even: 6M GP ~ Only reply if you actually have had a farm/have - Thanks!
  12. NOTE TO MODS: Todd gave me permission to advertise our site in topic. Our Private SOCKS and HTTPS proxies are guaranteed to work for all the major bot clients. We are an official advertiser for many of the top bot clients and hope to establish ourselves within the TriBot community. Our private proxies are perfect for botting in RuneScape. If you're looking for low latency, high speed, private and dedicated proxies for botting on unique IPs that have never been botted before, choose us! Here's some highlights of our proxies: 1. Works on all major bots, mobile devices, and desktop app
  14. Proxyhulk offer cheap Anonymous ( Private & Shared Proxies ) with low price starting at 15$ for with Unlimited Bandwidth and Multiple locations across USA our support 24/7 you can get your account in few minutes by instant activation Our proxies are fully anonymous, protecting your IP completely. We ensure that the proxies we supply are non-sequential, and all plans offer multiple subnets. These proxies can be used for basically anything you like Features of our Shared & Private Proxies - Unlimited Bandwidth Use our proxies with no limits or bandw
  15. Hi guys, So far ive been using Maxthon browser because it lets me add a proxy very easily. Problem is it cant run multiple proxies. Have been searching all over google but cant seem to find a browser that does. Does anyone know of a browser that has this possibility? * has to work with LG too
  16. I've got 175 HTTP/HTTPS proxies for sale with IP authentication. Guaranteed 100/Mbs+ and unlimited bandwidth. Price is at 40 cents each, have to purchase 50 minimum. You can't find prices cheaper than this unless you go for over shared proxies like proxy hulk or buy in bulk of 500+. They will last until 3/25/2017. Note: Tribot uses SOCKS5 proxies, not HTTP/HTTPS. Message me on discord daxmagex#2896 OR post on thread / contact me via PM I accept OSRS/Credits. I also accept paypal if you are VIP on forums with an account older than a month
  17. ~*~ Cheap Elite Private Proxies ~*~ Special offer for TRiBot users - 10% discount using coupon code: dscripting-tribot Purchasing 25 Socks5 Proxies, and also want to use them for creating accounts? No problem! We got you covered. For every Socks5 proxy, you also get a HTML proxy with the same IP! This helps you creating your accounts in a browser much faster! Our largest package is 400 Private proxies for €600,- !~BUY NOW~! Frequently Asked Questions about Proxies: Q: What applications work with our proxies: A: We provide e
  18. Proxies Monthly 1 - $2.00 2 - $3.75 5 - $9.00 10 - $15.00 - Save $5 with promotion code "Dream" 20 - $25 You can authenticate up to 4 IPs for your proxies You will receive a control panel You will also receive randomized subnets Save 10-30% on subscription lengths for web hosting My personal skype is XylateScripts
  19. Hi guys, I live in Australia and I've been training up a handful of accounts up to get ready to Goldfarm on and I'm trying to get access to some Australian Proxy's as I suspect Jagex will swing the banhammer if I've been playing from Australia then switch to USA and start goldfarming. Is anyone able to help me with some pricing? Happy to chat on Skype or w/e. Cheers!
  20. botprox.com A Company of Logical Node We at Logical Node are proud to introduce our new proxy system. It is now 100% AUTOMATED! You will get your proxies within 5 minutes of your order! Not only is the system automatic, but it was also 100% custom coded from the ground up to make sure you have the best experience using OUR proxies This is coded by Timer (Coder of RSBot/Powerbot), he is also my partner. 1 Private Proxy High-performance asynchronous SOCKS5 server 1 Gbps downlink and uplink World-wide low
  21. I am trying to use a proxy with my client. I have Extended VIP membership, I entered in proxies I got from http://proxylist.hidemyass.com, and I followed the video tutorial on Tribots Youtube channel posted below. However, I keep getting the message "could not connect to the specified proxy". Can someone help me out here please? Thanks
  22. Hey Whatsup Guys! I've been gold farming for over a year now and I cant stress enough the importance of using proper proxies. I'm selling some awesome & cheap proxies: 5 proxies for 8$ (paypal, btc) / 8m OSRS (30 Days): - You can buy the proxies in sets of 5 or higher. - You can pick between a 10 day (half price so 4$/4M OSRS) or 30 day period. - Locations: USA & Russia. - Free IP change every 8 days, all 5! (keep in mind that I have to do this manually!) - Authentication by Password. - Socks5 (needed for botting) - Works with all the botti
  23. So I'm looking into the possibilities with setting up a proxy for my accounts. I only bot on 2 accounts, 1 main + 1 pure. Light botting, Nmz/experiments/agility/magix etc, nothing crazy no bot farms or obvious botting methods... I've heard people say before, when you buy these proxies from people that since so many botters use them, Jagex has many of them blacklisted and actually by using the proxy enables them to determine whether or not your botting easier as so many botters are purchasing the same ones from the same people... Anyone have any input on this? Or some expertise
  24. This thread will be a guideline on how to use our servers from before you purchase to after. We've been getting lots of messages in regards to what happens after the purchasing process, so we want to show everyone what we have on the market for Runescape gold farming, VirtualBuddy. Step 1: Choosing a Server Whatever your botting needs are, we can supply you with the best software on the market for botting that all comes in a nicely bundled package. Our wide variety of servers allows for easy expansion of bot farms that grows with you, Starting with our most basic package "Trial Farm
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