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  1. Tri Ranging Guild OSRS's most advanced yet easy to use ranging guild script available since 2013! (Still running perfectly in 2016) Click below to activate the script from the repository Features: Fast and human like playing style ABC2 antiban with a rating of 10/10 to make botting even safer Start the script will a single click of a button Option to worldhop if there are x other players in the ranging guild Will logout when you run out of coins 100% flawless Gallery Best proggy so far, sent in 03/03/2015 by @asher roth Thanks for reading.
  2. TRiBot's #1 Script For Training Pures & Mains Description: Tri Experiment Fighter is a flawless script designed to kill Experiments in the Canafis Dungeon. The script was designed not just to be fast, but also to be very stable and human like. With many many people often using the script for days at a time without stopping it. Tri Experiment Fighter is one of the fastest & safest script available to train any type of account with. Experiments are one of the best monster in the game to train on for all account types because: They have 100 hitpoints - Whic
  3. xCode's Essence Miner Download [source will be here also soon] Features Dynamic sleeping Dynamic Antiban Opens door to Aubury when it has to Uses multiple ways to bank Deathwalk from Lumbridge Things to add Pickaxe pickup at lumbridge if you have none Tutorial Island + Rune Mysteries + Mining (easy for farms) How to start Start the script from anywhere with a Pickaxe equiped or in your inventory. Accept Firewall prompts when asked (for GUI). Requirements Rune Mysteries [Quest] A pickaxe Screenshots None yet ~~ Feedback ~~ Please guys! This is one of my f
  4. XPeriments by xCode I needed to train some combat levels for one of my accounts, so I decided to make this and share it with you guys Features Kills experiments ABCL10 All food supported Walks to the experiments (no ectofuntus tele supported) Uses Varrock teletabs to tele to bank when out of food. Supports 2 different areas. Will move to the other area if one is too crowded. Uses special attacks (when possible) Requirements Uses Varrock teletabs You need to have acces to the experiments Screenshots & Proggies Download Changelog If there's anything
  5. xCode's Chicken Killer How to start Start the script near or at the chickens (preferably)Say Yes/No to the bones and feather pop up boxes.Start your own KFC!Features Very nice for starting F2P accountsKills chickens at south of FaladorPicks up feathersPicks up and burries bonesRuns back if it gets lost or stuckSexy paintDownload Source Download: https://bitbucket.org/xcodetribot/xcodechickens Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/731 ~~ Feedback ~~ Please guys! This is my first TRiBot script and I really like to do a lot more. But for that I need your help
  6. https://gyazo.com/9be14e80dc449e8910f7f86987d766a4 Stats and question is there better xp than flesh crawlers with 1 defence? these are 25k/hour xp with potions on all time. and i'm going take 13 prayer to this pure, so it helps any new spots? Xp/hours wanting know and what you would do with this pure it should be now fully quested expect the diaryes etc, tell me do i need them to gain something cosmetic or armor what helps pure in PK. and last thing, can you people tell me all ITEMS in bh / pk with this account like how the bank should look like?
  7. Desert treasure only for accounts with No Overheads & 1 Defence with atleast 25 Hitpoints Minimum. 1Prayer-1Defence-25HP = 15M OSRS 1Prayer-1Defence-50HP+=7.5m OSRS I do not contact through skype. Please PM on here we can go over terms over there.
  8. I have been able to get 99 magic and 80 strength no problem before this, running 2-3 accounts on the same ip. Feb 13 i set up 3 auto fighter usa scripts and a woodcutting one, all on the same ip(maybe my mistake) two laters later , even giving the accounts breaks, i log in to find many of my accounts banned, i try botting woodcutting on another and it was instantly banned. what could jagex be watching? is my ip no longer good or do u guys think any account ever used through my ip is flagged for macro? Also if someone could explain how to change ip's with tribot that would be awsome. obviously
  9. Road To Botted Pure Granite Maul Rusher (Ancients Blitz) (What Is A Granite Maul Pure) A Granite Maul Pure is an account that has 1 defence, 50 Attack and Strength (+) to wield the granite maul, and high Range/Magic/Hp. Maulers base their entire account the weapon, you guessed it, the Granite Maul. The reasoning for this is its special attack, instant smash, kills very effectively. Basically a Mauler is the exact same thing as the standard 60 Attack pure, but with 10 less Attack levels. This will make your account more unique, and also a lower Combat. (Quest/s Requirements)
  10. Title pretty much says it all. Looking for someone to do fight caves on my pure. Stats: 72 range (probably 73 by the time you do it) 43 prayer 25 def Gear: arma mitre arma robe top arma cloak black d'hide chaps/vambs holy sandals can do w.e ammy/ring Post your skypes below, really only want someone really trusted. Thanks!
  11. CJ's Fire Cape Service SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Hey guys, welcome to my fire cape service. I am newer to TriBot and am offering my services to those who need an experienced caper. If you have any questions, I am prompt to answer on Skype, PMs or on the thread. My prices are fair and my service is promised to be outstanding. ORDER FORM: Range/Def/Hp/Pray Levels: Did you add my Skype?: Payment Method(RS3/OSRS GP): *Please note that my only payment methods are Oldschool or RS3 gold.* PROOF: BIGGEST TRUST:
  12. ACUITY'S FREE TO PLAY PURE ATTEMPT Day 3/30 Main Goals - Achieve Desired Combat Statistics [40/60/1/55/16/1] - Horde A Loot Tab Worth 2.75m (Bond) - Successfully Slay 10/10 Players Without Death Statistics Hitpoints [45/40] Attack [40/30] Strength [45/40] Defence [1/1] Range [55/45] Prayer [16/16] Magic [1/1] Progress
  13. I want to do NMZ on my 1 def pure. However, I don't want to spend all my money on prayer pots. I've already attempted just going into a normal mtd game and using absorptions up till 1000 or w/e.. only lasted 15 minutes. Is it not possible for pures or am I doing something wrong?
  14. Hi there, i've been trying to find a good stable low ban rate bot for pures, this includes botting for strength and range in particular with a good high XP/PH rate. Hope somebody could help me with this! Thanks Connor
  15. Hello, I was looking for some scripts that can run at the bandit camp. I saw some that have been made which are free, but I don't always trust the free scripts as much as the premium scripts. I will gladly pay anyone willing to make me a personal script for bandits. Or if there are scripts available that I did not previously see, then if you could just direct me to them that would be great. Thank you, Jason
  16. I've done many of many pures and have done one zerker, but never completed it. I've had many of mains also but got rid of them over the years of my RS career. I have somewhat of a pure going right now, but don't know exactly if that is what I want to keep. I don't have a main right now so that is why this question is being brought up. I'm just wanting some suggestions from the community as to what I should do. It's just a starter account that I'm taking my time on, but these are the current stats. Attack and prayer is all quested.
  17. Got 1-99 fishing in under 2 weeks on a fresh account botted more or less 24 hours a day
  18. Looking for someone to script me a working Combat ring script, that supports prayers, and slave/dummy mode that loots arrows. Really basic script, just jump in ring and attack once it dies. Activate quick pray, ignore randoms, or dismiss them.
  19. Finally my pure is maxed, and I can now follow up by getting all the requirements for making a perfect Zerker, if I ever want to get defence. I don't know why I havn't got banned, but decided to make this thread, so people could follow my journey to a maxed pure or until a ban will ruin it. I have been botting since 2009, so I have gained some experience over the years. Goal lvls 60 Attack 99 Str 99 Range 99 Magic Gaining them levels. 99 Strength + 60 Attack Got 60 attack, didn't mange to get a screenshot but whatever. I am currently working on 99 str, shoul
  20. Background: --------------------------------------------- This script automates the process of mining essence in the Essence mine located in Varrock East, via Aubury's Rune Shop. --------------------------------------------- Setup: --------------------------------------------- [x] Have your RS3 Interface Layout Set to something Similar to this: http://i.imgur.com/rJCAc0q.png [x] Maximize your screen to the Maximum Possible Size for best results --------------------------------------------- Add with One Click Via the Repository: --------------------------------------------- : Clic
  21. Any advice? Just started playing (botting) again about 2 weeks ago as I just had surgery after about a year of not playing. I've been using Tri's Fire Giants to train range whenever I get the chance. After 90 range I will probably get 85+ mage and do DT. I've got Mith Gloves, MM and Lost City finished along with a couple other random quests. Should I stay pure range? Or get strength? Or possibly get defense? I'm open to anything, all opinions welcome Thanks Guys!
  22. I've a pure with 5 attack and 75+ strength, looking for 88 or so strength, use the Relleka rock crabs script I have, or the Tri experiments script I have, thoughts??
  23. Does anyone have an initiate pure guide or anything. The ones I have found are outdated from like 2011. If you know anything about the quests you have to do and the stats etc. Can you add me on Skype? I am trying to make one but don't know where to start. Skype = stayxskilled
  24. Okay, I've got $15-$25 to spend on a script(s) I need your help to get me the best possible bot for the following criteria. I need a bot that - Makes the most possible money for a 90+ att 99 str 95 hp 75 def account. I could take 2 one for my pure (relleka vs runite, which is better)? A money-making script of any kind that will get me maximum profit. I've 71 hunter, and 63 farming. Please help, be descriptive on why you chose what script. Thanks community.
  25. Okay, I have $8 to spend, I have a low level pure with 5 att 79 str, I can get 89 str to max out my combat, planning on doing it with a bot. NEED HELP - Should I get VIP Extended, and use Wasted Man Killer, OR should I get VIP Extended and use Wastedbro's Al-Kharid Warriors, OR should I get Relleka Crabs PRO. Need help, recommendations, good or bad of any/all scripts, which would be better and why. GIVE ME YOUR OPINION MONEY WISE, AS WELL. Mainly though, I'm wondering which can get me 88-89 str FASTER, BETTER, (Efficiency is key) BUT without a ban (what has better anti-bans). I know
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