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Found 13 results

  1. Fluffee's Guide to Generating Random Breaks What you'll need: A spreadsheet program (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Libre Office)Google Sheets is recommended (drive.google.com) A bit of time (5 Minutes) And the desire to create random breaks for TRiBot Step 1: Create your Break Times Creating your random break times is done through the familiar website random.org. Head over to random.org, and select "Lists and More" then chose "Clock Times". To save you the trouble, here's a direct link to the clock times page (here). You should arrive at the page that looks like this. Now, don'
  2. Hi I'm new to botting and I've finally set up Worthy's Zulrah Slayer bot but for some reason the script malfunctions whenever my client gets a random event and solves it. I tried searching on how to dismiss the random events and it says you go to settings>general settings but there is no option for me. The most bottom option on the settings is "Use Hook Storage" and then I can't scroll any further. I'm on Mac OS btw. Any help will be appreciated thank you Edit: solved I already had it unchecked..
  3. Hey all, so I have noticed this time to time even on the browser. I have also used multiple screens(computer monitor, 42"LED TV). I have attempted to SS it but it doesn't appear in paint after you paste the SS. Another thing noticed about this is it sweeps over the client like a wave, going in random directions.
  4. hello, i need quick help, i had the old man random appear on one of my bots and the bot would just click it, i am wondering since the randoms now go away if not made contact with. does anyone know how to disable the random solver on tribot ?
  5. This is the best pictures of me cheating/gold farming/random in runescape. Just to clear it rsbots.net is sued and gone for ever The accounts is mostly banned or sold
  6. Many times my script ends as a random starts or after the random finishes. All it says: the script has ended. Why is that? I have used several different ones but it still ends. Meaning I cannot bot afk for more than an hour or 2 because some random event will trigger it to switch off. Please help.
  7. Heej, I just was doing some afk training with objects on. Because i got few times banned now, i'm very curious what may should be the problem. So I catch this on screenshot what should maybe detect a bot, somebody got some more information about it?
  8. hey, the bot works pretty much flawless but the maze random gets stuck many times in the middle and just stop moving or it just try to enter a door which is not the right path, I don`t want my accounts to get banned so please try to fix it as soon as possible, I can provide you stuck accounts if needed please contact me.
  9. Since, I got so many Gravedigger randoms with my AIO Combat, I decided to make a solver for it. EDIT: It's now 100% conditional unless Model IDs change. Which they don't? See: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gravedigger Notes: I can't confirm that the makeInventoryRoom() method works because I had enough space when I was testing it. I can confirm that the rest works. Logic could be added to put the last coffin in a grave if the other coffins weren't correct. Could just add the last coffin to the last grave, but I had it check it anyways. Constructive criticism welcome.
  10. One of my favorite ways of minimizing ban rate is to call various switch statements in my methods. Most of this is just general knowledge, but I feel like sometimes it's overlooked. This snippet is for joining and idling in clan chats. First we create a method for opening up the interface. private void joinChat(){ GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.CLAN); sleep(200,300); } Obviously this is a very poorly written method, as it had no checks as to whether the tab is already open, or if it's already in a clan chat. To improve it, let's add a check to see if it's already in a clan chat. Remember, this
  11. This is just a simple suggestion I have for how to give the coder some say when it comes to randoms. If this was implemented into the Tribot API it would allow the coder to have some say as to where the random is solved. E.g. you're in combat and you get a random. It runs this: @Override public void inCaseOfRandom() { //walk to safe place } Then: It gives Tribot control to solve the random and resumes the script like usual. This would make a lot of bots more smooth and give the coder a lot more control. -imcanadian
  12. Okay guys, I just managed to make a script for the ScapeRune (or Evil Bob or Molly or w/e) random-event. I only tested this on my own account, but this script is ID independent except for the raw uncooked- , the uncooked fish and the fishing net. The code is a bit messy, but works flawless from my point of view. I hope some of you guys can test this and if a moderator/administrator approves, add it to the Tribot API. Features - Drops 2 of your items when you have 27 or more items in your inventory (you need 2 empty spots). - Picks up a fishing net for you. - Checks what statue you have to ge
  13. I was just thinking earlier, looking at the Random development thread, thinking there has to be an easier and more efficient way to getting random event data. I think a month or so ago, Thebat made a thread with a little tool to help grab interface ID's of the Mordaut (Classroom) event. You'd run the script, and it would visually display the ID's and you simply just post what the numbers are showing. That is an awesome tool, however I think it'd be more than possible and a great idea to make it post the data in the Client Debug tab. Of course, you'd have to make more tools for more sc
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