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  1. Request: Wine of Zamorak 2nd floor winegrabbing script, f2p.Description: If you didn't know, there's a ladder in the normal Chaos Temple (Asgarnia). It is exclusively for players with a total level of 500+. In order to get this level, you obviously have to not be banned, which is why I think it hasn't been done before. I would like it to do the following: * Grab Wines of Zamorak using telegrab on the second floor. * It should be reasonably fast in clicking after the wine appears the first 5-10, but it should have a very rapid onset fatigue setting/antiban. I frankly want it to
  2. I've written down almost everything in half machine language and a logic syntax so it will be easier to code it for you. It contains things like: - Checking specific Items in Bank if available - Withdrawing x items - Combining x and y item - Once done, sell item on GE for Price P (selected in GUI) - Check if sell Order done (if not lower price P by P% (selected in GUI) - Redo - Calculate max equal amount of item x and y you could buy (with prices set before in the GUI) - Try to Buy each item - Check if Order is finished - Else increase pri
  3. Need 10 accounts made and placed in the Grand Exchange. I will provide the Emails and Login info. Budget: negotiable Need the names to start with RNG and be followed by 4 numbers under 3,000. Example: RNG 2### Also looking to see how much it would cost to increse their combat level. Maybe completing the waterfall quest or making them something besides the standard level looking bot. Optional: The accounts should go and purchase the hand fan from diango in drayonor. Looking for quotes below. P.s. also in search of proxies so if you can do any of these
  4. Just wondering since im new to botting and that stuff
  5. Hi guys im a newfag, so ill pay up front no problem to trusted individuals who would like to partake in my requested account services! my gmaul pure is 50 attack (obv) 67 str 75 str 78 range I want 85 range My new soon to be dclaw is only 70 range so i want the following 60 attack quested with mm and all requirements 60 str 31 prayer (can quest to start) Absoulutely no botting!!! screen shots for leveling required add my discord ty#2168 or pm on tribot!
  6. I just want a furnace manager written for me, and am willing to pay a fair amount of credits. This should be fairly easy to code as I only want a furnace manager and not a bar smelter. Looking for a distinguished scripter to do this job for me, please post or PM if you have any interest. Thanks!
  7. Request: Need Private ScriptDescription: Not disclosing any details as this is a private request, if any Scripter is interested in getting paid to write me a script then we will work out the details.Payment Amount: No limit to my budgetTime: How soon does this need to be completed? ASAPAdditional: Need Premium Scripters only, preferably highly esteemed with a great TRiBot Presence,
  8. wally

    Herblore Script

    On behalf of the Tribot community I beg someone to make a herblore script with abc2 and abl10 that can make potions and clean herbs! If you make it premium I and many others will buy it!
  9. Hi im looking for a premium scripter to make 2 scripts for me will pay good money must have abc2 anti ban updates etc cheers. Both scripts are to do with the hunter skill. will pay good money for these scripts.
  10. I been doing essence bots for the past 2-3 days. But the quest is just taxing when you set up bots for essence mine only. So is there currently a Q script that is available, or at least on in the making?
  11. I'm looking for a script that will take clay out of the bank and soften it at the fountain just outside the grand exchange. This way, you can purchase clay, bank it, have the bot soften all of it, and sell it for profit continuously without having to mine it at all, making profit much quicker. This can obviously be finished whenever, there is no rush. It's a free request so i dont expect much, but if you'd like to get carried away with it, it would most certainly be appreciated. Thanks in advance and i appreciate your guys help.
  12. I would like to request a private script i need a decent scripter the script isn't that difficult to make i will pay for this. leave ur skype below or inbox me it! thanks
  13. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a script capable of hunting chompy birds mainly for the western provinces diaries on Runescape 2007. I looked on the repository, but unfortunately couldn't find any scripts pertaining to what I wanted. If anyone can create this script for me feel free to reply to this thread or PM me and we can talk about pricing, etc. Thanks! Additional Information: Chompy Bird Wiki http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Chompy_bird Big Chompy Bird Hunting - Pre requisite for hunting chompy's http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Big_Chompy_Bird_Hunting
  14. If someone could make a script that makes wine that'd be great. Shouldn't be too hard to create, all free script dont support jug of wines and trilez' cooking script is too buggy when wine making and he doesn't respond back so i cant report any bugs to him.
  15. After trying out all of the Herblore scripts I have noticed not one that works very well (mostly outdated) or has sufficient antiban. Would anyone be willing to make a herblore script with good antiban? I'm sure other people share my grievances when it comes to training herblore. Thanks!
  16. Request: - Background Account Switcher Description: - The script would preferably read accounts from a text file, and switch the logged in account every x minutes Payment Amount: - Can be negotiated Payment Type: - TRiBot Credits Time: - The sooner the better, but no real rush. Additional: - The script needs to run in the background, like Sigma Mule for example, so another script that completes in game tasks (i.e. wooductting) can be ran over top.
  17. Hey guys I need a custom bot which can do a couple of things. I need a bot which has anti ban. The bot needs to be able to auto create an account store account info in a spreadsheet, auto trade with a differant supplier account for supplies, level up to 20 and at 20 auto craft ring of recoils, and auto sell them every 1000 rings. also it needs to auto trade the cash to a central account each time its cash reaches a certain ammount. it also needs to be able to auto input a proxy for tri bot which is auto bought from a sight which i tell you, and it needs to automatticly detect when an account
  18. Guest

    Private script request

    Hey, i'm looking for a scripter to write me a private script. Really basic and simple script. Drop me your skype below, thanks!
  19. Guest

    flesh crawler request

    i'd like to make a request for a flesh crawler script why is no one making a flesh crawler script anymore remember using fams script it was flawless prob one of the best scripts ive used never had to babysit it go excited when i saw a new flesh crawler script by hamoods script but its outdated is it cause of a high ban rate i did get banned back in the day but i was a noobie botter then id run it 20hrs flat no break handler but yeah now im doing it the right way id be very happy for one of these scripts and a answer why no one is making one or looking forward to make one
  20. Hello fellow Tribotianees, Today I am here to request my experienced scripters a hard but beautiful script. I am willing to pay well if I can see good results, also possible to pay monthly fees and patent ideas on the script. A short explanation, I will discuss further details through skype only with trusted/experienced members of Tribot. The bot has too be able to: -Interact between a group of accounts -Be able to log in and out on command (for example when attacked) -Be able to bank and teleport These are rough points needed for the script. The script is 100% unique and if staff is
  21. Request: - Chinning For 43+ Prayer/1 Prayer Description: - This script should be able to efficiently and safely travel to ape atol to chin without dying receiving efficient experience an hour. The GUI should have the ability to ask how many chins per trip and the inventory wanted. Also, added the ability to utilize the 1 prayer safezone method. As seen in this tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZl5ZMhFx1c This will save a lot of money on potions and allow botters to efficiently make 1 prayer ranged stakers. Payment Amount: - I'm willing to pay $10 for a premium script Payment T
  22. Hey, i need a private script wrote, should be easy enough to do, just needs to camp a certain monster. Add my skype: jason3460 Thanks, Jason.
  23. Okay this should be simple enough to implement and I believe (almost positive, please, please correct me if I am wrong and I greatly apologise if I am) that absolutely no crafting scripts support battlestaff crafting, which is actually quite a common thing these days as it is great exp with minimal loss (not for much longer)! If anyone can link me to a script that does it would be very appreciated. I have tried searching for one before this. I will be embarrassed if I have made a mistake and take full responsibility. Basically it would only need to do… What all bow stringing scripts do. Take
  24. A monkey guard script would be very popular. Its not a difficult script to make. I would pay $15 for the creation of a monkey guard script Please do not have a Dharok's requirement. Pures can get upwards of 60k xp/hr with a dragon long there easy. There is a huge demand for this script because it doesn't cost gold to use this method, and there are no randoms on ape atoll. If a private scripter is interested, please send me a price estimate. Thank-You
  25. Request: - Range guild bot Description: - ability to do range guild shooting minigame with 2 ways of clicking (spam clicking and right clicking) Payment Amount: - 10-15 depends on how much code there is MAY PAY MORE IF YOU ALREADY HAVE GOOD SCRIPTS Payment Type: - paypal and rsgp Time: - withing 1 - 1 1/2 week Additional: - the bot also need to contain code that detects if the player have less than 1000 coins in inventory at the sametime it needs to turn of the detecting code whenever in random because whenever i get into mime random the script doesnt detect the cash and therefore stops the sc
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