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Found 54 results

  1. Post rewritten after rewritting and updating the code multiple times. So I decided to give writing my own GE API a go and this is what I've come up with so far, using Exchange#offer(name, price, quantity, buy) will do the following: If the GE is closed, it will open it and continue making the offer. If the price is set to -1 then it will use the buttons to increase or decrease the price, depending on whether it is a buy or sell offer, until it is at a price that will buy/sell instantly. Otherwise it will use the custom input button to set the price. It will set the quantity using the 1/10/100/1000 buttons. I plan on updating this to randomise between using them and the custom input method shortly. Edit* I hadn't even remembered implementing this until I saw it do it whilst testing the method, and it was beautiful, but if it goes over the buy quantity accidently, in the example I saw it was clicking +100 and clicked it again too fast so instead of stopping before its target of 875 it got to 900, it will then use the custom amount interface to input 875, beautiful. It will prioritise buy offers over sell offers so that if there isn't an empty slot available, or any items to collect, then it will cancel a sell offer, collect it and continue now it has a free slot. If there isn't a free slot available and we are trying to sell something it will return true, this is so that in my scripts it will remove the item from a toSell HashMap and put it back into the bank to sell later because it has bought the items it needs to continue botting. If it is instead trying to buy something and there are no empty slots or sell offers to cancel then it will wait for something to buy and continue once it can collect something and therefore has an empty slot. Update* It will now search for the item 1-3 words at a time checking the first 9 results each time and will choose the item as soon as it is visible as a human would. I might update this so that it randomises more, sometimes entering the whole first word of an items name straight away, because I sometimes do that, most of the time though I enter as few characters as I need to, I think, thoughts? Let me know what you think, the code is probably disgusting to look at for some of you but for others just starting out like me it could be a valuable learning tool, for how not to code All feedback and constructive criticism appreciated. Exchange Class GEInterfaces Class GEConditions Class InfoHelper Class Thank you to everyone that has read this far, it is appreciated Rewritten, if you have read again, even more appreciation!
  2. This tutorial will teach you how to use an IDEs debugging to utilize break points to debug your TRiBot scripts. This tutorial will only show how to do it with Intellij, but that same thing should apply to other IDEs. Setting up Intellij to run TRiBot 1. We must set up the project dependencies. You can get here by using Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S or going to File -> Project Structure Once you are here, click on Modules and select the dependencies tab. Debugging Tribot requires you add the following files to your dependencies. To add a dependency, click on the green + next to Scope and click JARs or directories. tools.jar You can find this in your jdk directory. Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\lib substance.jar You can find this in your %AppData% Tribot location. Example: C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Romaing\.tribot\dependancies trident.jar You can find this in your %AppData% Tribot location. Example: C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Romaing\.tribot\dependancies bin You can find this in your %AppData% Tribot location. Example: C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Romaing\.tribot\bin 2. We must setup a new Run/Debug Configuration. You can get here by going to Run -> Edit configurations Once you are here, create a new Application configuration by clicking on the green + and clicking Application. The new configuration will be created and we must edit the settings now. I named my configuration Tribot. Main class: org.tribot.TRiBot VM options: -Xmx386m -Xss2m -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -XX:CompileThreshold=1500 -Xincgc -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -Xbootclasspath/p:"C:\Users\Spencer\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\xboot860.jar" -classpath "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\lib\tools.jar";"C:\Users\Spencer\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\bin";"C:\Users\Spencer\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\substance.jar";"C:\Users\Spencer\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\trident.jar";"C:\Users\Spencer\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\TRiBot.jar"; Make sure to switch out the directories to what they are on your computer. Program arguments: TRIBOTSESSIONID MEM384 OLDSCHOOL Replace TRIBOTSESSIONID with your session id. You can find this in %AppData%\.tribot\settings\startup.ini PLEASE NOTE: if your session id does not start with SID, add it to it. Example: ccaa-das9fg87ad9fg7a98df7ga98df7g2aead32kjhhj13k You should place: SIDccaa-das9fg87ad9fg7a98df7ga98df7g2aead32kjhhj13k Hit apply and you are ready to go. Using breakpoints to debug your script. Breakpoints are extremely useful for debugging your program. They allow you to stop the program during runtime and see what is happening. Lets use this simple script as an example. I'm having an issue. Even though I'm near the Oak Trees my script is not clicking the Cut option. We can debug this by adding a break point and stepping through the script. To add a breakpoint, you click on the empty area next to the line numbers which will place a red circle. This red circle is a break point. While debugging, any time your script hits said circle, the script will stop and you will be able to interact with it. Now that I have a break point setup, its time to debug it. We can launch the TRiBot client by going to the Run menu and clicking Run -> Debug 'Tribot'. If this option is not available, you can click Run -> Debug... and select the correct configuration. Once your client has loaded, you can run the script you are debugging. When a breakpoint is triggered, your script will pause and options will be available within the IDE. A blue line represents the current line you are debugging. You will notice that your client has frozen while you are interacting with a break point. To prevent this, right click on your break point and change Suspend All to Suspend Thread. Now when you encounter a break point, your client will no longer freeze but you can debug the script. Now about the real problem. Why isn't my script clicking Cut on the oak tree?!?! Well we have a few options here. We can use some nice features down at the bottom in the debugger. will rerun the program. This will close your current client and open a new one. will continue the program until it encounters the next break point. will stop the program, ending your tribot client. will "step over". This will run the line of code and go to the next one. It will not go into any method calls. will "step into". This will run run the line of code, stepping into any method calls that are made. The reason debugging is extremely useful is you can see in real time what each line of code is doing. In this program, we can "step over" all of our lines, and see the line 17 will gathers all Oak trees in our area. If there is more than 0 Oak trees in the array, it will attempt to click the Cut option on the first one. By repeatedly clicking step over, we can see what happens. Now why can't it cut the tree?? Lets "step over" so we are on the trees[0].click line. If we right click we can see an option that is Evaluate Expression. Click it, or press Alt-F8. This will bring up a new window that looks like this. This allows us to run code that doesn't even exist in the script!!! Lets try running trees[0] and pressing Evaluate. We will see some stuff that doesn't really make sense, but at least we know that there is a tree that we can click on. By typing a . on that line, intellisense will prompt us with valid things we can type. Lets look into the objects definition. We can do this by typing trees[0].getDefinition() Well, that brings up some more values that don't really make sense for us. By looking at the Tribot API or even typing another . to see what are valid things we can type we can see that trees[0].getDefinition().getActions() is valid. Lets try that. Hmm, it tells us that Chop down and hidden are valid options for interacting with this tree. I think I found my issue. Cut is not valid and Chop down is. By evaluating this, the result is true, and in the TRiBot client, the bot successfully clicked on the tree!! This is just a small introduction on what you can do with debugging. For more information on what you can do while debugging, consider consulting google.com.
  3. Request: Wine of Zamorak 2nd floor winegrabbing script, f2p.Description: If you didn't know, there's a ladder in the normal Chaos Temple (Asgarnia). It is exclusively for players with a total level of 500+. In order to get this level, you obviously have to not be banned, which is why I think it hasn't been done before. I would like it to do the following: * Grab Wines of Zamorak using telegrab on the second floor. * It should be reasonably fast in clicking after the wine appears the first 5-10, but it should have a very rapid onset fatigue setting/antiban. I frankly want it to not be telegrabbing 5-10 minutes out of the hour. Pretend AFK, like a user having ADD and checking something, random mouse movements, mouse off screen, mouse circling the spot where the jug of wine is, mouse going crazy some of the time for no reason. It will be efficient some of the time, but then outright miss the wine other times if there are other players there. This is my experience grabbing wines myself legitimately, so I figure the bot should have the same thing. * Although I do want it to have random mouse movements, when it's actively trying to grab wines, it should hover over the spot after selecting telegrab. * Will have the option/script argument to either Teleport to Falador to bank, or manually walk there via daxwalker or something. It should then walk back to the Chaos Temple, climb the ladder, and resume telegrabbing. * Display paint of wines per hour, raw profit (Ge price x how many wines), net prof (raw profit - cost of law rune), magic xp gained, magic xp per hour, time ran.Payment Amount: We'll start at $50, and go up to $100. EDIT: Paypal would be preferable.Time: Variable. Sooner is better, but if it takes two weeks to create the perfect wine grabbing script, so be it.Additional: Support for LG OpenOSRS, since that's what I bot with.
  4. I've written down almost everything in half machine language and a logic syntax so it will be easier to code it for you. It contains things like: - Checking specific Items in Bank if available - Withdrawing x items - Combining x and y item - Once done, sell item on GE for Price P (selected in GUI) - Check if sell Order done (if not lower price P by P% (selected in GUI) - Redo - Calculate max equal amount of item x and y you could buy (with prices set before in the GUI) - Try to Buy each item - Check if Order is finished - Else increase price N by % (set in GUI) start over again. As i said i wrote it down even more in detail that will be handed to the person willing to script this for me Add me on discord: deua#1132
  5. Hello my knowledgeable friends, Ive botted about 3 accounts to max combat and ran small gold farms but lately I really interested in learning how to script myself so I can give back to the awesome community and start goldfarming on a professional level. That being said ive got some questions.Little background check, im a total noob when in comes to programming languages. - ive read that learning Java is a must. But what I don't understand is do I need to learn everything about java or just parts that are relevant to scripting for Tribot. Do I have to take a course or to do a deep dive like enlisting in an education or is learning Java just for Tribot enough? - If a book is preferable, do you have any recognmendations? - after being proficiant in Java ive read I still need to learn how to script for Tribot specifically. Is this a long process? - I know this is a difficult question to answer but how long do you guys recon this process will take in hours learning Java and scripting for Tribot? Ive got about 2/3 hours to spare a day and about 5/7 on weekends - Also is there a discord with like minded people out there looking to learn java/tribot and also one for goldfarmer (not gonna ask for methods lol) Sorry for the long and nooby questions. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction. Any constructive comments are greatly appriciated. Cheers, IDKFA
  6. Guest

    Scripting Tutorials

    What's up guys! I'm new to scripting and I want to be the best! But I need some advice and pointers. I understand the simple side of java, just really how to fit the API into it all. Any links to some really good content and videos? The only videos I can really find that's solid content is from Nexus, but it's only 2 videos. Anything is appreciated! I hope to soon bring everyone some crazy awesome scripts!
  7. I created a video on how to start scripting for TRiBot with IntellJ IDEA. Further tutorials will follow with videos.
  8. Hello everyone, I used to bot a lot with Tribot. I've been gone for what feels like well over a year. I just had some questions for my fellow botters and scripters. What is the botting scene like right now? Last time I left people were just botting throw-aways and still making cash. Any new updates to osrs? How has OSRS changed in the past year? I plan on looking over the update logs, but anything cool happen? In terms of Tribot, have the devs introduced any cool new technologies? Like a more efficient LG or anything? Frosty
  9. Guest

    How to implement abc2?

    I've written my first, I would say for now basic script for combat training. One of the main reasons why I chose to use Tribot is because of abc2. But while reading the post on the tutorial on how to implement it in your own code ( ) I didn't really understand the method(the way) on how to implement it in code. Could anyone please send me a personal message with an explanation on how to implement it correctly, or write a reply here. It would be very nice, if you would include an actual code example of it, that would help me to understand it better. Thank you in advance.
  10. Hey. Just trying to right click make all on the gold bracelet interface. Most recent thing i've trid is getting the RSInterfaceChild braceInterface = Interfaces.get(446,47); then calling it as braceInterface.click("Make-All"); I've tried a few other things from the forum that I can't thing of atm, so any help would be appreciated.
  11. Guest

    Script determine if stunned

    How can I determine if the character is stunned? Any methods out there for this? I'm currently checking something like "currentHP < previousHP" after a certain action but it is not ideal for every occasion.
  12. I've decided to start a Scripting Tutoring service. with the latest increase of users, I'm sure there are people that want to learn scripting. I'm offering basic and intermediate lessons. The sessions can either be spoken or typed, whatever the customer prefers. pricing for each session can be discussed on skype before the session starts. my skype: fkeuning when interested in the service, please add the following message to your friends request: 'hey gef30, I'm interested in your scripting tutoring service.'
  13. I love C++ more then I love Java and would love to start writing scripts in c++. Any API's or material I can use to start writing scripts? I've never written a script before, and I'm assuming its much more different then doing it with java. Any advice or tips would be awesome ^.^ #include <iostream>#include <string>using namespace std;int main(){ cout << "Hello World!!! << endl;}Much more efficient then having to write std:: all the time XD Also, I prefer Code::Blocks as an ide over anything the microsoft makes and eclipse (though Eclipse has some things going for it.
  14. Guest

    Using filters

    Hey, I'm making my own script and I want to check if there are any players within a certain range of me. I'm hoping this can be done using the Players part of api2007, using something like getAll() with a filter. The problem is, I don't know anything about filters, and I can't find any documentation of it except a post here on tribot explaining the concept, not how to actually use them. Could anyone either explain how to use filters or link me something which I can learn from? That would truly be great. EDIT - I just found the page specific to Filters.Players. This seems good enough for me to figure out. Thanks!
  15. Dibes Tutorial Series Hi, My name is Dibes. I decided I wanted to dedicate a video series covering everything you need to start creating your own scripts! I plan to break these up into segments that are under 10 minutes in length each. It will begin with the very first setup for Tribot and continue on into the variable types and then onto how to use them to create a script. At the end we will add paint and create a GUI so it is easier on the end user to use! What will this series teach you? How to setup Tribot in intellijBasic scripting for TribotHow to develop logic in order to create robust scriptsHow to go through the Tribot DocsHow to create a PaintHow to create a GUITable Of Contents: Video 1: Settings up Tribot in IntellijVideo 2: An Overview of the Script Skeleton and Variable TypesVideo 3: Creating your first PowerChopping Script!Video 4: Banking and Pathing!Video 5: TBD Video 1: Setting up Tribot in Intellij or Eclipse Video 2: An Overview of the Script Skeleton and Variable Types Video 3: Creating your first PowerChopping Script! Video 4: Banking and Pathing
  16. Guest

    Imports don't work?

    Hi, I have some java experience and figured I wanted to have a go at creating my own script, so I looked at the "Scripting Tutorial" by Trilez, and everything makes sense to me, but as I try to import the org.tribot.script.Script i get an error... I've read through the beginning of the tutorial but I really can't find what I'm doing wrong, is it possible that the tutorial is outdated and that I should import something else? Thanks!
  17. Guest

    Short distance movement method

    I started scripting yesterday and wanted to share a basic snippet from the Movement class I have been working on, hopefully it could be useful to anybody starting out and it gives me a chance to get any criticism and possible improvements. //Walk to random location near destination by radius static public boolean generateWalkPathArea(Positionable end, boolean object_adjacent, int radius) { DPathNavigator nav = new DPathNavigator(); //Return walkable tiles in given area RSTile[] walkableTiles = getWalkableTiles(new RSArea(end, radius)); if (walkableTiles.length == 0 || walkableTiles == null) return false; //Generate path to one of the walkable tiles RSTile[] path = nav.findPath(walkableTiles[General.random(0, walkableTiles.length - 1)]); //Checks path exists if(isPathWalkable(path)) { //Send path to the Painter Paint.path = path; //Traverse path until within proximity or timeout if (nav.traverse(path[path.length - 1])) return Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { General.sleep(General.random(25, 50)); return proximityOfDestination(path[0]) < 4; } }, General.randomLong(2500, 3000)); } return false; } //Return distance between player and destination static public int proximityOfDestination(Positionable destination) { return Player.getPosition().distanceTo(destination); } //Return walkable tiles in given area static public RSTile[] getWalkableTiles(RSArea area) { ArrayList<RSTile> walkableTiles = new ArrayList<RSTile>(); //If tile is walkable add to ArrayList for (RSTile tile : area.getAllTiles()) { if (PathFinding.isTileWalkable(tile)) walkableTiles.add(tile); } return walkableTiles.toArray(new RSTile[walkableTiles.size()]); } I have noticed some odd behaviour with DPathNavigator and do not wish delegate short distance movement to Dax's WebWalker which would introduce another unnecessaryfail point to any scripts, because of this I imagine I will be writing my own short distance movement class in the future and some improvements on the above code would be awesome. Cheers and hope this is useful to someone.
  18. Hi guys These last couple of days I've been struggling to see what I'm doing wrong in my waitCondition, the problem is that I get an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception, however I dont understand why it appears, if i have the following waitCondition? Shouldn't the waitCondition only return true if trees[0].isOnScreen(); becomes true (That a tree appears on the screen)? And if that case, shouldn't it just continue? final RSObject[] trees = Objects.findNearest(20, Filters.Objects.nameEquals(gui.comboBox.getSelectedItem().toString())); if (!isCutting()) { Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return trees[0].isOnScreen(); } }, General.random(2500, 4000)); } EDIT: Edited the active method to match what I had when the error occured (I'm currently trying what I had posted at first)
  19. Hi Is there a way that i can make my .class files automatically appear in the bin folder upon save? Right now, everytime i open tribot, it creates a new "Bin" folder, and a "Bin1" folder, for my eclipse project, so I manually have to copy paste the compiled .class files to the tribot "bin" folder.. Sincerely
  20. Hey guys I'm completely new to the scripting community, I code Java and C#, however, I've never made scripts for rs, but recently i made my first willow chopper with bank support etc.. However, if I were to implement support for multiple tree types, how could that be achieved? Im thinking of making one generic method that takes all tree types as input, but I cant really wrap my head around it? Whats a general approach to making an AIO script?
  21. Hey scripters, and mayber some botters too! About a year ago I stumbled across this really cool game that helped me practice Javascript in a fun way, similar to practicing Java with RS bots. The game is an MMORPG that runs 24/7, and each player programs their little society in javascript. It's called "Screeps" and can be found here: https://screeps.com/ I havn't played in a few months and I know they updated their paying system so I don't know the cost anymore. But I believe there is a free portion to it. You're just restricted by resources such as Memory and CPU. Well that's it. If you like programming, I really suggest at least checking it out. It's a lot of fun to watch your progress in real time. I'll probably be getting back into it within the next couple weeks after I get started with my new job. If any of you pick it up, let me know and maybe we can work together or compete!
  22. Hi Guys, I'm pretty new to these parts. I work doing IT, and spend a large amount of my Career automating everything i can. It didn't take me long to start wanting to automate games. I've spent time here and there looking into scripts for Bot', but nothing serious up until now. Most of my skills are in Networking/Network security, however, i spent time writing small scripts in Powershell, Python and a few years back entry level Android Apps (Java). I've picked up 'ye old "sams teach yourself Java" book and begun looking over the Tribot API for the first time. Id love to be able to strengthen my Java whilst contributing constructively to a community. Has anyone else started scripting from a beginner point of view, and recently found some forms of success? id be interested on hearing feedback, opinion and any advice TLDR; I'm new, any scripters out there got some advise for a beginner?
  23. Hello Guys, I'm Baal Zebub - The Mighty Lord Of The Flyes I am starting to learn how to code some script, and i have read almost evey tutorial , watched some tutorials about scripting and read some open source code that i have found here. Soo has almost every tutorial for scripting teached me how to make a simple WoodCutter/Planker/Miner and i have undertand all of them i desided to start whit something a little harder than that , a script that just buys from a shop and until now i have made good progress but i am having some problems whit some parts of the API that the tutorials didnt't mentioned and i don't actually understand how to usse them. For exemple i wanted to check if my player whas in the shop ussing RSArea. but i don't understand how to usse it soo i made other condition and worked around that. But really would like if someone could explain to me how to usse a RSArea and check if the Tile of my player is in that Area. (Hope i didn't scare you off whit a noob Question like this) So if anyone that might have some time and patient to help me out a bit until i get the hang of it could PM me or send me a Skype i would be very grateful for the help.
  24. Introduction Hey guys, I'm Lizzzerd. I've been in and out of the the botting scene since pre-eoc. Lately I've gotten bored of playing runescape legitimately, so I've put my runescape goals for my main account on hold for the foreseeable future. My new goal is to become a scripter. I've never really been a scripter before(I've written some shitty scar scripts in the past, but nothing that I would be proud to call mine), and it is something that I've always been interested in. I took a java class a couple years ago in high school which taught me the basics (even though I have forgotten a lot of it). So hopefully it won't take me too long to get to a point where I can efficiently learn. I did some research and familiarized myself with all of the different options for botting sites and their pros/cons, and I decided that Tribot is the place for me. It is the only site that seems to have the drive to take botting to the next level, with stuff like looking glass, and the human mouse and reaction times data. There also seem to be a lot of friendly people here who are willing to help newcomers learn, which is a big plus in my book. Currently I will just be focusing on learning to script, with minimal farming(although it seems like it would be a waste to not try to do some farming in the meantime), but in the future I would love to be able to set up a highly automated farm with self made scripts. Short term plans: [ ] = uncompleted, [x] = completed [x] Read all of the tutorials in the scripting section [x] Watch episodes 1-35 of Derek Banas Java tutorials on youtube (credits to @Assume for the idea) [x] Familiarize myself with the Java coding conventions(not sure exactly where I will be doing this, but it seems to be very important to a lot of people here so I will take the time to try to learn it before I begin writing my own scripts [x] Begin writing basic scripts Long term goals: [ ] = uncompleted, [x] = completed [ ] Write high quality scripts for myself and the community [ ] Run a highly automated gold farm [ ] Create intelligent high level gold farming scripts(Barrows, Demonic gorillas, Wilderness Bosses, Etc...) Conclusion: I hope to get to know you guys, not too sure what this community is like, but from my limited exposure so far, it seems to be pretty great. My skype name is: Lizzzerdtb If anyone would be willing to answer some(potentially very dumb) questions about scripting/botting in the future, feel free to add me. Thanks for reading!
  25. Hi everyone, I am wanting to develop scripts with the specific aim of goldfarming, and then having them available for use through Tribot. The only problem is I haven't completed a programming class past highschool (I ended up finishing with the top marks for my year, but am currently studying something else at University) so I do not currently have the advanced skills to make a decent, user friendly and safe bot. I have read many of the forum posts, but I still do not have the time during the day to invest in writing a script. In this situation, could I hire someone to code my idea, then sell it on here as my own (I would receive all rights to the work created)?
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