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Found 9 results

  1. OSBuddy may altar things in the Runescape client and will mess up some actions in game if using Looking Glass. For example, if you have the Jewelry Overlay enabled, then clicking on some charged items (like a Ring of Dueling) may mess up. Ensure your OSBuddy settings are on default to guarantee Looking Glass running as smoothly as possible How to default your OSBuddy Settings Locate your OSBuddy folder ON WINDOWS: C:/Users/username/OSBuddy If you can't find it, just locate the folder of where you launch the OSBuddy jar, and navigate one or two levels up. Delete the settings folder Now when using OSBuddy all of the custom overlay settings should be turned off. Double check if the Jewelry Overlay is disabled; and if not, disable it manually. Happy Botting! Worthy
  2. Sigma Setting Explorer Script Features Ability to disable and enable listening on-the-fly Ability to disable and enable login-bot on-the-fly Ability to disable and enable random dismissal on-the-fly Listens for setting changes and marks the index, previous, and current value of the setting along with a time-stamp of when the change occurred Integer, hexadecimal, and binary strings are copyable along with individual or grouped setting changes GUI Preview Change Log (most recent version on top)
  3. So I have a few questions about the settings. What exactly is the sleep modifier and the variance limiter, and what settings should I put them at to make it as human-like as possible? What do they do exactly? What does the auto-responder do? What settings do I need to make it as human-like as possible?
  4. What should I set my heap size to to run 10 bots on a single client or is this inadvisable?...and if it is, what's the max # of clients per tribot and what should I set my heap size to for that? I kept getting crashes/failure to load from the default setting, switched it to 2,500 after that and the client was just lagged as all hell...confused af lol. Thanks!
  5. Hi TriBot, I need to delete the settings of my zulrah script because it is causing me problems running the script. How do I reach the folder and delete the needed settings? I am very bad at techical stuff, so please bare with me. I am using Windows 10. Thanks in advance
  6. iamdec

    Nearly there?

    So I've managed to do most by my own, sorting out downloading of scripts running the bot, but i get to the looking glass and its fuzzy as hell can't even see anything. i think its because rs is running on 32 bit and glass is running of 64? how do i change it? thx dec
  7. 1. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/7289-no-vip-800-rellekkacrabspro-abcl10200-hour8-days-proggys60-75kxphrwesteastrange-support 2. Price you paid for script: $8/8 Credits 3. How many auths you bought: 1 4. Date purchased: February 2015 5. Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: The owner hasn't responded to any complaints on this thread or PM's of anybody, including all the friends I referred the script to. His was last active Feb 8 2015, which is a month a go and has failed to update the script a lot longer than that. The last time he posted on this thread was on Nov. 10 2014, which was 4 months ago. 6. Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: Script has developed a whole list of problems. Starting from being unable to dismiss randoms, to world hopping every few minutes even though this option was disabled on the GUI. The account logs off every few minutes even though breaksettings are not set to that. I'd like a refund so I could use Mute's script for Rockcrabs. I've heard good things of it.
  8. Settings explorer: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/16671-settings-explorer/ This is from a post I made for eoc but the same principles apply even though old school doesn't have many settings. You can get settings with: Game.getSetting(int index);Part 1 - General Knowledge Digits Decimal is base 10 The digits are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Notice that there are 10 digits in base 10 Hex is base 16 The digits are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F Similarly, there are 16 digits in base 16 Binary is base 2 You can probably guess by now that the digits are 0 and 1 Binary numbers can be used as booleans in which 0 is false and 1 is true Flags work in this way. Conversion Decimal, binary, and hex number systems all work differently. Here you can see a conversion table Decimal Binary Hex0 0 01 1 12 10 23 11 34 100 45 101 56 110 67 111 78 1000 89 1001 910 1010 A11 1011 B12 1100 C13 1101 D14 1110 E15 1111 F16 10000 10Counting in binary or hex is exactly the same as in decimal! Part 2 - Notation hex values are prefixed with 0x binary values are prefixed with 0b In java, 100 in binary is written 0b100 100 in hex is written 0x100 Part 3 - Bit Shifting Say you have a binary number 0b1011010000 (0x2D0) and you don't want all those zeroes at the end. All you have to do is count the number of 0's and shift to the right. The operator is >>, which points to the right. One shift to the right is written like 0b1011010000 >> 1. The result is 0b101101000. Hopefully, you can see that the zero at the end was cut off. The number was "shifted" to the right. You aren't restricted to only using this in binary. You can also take the hex value and do 0x2D0 >> 1. Keep in mind however, that this is a BITWISE SHIFT when you do this in hex, it doesn't just cut off the last digit, it cuts off the last digit of that number in binary. 0x2D0 >> 1 would return 0x168 which is 0b101101000 in binary. So to remove all the zeroes, you would do 0b1011010000 >> 4 which equals 0b101101. Part 4 - Bit Masking This is quite easy to understand. When you apply a bit mask to a number, it is just comparing each digit of the number's binary value with the & operator. For eq. you have the number 0b1100101001, and all you want is the red part. You can do a bit shift first, then a bit mask or the other way around (a bit mask, then a bit shift). You can figure out the bit mask by taking the number and matching each digit with a 0 for digits you don't want and a 1 for digits you want. You write it like so: 0b1100101001 0b0000111000 (this is the mask) The leading 0's can be removed and you would end up with 0b111000. This is the bit mask. I prefer to write it in hex form because it is much shorter and more concise (0x38). You use the mask like so: 0b1100101001 & 0b111000This equals 0b101000. Now you have to do a bit shift: (0b1100101001 & 0b111000) >> 3 = 101 Alternatively, you can do a bit shift first: 0b1100101001 >> 3 & 0b111 = 101 Part 5 - Settings To use settings, open settings explorer and look for changes in in-game values that generally follow the setting value changes. I'm using pet hunger percentage as an example here. So in the settings explorer I see: 1785 - 0 (0x0) -> 2560 (0xa00)The pet hunger percentage was 0% and now its 5%. The 0's match, but wtfbbqhax 2560 != 5... Patterns in settings changes can often be seen more easily as a binary number. You can search for the value in the settings explorer or use a hex/decimal to binary converter. Either way you find out that 2560 (0xa00) = 0b101000000000 That still probably doesn't really make sense, but if you know binary well enough, you can see that 0b101 == 5. Wow! Ok so all you have to do is take out that part of the number, but wait...how would you do that? The answer is bit shifting and bit masking (bitwise and). You are only interested in the 101 part so you can do a shift of 9 for the 9 zeroes (0b101000000000) 0b101000000000 >> 9 = 0b101 Looks like you're done, but wait... what if later digits appear before the number that you don't want? Well you have to use a bit more brain power. What is the maximum value of the hunger percentage? It's 100%. 100 in binary is 0b1100100. You want all these digits, so the mask is: 0b1100100 0b1111111 (this is the mask) Now let's put this all together. You get the setting: Game.getSetting(1785);shift it to the right by 9: Game.getSetting(1785) >> 9;mask it with the correct mask, which I converted to hex for convenience: Game.getSetting(1785) >> 9 & 0x7F;And you have the value!
  9. A settings explorer. Download from: GitHub This requires MiGLayout which can be downloaded here: http://www.migcalendar.com/miglayout/versions/4.0/miglayout-4.0-swing.jar and extracted into the .tribot/bin folder Top right pane is setting info and bottom right is the log. Should work correctly.
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