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Found 19 results

  1. Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. You can buy credits with RSGP here Posting a BUG REPORT Please read this and submit the report here. Last MAJOR update: Version 2.0 There are TWO versions of the script. ELITE VERSION (Gold Farmers) - CAN BE FOUND HERE All modes enabled. Will be no different than the version that is currently active. 1 Month 1 Instance (7.99 Credits) 1 Month Unlimited (39.99 Credits) PREMIUM VERSION - CAN BE FOUND HERE Leecher mode disabled. If you want leeching mode enabled, purchase the Elite version. 1 Month 1 Instance (4.99 Credits) 1 Month Unlimited (24.99 Credits) Both versions are capable of bringing in the same profits, however, it's simply the skill requirements that separate the two versions. ELITE version will only require a smithing level while PREMIUM will require one of the following stats since it's not capable of leeching: 30 Strength or 30 Crafting or 30 Firemaking or 30 Agility Blast Furnace Instructions: PUT ALL SUPPLIES ON TOP OF BANK. START WITH A BUCKET IN INVENTORY. IF YOU CAN FILL UP A ROLE, PLEASE DO SO. LEECHING DOES NOT INCREASE YOUR PROFITS, NOR DOES IT HELP THE TEAM. Start at Blast FurnaceMinigames - > teleport to Blast Furnace Below 60 SmithingStart Bot with cash-pile in inventory. Stove Operator (Coke Filler) or AIO mode:Start bot with spade in inventory Using Energy PotionsSimply tick "Use Energy Potions" in GUI. Bot will use both Energy and Super Energy potions. Using Coal BagSimply start bot with coal bag in inventory. Bot will detect and run accordingly. NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED ANY QUEST COMPLETED FOR BLAST FURNACE. PLEASE REFER TO THE GUIDE HERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MINIGAME: http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Blast_Furnace Thank you syf54017 for providing me with such an incredible proggy. 109 hours and 32m profit!! EDIT: updated to 121 hours and 35m! BUG REPORTS Submit bug reports here
  2. wastedSmither AIO Link: Features: - Multi Location for smelting (Falador, Al Kharid, Port Phasmatys) - Supports smelting of every bar, and can do cannonballs - Ring of forging support. Withdraws them from your bank and equips them. - Smiths any item. Daggers, knives, arrow tips, dart tips, 2h swords, nails, etc, etc. - Uses any type of bar for smithing. Bronze-Runite - Stops the script at a certain level so you can train carefully. (set at 100 to never stop) - Opens doors when needed - Starts from anywhere. Antiban Features: - ABCL 10 - Randomizes the number it sends when asked how many bars to smelt or smith, instead of typing in the same number or the number of bars - Calculate, human-like wait times between changes in the interfaces, such as when the "Enter Amount" box appears, to simulate human reaction time. - Uses the "choose all" option in the bank for when the script needs to fill its inventory with an item. - Uses the "Make 10" option when smithing/smelting if the script has under 10 items - Smart algorithm to determine when the character is smithing/smelting. It instantly realizes it stopped smelting when a level is gained, etc. - *** Possible future update: Walking using the screen AND minimap *** Pricing + Link: - $8 / Lifetime / 20 instances (practically unlimited) - F.A.Q.: Q. Why use this over other smithing/smelting scripts? A. This script is designed to be the absolute best in efficiency, durability, and features. I always plan on having more features than the competition, and maintain the highest levels of antiban. Due to this being premium, I plan on keeping it 100% functional, 100% of the time if possible. * All feedback, suggestions, comments, etc are MUCH appreciated.
  3. Hey guys, been working on this script over the past day or so, I'm hoping it is working correctly, as i have no more bars to test it with, although If you find any issues please let me know! Instructions: Activate the script through the repository, click here Start the script in Varrock West Bank or at the anvil. Select the type of bar and the item you wish to make. Click Start, and you're done. GUI: Paint:
  4. iBlastFurnace by iant06 Blast Furnace & AIO Smithing Script (2 Scripts in 1!); Blast Furnace Minigame All Bars Progressive Stamina Potions Worker Roles Coal Bag Coming Soon! From Level 3(BF Account Maker) Coming Soon! Sell Bars & Buy Ore Coming Soon AIO Smithing Pro Smiths All Items Progressive Smithing Smelts All Bars Smelt Cannonballs from Bars & Ore Ring of Forging 6 Locations ABC2 10 Activate iBlastFurnace by iant06 GUI Options: Smithing: Smelting: Cannonballs: Blast Furnace: BF Worker: Progress Reports(Before Paint Update): -8 hours of Cannonballs at Edgeville -Smelting Iron Bars with Ring of Forging -Cannonballs from Ore -Cannonballs from Steel bars -Smithing Iron Platebodys -BF Worker Pumping Future Updates: From Level 3(BF Account Maker) - You will start your account anywhere on RuneScape with 500k starter cash, the script will proceed to the Grand Exchange and buy the required amount of Bronze and Iron bars to reach level 30 Smithing. It will then use the Progressive Item Smithing feature of the script and smith the bars into items all the way to 30 Smithing. It will then buy a camelot teleport and as many iron ore and coal as possible with having 10k or so left over for the foreman. The script will then teleport to Camelot and walk up to the Keldargrim Entrance where it will start the Giant Dwarf quest and go through the necessary dialogue and cut scenes til you are inside Keldagrim. It will then use the Blast Furnace minigame teleport, climb down the stairs, and start using the Blast Furnace to make Steel bars. Sell Bars and Buy More Ore - When your account runs out of ore, it will note all of your bars and teleport to the Grand Exchange and sell them at market value. It will then proceed to buy as many ores as it can with having 50k or so left over for the foreman. Teleport back to the Blast Furnace and resume making bars. Coal Bag If you have any bugs at all try to take a picture of it if you can and post it on this thread! Thanks, iant06
  5. Has anyone ever used one of the two or both? I guess it comes down to which one has better anti-ban and time efficiency.
  6. CannonballSmither Hey, Thanks for having a look at my script! Originally i wasn't going to release this script but the only way to improve at something is to have it critiqued, so here it is! Source is at the bottom, any critiques or comments on my code are greatly appreciated. Features - ABC2 7/10 - Everything except the Reaction Times - 4 Locations - Basic paint - Very basic GUI Locations - Edgeville - Al Kharid - Falador - Port Phasmatys Paint - Removable by clicking the paint itself Source https://github.com/jroy8/TribotScripting/tree/master/src/scripts/Smither - Comments on code are appreciated. Repository Link If you find any bugs, please report them over this thread of shoot me a pm! Update Log
  7. Hey there! ITryNotToTroll here with a nice Superheating script for you all! Features: Free Smelts all bars Progressive Can limit amount of natures in inventory ABC antiban Argument support! Locations: All supported by tribot! How to use arguments: In the arguments box, input something to the format of: AmountOfNatures,BarName1,BarAmount1,BarName2,BarAmount2 ect. e.g: 1000,Steel Bar,200,Gold Bar,300
  8. Title says it all, is there any decent smithing script out there? Preferably one with ABC2 and ABCL10 intergrated. Currently there are 2 premium scripts which aren't really up to date. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi can someone make an AIO/one-trip Edgeville Silver ore to Silver bar to Unstrung symbol smelter-crafter? Here is the set up: Item name / Item ID / quantity per inventory Holy mould / 1599 / 1 Silver ore / 442 / 27 Silver bar / 2355 / 27 (after being smelted from silver ores) Unstrung symbol / 1714 / 27 (after being crafted from silver bars) The script should do the following: Withdraw: 1) ONE (1) Holy mould from the Edgeville bank and 2) TWENTY-SEVEN (27) Silver ore from the Edgeville bank 3) Then, the script would have to walk to the Edgeville furnace and smelt 27 Silver ore. Then, the 27 Silver ore would become 27 Silver bar. 4) Then, the script would have to stay at the Edgeville furnace and craft 27 Silver bar into 27 Unstrung symbol. 5) Finally, the script would go back to Edgeville bank, keep Holy mould in the inventory and deposit 27 Unstrung symbol. 6) REPEAT until no more Silver ore in bank I don't know prices of private scripts but let me know so we can discuss. Thanks. themanman you didn't see that ^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Like this script? Like this post! This script is located on the TRiBot Repository. You can view the script there by clicking below. View Repository Version: v1.077 Last Updated: 1/18/2014 Progress Reports [Setup Instructions] (-) Will work @ any bank! Start in the bank you want to use! (-) Start with required runes in your inventory or use staff to substitute the need for secondary runes. Features (-) Banks at any bank booth in Runescape. (-) Superheats all bars bronze-rune. (-) Alches any item or items based on user input. To alch multiple items separate IDs with a comma. (-) Casts any non-combat spell on any item or items based on user input. To cast on multiple items separate IDs with comma. *Special Info: You are not required to check banking or the superheating spell when superheating bars. Simply switch to the superheating tab and select your bar type and press start. If you do wish to superheat multiple bars using the custom feature (this would only work with bars that require one ore) enter the ore IDs in the appropriate textfield, and fill out the general tab as listed. Update Log v1.077 - 01/18/2014 (-) Cast limit option added to GUI. Leave -1 for no limit, otherwise put in a positive value as the limit and when that limit is reached script will terminate.v1.076 - (-) Fixed superheating issues. (-) Edited paint to display more user information. (-) Added option on GUI to disable random solvers. (-) Small speed improvements. (-) Fixed lagg issue upon script start having to do with null pointer exception.v1.075 - (-) Beta of BrMagicPro released. Updates include more user flexibility, cleaner code and use of resources. Please see the features list for a full list of the new features.v1.074 - (-) Should now cancel off "Cast" if you get a random event and the uptext is valid.v1.073 - (-) Adjusted superheating, and the method functionality. Should prevent it from opening the bolts menu. (-) Adjusted superheating speed. See my short progress report below. I'm getting 94k magic experience per hour and roughly 1800 iron bars made per hour. (-) Adjusted high alchemy clicking. I'll have to test speeds at a later date.v1.072 - (-) Updated to account for TRiBot API changes.v1.071 - (-) Fixed superheating speeds. (-) Fixed mis-clicking other spells.v1.070 - (-) Updated superheating sleep times. Maybe will fix your issues. (-) Script is now hosted on repository.v1.069 - (-) Re-wrote alchemy & superheating methods. (-) Cleaned up code slightly, not as much as I should! (-) Edited adamant bars process, I think I did it how you guys asked. Unsure though as I couldn't test. (-) More accurate clicking of the spells. (-) You can now use this script at any bank booth in game, just start the script at whatever bank you wish to use.v1.060 - (-) Small fixesv1.050 - (-) Added Rune bar support. (-) Will now withdraw 100 nature runes if you fall below 250 in your inventory. No need to keep all your nats in inventory. (-) Start location is logged when you start the script. If you end up more than 2 tiles away it'll return to your start location. (-) Updated banking slightly to wait for a change in item count before exiting bank.v1.040 - (-) Fixed Mithril & Adamant Bar support. (-) Changed banking so it waits until ores are inventory before closing bank to prevent rebanking.v1.020 - (-) Fixed banking issues. (-) Will now do withdraw all & then withdraw the second ore if bar requires secondary. Faster exp per hour, also a failsafe is added if it messes up. It will deposit all, and then withdraw the set amounts needed. (-) Added support for mithril & adamant bars. (-) Fixed numerous other reported problems.v1.010 - (-) Superheating added for Bronze, Iron, Steel, & Gold Bars (-) Tweaked alching to make it faster with the new que update. (-) Need feedback on superheating. Was unable to test extensively at all since I don't have any ores.v1.000 - (-) Initial Release
  11. Guest

    script can't type numbers

    Hey, I've had this problem for a long time now. When I run a script such as a smithing one, it selects smith X sets (as usual) but then it won't select how many, as in it just stays there and doesn't type an amount of sets to make. This is really frustrating. Thanks for helping.
  12. Hey guise! Could someone make a bot that repairs both mlm wheels, and then hops world and repeats. I feel like this would be extremely easy to make, and it gives decent XP per hour..Its a great way to train smithing for Ult Ironman accounts and really any account. Also I feel like ban rates from a bot like this would be extremely low!, i would definatly purchase this bot if it is created. TY!
  13. So whats going on with the blast furnace bot? yall making one or not? i bet a blast furnace SLAVE bot would sell all day. Id buy that for sure 100%. think about it,
  14. I have searched over google and here and found nothing interrested. Could anyone share your smithing guide ideas: what method do you use and how much does it cost, how many level does it raise, etc. Thank's
  15. OK, here is my Ammo Smithing script that i have been using for a couple of months now and thought i would share with the community. This only supports Varrock west anvils. coz im so nice Please note: This Script only makes Ammo! (Knives, Bolts & Arrows). There is the option to add feathers to bolts or add any made arrowheads to headless arrows Instructions: Have Hammer and bars in bank (and feathers or headless arrows if you are finishing) if you can have them all close to each other in bank, banking is still a little buggy, this is on the API side so nothing i can do short of writing my own banking method(I think). Start the Script at the bank or at the anvils :-). like i said i have used this script extensively myself, but if anyone finds any bugs or has any suggestions please do post here. thanks Littlered Change Log: Download: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=Ammo&sort=default&category=all&price=any
  16. Hi there! so its been a while since i last did anything here other than lurk around the forums, so i decided to try and give a few scripts to the community, i originally wrote these scripts for my personal use but, hey, why not share? Updated: can now use bars from bank or make your own bars Can now work at Port Phasmatys Start the script in either of the corresponding banks and enjoy, havn't had much time to test this so PLEASE post some proggies! i need proggies from both locations using both methods!! Any and all feedback (Good and Bad) is appreciated! please post any bugs you have, and include as much detail as possible Thanks Littlered Download: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php?search=Cannonballer&sort=default&category=all&price=any
  17. The title says it all! Need 5k iron bars paying 210 each.
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