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Found 10 results

  1. SPX FlaxPicker Repository Link Features JavaFX GUI Ability to submit bug reports through the GUI. Interactive paint Show GUI (Change settings during runtime) Hide paint Take screenshot Print StackTrace General stats Combat stats 1000+ Flax/hr Start from anywhere Custom cursor GUI Progress Reports Changelog
  2. 1. Script Author: @Sphiinx 2. Link to Script's Thread: Private script 3. Date Purchased: October 25, 2016 4. What type of duration did you purchase: Private script 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): http://imgur.com/a/FuYTb 6. Issue(s): Sphinnx asked me to send him bitcoins directly to his wallet instead of going through the tribot repository. He was demoted for doing this and now has no right to keep my money for a script I still have yet too receive a working copy of. I'm asking for a full refund. I already paid @Mute too make me the same script and I received it the same day I paid him. I'm sure he can vouch there was no reason for it to take 2+ weeks. I'd also like to stress this is a private script and everything about the method should be kept private @Sphiinx.
  3. SPX AIO Looter Repository Link Features JavaFX GUI Ability to submit bug reports through the GUI. Interactive paint Show GUI (Change settings during runtime) Hide paint Take screenshot Print StackTrace General stats Combat stats Multiple items World hopping Custom radius Custom cursor GUI Progress Reports Changelog
  4. SPXScripts uses a unique style of submitting bug reports, therefore a guide is sufficient to teach users how to properly submit a report. All SPXScripts use JavaFX GUI's with a bug report form built in for ease of submission. Before contacting me you should submit a bug report to speed the process. Step 1: Once the script is started, you will see a bug report section in the GUI. Clicking that will open the bug report form. Step 2: There are 4 boxes although you don't need to fill out all of them depending on the issue. Sections Bug Description This section is where you can type out a detailed description of the bug. You should be as descriptive as possible; including images and videos will help speed up the process. StackTrace A stacktrace should be taken when the script is stuck or in the process of the bug. When you take a stacktrace it will paste the text to the client debug. You can either use "Script > Print Script StackTrace" to take a stacktrace or you can click the "Stack Trace" button on the scripts paint. Client Debug This is where you can paste the client debug if an error was to occur in the client debug. Bot Debug This is where you can paste the bot debug if an error was to occur in the bot debug. Step 3: Once you are done putting in your information, you can click the "Send Report" button to send the report directly to me. After that, you may contact me about the issue. Once you click the button, it will let you know if your report was successfully sent or not. Note: The button cannot be spammed. Step 4: You may contact me after submitting your bug report, if you don't I will most likely get in contact with you about the issue.
  5. SPX TUTORIALS & INFO LIST LIST Get Worlds By Type Conditional Sleeping TRiBot Rank & Title List
  6. SPX SCRIPTS LIST LIST [SPX] AIO Miner - PREMIUM SCRIPT [SPX] AIO Cooker [SPX] AIO Looter [SPX] AIO Planker [SPX] Cow Killer [SPX] Flax Picker
  7. Get Worlds By Type Description Gets all the worlds of the specified type so you never have to manually update your worlds if they ever change. Enum FREE(1130), MEMBER(1131), PVP(1237), DEADMAN(1238), TOURNAMENT(1338); private final int TEXTURE_ID; WorldType(int TEXTURE_ID) { this.TEXTURE_ID = TEXTURE_ID; } /** * Gets the specified textureID. * * @return The specified textureID. */ public int getTextureID() { return TEXTURE_ID; } Class /** * World Switcher Interface IDs. */ private static final int WORLD_SWITCHER_INTERFACE = 69; private static final int WORLDS_INTERFACE = 7; /** * Logout Interface IDs. */ private static final int LOGOUT_INTERFACE = 182; private static final int WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_INTERFACE = 5; /** * Opens the World Switcher interface. * * @return True if successful; false otherwise. */ public static boolean openWorldSwitcher() { if (GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT.isOpen()) { RSInterface worldSwitcherButton = Interfaces.get(LOGOUT_INTERFACE, WORLD_SWITCHER_BUTTON_INTERFACE); if (worldSwitcherButton == null) return false; if (worldSwitcherButton.click("World Switcher")) { return Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return isWorldSwitcherOpen(); } }, General.random(1000, 1200)); } } else { if (GameTab.open(GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT)) { Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { @Override public boolean active() { return GameTab.TABS.LOGOUT.isOpen(); } }, General.random(1000, 1200)); } } return false; } /** * Checks if the World Switcher is open. * * @return True if it's open; false otherwise. */ public static boolean isWorldSwitcherOpen() { RSInterface worldSwitcher = Interfaces.get(WORLD_SWITCHER_INTERFACE, WORLDS_INTERFACE); return worldSwitcher != null; } /** * Gets the all of the worlds for the specified type if the World Switcher is open. * * @param TEXTURE_ID The texture ID for the specified type of world. * @return An Int Array with the worlds for the specified type. */ public static int[] getWorlds(int TEXTURE_ID) { ArrayList<Integer> worlds = new ArrayList<>(); if (!isWorldSwitcherOpen()) return null; for (int i = 2; i < 419; i += 6) { RSInterface world = Interfaces.get(WORLD_SWITCHER_INTERFACE, WORLDS_INTERFACE).getChild(i); if (world == null) return null; RSInterface worldTexture = Interfaces.get(WORLD_SWITCHER_INTERFACE, WORLDS_INTERFACE).getChild(i - 1); if (worldTexture == null) return null; if (worldTexture.getTextureID() == TEXTURE_ID) { int worldNumber = Integer.parseInt(world.getText()); worlds.add(worldNumber); } } return worlds.stream().mapToInt(i -> i).toArray(); }
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