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Found 5 results

  1. I created my first bots and have been bot mining tin ore. They have a lot tin now but I can't sell it, I can't trade it, and I can't drop it. What are my options before they get banned? Thanks
  2. Got 1-99 fishing in under 2 weeks on a fresh account botted more or less 24 hours a day
  3. Well after accidentally running my GDK bot for nearly 10 hours the day before mod weath would be in the office AND promised to look into GDK bots I thought I was fucked. (https://twitter.com/JagexWeath/status/645151239655845888) I sold off all of my loot and most of my supplies and started training new accounts. I woke up today, and not a single bot was banned on this day. Suck it weath. http://imgur.com/WFRBdOx
  4. Hey guys. As some of you may know, you now only need to have clocked up 18 hours in-game time or attained 7 Quest Points to allow free trade on a fresh F2P 07 account. So I have decided to compile the shortest quests that will gain you 7 Quest Points on a new account. This is ideal for anyone attempting suicide botting or just can't be bothered waiting 18 hours to buy/sell items. If you find this guide useful please let me know by liking this post. You will be doing the quests: Romeo & Juliet, Dorics Quest and Imp Catcher. Okay so firstly you are going to want to purchase a small li
  5. So I've been wondering about this for quite awhile: Does Jagex really look at how much you play, and then make a judgement out of it? Will they flag you if you are just 24/7'ing this game? Personally I really don't know, but I believe that they actually don't look at that at all. I just believe that you have a higher chance of getting banned because you are playing more = more people are seeing you. Have you guys tried running some 24/7 suicide bots, then compared them to bots with breaks? I really have no idea what is better for goldfarming. Thanks
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