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Found 17 results

  1. Sigma Cooker Premium Want to purchase Sigma Cooker with Old-school gp? You can buy repository credits from @erickho123 with Old-school gp HERE Script Features Meat Cooking: Cooks all of your favorite meats at 6 different locations (Hosidius kitchen, Rogue's Den, Catherby, Nardah, Myth's Guild and Al Kharid) Wine Making: Makes wine at any bank (over 300k xp/hr) Task Based: Sigma Cooker runs on a robust task based framework Cooking Profiles: Sigma Cooker allows you to save your tasks into profiles so you can easily load your favorite tasks
  2. Hello everyone, I am posting this to let anyone who wants to join know that I am now hosting a Discord chat for TRiBot users. You can use this chat to talk to other users, ask questions, or simply hang out in the chat. We are the most active botting chat so far with over 40 users online at all times of day. You can use Discord on the web, or download the application for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux if you prefer. You can find the Discord site here. To join the chat, simply follow this link and you will automatically join the chat once you accept the invite. All members are welco
  3. Originally Posted by TRiLeZ So having something like this: Code: JarURLConnection clientConnection = ((JarURLConnection) getJarURL( world).openConnection()); clientConnection.addRequestProperty("Protocol", "HTTP/1.1"); clientConnection.addRequestProperty("Connection", "keep-alive"); clientConnection.addRequestProperty("Keep-Alive", "200"); clientConnection.addRequestProperty("Referrer", "-"); clientConnection.addRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Mozilla/5.0 (" + System.getProperty("os.name") + " " + System.getProperty(
  4. @TRiLeZ @erickho123 @Usa Something really basic that could add a lot to the client starter. It works great with normal scripts by just typing the name off the script in the client starter. My suggestion: Make it so that you can also type the name in the client starter off any "script que" you saved previously. So that we can run the client starter with "script ques" aswell as normal scripts(which is how it works atm). Just an extra option for the client starter to make it more dynamic. Feedback on the suggestion? Opinion on this @TRiLeZ ? Please
  5. Xanthax

    VIP E Refund

    Hey can I get a refund for the 30 days of VIP E i extended when had a couple days left. got banned as soon as bought a bond and cutting yews in members..... Won't be using the bot again as every account gets banned so its pointless. Please refund the $8 thanks
  6. did you guys stop human mouse data it didnt load with client for some reason i just got back after a year not sure and iam vip aswell now i have done my 30 files too
  7. hello, i bought 7 credits in august and didnt recieve them, neither did i get refunded back to my paypal. i got receipt on my paypal that it went through. already tried to contact admins about it. @TRiLeZ
  8. Fixed by TRiLeZ. This now may be closed please. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am aware that buying credits is a secure and quite complicated process (as of now), due to IP's and the originating IP of the account. Sadly, I can't access the IP which I created this account with and now every location I attempt to purchase credits from is marked as fraudulent and prevents me from buying credits. I was wondering if there was a way I could have this reset and just use the IP I have now (which shouldn't change due to it being a work IP and I kind of control that..). I will not buy credits from moderators or other players, as it is a clear rip off with the pricing. I
  10. I don't mean to hassle or nag.. but I've asked at least once as long as the multiple threads on the human mouse data thread.. If it can be seen that I am given my own data as submitted, thanks.
  11. I am getting the following error: Payment failed: We cannot process this order because we suspect it may be fraudulent. i believe this is a result of me using a fake email address when using a prepaid card for the sheer reason of not wanting the email so i don't have to delete it later. Tried everything to counteract this problem but it persists. would really like this resolved so i can buy some scripts -Thanks
  12. Hello, I am a CS student interested in becoming a script writer in the near future. I have done a lot of research on scripts and I wanted to ask those that are experienced: What are the different types of scripts? I have seen some that use states, while others seem to just through a bunch of nodes into a collection and loop through them checking all of the conditions for them to execute. What is in your own individual opinion your preferred way to write a script? Why? And which way do you think is best? Also, please don't hesitate to leave any tips for me. I am new to scripting. :] P.
  13. Months ago when I began using the break handler, I've noticed that one can use x amounts of breaks/durations in EACH different break setting that he/she saves. I've began using numerous and such diverse breaks and times throughout each different setting. Is it possible to add a setting to 'terminate' or command the script to stop and logout from the session in the duration/occurance column, thus making the duration -1 and then identifying the occurrence as a command to logout? Sorry if it's worded weirdly- too much- I tend to do that.. Lol. Thanks for reading and taking into consideration -D
  14. Guest

    Can't recover pass..HELP

    Well, I've been waiting for Days to get my pass back on the account "Youssef779" and i've sumbitted tickets and yet i havn't received any help..Please Trilez could i get help to get my pass back?!My vps and membership on many accounts is running out soon Best regards
  15. Hello ladies and gentlemans, This is more a question to admin's who maybe can help me. So I tried to buy VIP member by using Bitcoins worth of $6,50. I bought about €7,00 worth of Bitcoins. When I tried to make the payment some stuff went wrong and instead of sending $6,50 the results of the payment was $6,08 ( see link: http://gyazo.com/33f05ba14140593bbf7a65b0d08baeef ) And now my question is, is it possible to pay the remaining asked money to fully activate the license or is it possible to get the amount send refunded so I can re-send the proper amount ? Kind regards, Blackindy!
  16. Looking for a pill that will get you ripped quick? Give you the energy and motivation you need to get off your ass? Look no further. These pills will give you the boost you need and the best part is they are 100% natural. Each pill is filled with 700MG of the following Ginkgo Biloba Extract (Leaf) Korean Ginseng Extract(150mg) Tribulus Terrestris Niacin Maca Root Extract L-Arginine Catuaba Extract Coleus Forskohlii Epimedium Sagittatum Extract They are packaged nicely in sealed blisters. Each blister pack contains 10 pills and all orders over 40 pills come with free priority shipping.
  17. Please could you possibly add an option to the client where, You can toggle the X cursor on/off (off being standard pointer cursor) You can toggle the spline on/off (no line following the cursor) This would be useful if a person wanted to livestream to prove to other players and/or J-mods they aren't botting (especially for those who babysit)
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