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Found 26 results

  1. My name is Case sensitive on discord Becareful of imposters - I NEVER TRADE VIA PMS EVER. Unique ID: 460089618331860993 or click here to join my discord and open a ticket: https://discord.gg/b47uuQH Why use VirtGold as your Service provider? in business since 2016 over 250 Positive feedback from customers Over $1k in donations across various forums Everything is 100% hand trained and all work are monitored Provide sufficient updates frequently Terms of services ~:
  2. TOS: * I'll do all trades, excluding account trades. * * Add my Skype or Discord before doing any trades and verify it's me by inboxing me on TRiBot. * Disord: Matt.#3235 "Matt.TRiBot" * Online daily. * * Always ask for a PM before trading with me. * * Vouch not necessary but appreciated if given. * * Both seller & buyer must agree to use me as a Middleman. * * I am not responsible for any charge backs received from a member you're purchasing from but if somebody was to charge-back, your Paypal would be blacklisted and you will be banned. * Times Available: 7:00AM-8:00AM > 6:00PM-1:00AM (Click Here for my current time if you're not in GMT timezone) Time available will differ, usually online from 11AM-11PM on Weekends.
  4. Now accepting payments in cash, 1.50/m untill 100m then $1.10/m END OF MONTH SALE .80/MIL Still bulk discounts. Hello everyone Devin IS back! Best deals around. BITCOINS ONLY(that's why you get best discounts) SINCE THIS IS A NEW POST/Rejoining from year break, I WILL GO 50/50 then 50/50 again, till get VOUCHES! I understand how hard it is to trust people, so we can do whatever you feel pleased. How to get bitcoins. CLICKK HERE when you spend 100$ you get 20 bucks free aswell! if you click my link and join as new member. otherwise nothing. get https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a0ce8ab10b34000e773f0ee (click this ink and join you get $20 for the first $100 you spend, so if you order $100 you get a return of $20. It's called Coin base, but i only accept BITCOIN AND Ethereum ONLY, maybe litecoin in future. i'm also accepting cash but no discounts, BULK DEALS!!! Standard 1m/1token for 1 Coin dollar. UNTIL 30m- $25 Bitcoin $28 Ethereum. ----cash = $35 50m or 50credits= $35 Bitcoin/Ethereum--- cash =$60 /$60 75m or 20 bonds= $50 bitcoin ONLY. or $85 cash 100m or 35 bonds= $70 Bitcoin only $110 cash Discounts are so big on BITCOINS because i have thousands of dollars invested in them i make the money from investment and give you same price i pay for everything. I will have unlimited amound of gold/Bonds. so message me we can figure a way that makes you feel safe. aka 25% or less of the deal at a time Example: you want 10m, Send me $1 i send 1m, we repeat x10. i'll do anything for my customers. THANK YOU - Devin. the senior tribotter.(and this is my second account to lol) SINCE 2009 EMAIL ME OR MESSAGE ME ON HERE. EDIT:$2 IN BITCOIN IS $2!!! it's just Percentage of coin ex: .001670 HAPPY SCAPING/BOTTING! You can get ahold of me on here or my email: [email protected] Please Vouch since im just re-starting i need more business.
  5. Selling 100m @ 1.20$ via BTC
  6. I make 200m daily (some day I can reach 400m) and I want to sell then at 1$ each. If you are a reseller you can make 20$ to 40$ just reselling at 1.10$ each
  7. Stock 90m Price $1 each Payment via BTC
  8. Stock 40m Price $1 each Payment via BTC
  9. BEST PRICE EVERYWHERE! 1.25$/M All fees on me Payment Methods Paypal & iDEAL How does it work? 1. Add me on Skype 2. Confirm your Skype with Tribot forums (Private messege) 3. Pay for the amount of cash you want 4. Meet ingame and get your gold General I know that I am not that trusted on forums, but I am on Tribot since March 2013! So that's why I am selling at this low price to get vouches and to show I am really trusted! If you are trusted I will go first. I will always confirm on Tribot forums. High purchases may require an copy of your ID, due safety. I'll record the whole process, scammers will get reported on forums. Any questions? leave a comment or add me on Skype
  10. Services Ranged 28-99 Str/Att/Def 1-99 Magic 55-99 NMZ point farming (imbues) Any other skills can be discussed. Rates My rate will be around 3-6GP/EXP for 70+ and 10-12GP/EXP for -70 All prices will be discussed in Skype/PM (in-detail if requested) Requirements I train all stats with NMZ (except magic) therefor, you will need certain quest requirements: You need to be able to use Demon or MTD hosting. You need access to a Dwarven rock cake (10 minute quest) You need 40+ defense Basic gear Methods I use a variety of methods ranging from cheap to expensive, You can pm me with a skill you need training and I will provide suggestions on how I would go along training these. TOS (Terms of Service) 1. Once the order has been given, you are NOT allowed to change the email OR password until the order is completed. 2. You may NOT log into the account before sending me a PM (I might be on it.) 3. I am not HELD responsible for any bans/mutes/hacks during or after the order is complete or when the order is cancelled and refunded. 4. If I do not confirm an order via my post or PM you're probably getting scammed. 5. I have the right to decline/cancel any orders if I cannot complete in time. If this happens in the middle of an order a refund will be negotiated (more than reasonable). 6. You must provide at least a 2-day time frame. 7. You will pay first. 8. Always ask for a PM, if the PM is not confirmed, I am NOT held responsible if you get scammed by an impostor. 9. If you decide to cancel an order while the order is being worked on, You will most likely not receive a refund. 10. Everything will be done by hand using the OSBuddy client. (auto screenshot on level enabled AND full screen so NO LG!) 11. If you made an order and didn't read the requirements, I will not refund. 12. Depending on the length of the service I might take most of the NMZ points I earned (I will leave you with more then enough for imbues!) Order form Leveling needed? Have you pmed me on Skype? (c0ngs.be) Do you agree to the TOS? Any Additional notes? Do you have 40+ defense? Add me on skype! Name = c0ngs.be Vouches 80K exp/H average since creation!
  11. Stock 200m Price $1.1 each Payment via SKRILL Must leave a FeedBack after the transaction Add me Skype giank7 PM on tribot when you add me on Skype
  12. Stock 20m Price 1.3$ each Payment via Skrill After the transaction we can give feedback each other Add me giank7
  13. Power Leveling Services for: - Runescape 2007 (OSRS) http://www.NinjaLeveling.com Check it out! PROMOTION! - FREE LEVELS! We understand that you may want to see more vouches before you buy from us, so we are starting a limited time offer promotion! Starting Thursday, July 31st, you can get any one skill (up to level 50) ABSOLUTELY FREE! No purchase required - This is our gift to you! If you like our service, feel free to purchase a full power leveling service. If you'd rather not, no big deal! Keep the levels To get access to this promotion, go to our live chat on our website (click the giant logo above, or the link above), and give us the coupon code "TRIBOT" Limited time offer, ends August 18, 2015 To Give You A Quick Idea Of What Our Prices Look Like: These are prices for leveling each skill from 1-99, but we do multiple skills at a time, and any start/end levels you desire (With prices adjusted)! About Vouchers: We understand that vouchers are very important. We do not currently have any vouchers on TriBot yet, but we do have a list of 450 satisfied clients, and we have asked all of them (without bias) to join this website and leave a review/voucher. They should be coming in for the next few days, so we understand if you prefer to wait in order to confirm the legitimacy of our business. PM me, use our live chat, or add us on skype with the button below if you have questions Skype: Ninja.PowerLeveling This is an update post, I originally posted this business as a personal user (username: tyler53), but we have since grown exponentially as a company and so we are now using a separate account just for this!
  14. Stock 20m Price 1.6$ each Payment via Skrill After the transaction we can give feedback each other
  15. CURRENTLY TAKING ONLY QUESTING ORDERS. Well Hello TriBot I have been playing this game since early 2006 and I've made numerous accounts and did all kind of quest and a variety of accounts. I will be doing Fast and Reliable Skilling and Questing . Prices will be cheap . Feel free to ask for a Quote Deal of the Week : Monkey Madness ( 43 Pray + ) for just 1M 07gp. Orders Completed : 7 Current Orders : - Post Below for any quotes you wish , and I shall get back to you ASAP Terms of Service : All the Services will be done by hand and no botting will be done I will not be responsible for any mutes/bans that your account gets , however its impossible to get one for macroing though You shall not change pass / log into your account during the service. If done so , the service shall be terminated immediately and no refund will be provided. In case I am going first to you and the above term is violated , you shall give me the full payment. If I get late or pass the deadline to finish the service , a certain amount of payment shall be refunded for each hour/day By using my service you agree to all the TOS stated above. Skype : vssalove
  16. Stock 10m Price 2.5$ each Payment via PAYPAL or NETELLER Must leave a FeedBack after the transaction Add me Skype giank7 PM on tribot when you add me on Skype
  17. 50 M $2.20/ £1.50 - I (Pug) do not go first under any circumstances. - Trades over 20M must not be via refundable service. E.g paypal. - Members with post count under 250 are not aloud to use Paypal. - Members who I deem to be trusted e.g staff will be aloud to use Paypal. - I here by inform you that all trades are screen recorded, chargebacks or scams will result in evidence being provided in full to all parties. All evidence will also be posted on every botting forum you have used. - Payment methods include: Paypal, Weston union, Bitcoin, Pingit & bank transfer. - I reserve the right to change my prices. - I reserve the right to not serve you. - I reserve the right to change my T.O.S at any time. - By using a pug service you agree to these terms of service stated here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Order: Add my Skype: live:pugscripting Or Post Here with: Amount: Skype Name:
  18. Current Stock : 10+ Current Price : 875k-1M Skype : darkdragontb
  19. OUT OF STOCK Skype: < --- click it Skype: erminux0707 You must conduct a trade with me on skype or through pm. I will not go first or use MM you must go first. You must leave a feedback/vouch if you are satisfied with the trade. Not responsible for anything that happens to your account after you receive your bond
  20. Buying some EoC GP. Leave message how much you have and your skype. Paying 0.27$-0.32$/mill Skype 'its.kmix'
  21. II Gold Trade Market - Currently Cheapest Rates! II ----========================================================---- We can use a VERIFIED SPONSORED middle man to prevent scamming!! ----========================================================---- Current Rates: 1:9-11 (My 07:Your RS3) Current Rates: 6-8:1 (My RS3:Your 07) ----======================================---- Current Stock: 10M 07 Current Stock: 256M Eoc ----=============================---- Skype: justlikefumbles ClanChat: Cashpiles ----============================================================---- Trade with me and get a FREE 07 party hat of your choice! (While supplies last) ----============================================================---- Party Hat Stock: Purple: 0 White: 0 Yellow: 0 Blue: 1 Red: 0 Green: 0 ----=================================---- Terms of Service I will not go first You will leave feedback after You agree to meet in the locations I specify Trade value must be at minimum 1M RS3:100k 07 ----=================================---- Proof: 10M 40M 100M ----=================================---- I will NEVER refuse a PM - Let me know if you require one during the swap! ----=================================---- Order Form How many bonds are you looking to buy?: Do you agree to the ToS?: Have you been in contact with me? If so, in which way? (Skype/PM):
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