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Found 27 results

  1. Fluffee's Ultimate Guide to Botting: Part Two - All About Proxies Welcome once again to Fluffee's Ultimate Guide to botting series. If you haven't already read part one, please do so here ([Tutorial] Fluffee's Ultimate Guide to Botting: Part One - Account Creation and Management). Today, we'll be focusing on proxies including: what are proxies, why should you use them, and of course how to use proxies. Once again I would like to point out that I am in no way the most knowledgable person on this subject, and I do not know every thing there is to know about botting and the like. However, I do know a couple of things, and I'm happy to share those! --What are proxies?-- Simply put, a proxy is a type of server, which you are able to access and run your internet traffic through. The idea of a proxy is that, when you typically access a website, they see your own IP address as that is where the connection is coming from. However, if you use a proxy, your internet traffic is first sent to the proxy server, and then from there sent to the website and the website see's the proxy's IP address and not your own. --How are proxies relevant to botting?-- As TRiBot has grown as a botting site, more and more people began to try and start their own gold farms (running multiple bots to generate ingame currency which is usually sold), as these gold farms have grown so have the number of bans people are experiencing. As you would expect, when the number of bans started to increase, people began to take notice of their current botting setup to try and determine why the bans were occurring (so then they could prevent it). It was quickly discovered that when a user had multiple accounts all banned on one IP address, the IP address could become flagged by JaGeX and anytime botting was attempted from that flagged IP address the accounts would be banned extremely quickly; you may have noticed this phenomena in your own botting experience. To circumvent these flagged IP addresses, users began looking for a cheap way to change your IP address so they could continue botting and thus proxies became commonplace in the botting scene. Proxies allow you to now segment your bot farm, as instead of running all your accounts on one IP address, you can run some accounts on one IP address and some accounts on another! --Should I be using proxies?-- Depending on the size of your bot farm, yes, you should definitely be using proxies. If you're planning on running multiple accounts at a time, you run the risk of having your IP flagged when you get banned. Which will result in all your bots on that IP address being banned, and any new bots you make from that IP address also being banned. Proxies allow you to keep your bot farm segemented, which means that if one proxy gets flagged only the accounts on that proxy get banned, while the rest of your accounts are safe from the flagged IP address as they are under a seperate proxy therefore a seperate IP address. In short, yes if your bot farm includes multiple bots, you should look into using proxies. --What type of proxies should I use with TRiBot?-- As of the time of writing, March 15th, 2016 TRiBot only supports SOCKS5 proxies (SOCKS5 being the connection method used when connecting to the proxy). Therefore, when you're looking for proxies, make sure to not get confused with HTTP, HTTPS or SOCKS4 proxies, as they will not work with TRiBot. Now that that little rule is out of the way, we can focus on the actual types of proxies out there, which can be quickly grouped into three categories: Private Proxies, Premium Proxies, and Free Proxies. Don't worry, I'll give a quick rundown of each, so you can make an informed decision! Free Proxies Free proxies are, as you can assume, proxies which you can access for free, which also means other people can access them for free. Pros of Free Proxies - No monthly fees - Lots of IP Options Cons of Free Proxies - No support - Incredibly Slow - High Potential for IP Address Flags - Cannot control all users accessing proxies Premium Proxies Premium proxies are somewhere in the middle between Private and Free proxies. With Preimum Proxies, you do have to pay for access. However, what you're paying for is access to a pool of IP addresses. This pool is shared amongst the other users who are also paying for access. Thus giving you and all the other subscribers access to quite a number of proxies, for a relatively low price. Pros of Premium Proxies - Lots of IP Options - Fast Speeds - Low Cost per month - Supported by companies Cons of Premium Proxies - Potential for IP Address Flags - Cannot control all users accessing proxies Private Proxies Private proxies are proxies that you must pay to access and you typically pay per proxy with the idea that only you would have access to the proxy. For the Pros/Cons list, I'm assuming you have an honest provider, who sells each proxy to only one person. Pros of Private Proxies - Lots of IP Options - Fast Speeds - Control over who has proxy access - Supported by companies Cons of Private Proxies - Can be expensive (Couple of dollars per IP) --How do I use proxies with TRiBot?-- I could post an entire guide on how to do this, but luckily @Todd has already done this for me! You can see Todd's guide here https://tribot.org/forums/topic/26877-how-to-use-the-tribot-proxy-feature/ You can also select your proxy inside the bot, using the New Client (Advanced) Button, or right click on the tab in TRiBot and select "Set proxy", see the .gif below for further clarification The Set Proxy feature is used when you want to use a proxy while botting with Looking Glass. For more explanation about how proxies work with Looking Glass, see this post by @TRiLeZ https://tribot.org/forums/topic/49479-notice-proxy-usage/ --How do I create accounts behind a proxy?-- The easiest method is to use a browser called Maxthon, which is one of the few mainstream browsers that natively supports authenticated proxies. There's a Windows download link here http://filehippo.com/download_maxthon/64220/ It's worth noting that at the time of writing the most recent version of Maxthon does not handle SOCKS5 proxies, to combat this I have linked the version I'm currently using, which does support SOCKS5 proxies. A guide to setting up SOCKS5 proxies in Maxthon can be found here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRbLYwimhYk), thanks @Montreal --How can I run OldSchool through a proxy?-- Use a program called WideCap or Proxifier on Windows or ProxyChains on Linux. A tutorial for this can be found here: --How can I add proxies to TRiBot?-- As some of you may know, I've previously released an AutoHotKey tool for automatng the process of adding accounts to TRiBot (if you haven't the thread is here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50213-tutorial-release-fluffees-tribot-account-adder/). And as you can guess, I've realeased a similar tool for adding proxies to TRiBot. However, to keep this thread nice and tidy, you can find my proxy adding tool here: Otherwise, you can follow @Todd 's tutorial linked above to add proxies to TRiBot! --Wait, what about VPN's do I need those too?-- No, I would advise against a VPN, and here's why. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, these are used commonly by people who torrent frequently, or want to remain anonymous online. With a VPN subscription (such as Cyberhost or Private Internet Access) you gain the ability to connect to servers provided by your VPN provider and thus run all your internet traffic threw the server and change your IP address. The reason VPN's do not work well for botting is that with a VPN subscription you gain access to a pool of IP addresses (the pool of IP's being the servers you can connect to) but that pool is shared with the other people who have subscriptions to that VPN. How does this relate to botting? Well, as botting has grown, so have the ban rates and JaGeX have started issuing IP bans, where every account attached to an IP address is permanently banned. Due to these IP bans, using a VPN with IP's that other can have access to, you have no control over what they do while connected to those IP's and for all you know, every IP address your VPN provides could be flagged by Jagex and every account you make could be banned thanks to those IP flags I spoke of earlier. And that about brings this segment of the guide to the end, to overview, we've covered the different types of proxies you can use, should you use proxies, and then how to utilize and add those proxies to TRiBot. I hope you've enjoyed, and learned something from this lengthy guide, be sure to keep on the lookout for Part 3
  2. When using looking glass do I still connect to Runescape using the proxy selected through Tribot, or will the mirrored client run through my main ip adress as osbuddy has no option to use a proxy?
  3. Hi Tribot, About to purchase proxies from blazing proxies. Anyone have a promo code they'd like to share ^^? Thanks in advance
  4. What do you think is better choice--building a computer that can run many bots- lets just say 50- or just buying multiple vpns to run 50 bots
  5. Hay, I was wondering how it is possible to have different IP´s on multiple Bot clients. Lets say i have 10 bots, and i want for all of them a different IP. I know that i need VPN or a Proxy to Hide/change my IP, but i dont know how to set it up, that all clients are running with different IP´s -Twitch
  6. I've recently been banned on 7 accounts due to me running 10 on the same IP address and i need to know if it is possible to use socks 5 proxies on 10 accounts or more spread out on different IP's on the same computer?
  7. Hello, I have been doing some research recently and speculating on the ways Jagex trace devices and networks that players play on. Firstly, we know that your global IP address can be seen easily outside your local network. Secondly, your MAC address. I understand that it's not visible outside your router. I have seen a lot of people say that Jagex aren't able to see your MAC address but I am certain there are software and scripts that allow them to collect your devices information, including HWID and MAC address. I know this because, here, in the U.K gambling websites install a tracing tool whenever you make a new account that collects vasts amounts of data, anything there is to know about your device (device information, specifications, operating system version and even browsing history) and stores it on remote servers. This is to prevent people creating multiple accounts and abusing their promotional offers. The tool is called "iesnare" or "mpsnare" and it is completely legal for them to collect your information as it's stated in their terms and conditions. Now back to Jagex, as the Runescape client is a downloadable software, it is completely possible for them to collect various information about your device. In fact, their Privacy Policy states it clearly that they DO collect your device information as stated in this post here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/67175-can-runescape-see-my-system-information/ Now to my main questions: 1. I read many threads on this forum and people suggest using proxies for multiple account botting. So if I wanted to bot on 25 different accounts and had set 25 different proxies for every single one of them, that would result in me botting on 25 different clients with unique IP addresses. Nevertheless, people who do this don't get chain-banned frequently and I have no idea why as Jagex can clearly see that you are running those clients from the same device. 2. Lastly, if I were to setup 5 virtual machines and run 5 clients through 5 proxies on each VM, would that be seen by Jagex as 5 different devices running 5 clients each through proxies (so each client would have a different IP but they would still be able to see every 5 clients originating from the same device)? Any input and suggestions are really appreciated! Shibalicious
  8. Guest

    help with tips to botting

    hey, I know most people may overlook this thread and sigh when reading what I am about to ask. my question is : I used to bot around 7 years ago and alot has changed since then. I need to know where to start in terms of botting again. should I use a vpn ? should I use proxy? looking glass.. is it less bannable than not using it? there is a lot of question I need to ask really and apologise to those who can help me if they have the time. sorry again but I would really appreciate the guidance. my aim is to come up with a system to bot and make extra income on top of my monthly wages. so the less ban chance the better. thanks
  9. Hey guys, I recently just wanted to try out botting, just to see what it was like. I bought a proxy server / vpn from a site and input it all the info into proxy settings. So everything is fine and it logs me in. But when I try to start the client I get this message saying "java platform se binary has stopped working". Any help to fix would be cool. Thanks.
  10. hey guys recommended me vpn that i should use that can run atleast 5 bots.
  11. Hi, I am looking for a free VPN or one for a reasonable price (less than $10 a month) that would be good to use when playing Runescape so Jagex cannot tell my real IP. I do not want to gamble with just any old VPN due to the fact that who knows how its been used and abused, I'd rather hear from those with experience. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi. I'm looking to start a rather big goldfarming "business". For this I need someone to help me information or a "guide" how to go about doing everything as safely and effective as possible. I would need help with basically everything from creating the accounts, seting up the VPN, which scripts to use (or if I need to get some scripts privately made) and so on. In return for your help I am willing to give you a percentage of all revenues for 1-2 years (or maybe longer but with a smaller percentage after that time). Percentages and how long is something we can discuss via skype, pm or whichever you prefer. Bascially the more details and the better you help me set up a stable, secure and effective gold farm the more you will earn from it aswell so it's in both our interest to make it as successful as possible. Hope anyone of you will be interested in the deal we will agree upon. Of course I will stand for all the costs of VPN's, bonds and other costs. Kind regards, the_raz (I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section, I've tried posting this thead multiple times but there has always been some sort of error posting it. A moderator may move it to the right section)
  13. Hi all, I can't seem to get my Tribot client to load, I have connected to a VPN, and it just says 'connection error exception' and nothing else, no other messages etc. when I click login, I have logged in on the website via the vpn connection no problems, but the client itself will not let me. Any suggestions? Regards, Athy
  14. I will list here free method for hiding/changing your IP, that I use to bot and do other nasty things on internet. What is VPN? Virtual Private Networks create an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your computer and the host server, with the internet traffic going in and out of the host server. Your ISP or government can only see that you have connected to the VPN server and nothing else – your activities, IP addresses you have visited etc. are all completely hidden from them behind a minimum of 128-bit encryption. Method #1 (Soft Ether + vpngate plugin) 1. Download this software. http://download.vpngate.jp/common/cd.aspx/vpngate-client-2014.09.08-build-9473.130565.zip2. Install it/unzip it and run it. 3. Click on "VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers". 4. Find a suitable server for you, if you want a decent speed you want it as close to you as possible. 5. Click "Connect" and Select "TCP" protocole and hit "OK". 6. You now have free VPN connection and your IP is changed. 7. Check your IP: https://www.google.co.uk/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=_nwMVMuUH5KAUJb1gHA&gws_rd=ssl#q=check+my+ipThis is for WINDOWS only at this moment, I will add linux guide soon.
  15. Welcome to My Private Proxy Shop! Why Choose me? *All Proxies are Private (1 person to a proxy)* *Full Customer Support* *All Tested Proxies* ​*Cheapest Prices* *Instant Delivery* *65+ Feedback* *$25 Donor* Add me on my only Skype: "BurntishSwap" Prices per Month [07/Rs3]: 1 Proxy: [1.8m/12.6m] ea 3 Proxies: [1.75m/12.25m] ea 5 Proxies: [1.7m/11.9m] ea 7 Proxies: [1.65m/11.55m] ea 10 Proxies: [1.6m/11.2m] ea 20 proxies: [1.5m/10.5m] ea Bigger Orders can be discussed through Skype! After Adding me on skype, Fill in the Order Form: How many Proxies are you purchasing? Have you added me on skype? Are you going to leave feedback after transaction?
  16. Welcome to My VPS Shop! I will be selling different VPS packages for Rs3/07 Gp! What Will I be doing? - Set up your VPS so you It can be viewed In a desktop Rather than in code - Make it so you can view your VPS' Desktop from any VNC viewer - Install All the software that you will need to be using (Bot client, Java, Browser etc.). - Making sure you will be able to bot without any problems My only Skype: BurntishSwap If you dont have a Skype feel free to Pm me or post on this thread. Beware of Impostors! Always ask for Pm confirmation before a trade! All VPS's will be fully ready to bot on. I will personally set it all up so you can view your VPS's desktop through any VncViewer and start botting! All VPS's Have a 100 Mb/s Internet Speed. Custom Packages now also available! Add me on Skype for any vps you are looking for including Windows Vps's! Packages [Per month]: Burn 1: [4.5m 07/ 36m Rs3] Runs Up to 2 bots. 10 GB Hard Drive 1 vCore CPU 1 GB RAM Burn 2: [8m 07/ 64m Rs3] Runs Up to 5 bots. 25 GB Hard Drive 2 vCore CPU 2 GB RAM Burn 3: [15m 07/ 120m Rs3] Runs Up to 10 bots. 50 GB Hard Drive 3 vCore CPU 4 GB RAM Burn 4: [23m 07/ 184m Rs3] Runs Up to 20 bots. 100 GB Hard Drive 4 vCore CPU 8 GB RAM Once your VPS has been delivered, follow these steps: If you are having Issues contact me through Skype or Tribot PM and I will resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you are having Trouble with setting up your own VPS I can also set it up for you [1m 07/7m Rs3] T.O.S We do not permit any customer to use our services for illegal activities. In addition, the following activities are prohibited by our terms of service and constitute an immediate cancellation without refund or prior notice: - Attempting to harm our servers or other servers in any way (Attacks, CPU intensive programs for no reason, etc) - Spamming, mailservers, or mass marketing of any kind, or any type of investment/lottery sites - Brute force and other vulnerability-checking programs, even if for security purpose - Traffic exchange websites or services, including autosurf sites and topsites list - Mass public file storage of any kind (image hosting site, video hosting site, etc) - High CPU/Bandwidth Usage, or in any other way disrupting the performance of other customers - Constantly receiving attacks on your services or failure to secure your services properly - Once Payment has been made it is non-refundable. - If you are experiencing issues you will contact me and I will sort it out as soon as possible. Add Me on skype for more info, After filling out this form: What package VPS are purchasing? Which Bot do you want me to install on your vps? Have you added me on skype?
  17. Twitch

    Proxy Store ?

    Does anyone know a good and very trusted proxy store on tribot ? i was buying my IP´s from TiempoSales for 6 months now, but not gonna buy from him anymore, since the service is shit and the proxy price went from 1.7m ea to 2.2m ea. not gonna pay this price.. if you know some trusted users with a fair price let me know. Thank you !
  18. Today I'm going to discuss how to gold-farm, in ways that even a technophobe could understand. No need for a fancy computer that's going to cost you £1500 to build and then cost you electricity on top of that; Use a dedicated server! One of the best I've found is : http://www.hetzner.de/en/ Although unmanaged, it is simple to set it up for botting! The guide that I personally used to setup my farm is : http://www.sythe.org/archives/834814-noob-friendly-complete-guide-set-up-vps-botting.html On top of the server you will want, you will also need socks5 proxies (and VIP+ on tribot). To create the accounts on the proxy, you will want google chrome, as I have found that it works flawlessly with proxies. To do this: press cntrl+h to open up history, go to settings and then advanced settings. Scroll down until you find the proxy settings option and open it up, inside there you will see an interface that has different options inside of it. Click the advanced button (may need to enable proxy first by clicking the tickbox) and a new screen will open! Progress! There will be a list of different types of proxies, with HTTP at the top, and SOCKS5 at the bottom, in the SOCKS5 section, type the ip of the proxies you were given by your chosen provider (I use http://www.proxy-blaze.com/), aswell as the port. Click ok, then ok again and you will be ready to continue! Simply go to http://www.runescape.com/ and in the right hand corner there is an option to 'create a new account'. Clicking this will take you to a page where you can type an email, password and age. You do NOT need to use a genuine email address, but make sure to remember/write down the email address(es) that you used. Tap in your password and your age (or make one up). I advise making 2 accounts per proxy, as this reduces the likelihood of receiving a mass ip-ban! If doing a f2p skill, skip to the next step! Unless you wish to make the accounts members regardless If you are planning on farming with a members' skill you will need bonds on rs3, to pick these up you can either buy gold, or use any gold that you may have lying around (at current time bonds cost 5.5m each)! To transfer the bonds to the new accounts you have just made, i advise using a client for the account with bonds, and using a seperate tab (with proxy still enabled) for the farmer. You will have to make up a name on farmer account, and then click settings, skip tutorial and follow the instructions! Once this is done, you can trade over the bonds, redeeming them on your farmer for 14 days membership; saves paying £5 an account! Open your server/vps and get tribot downloaded (can use the website with the providers I have chosen). To bot using the proxy on the server/vps, this is where your VIP+ comes in, click the proxy button on your tribot client (primary screen) and tap your proxy details into here. Make sure to use the same proxy that you created the accounts on, to bot the accounts, as this will reduce chances of investigation by jagex. Once the proxy details have been entered, log in as usual, but using the proxy drop-down box, select your proxy. From here it is pretty self explanatory (complete tutorial, start script etc). You only have one choice to make: self-management or automated management. Self management will require you to move the items/gold from your farmers to a mule (which you should not bot on), whereas automated will do this for you, without you having to move a muscle! For farms of 20+ accounts or more, automated is definitely recommended! There are a couple of management bots on the forums, but I shall not name them. Due to obvious reasons, I cannot disclose the script that I use, the scripter that made it, or any of my account details. Any other information that you require I would be more than happy to help! First guide, cut me some slack if things are dodgy please I understand that this guide is tailored to windows, but the skills are transferable, for example the ctrl+h may not work on Mac systems, but you can go to the settings from the drop down box in the right hand corner!
  19. Twitch

    Mule IP

    My current Mule is running on my home ip bcs i dont want to risk any ban on it bcs a proxy could be flagged etc etc. should i keep using my home ip for the mule, or is it better to use a proxy?
  20. Hello, 10 days go i purchesd 5 proxy servers from sanderty i had no problems with it at all, but to day as i tried to connect to the proxys it says the username or password is wrong. the same thing as i tried to conncet with a proxy on the tribot client. it says :" Error! Could not connect to the specifiled proxy." any other users with the same problem ?
  21. Hey i am looking to buy 1 or multiple proxys with 07 gold. it costs around 2.75m / proxy- but i got confused by this monthy payment from the super moderator YoHojo. so is it possible to just buy a proxy without paying monthly? i am very confused and new to this. i would appreciate help. Thank you
  22. is there any way i can tell if the proxy im getting is actualy private and not just one of google? if so how?
  23. Hey guys, So earlier today I experienced the unfortunate event of a chain ban. I was botting on 4 different characters that were helping eachother farm gold (they weren't interacting with each other yet though). They were all banned simultaneously, and I can only assume that this is because they were created on, and botted from, the same IP address. My question is: Does using a VPN or proxy reduce the chances, or even eliminate the occurrences of, chain bans/bans in general? Thanks guys EDIT: If you guys think this is a good idea, do you know of any tutorials of how to set this up with tribot? I'm completely new to proxies and VPS/VPNs
  24. Hey everyone, Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to bot using a VPN (so that each account on each tab is shown to be logged in from a different IP address?) If not, could someone help me out? Thanks!
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