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Found 7 results

  1. Wasted Chopper - AIO Woodcutter Description: Wasted Chopper is a woodcutting script designed to be greater than any other woodcutter. Made with the best antiban yet seen, this script has been completely rewritten and runs flawlessly. With a Task System, Auto-Axe Upgrading, and ABCv3 Antiban, Elite Chopper Pro is the best Woodcutting Bot you can find! Repository Link: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/wasted-chopper Features: Best Antiban possible. ABCL 10 plus new antiban not seen in ANY OTHER SCRIPT via my Unofficial ABC Extension Task System for completely automated 1-99 20+ locations (including Redwoods) (See second post for full list) Options to burn, fletch, and even plank the logs you chop! Customer location support! Infernal Axe Support Fast and efficient chopping Start from ANYWHERE Auto axe upgrading (bronze to dragon) Completely Customizable Antiban Control Mouse Speed, Reaction Times, and even play around with Tribot's built-in antiban! Profile System Save and Load custom Profiles! Script Arguments To use, just type in the name of one of your saved profiles, and the script will load those settings and run them without displaying the GUI! Upcoming Features: Built-in Muling capabilities New Paint! Preset profiles for you to kick-start your massive goldfarm! Buy Here: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/wasted-chopper GUI: Proggies: Vouches: Supported Locations: Custom Scan for trees in a certain radius. Allows you to scan for any tree name, including Teaks, etc. Supports Banking using Dax Webwalker or Tribot Webwalker Lumbridge Normals Oaks Willows Yews Draynor Oaks Willows Port Sarim Willows Varrock East Normals Oaks Varrock West Normals Oaks Falador Normals Oaks Yews Edgeville (beta) Yews Grand Exchange Yews Seers Village Willows Maples Yews Magics Catherby Oaks Willows Yews Castle Wars Teaks WC Guild Willows Maples Yews Magics Redwoods Antiban Settings The Reaction Modifier represents how much of the reaction time you want the bot to wait. So the lower this slider, the shorter the reaction times. Misc Info: The task system loops. So once the final task is finished, it will run the first one again. If the Stop Condition is already met, the task will not run. Please note that this script exclusively uses DaxWalker for walking, and is subject to its limitations. Common Tribot Fixes:
  2. Introduction: Paint: GUI Version 1.00 (7/2/2014) - Initial releaseVersion 1.10 (7/3/2014) - Added Edgeville yews Spawn prediction at Edgeville yews Added Picking up Bird's nests (Untested)Version 1.11 (7/3/2014) - Fixed banking method broken by previous update (oops!)Version 1.12 (7/3/2014) - Fixed paint for regular logs Improved tree clicking methodVersion 1.30 (7/5/2014) - Rewrote Antiban More tree clicking improvements New Paint Added Varrock East - Trees, Oaks Logs AntibanVersion 1.40 (7/9/2014) - Implementation of ABCL10 Antiban actions included in paintVersion 1.50 (7/15/2014)- Added fail-safe for Bird's nests Updated find tree method to avoid using minimaps unless necessary. Camera improvementsVersion 1.60 (7/18/2014)- New Locations: Edgeville - Trees Seer's Village - Maples, Yews, Magics Sorcerer's Tower - Magics Catherby - Yews New GUI. Included FAQ Improved cut method. Report bugs here.Version 1.61 (-Hotfix-) - Fixed bug with cutting methodVersion 1.70 (7/25/2014)- Noticed "Bird's nest" was actually called "Bird nest" in OSRS Should no longer fail picking up nests.Version 1.80 (7/27/2014)- Added conditional sleep at seer's bankVersion 1.91 (8/03/2014)- Changed how the bow reacts to fail clicks on tree. Added back Draynor. Deleted it by accident Added wait-for-login check on paintVersion 1.93 (8/03/2014)- Added Falador YewsVersion 1.96 (8/07/2014)- Added Port Sarim Trees/Oaks Sleep time before for ent action loweredVersion 2.00 (8/10/2014)- Fixed Ent problem (?) Fixed minor bugsVersion 2.01 (8/13/2014)- MASSIVE REWRITE Made GUI much more easier to use. Added much more Tree locations Cutting much much more efficiently Smart Tree switching/choosing Ent NPC detection flawless Ent Object detection 99.9% flawless (Jagex changes IDs). You can now adjust mouse speeds Updated ABC DYNAMIC SIGNATURESVersion 2.10 (8/23/2014)- Paint changes Added Varrock Trees (South) Fixed minor bugs.
  3. Activate Script: 1-60 Time Lapse: 157 Hour Progress Report (Bronze axe for most of it) 117 Hour Progress Report Progress pictures (show spoiler):
  4. What i would like is a script that will work with Tribot and be able to get me 100% to 1-99WC I have never been able to successfully get a bot to get 99 WC but Even if the bot has to get some random combat skills and such in the middle of woodcutting im okay with that I would just like to how much something like this would cost me? It must be Able to 100% be able to get to 1-99 WC on its own. and Have the Ability to Chop Magics/Yews After Getting to 99 WC If Whoever does this Does it well i will continue on Buying the Scripts , - TruElitePK ----- OLD RS BOT
  5. Guest

    Searching for a Script!

    Hallo everyone, I've been training Woodcutting lately and i found out that there are people botting in Varrock next to the church. When they chop the Yew and when its gone it automaticly hop to a other world and start chopping their the Yew and once they are done they go banking and go back to the Yew near the Church of Varrock. Does anyone know which Script this is? Thanks for ur time!
  6. Shoot me an offer on here for 30k+ Logs. Looking for ~75ea
  7. 1-99 WoodCutter - Perfect for Goldfarming - Description: 1-99 WoodCutter is a script that attempts to make account training easy, while also offering viable money making methods. This script will be able to run from the beginning of tutorial island, to 99 WC without stopping. It will always be able to run, because it always finds something to do! No axes at all, it can pickpocket men and buy a bronze! Cutting Oaks with a bronze axe? This script will sell the logs to the shop in order to buy a steel axe! What happens after it trains the account, say to 60 WC? This script can go directly from training to cutting yews for your botfarm! Imagine being able to start a script on tutorial island, go to sleep, then come back to the account making profit! This script is a pure time saver. If you plan on running more than 3 accounts, you will definitely notice how much easier it is to start your farm with this script. Features: Starts from tutorial island (or anywhere), and does WC tasks based on stats and GP. Buys axes from the axe shop when you need them! Sells logs in certain locations to save time and gain GP for axes. Does tutorial island with a flawless, private, and human-like solver Cuts logs in your favorite goldfarming places with banking support Fast WCing methods with perfect ent detection. Perfect anti-combat and anti-stuck ABCL 10 antiban, implemented flawlessly along with custom methods for even more human-like behavior Synergizes incredibly with The Bot Farm Manager, allowing for 100% automated botfarms Screenshots: Price Planning: $5 / 4 instances - Per month $15 / Unlimited Instances - Per month $30 / Unlimited Instances - Lifetime Auth F.A.Q.: Q. What's the difference between this and an AIO Chopper? A. This script is meant to train your new accounts without you ever having to stop the script, or set up the settings, or give the account items, or even do tutorial island! Once it trains them, it will move on to your good WC spots and earn GP. Q. Why is this so beneficial? A. Training accounts, even with scripts, isn't always easy. You need to buy items, stop and start scripts ever 20 minutes, etc. Doing this on 1 account isn't bad, but when you're trying to goldfarm, it's extremely tedious. This script completely eliminates that headache because it's the ONLY script you need to run to make GP!!
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