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3 hours ago, Aropupu said:

It seems like that's happening because of an error you have made in the Motherlode placeholder item settings (custom ID). You didn't provide your settings so I don't exactly know what the error is but you can reset your settings by deleting your aMiner2_settings file and that will fix the issue as long as you don't make the error again.

EDIT: It appears that specific setting is actually not working correctly for some reason. You can disable the custom placeholders and that should solve the issue until I fix it.

EDIT 2: Custom placeholders should be fixed in the latest version of the script. Thank you for providing the debug. To update scripts in Tribot 11, either use the refresh button or restart tribot completely

Reinstalled tribot, now it works :) Suggestion: Could you add chronicle (f2p teleport book) to teleports? This would make varrock west banking faster for f2p.

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Make sure ROOFS ARE TOGGLED OFF in Runescape's settings. The script can be found from the store: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/aminer-v2 Features and location list:

Will be adding the new Mining Guild area to the script either today or tomorrow if all goes well.

Thanks @Aropupu  

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On 7/18/2020 at 6:03 PM, framble said:

Reinstalled tribot, now it works :) Suggestion: Could you add chronicle (f2p teleport book) to teleports? This would make varrock west banking faster for f2p.

Can look into adding it since new teleports are not a big deal to add in v3. The chronicle seems to be a special case though since it has limited use based on wiki.

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14 hours ago, toxjq said:

There is an option in mother loads more settings reduce acb delay 0 is no delay. What’s the default value it is set to? It’s pre filled with 3 but not selected  

By default the script uses them always. You can reduce it by using that setting if you enable it. When not using them, it uses default reaction delays that aren't as long based on your generated profile.

Edited by Aropupu
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40 minutes ago, toxjq said:

So is it a new random delay generated every time I run the script?

No, based on your account name you get a profile that generates antiban delays for your account. I believe most scripts do the same either through ABC or through custom methods.

Edited by Aropupu
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Hey there Aropupu. Great script, it has gotten me several accounts past 80+ mining. Never got 99 cause I dont want to risk it haha.

I also love your agility script, got 99 agility on one account with it. I also recommended you to implement the accept genie on the agility one. Could the same be done for this one? I have no idea why but when mining/agility I get/see a lot of people get the genie. Honestly it just looks weird when you dismiss a genie it's free xp lol.

I assume since you already have it implemented on aAgility it could be easily implemented on this one as well?

Thanks Aropupu.

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1 hour ago, Aropupu said:

aMiner v3 has this already. I can add it to v2 too.

Oh, I see. I haven't used v3 yet due to being in stage of beta. I been using v2 for several months now and I dont want to change the behavior or do all over lol. If you could add it to v2 if it's not too much hassle. I would appreciate it a ton.

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On 8/12/2020 at 5:12 PM, Lolwhathax said:

Oh, I see. I haven't used v3 yet due to being in stage of beta. I been using v2 for several months now and I dont want to change the behavior or do all over lol. If you could add it to v2 if it's not too much hassle. I would appreciate it a ton.

Should be updated now in the latest version of the script. You can find the option to enable it in General --> Misc settings. ("Talk to Genie to get XP lamp")

To update the script make sure to either use refresh scripts button or restart tribot completely.

Edited by Aropupu
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9 hours ago, Ondog said:

anyone know what i can do to stop this from happening?

Sounds like you have enabled more deposits mode. Go through your motherlode settings and disable it. If this is not the case please do make a proper bug report:


- Send me your settings. You can get your settings by going to your .tribot folder and opening aMiner2_settings file in notepad. Then just copypaste all the text inside it here.
  > In Tribot 11 you can go to Settings --> View local scripts and then going a few folders back from there to get to the folder.

- Send me full client debug and bot debug information after the issue happens. You can copypaste both by right-clicking on their tab and clicking Copy to Clipboard:
  > If you don't see debug loggers in Tribot 11, you have to open them first. There's a button to open them in the upper right corner.

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6 hours ago, Snifl said:

Hey could u make it so it could mine sandstone and put it in grinder in Quarry and use spell to refill waterskins?

You can find those settings when you select quarry as location and go to quarry settings. You also need to select custom rocks for it to mine sandstone.

Edited by Aropupu
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