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Make sure ROOFS ARE TOGGLED OFF in Runescape's settings.

The script can be found from the store:

Features and location list:


- Supports all pickaxes
- You can choose to bank or powermine your ore
- Also has the options to use worldhopping
- Prioritizes ores to mine based on spawn time.
- Pickaxe upgrading (needs to be enabled)
- Motherlode mining
- Custom settings: you can choose custom rocks, custom destinations for bank and mine and custom paths.
- Setting profile saving/loading
- Goal bag and gem bag support (coal bag is not supported in motherlode mine)
- Settings for copper and tin mining
- the ability to start the script without a GUI (using "last" argument)
 > You can also write your setting profile name in the script arguments to start it without a GUI and with that profile.
- You can disable the paint or choose another.




If the location has aggressive NPCs, it's safe to assume that you will need to raise your combat level so they are no longer aggressive.

  • Al Kharid
  • Ardougne East
  • Coal Trucks
  • Crafting Guild (option to use f2p route and the bank chest inside the guild)
  • Dwarven Mines
  • Falador West
  • Grand Tree
  • Jatizso
  • Lumbridge East
  • Lumbridge West
  • Mining Guild
  • Motherlode
  • Piscatoris
  • Rimmington (will use deposit box)
  • Shilo Village (with gem cutting and dropping options)
  • Shilo Underground
  • Tzhaar
  • Varrock East
  • Varrock West
  • Yanille (with the option of banking at the deposit box/chest)
  • Quarry

Motherlode mine


- Option to use upper level.
  > Includes settings that will only go to areas in the upper level that don't have players in them.

- Option to use agility shortcut
  > It should calculate if it's faster to go through the agility shortcut or via normal route when going back to bank.

- You can now choose how the script handles the hammer:
  > Drop hammer: will get a hammer from a crate and drop it when done fixing (DEFAULT)
  > Keep hammer: Will keep hammer in your inventory once it's looted from a crate

- Will avoid players mining ore veins as long as you don't disable it.

- Settings to make the script deposit 1-6 deposits before banking. Also option for 4 deposits without sack upgrade and 7 deposits with sack upgrade (these require using placeholder items in your inventory).

- You can completely customize where the script goes in the motherlode mine. Just select the correct destination (upper level, northwest etc.) and then go to Custom settings and set your custom destinations. You can input as many custom destinations as you like.

- Coal bag usage is not supported in motherlode mine.

AFK mode instruction:


You should use the preset options in the script to make it easier to set it up. Below instructions are for those who want to customize their times even more.

You can find this feature in the antiban options. THIS FEATURE WORKS IN SECONDS.

You can choose how many seconds the script will AFK From A to B. By default it's from 0 to 300.

Common: The most common value. It will randomize the AFK time around this number. By default it's 30 seconds. 
This value needs to be between the min and max value, otherwise the script might crash.

Variation: How much the common value will vary. By default it's 15 so with the default settings it will vary between 15-45 seconds. This doesn't mean it will always be between 15-45, it just means that it will most of the time be between those values. 

Timeout: How long will the script wait minimum before AFKing again. This time will be randomized with the randomly generated seed from your account's name.

Mouse movement: You can choose if you want the script to move its mouse off-screen sometimes/always/never when being AFK.

Even if you have the exact same AFK settings with two different accounts, they will be randomized differently so it will not be exactly the same. The script generates a seed from you account name and will use that to determine the randomization.

The script will disable the login bot until the AFK sleep time ends. This means it will not attempt to login while it's being AFK.


Worldhopping (antiban) mode instruction:


You should use the preset options in the script to make it easier to set it up. Below instructions are for those who want to customize their times even more.

You can find this feature in the antiban options. THIS FEATURE WORKS IN MINUTES.

You can choose how often the script will worldhop to another world based on a timer in minutes. This is especially useful in motherlode for example if you want the script to worldhop at random times but don't want to use the player detector for that. Works in the same way as the AFK mode.

From A to B: The script will randomize the value between these numbers so if you want the script to wait at least for an hour until worldhopping, you'll just add 30 - 90, which means from 30 to 90 minutes.

Common: The most common value. It will randomize the worldhop time around this number. By default it's 50 minutes.
This value needs to be between the min and max value, otherwise the script might freeze.

Variation: How much the common value will vary. By default it's 20 so with the default settings it will vary between 30-70 minutes. This doesn't mean it will always be between 30-70, it just means that it will most of the time be between those values.
This value needs to be between the min and max value, otherwise the script might freeze.

Even if you have the exact same worldhopping settings with two different accounts, they will be randomized differently so it will not be exactly the same. The script generates a seed from you account name and will use that to determine the randomization.


Progressive Mode:



- You can add locations to queue and choose when you want it to stop mining at those locations. Available stop conditions are: level, time and ore amount.
  > You can also add a location to the end of the queue that the script will mine at infinitely.
  > The queue will skip locations if stop condition is already reached. So you can make a queue and it will skip locations for levels that you have already reached.
- You can add as many custom locations as you want using profiles. Save your profiles before you start using this feature and load the profiles by adding them as locations.
- All locations support their own custom settings that you can save in the custom tab of the script.

If you have any suggestions to make the feature better, please let me know.



Are you having problems with the script?


Easy way to solve most issues with tribot is to use the following tool: (this will delete hooks.dat, jagex cache, lg client related cache etc. for you)
Make sure you close all tribot clients and runescape clients before you use it so it works properly!

You can also try the following:

- Make sure your roofs are toggled off in Runescape settings.

- Simply restarting your Tribot client can sometimes help too. Also restart your Looking Glass client if you are using Looking Glass. Close all windows of Tribot and then restart it. It's recommended to restart a few times to make sure all hooks get updated, especially after Runescape has updated. Let Runescape load after each restart.

- If you are using Looking Glass with a client that has plugins, please try disabling plugins since some of those could interfere with Tribot's functionality.
You can do the following all in one before restarting your client:

- Try clicking on File ---> Delete Cached Files and restart your Tribot client.

- Try going to litemode in Tribot's settings and restart your Tribot client.

- Disable "Use Hook Storage" setting in Tribot settings.

- Some people have also reported that deleting Jagex Cache manually can fix some issues. Here are steps to delete it: https://support.runescape.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360001441169-How-to-clear-your-cache-


if all else fails, please post a proper bug report:
- Describe the issue properly

- Send me your settings. You can get your settings by going to your .tribot folder and opening aMiner2_settings file in notepad. Then just copypaste all the text inside it and send it to me.
  > Easy way to get to .tribot folder is to go to File --> View local scripts folder and then going a few folders back from there to get to the folder.

- Go to Tools -> Generate Bug Report in your tribot client. Do this when the issue is happening or right after the issue happened to provide the most useful bug report file. Send this .zip file to me.

Custom settings instructions:


Custom settings are settings that you can use to affect what rocks the script mines, where it walks exactly in the mine or bank and you can even create custom paths if you know how to. You can use custom settings for preset locations too, they are not only for the Custom location. If a location doesn't support some of the custom settings, you will not be able to set the custom settings.

All custom settings will be saved for every location as long as you have started the script at least once with those settings. When you set tiles for the settings, you will see the tiles being added in the GUI. If this shows 0, 0, 0 or -1, -1, 0 or something like that, it means your Tribot client is not working correctly (not getting correct position information). Usually restarting the client fixes it.

Add tile = adds a tile
Undo = removes the last tile you set (unless the settings were loaded from your saved settings)

To reset all tiles simply click undo until they are gone. If the tiles were loaded from saved settings, you can simply add a new tile and the old tiles will be removed.

Custom rock selection:

Enable custom rocks by ticking the box next to it. Click on start selecting rocks. Afterwards you can just click on the rocks to select them. Optionally you can also use CTRL to select the rocks if you hover your mouse over them, just make sure Runescape is active by clicking on your inventory or something else.

You can also deselect rocks by clicking on them again or using CTRL again.

Custom mine and bank destinations:

Custom mine and bank destinations will determine where the script walks. Preset locations have predetermined positions that randomize, but you can set custom destinations for them too if you want the script to walk differently than for other users.

By clicking on Add tile button, you will set the destination as the tile where your character is currently standing. Undo button will undo the last tile you set.

You can set as many destinations as you like. These will be randomized every time the script walks.

Custom destinations don't need to be added for custom location if you start the script near the rocks and use webwalking to bank. Custom location should use webwalking by default.


Custom paths:

You can make custom paths that the script will use to travel to the bank and mine. You can choose to make a custom path from bank to mine and mine to bank or you can just reverse the path from mine to bank so that you don't have to make two different paths. It's possible that it's better for antiban purposes to make two slightly different paths. All paths will be randomized for every walk anyway.

To make a path to mine, you should start by adding a tile that is inside the bank near the bank booths. After this you should add tiles that are 3-5 tiles away from each other all the way to the mine. All tiles will be randomized by 0-2 tiles to every direction so keep that in mind when making a path. The last tile should be near the rocks you want to mine.

To make a path to bank, you can either reverse the path to mine or make a custom path. First tile near the rocks, next tiles 3-5 tiles away and the last tile will be inside the bank, near the bank booths.

Walking method override:

You can use this settings to override the walking method of the preset location. Custom location uses webwalking by default so you can choose to use another walking method if webwalking doesn't work well in your location. Preset locations all use different walking method depending on what works best. You can also change their walking methods as long as the walking method you choose is supported by the location.

WebWalking will use predetermined nodes in the world map that it will follow. It sometimes can have weird behavior but usually works very well.

BlindWalk will create a straight randomized path between your mining location and the banking location. The path is randomized for every walk. (needs custom destinations to be added)

Runite rock mining [Runite version]


Right now runite rock mining is restricted to the runite version of the script. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/582-aminer-v2-runite/

Please keep in mind that runite/hr rates depend highly on the amount of players that are mining them.
Jagex has also implemented a login cap that will prevent players from logging in and out too much which will decrease runite/hr rates.

Supported locations:
- Heroes' Guild
- Mining Guild
- Neitiznot (go to location settings to set up food etc. before starting it)

aMiner v3 [BETA]


Beta version of aMiner v3 is now available for all users who have access to the script. You can access it by clicking the button "aMiner v3 [BETA]" when you open v2.

I have made many improvements to all parts of the motherlode mine logic and it has been completely rewritten. I have also included a lot of new options and improved how old options from v2 work. Normal mining is a fairly new addition so there could be more issues than with motherlode mine.

If you have any suggestions for new features or questions, please let me know, preferably via PM.


Motherlode camera settings:


To help you understand how the angle degrees work etc. you can enable Debug --> Camera in your Tribot client. It will show you the current rotation and by rotating your camera you can see how much it changes.

Override how often camera is moved settings allow you to change how often the script will rotate camera to see the veins. By default the script creates a profile for your account that is different for each account.

Max range adjusts the maximum randomization of camera rotation. If you put it at 30 degrees, your camera rotation can have a maximum randomization of 30 degrees in both directions.

Randomization slider adjusts how much the common randomization is out of the max range. So if your max range is 30 but your randomization is 50%, it will most of the time randomize the camera rotation about 15 degrees.

Alternative camera rotation will make the script use two rotation points and the script will choose the closest one. The slider associated with this setting will adjust how much the two rotation points differ from each other.


lastv3 = skips opening v2 and opens v3 with the last saved settings.
profile:profilename = skips opening v2, skips v3 GUI and starts the script with the specified profile name.



"last" = loads last saved settings without opening GUI
"profilename" = loads settings with that profile name if it exists without opening GUI

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Make sure ROOFS ARE TOGGLED OFF in Runescape's settings. The script can be found from the store: https://tribot.org/collections/osrs-scripts/products/aminer-v2 Features and location list:

Will be adding the new Mining Guild area to the script either today or tomorrow if all goes well.

Thanks @Aropupu  

I have now updated the premium version with Worldhopping but it is in beta for the time being so I won't be advertising it in the topic title. It supports 3 locations currently: Mining Guild, Lumbridge Swamp and the Grand Tree. It remembers which worlds it has visited and you can choose the time it keeps away from those worlds in the Options menu.

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