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Find nearest bank, Check if bank is open, & Enter Pin formula

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Basically all you have to do is paste these 3 functions in your script, before the player banks do something like this:

if(bankIsOpen(){	//Do something} 

Calling "bankIsOpen()" will find the nearest bank and update "BANK" as that closest bank. Then it will go through the process of find and clicking on the bank booth or bank chest. Then enters pin if necessary. Its a pretty clean snippet you can just insert into you script without having to write the logic yourself. Hope it help.


Copy the code below:


/** Find & set nearest Bank booth, Bank chest **/	private final int[] BANK_BOOTHS = { 			2213, //Varrock (bank booth)			16642, //Port Phasmatys (bank booth)			24101, //Falador (bank booth)			4483 //Castle Wars (bank chest)	};	private String BANK_OPTION = "";	private RSObject BANK = null;	private RSObject[] BANKS = null;	private int FIND_BANK_TRIES = 0;		private void nearestBank(){				int x2 = 0,y2 = 0;		int x = Player.getPosition().getX();		int y = Player.getPosition().getY();		double d,distance = 999999;		int maxTries = 7;		BANK = null;		BANKS = null;				//Bank booth		RSObject[] bankBooth = Objects.findNearest(70, BANK_BOOTHS);		if(bankBooth.length > 0){			x2 = bankBooth[0].getPosition().getX();			y2 = bankBooth[0].getPosition().getY();			distance = Math.abs(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(x2-x, 2) - Math.pow(y2-y, 2)));			BANK = bankBooth[0];			BANKS = bankBooth;			BANK_OPTION = "Bank Bank booth";		}		//Bank chest		RSObject[] bankChest = Objects.findNearest(70, BANK_CHESTS);		if(bankChest.length > 0){			x2 = bankChest[0].getPosition().getX();			y2 = bankChest[0].getPosition().getY();                        //compute the nearest bank			d = Math.abs(Math.sqrt(Math.pow(x2-x, 2) - Math.pow(y2-y, 2)));			if(d < distance){				distance = d;				BANK = bankChest[0];				BANKS = bankChest;				BANK_OPTION = "Use Bank chest";			}		}				if(FIND_BANK_TRIES >= maxTries)			notify("We cannot find a bank close enough to you.", true);				if(BANK == null){			FIND_BANK_TRIES++;			notify("Cannot find a nearby bank. Ending after "+(maxTries-FIND_BANK_TRIES)+" more "+((maxTries-FIND_BANK_TRIES==1)?"try":"tries")+".", false);			sleep(1500);			nearestBank();		}		else FIND_BANK_TRIES = 0;	}		/** Open bank **/		private boolean bankIsOpen(){				nearestBank();				if(!Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && !Banking.isPinScreenOpen()){						if(BANKS.length > 0){				if(!BANK.isOnScreen())					Camera.turnToTile(BANK.getPosition());				if(!BANK.isOnScreen())					Walking.blindWalkTo(BANK.getPosition());								while(!Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && !Banking.isPinScreenOpen()){					DynamicClicking.clickRSTile(BANK.getPosition(), BANK_OPTION);					for(int i=0; i<20; i++){						if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen() || Banking.isPinScreenOpen())							break;						sleep(100);					}				}			}			else 				notify("We cannot find a bank close enough to you.", true);		}				if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen())			return true;		else if(Banking.isPinScreenOpen()){			int cnt=0;			while(!pinEntry(PIN_NUMBER)){				notify("We encountered an error while entering your pin number.", true);				cnt++;				if(cnt == 3)					break;			}						cnt = 0;			while(!Banking.isBankScreenOpen()){				if(cnt >= 5){					return bankIsOpen();				}				cnt++;				sleep(1000);			}						return true;		}				return false;	}	
	/* Pin Entry */	private boolean pinEntry(String pin) {				if(pin.equals(""))			notify("You did not enter a pin number.", true);				char[] pinNums = pin.toCharArray();		String[] next = { "First click the FIRST digit.",				"Now click the SECOND digit.", "Time for the THIRD digit.",				"Finally, the FOURTH digit." };				while (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen() && Banking.isPinScreenOpen() && Interfaces.get(13, 151) != null) {			for (int x = 0; x < 4; x++) {				if (Interfaces.get(13, 151).getText().equals(next[x])) {					for (int i = 110; i <= 119; i++) {						if (Interfaces.get(13, i).getText()								.equals("" + pinNums[x])								&& Interfaces.get(13, 151).getText()										.equals(next[x])) {							if (x < 3) {								while (!Interfaces.get(13, 151).getText().equals(next[x + 1])) {									Interfaces.get(13, i - 10).click(											"Enter digit");									for(int j=0; j<20; j++){										if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen() || !Banking.isPinScreenOpen())											return false;										else if(Interfaces.get(13, 151).getText().equals(next[x + 1]))											break;										sleep(100);									}								}							} else {								while (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) {									Interfaces.get(13, i - 10).click("Enter digit");									for(int j=0; j<20; j++){										if(Banking.isBankScreenOpen())											return true;										sleep(100);									}								}							}						}					}				}			}		}		return false;	}
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      download both files!
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